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The necessity briefly to formulate the answers to numerous questions arising at reading of the monograph, is conditioned by three causes:

1. Before to study the rather large monograph, the brief acquaintance to its is necessary to understand, with what have business and whether it is necessary to lose on this time.

2. It is most interesting to the specialist in this or that area of scientific researches to be acquainted with ideas pertinent to a field just of his interests, therefore questions are whenever possible distributed so that to mirror interests of the chemists, nuclear engineering, astronomers, cosmologists etc.

3. The answers to many questions «are spread» under the book. To receive on them the answers, it is necessary to hold in a head the contents of the book, and it is very inconvenient.

It is as a matter of convenience of the reader, the answers to the most relevant questions are distributed on sections:


General questions

Constitution of atom and chemical bond

Quantum mechanics

The theory of elementary particles

The theory of nuclei

Motion of photons

Special relativity theory

General relativity theory

Problems of cosmology

Formation and constitution of Solar system

The Universe as whole

About set of new numerations similar differential and integral



General questions


What for it was required to encompass such broad range of scientific subjects? The writer risks to show incompetence on any affected subject, most likely, on all subjects. It would be not better to give an in-depth analysis on restricted subjects?

The modern science develops with such broad front, that the scientists are compelled to focus the efforts on a narrow direction to reach positive data. From above all is dug over and it is necessary to dig all deeper and deeper. At last, the gold lode exhausts and further it is not sense to dig. On a neighbourhood too dig - there is no place to go. There comes the next crisis in science. There is an acute necessity to open a new field of a feeding for the scientists, where the place would suffice all. As the main merit the writer considers not obtaining of any concrete outcomes, and discovering of a new immense field for researches, where each will find to itself a place pursuant to the interests. It is a field freely and, while, nobody hinders. Go there also dig there. The orthodox priests of official science will be hardly inspired with ideas of new physics, the writer hopes for more young scientists, for which one a quantum mechanics and relativity theory yet did not become religion.


Your work looks not solidly. Any primitive formulas at a school level. The modern theories operate with the developed mathematical tool, which one in the monograph is purely skipped. Whether it is possible in such a way to reach essential outcomes?

For the fans of mathematics the writer has elaborated set of new numerations similar differential and integral, which one are submitted at the end of the book. Though these numerations are set up on several pages, behind them hides the multivolume mathematical contents (recollect a volume of a full course of a differential calculus!). The fundamental laws of nature enter the name with the elementary mathematical expressions, and it is possible to explain physical sense them to any schoolboy. The modern theories in a favour mathematics completely skip physical sense, though the mathematical manipulations are frequently not equivalent to physical transformations, that is visible from following elementary examples.

1. The physical sense of uniform motion of a body on a circumference is, that for equal periods the body passes equal spacing intervals, i.e. its peripheral speed is constant. When we ad-hoc begin to draw velocity vectors of a body in miscellaneous points and to calculate speed of change of these vectors, we shall receive a centripetal acceleration, which one actually does not exist. Drawing velocity vectors, we at once have changed initial conditions on inverse - peripheral speed is not constant, since identical the vectors of equal value and one directions are considered. Naturally, that mathematics has given to us outcome, which one is original unconscious in it is enclosed.

2. We shall suspect, that a certain body has parameter Y. It can be mass, speed, density etc. Let's in a square parameter Y and we shall extract square root. This correct mathematical operation results in not correct physical outcome: ±Y. Is received, that actually we nothing did, and any parameter of a body becomes zero, since simultaneously has two identical values with inverse sign.

3. If number 2 we shall in a square, we shall receive 4. But if 2 m we shall in a square, we automatically change the physical contents of object and instead of a line we shall receive a surface 4 m2.

4. Y2  means, that value Y we have added up with ourselves of Y of time. If Y - negative value, its square from the physical point of view in any way can not become positive (-Y)2 = -Y2. From the point of view of mathematics it is nonsense, as (-Y)2 = Y2. But from the point of view of physics the mathematical outcome is incorrect, since physically it is impossible negative value to add up with itself a negative number of times.

