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The brief information on the book:

Fundamentals of new physics and of the universe picture


Gravidynamic field, screw trajectory, wave-corpuscle dualism, inertia, motion on circumference, wave quantum mechanics, corpuscular quantum mechanics, uncertainty of Heisenberg, Schrodinger equations, Pauli's exclusion principle, spin, relativism, elementary particles, originating of mass, critic official paradigm, theory of atom, rydberg atoms, mesoatoms, Bremsstrahlung, heat radiation, theory of the Maxwell, nucleus of atom, thermonuclear fusion, chemical bond, interplay of fields, colloids, corpuscular light, relativity theory, Solar System, planetary systems, theory of capture, supernucleus, Big Dang, new calculus, subconscious mind.


Only two basic hypotheses underlie of the new physics:

     That we are considering as the kinetic energy of a body at motion of bodies on a circumference is necessary to consider as universal potential energy of repulsing.

     A gravidynamic field, analogous a magnetic field at motion of electric charges, arises at motion of gravitational charges. With difference: the tension of the gravidynamic field grows with augmentation of traveling speed like the growth of body mass takes place.


These postulates was found so fruitful that have allowed not only to bring the enormous experimental material in single logic system but also to answer a large quantity of questions which have not the satisfactory answers within the frameworks of modern physics, for example, about an essence of the wave-corpuscle duality of particles (LOOK WCD!), structure of a nucleus and "elementary" particles and etc. Thus it is necessary to change the settled representations so radically that it is lawful to speak about the new physics that has been set up in this book.


The tendered brief theses are for who have no time to read the volumetric book. Look also rubrics: “QUESTIONS-ANSWERS”, “ACHIVEMENTS OF NEW PHYSICS”. Try to find inconsistencies of new physics with experimental data or inside its logical system.

     There are four kinds of interplay: electrostatic, magnetic, gravitational and gravidynamic.


     All free bodies move on a screw line with equal translational and tangential velocity. In a microcosmos such motion we accept as wave-corpuscle dualism, and in a macroworld a gravidynamic field very weak because of low speeds of motion, but it sets an initial angular momentum of bodies and determines their future position in a planetary system.


     The wavelength of the de Broglie is peer to a step of a screw line or circumference of its cross section.


     Equation of Schroedinger and indeterminacy relation of Heisenberg consequence of the statistical description of a particle flux with a miscellaneous phase on the same screw trajectory therefore its do not disclaim determinism in science. Author knows how to compel photons at diffraction to drop in the same place of a screen.


     Angular momentum of an electron is same as for a photon also is peer h/2p. For a quantum mechanics has of fundamental importance by the whole or half-integer spin the electron has, therefore building of a quantum mechanics falls up to the basis.


     Quantization at absorption and radiation of energy by atom is determined only by that any photons have the same value of  angular momentum. Therefore any quantum numbers to a fixed constitution of atom have not relation. The tendency of a system an electron - proton to a minimum of potential energy suffices for the full description of atom of hydrogen.


     The levels of energy in atom are inspissated near to fixed Bohr orbit therefore the atom sensitively reacts to any slight influence, for example, the thermoexchange by radiation is possible at low temperatures. In the modern theory the scheme of levels of energy «stands on a head» and it is enough to reject a quantum mechanics.


     Acceptance of the concept of universal potential energy of a repulsion allows to climb out from a bog of modern physical notions on firm soil of neoclassical notions. "A potential abyss" at once disappears at electrostatic or gravitational interaction and there is a potential well determining formation and stability of structured systems.


     The neoclassical approach easily explains a constitution of atoms and an interplay them among themselves, thus the concept of valence appears redundant.


     There is shown that all members of a solar System are in definite quantum states and the classic theory of the Bohr more conforms for a solar System, than for atom. The constitution of a solar System multiply and convincingly confirms both initial hypotheses of the author.


     Applying one of new numerations offered at the end of the book allows to show that the Universe is transparent if it is filled by bodies with radius more than 0,8 mms.