These examples can be prolonged, but already it is visible, that we do not know how correctly to translate physical sense on tongue of mathematics, and from tongue of mathematics on tongue of physical sense. The science is invoked to perceive and to explain, therefore mathematics follows physical sense, without which one it is blind. In engineering the creation of new items, to the contrary, follows engineering calculation, without which one these items will be disabled. Who confuses this sequence, can not reach essential outcomes.


Usually those theories, which one contradict official science, are considered circumscientific or falsescientific. To them attribute an astrology, «treatment» of an aura, space energy going at the person, energy zones, power charging of water and creams, clairvoyance, explanation of dreams and many other things. Your theories also falsescientific, as contradict official looks practically on all sections?

The path to true is obscure. Therefore not only science, but also policy, social system and many other areas of human activity develop spasmodically. New outlooks in the beginning are opened, then the clan of the priests of new true is formed, primary goal which one to save monopolism on true. Thus, the progressive figures become orthodoxes and inhibit further development, while the new ideas will not take possession of minds of the majority. Any theory has the right on existence, if it does not contradict some absolute trues. Here we enumerate only some: the person - representative an animal world allotted typical for it a world by instincts and with it there's nothing to be done, Earth is gyrated about the axis and is gone around of the Sun, all bodies are attracted to each other at the expense of a gravitational interaction, there is an energy conservation law, impulse and angular momentum etc. The theory, is obvious or secretly disclaiming even one absolute true, is obliged convincingly to demonstrate the rightness, differently writers of this theory or charlatans or illiterate people. The introduced monograph abounds examples of such absurdities in modern science, that as contrasted to by them any the «falsescientific» theory seems by a sample the noncontradictory logic.


Yardstick of an inaccuracy of any theory is the disharmony of its conclusions  to experimental data. It is a lot of whether such disharmonies?

The writer has not found out any inconsistency with experiments. If will find though one, beforehand tender thanks for additional stimulus of development of new physics. The dialectic of an advancement of science is those, that when new physics will take possession of minds of the scientists, at once will become orthodox and for it waits same fate, which one has befalled the doctrine Aristotel, Ptolemy, phlogiston, classic both quantum physics and relativity theory.


Whether the experience are conducted as - or demonstrating existence gravidynamics in that kind it is shown in the monograph?

There is no necessity in special experience demonstrating existence of a gravidynamic field. A huge massif already of stored experimental data uniquely result in a conclusion of existence of such field. Numerous examples to quote there is no sense, we shall limit by some.

1. The explorers «of a torsion field» have the data about the special interplay of gyroscopes.

2. It is impossible to understand physical sense of wave-corpuscle dualism of particles without motion them on a screw line.

3. Only motion of a particle on a screw line explains propagation to bound with it of transversal «wave».

4. The electron spin is automatically received equal retrieved by experience.

5. «Absence» of an orbital magnetic moment of S-electrons becomes understandable.

In the monograph the numerous endorsements of existence of a gravidynamic field practically in each chapter ground of numerous test data are adduced. Thus is not retrieved of any inconsistency with experience. This fact is the rather convincing evidence of existence of a gravidynamic field.


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Constitution of atom and chemical bond


At an atomic level the modern science has apparent theoretical achievements, affirmed it is experimentally. At what here it is possible to carp?

In the monograph all mentioned below inconsistencies are removed. Naturally, that there are no inconsistencies and with experimental data.

1. New physics demonstrates, that all free bodies micro- and macroworld move on a screw line and have some angular momentum. Besides at orbital motion of bodies, they have not a kinetic energy is a universal potential energy of a repulsion conditioned by a law of conservation of angular momentum. The listed factors cause originating a potential well at electrostatic or gravitational interaction of bodies. Therefore electrons can not drop on a nucleus. The modern physics does not know about existence of a potential well in the indicated interplays and operates with potential «abyss», therefore has not sensible explanation of stability of atoms.

2. The mobile electron, meeting with a proton, will formed atom of hydrogen and thus can not change an angular momentum. Therefore orbital moment of an electron in atom of hydrogen is peer to an angular momentum of a mobile electron (so-called, S-electron). The modern physics does not perceive, whether the S-electron in atom is gone in general, since an angular momentum of a free and bound electron are peer.

3. In the formula of radius of orbit of an electron in atom the electronic mass stands in a denominator contrary to common sense.

4. Radius of atom on modern representations is proportional to a square of a main quantum number. In any spectral series on a good spectrometer it is possible to distinguish up to hundred lines near to a limit of spectral series. It means, that radius of an excited atom was increased not less than in 10000 times and it can be made out in the light microscope. It is apparent nonsense. New physics demonstrates, that radius of an excited atom differs from unexcited only little.

5. At radiation or absorption of photons the atom shows quantum properties, but it does not mean at all, that the constitution of a nonexcited atom is subject to those to principles. Quantization is conditioned only by that any photons have the same moment.

6. In a constitution of atoms widely apply a Pauli exclusion principle. Logically to complete this principle, it is necessary to speak about «force Pauli» and «of energy Pauli». This requirement prefer to ignore to not multiply difficulty of the atomic theory.

7. From the point of view of new physics the modern scheme of energy levels of atom stands on a head. These levels should be inspissated in a direction of stationary orbit of an electron. Then any slight effect on atom will cause to radiation of exuberant energy in a long-wave region. The thermoexchange by radiation will become possible at any low temperature. In the modern theory the first excited level in atom of hydrogen will to stand from a stationary state more, than on 10 eV, that corresponds to temperature, approximately, 100000 0K. But we is never observed a single line of the given spectral series, but only all series bodily. An infrared series of Phund is easy for watching at weak heating of hydrogen, and from the point of view of the official theory of atom it is necessary to excite atom so hardly, that is simultaneous with this series even a ultra-violet series of Lyman will be watched.

8. The modern physics of atom does not give the legible answer to a problem: the electron in atom exists by the way particle or by the way cloud? If by the way cloud, each electron should know, what part of a cloud belongs to him to collect these parts at ionization. If the electron exists by the way particle, the official theory of atom does not know, whether the electron is gone and operates only with probability of presence of an electron in the given point of space, asserting thereby, that it all the same is gone. Is dextrous manipulating wave functions, the theorists have contrived to receive both attraction, and a repulsion at interplay of atoms among themselves and thus actually skip both electrostatic, and magnetic interplay of driving electrons, entering concept, not having physical sense, of «exchange energy». New physics tenders simple and clear mechanisms of interplay of atoms.

9. In the modern theory of formation of molecules all connections appear saturated and, except for a hydrogen binding and ionic bond, there are no causes for formation of solids. In the monograph is shown, that all connections basically can not be saturated because of steric factors, therefore condenced matter not only will be formed, but also has reactivity, capacity to an adsorption, dissolution etc. The new principles of a chemical bond will be completely agreeed the theory of the Lewis and uncover its physical sense.

10. The theory of a constitution of atoms tendered new physics, gives a new kind of the table of elements of the Mendeleyev, which one more adequately mirrors properties of elements, than existing versions of this table.


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Quantum mechanics


The wave-corpuscle dualism of microparticles multiply is affirmed experimentally. There is a de Broglie formula, indeterminacy relation of Heisenberg and Schrodinger equations. What here it is possible to add or to change?