     The notions of a modern physics about electrostatic and gravitational interaction are erroneous as they do not see a potential well at these interplays. Notion about impossibility of capture of one space body by other therefore is erratic. The theory of capture is presented at interplay of two bodies and there is shown that the majority of the members of a solar System were captured as whole or in the greater part with further natural growth at the expense of capture of an interstellar stuff.


     In «elementary» particles the gravidynamic interplay plays the main role and is called by orthodoxes as «strong». It is connected that components of fundamental particles move to speed of light. Mass of particles comes up as a consequent of a law of conservation of angular momentum. The speed will be increased if to reduce a radius of orbit at low speeds. Mass of a body is compelled to be augmented at motion with speed of light at decreasing radius of orbit. Half of mass at its increase goes on a bond energy and half goes on increase of a measured mass of a particle. The orthodoxes make a large error operating «by a defect of mass» observed in static systems (for example, nuclei of atoms) in the field of dynamic systems, what the «elementary» particles are. Therefore for them the constituents always are more whole.


     The neoclassical approach allows easily to find a constitution, bond energy and masses of «elementary» particles. It appears that, in the final accounting, all fundamental particles are consisting of an electronic neutrino and antineutrino. World and «anti-world» are combined and are indivisible. It determines a common electroneutrality of the Universe.


     Knowledge of a constitution of «elementary» particles allows to execute new types of communication by a way of particles teleportation. For example. The photon is consisting of a neutrino and antineutrino. We can “disassemble” a modulated flow of photons, send a flow of modulated neutrino through a communication channel and again “collect” photons in place of destination.


     The theory of a superconductivity and superfluidity is given into the chapter «Electron». Under the conforming circumstances (low temperature, availability of impurity etc.) the electron transmits the moment to ions or atoms and its motion on a screw line is transformed into motion on «straight line». For such electron the crystal lattice is represented practically by blank space - there is a superconductivity. The superfluidity will take place when the atom of helium will transmit the moment to walls of a vessel or impurity.


     If at «fall» of a customary electron onto a proton will be formed the hydrogen, at «fall» of an electron in a condition of a superconductivity onto a proton the neutron representing «minihydrogen» will be formed. On this principle the manufacturing of the industrial generator of neutrons and the solution of problems of power engineering is possible.


     The neoclassical approach simply solves a problem of atom nucleus theory. Here the business is simplified by that the free exchange of energy between nucleones in a nucleus is possible therefore the apparatus of a thermodynamics works wonderfully, in personally, theory of a chemical equilibrium. The internal part of a nucleus represents crystal lattice consisting from a-particles, and the exuberant neutrons collect on a surface of a nucleus.


     Author proclaims a principle of absolute motion, receives all ratio of a special relativity theory (SRT) and even more, the Michelson experiment is easily explained, some ways of definition of absolute speed are tendered and a constructive criticism of general and of special relativity theory is giving. There is shown that all experiments “verifying” the relativity theory equally well confirm the conceptions of new physics.


     The Universe is eternal or it was created by the God? The answer to this problem actually means the answer to a problem: whether you trust in science or miracles? There is no sense in science if to believe in miracles. Miracles does not happen if to trust science. To ensure eternal existence of the Universe two indispensable conditions are necessary: 1. The speed of light should not exceed the first space velocity for the Universe as a whole. From here it is easy to find a mass of the Universe and its density that has appeared in 6 times more that critical density at which the Universe dilating will be replaced with its compression under operating of a gravitation; 2. The Universe should eternally throb since the law of world-wide attraction does not envision diverse versions but only an overall collapse (LOOK THE UNIVERSE!). Author disclaims the speculations that an oscillations of the Universe are impossible because of constant increase of an entropy, as with all evidence demonstrates that the thermodynamics is inapplicable neither to any part nor to the Universe as a whole. The rather in-depth theory of development of the Universe is given and the causes of periodic Large Explosions are uncovered in the book.


     You have comprehended all delicacies differential and integral calculus and it has become boring? Author tenders a set of similar new numerations you can walk in its labyrinths eternally.


The book is addressed to scientists, teachers and students and also will be interesting to all readers who is honouring not the blind belief in doctrines but the doubts as parents of truth.


Author will accept criticism and any offers on cooperation with gratitude.