On presentation of new physics any free body is gone on a screw line with equal translational and tangential velocity. It concerns both microparticles, and space objects. The cause of screw motion is the originating of a gravidynamic field at motion of gravitational charges. Thus, wave-corpuscle dualism of particles this motion them on a screw line. The motion on a screw line also is that latent parameter, which one was guessed by the Einstein to rehabilitate of determinism in science, which one have intered the fathers of a quantum mechanics. Official physics does not know physical sense of wave-corpuscle dualism and esteems corpuscular or wave properties of particles separately depending on circumstances. In a Schrodinger equation to a wave equation only mechanically are supplemented a particle mass and its energy. The illegality of mass in this equation is well visible at attempt to esteem motion of a particle with relativistic velocities, when mass essentially increases with increase of speed. If to esteem a trajectory of a free particle along its motion, we shall see a circumference, from which one it is easy to receive indeterminacy relations of Heisenberg. If the same trajectory to esteem from a direction, perpendicular motion of a particle, we shall see a sinusoidal wave, from which one a Schrodinger equation also is easily received, if with this «wave» motion to do precisely same manipulations, which one were done by the Schroedinger. Both ratio will be fair for statistical arrangement of many particles on a trajectory. If in a de Broglie formula  to take into account, that , it start a kind , but  it is an angular momentum of a particle (official science does not know, to what it concerns). Thus,  there is a circumference of cross section of a screw line (equal step of a screw line) free particle or length of a circular orbit of a bound particle. Orthodox physics does not see, that in numerator of a de Broglie formula there is an angular momentum of a body (spin - in a nomenclature of this physics) and, substituting in a denominator of mass macrobodies, receives a very small wavelength for them, asserting, that macrobodies have not wave properties. However macrobodies have a huge angular momentum and the wavelength de Broglie for them has space scales. If the wavelength de Broglie in official physics actually has not physical sense, in new physics it is a circumference of cross section of a screw line and step of a screw line.


Official physics considers, that the mechanical moment of a impulse of an electron (spin) is peer ½  (in terms of ). To that it is peer in new physics?

For a quantum mechanics has principled value whole or half-integer the spin of a particle is. Apply to particles with an integer spin statistics of Bose-Einstein on which one in the same quantum state there can be any number of particles (bosons). Apply to particles with a half-integer spin statistics of Fermi - Dirac on which one in a definite quantum state there can be only one particle (fermions). Thus, naturally, do not update, whence each of particles knows about a condition remaining. To new physics by and large all the same, what value has a spin of a particle, since it only quantitative difference of angular moments not resulting in to any qualitative changes. New physics considers, that the electron spin is peer to unit. Bound with it the magnetic moment of an electron will be peer to a magneton of Bohr. The mechanical moment of an electron equal  can be found from a magneton of Bohr, from an ionization energy of atom of hydrogen and simply by equating centrifugal force of an electron in atom of hydrogen to force of an electrostatic attraction to a nucleus. Thus  erg×sec. Apparently, that the whole value of an electron spin razes all building of a modern quantum physics. Official physics does not know, that such a spin of a microparticle considering it by any inner property of particles. The calculations demonstrate, that the electron should be gyrated in 300 times more speed of light to ensure observed mechanical and magnetic moment. Motion of microparticles on a screw line completely remove this problem.


It is impossible to explain such only quantum-mechanical effect, as a tunnel effect with what or diverse way, except for official. You recognize it?

In the monograph this effect is explained with of neoclassic positions. If to take into account, that the particle has a kinetic energy mV2, which one is added from translational and tangential velocity on coils of a screw line, the tunnel effect quantitatively is explained. Just so the effect of overbarrier reflection is explained also, as the particle should impart double energy.


What explains a phenomenon of a superconductivity and superfluidity?

At a superconductivity the electron transmits the angular momentum equal  to crystal lattice or impurity atoms and remains only with an own angular momentum at the expense inward-turning of two neutrinos from which one the electron consists. This own angular momentum in 1/a of time (a - fine structure constant) is less, therefore for an electron the crystal lattice becomes practically blank space. Similarly there is also superfluidity at loss by atoms of helium of an angular momentum. It is ground of the designed theory the cheap method of industrial obtaining of neutrons is offered, which one should decide energy demands of mankind.


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The theory of elementary particles


This area of science has business with such considerable energies of connection, that the huge defect of mass compels to operate with progressively increased mass of components of elementary particles. Agree whether the writer with this initial position of the theory of elementary particles?

Certainly, no. The defect of mass observed in atoms nuclei, representing statically stable system mechanically is transferred on a constitution of elementary particles representing a dynamic system. Therefore for official physics the parts many times over more whole are received. In the monograph is shown, that the components of particles move with light speed, therefore «strong» interplay actually appear gravidynamic. The constitution of elementary particles and «resonances» is given, their weights and bond energy are calculated. Is shown, that all microparticles in the final accounting consist of an electronic neutrino and antineutrino. It means, that world and «anti-world» are actually superposed. Neutrino and antineutrino represent vortexes of a magneto-gravidynamic field, i.e. matter in the nature actually does not exist, but only fields.


The official science does not know the causes of originating of mass and electric charge. What is possible to say in this cause?

Concerning originating electric charge new physics the same as also official, can not say anything intelligible, besides that the electric charge can to occur and to disappear only simultaneously with the antipode and is a qualitative characteristic inward-turning. Concerning originating mass a clearer picture. Mass occurs as outcome of operation of law of preservation of an angular momenum. While the speed of a body is insignificant with decreasing of radius of motion speed is augmented, and mass practically does not vary. When the speed of a body is close to a light law of conservation of angular momentum it is possible to satisfy only in the event that at decreasing radius of motion mass will be augmented. Thus, gravitational mass is inert mass.


What represent quantum numbers of elementary particles?

They are directly connected to a constitution of elementary particles, which one to a modern physics is unknown, since on an entrance the hang lock of an indeterminacy relation of Heisenberg. For example, the baryon charge is a proton (or antiproton) in a structure of a particle, leptonic charge - absence of a proton etc. The details can be seen in the conforming chapter of the book.


What interplays are known for new physics in comparison with official?

Orthodox physics distinguishes gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions. On its representations of interplay will realise quanta of the conforming field. As they do it - nobody knows. New physics distinguishes electrostatic, magnetic, gravitational and gravidynamic interactions. These interplays will be realised through fields representing the certain substance, spread in space which is not keeping of any particles, i.e. these fields have not mass. As concretely there is an interplay also is unknown, but electrostatic and magnetic field are direct opposite gravitational and gravidynamic. In any conceivable interplays electrostatic and magnetic field behave so that whenever possible to ease up a field. Gravitational and gravidynamic a field, to the contrary, aim to become stronger. Therefore, for example, the inversely driving like electric charges are repulsed, and the inversely driving gravitational charges are attracted. The like electric charges are repulsed, opposite are attracted, and the gravitational charges are always attracted etc.


What a general conclusion can be made on this section of science?

It is impossible to build the castle of sand on a roof of the castle from sand, which one is constructed on a roof of the castle from sand. Under rays of common sense all construction will dry up and will be scattered. However, the common sense by a modern physics is skipped, therefore it stumbles in this section at every step. Stimulant for new ideas here is not the common sense, and elimination of difficulties of the theory.


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The theory of nuclei


You tender any new model of a nucleus in addition to numerous existing models?

The nucleus of atom represents a certain similarity of crystal lattice from a-particles, exuberant neutrons on a surface of a nucleus. The connection of nucleones realizes of gravidynamic interplay. The alpha-particle represents toroidal «winding» from two protons and two neutrons. The gravidynamic field is closed inside a torus ring and out does not leave almost. The picture very much resembles 8-electronic toroidal «winding» of electronic orbits in atom. At the expense of a bifurcation of a gravidynamic flow of an a- particles will form planes, the connection between planes are considerably more weaker. As in a nucleus the free exchange of energy is possible, here apparatus of a thermodynamics well works. Applying it, the equilibrium equation of protons and neutrons in a nucleus is obtained, which one is more exact existing describes behavior of nuclei.


The offered model of atomic nuclei adequately mirrors their properties?

The causes of existence of «magic» and unstable nuclei, double-peak curve of nuclear debris and set of other properties of nuclei become clear. The writer, while, has not found any experimental data, not being stacked in an introduced picture of a constitution of atomic nuclei. Here and everywhere it is necessary to allow, that new physics does not contradict any test data, and only gives them the explanation, considering official interpretation of these data error.


Whether introduces danger to mankind test of new kinds of thermo-nuclear weapons and thermonuclear researches in general?

Doubtlessly, such danger exists, since anybody plainly does not know a constitution of a nucleus. At the same time all know, that the nuclei of mid-range of the table of the Mendeleyev (iron, nickel) are steadiest. Is quite probably, that the achievement of super-high temperatures will provoke transition of atomic nuclei in a most stable state and the Earth will turn in of fire-spitting dragon, belching to space new chemical elements received from us with you.


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Motion of photons


That represents a photon science, while, does not know. On the one hand, it represents a transversal electromagnetic wave. On the other hand, shows properties of a particle. What such a photon from the point of view of new physics?

In the book is shown, that the photon consists of a neutrino (with electric charge –e/2) and antineutrino (with electric charge +e/2), rotated with speed of light around of common center of electrostatic interplay. A neutrino and antineutrino can not incorporates because of a gravidynamic repulsion, which one acts between them close-range, but can not and fly away because of a long-range electrostatic attraction. Radius of a screw line, on which one is gone a photon approximately to one thousand times more sizes of the photon. The sizes of a photon (as well as any other microparticles) decrease at increase of its energy, and mass grows. Thus decreases both step of a screw line and radius it, i.e. the «wave» properties are lost, and the properties of a particle show more clear. Interosculation of particles decreases. The photon with a wavelength more than 0,1 cm can not exist by the way particle and is transformed into other geometrical form: the neutrino - antineutrino field, which one we is called as an electromagnetic field. This transition border corresponds to relict radiation.


In the book the description of such wave properties of photons, how diffraction, interference etc. is given?

Yes. These properties are described rather explicitly.


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Special relativity theory


Motion of free bodies absolutely or relatively?

If motion of free bodies to consider even and rectilinear, it relatively. The reference system bound with such system is called inertial. In inertial reference systems it is impossible to determine, as with what speed is gone, therefore one of systems conditionally accepts fixed. The motion of free bodies on a screw line with equal tangential and forward speed is absolute, since from any reference system it is easy to determine parameters of motion of any body, including that, in which one the spectator is arranged. On this basis it is possible to draw a conclusion, that of inertial reference systems basically does not exist, and the relativity principle of motions should be exchanged by a principle of absolute motion.


Space and time are physical objects whether or not?

Space and time the not physical objects also can not have any properties of physical object. Therefore such concepts, as a contortion of space or change in course of time to them are not applicable. Examples of not physical objects it is possible to result set: we measure human attitudes by friendship, and value of things by the cost etc. Following to Newton, it is necessary space to consider as a receptacle of things, and time - receptacle of events. New physics receives all experimentally affirmed ratio of a special relativity theory, being grounded on a principle of absolute motion. The experiments confirmatory change in course of time for fast driving bodies confirm only strengthening of «hours» at the expense of increase of a gravidynamic field.


What regulations of a special relativity theory produce doubts?

1. In a special relativity theory the special status for photons is necessary since under this theory of oscillation should be happen indefinitely long.

2. The speed of light is absolute. Otherwise relativistic increase of mass of bodies will depend on selected coordinate system, that is impossible. A stellar abberation and Doppler effect demonstrate, that the speed of the spectator is adds up with speed of light by the rules of addition of vectors, therefore first postulate of the Einstein is fault because of absence in the nature of inertial reference systems. As the speed of light is absolute, it does not depend on a running speed of a source, but the speed of light accepted by the spectator, depends on speed of the spectator, therefore second part of the second postulate of a special relativity theory also is fault.

3. Transformations of Lorentz, of which one the Einstein has taken advantage are executed that the Maxwell equations did not change the kind at transition from fixed to a driving reference system. But the Maxwell equations have not any relation to motion of photons, since describe propagation of an electromagnetic wave, instead of particle.

4. At «evidence» of an inconsistency of transformations of Galilei, esteem fixed and mobile reference system, at coincidence of a beginning of coordinates which one there is a light flash in both coordinate systems. Naturally, that it remain in «fixed» coordinate system and will formed to an instant t one wave surface, instead of two. Esteeming motion of a wave surface together with mobile of co-ordinates, the orthodoxes contradict a postulate about a constancy of speed of light and its independence of motion of a source. If Lorentz has taken into account, that to the moment of coming of a light signal in final point the beginning of coordinates was displaced to the side of this point, he to be convinced, that any linear shrinkage of driving objects and elongation of time does not occurs. Thus, Lorentz transformations are erroneous.

5. Official physics considers, that the special relativity theory explains outcomes of experiment Michelson on definition of absolute speed of the Earth, but in explanation is not allowed at all, that the frequency of accepted photons depends on a running speed (for example, transversal Doppler effect). New physics gives exhaustive explanation of experiment ground of principle of absolute motion. Some recommendations on definition of absolute speed also are given.

6. The speed of propagation electrostatic and gravitational field considerably exceeds speed of light and can be indefinite large. In experiments of the Rutherford of an a-particles moved to atomic nucleus practically with speed of light. At speed of propagation of an electrostatic field that of the order, the form of a field would be hardly distorted and would produce considerable deviations from a Coulomb's law. The similar deviations are not found. Existence of atoms demonstrates an inaccuracy of a special relativity theory concerning maximum speed of transmission of a signal, since the electrons in atom have speeds comparable with speed of light. That the atom was steady, each electron at any moment of time should know, where there is a nucleus and remaining electrons, that the behavior to agree this information and Coulomb's law. It is easily to count up, that if the electrostatic field is diffused with speed of light, supplied time to transit of a signal on spacing interval of radius of atom approximately in 105 times more, than on transit of radius of an electron. Thus, while the signal from one electron reaches other, there already for a long time empty place.


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General relativity theory


To what area of space and period the general relativity theory is applicable?

If to be precise, GRT is limited to small area of space and short period in a limit ambitious to zero point. It reduces to zero its practical usage.


Whether there are reliable experimental or observation endorsements of a general relativity theory?

The convincing evidences no. For example, the lines of measured apparent deviations of stars at solar eclipse because of deviation of light beams near to the Sun should drive through center of the Sun, but any of them through center does not pass. The deviations even exceed 12 radiuses of the Sun. The gravitational red displacement of frequency of photons under the theory of Newton and Einstein is identical, and it means, that any distortion of space near to gravitational charges does not occurs.


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Problems of cosmology


Formation and constitution of Solar system


It is considered, that the Solar system was formed from one rotated of protoplanetary powder-gas cloud. In it there are doubts?

This representation does not explain distribution of a mechanical moment in a Solar system and it is necessary to invent transmission modes of this moment from the Sun to the remaining members through a magnetic field or still by any way. Besides the parentage of satellite systems of planets is not explained, and the motion of many satellites in an opposite direction is completely not clear from the official point of view. Alternative of orthodox representations can be only capture of space bodies from interstellar space.


The capture of a space body is possible only at the presence of the third body and even in this case probability of capture is very small. How one space body can capture other with formation of a satellite system?

The statement about impossibility of capture is outcome of error representations of a modern physics about gravitational and electrostatic interplay. Potential energy of attraction and potential energy of a universal repulsion result in appearance of a potential well of interplay and formation dynamically stable systems with definite radius of orbit, which one is determined by angular momentum of a free body on a screw trajectory. The depth of potential well (bond energy) is peer on an absolute value of potential energy of a universal repulsion and half of energy of attraction. Official physics does not know about existence of a potential well at these interplays. Thus, if the energy of a body in perpetuity is peer or less depth of a potential well, the capture of this body not only is possible, but is unavoidable. For example, the space body having speed hardly less than 30 kms/sec will be captured by Solar system into elliptical orbit, which one during of evolution will turn in circular not further orbits of the Earth. In the book is shown, that all planets and satellites were captured bodily or in the greater part and prolong to grow at the expense of capture.


Whether the space objects are subject to any quantization rules?

The classic theory of Bohr for atoms more approaches for Solar system, than for atoms. Is shown, that all members of Solar system are in definite quantum states, ground that orbits of all planets and their satellites are counted.


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The Universe as whole


What models of the Universe exist?

Official physics designs set of models of evolution of the Universe on any taste: starting from the fixed Einstein and finishing pulsating. Thus in the majority of models the fundamental laws of physics are skipped or such are applied, which one to the Universe are in general inapplicable. For example, the critics of the pulsating Universe attempt to demonstrate, that such model contradicts a thermodynamics, since on their representations the entropy of the Universe grows both at dilating, and at compression of the Universe. The thermodynamics is applicable only to a system of bodies capable freely to interchange energy. Inside the dynamic structured systems (electronic system of atom, planetary system etc.) the thermodynamics is inapplicable to any member of a system.


What general picture of evolution of the Universe?

The alternative eternal in time of the Universe does not exist, despite of our internal feeling of a dissatisfaction by such answer. We always would like to know, and what was in the beginning? If the Universe has arisen from anything, this violation of a fundamental energy conservation law. If by its wonderful mode a certain Creator has created, violating an own energy conservation law, who has created of the Creator, the Creator of the Creator whence has appears etc. is a logical blind alley indicating an error path.

Alternatives final in space of the Universe nor exists. It is determined by two factors. 1. The speed of light should be less first space velocity for the Universe as a whole, otherwise it will not be eternal in time. From here it is easy to find total mass of the Universe and its density, which one appears six times more that critical density, at which one the dilating of the Universe should be replaced by its compression. 2. The law of Newtonian attraction early or late will cause to compression of the Universe, therefore its observed dilating occurs on inertia after Large Explosion.

The alternative to Large Explosion too no. Otherwise there would be nobody. about it to reason, allowing eternal in time existence of the Universe.

Thus, the Universe eternally pulses, extending after Large Explosion and contracting under operating of a gravitation.


The causes of Large Explosion till now are obscure. You can them call?

At a gravitational collapse in the beginning pressure reaches such values, that the electronic shells of atoms are blasted, and the electrons lose angular momentum on orbit, there is only own angular momentum. Such electrons will forms neutrons (minihydrogen) with protons of nuclei. The nuclei of atoms are eroded and temporarily homogeneous neutron body will be formed. Allowing an own magnetic moment of neutrons, this condition to call by a neutron liquid more correct. Because of a spontaneous draw up of magnetic moments of neutrons in one direction the neutron body acquires a potent magnetic field, and because of a law of conservation of angular momentum all body as a whole starts fast to be gyrated. At achievement of nuclear density (1014 g/cm3), pursuant to the theory of atomic nuclei, inside starts to be crystallized a supernucleus from a-particles at the expense of transformation of a part of neutrons into protons. In space two sprays of high-velocity electrons are beamed. This process in any case results in a rupture of a body at the expense of a coulomb repulsion of parts of a supernucleus, since the electrostatic interplay on 36 orders is stronger gravitational. Therefore formation «of black holes» is impossible, since they demand density for two order more (1016 g/cm3). The debris of a supernucleus together with splashes of a neutron liquid scatter in all parties with ultrarelativistic velocities. They on many orders augment mass, that promotes formation of new supernuclei inside debris. Further process is prolonged in the same way, therefore Large Explosion more correct to call as Large Fireworks. In outcome the Universe on the average uniformly is fills up by matter, prolonging to extend pursuant to the law Habble. When mass splashes of a neutron liquid there are insufficient for formation of supernuclei neutrons are disintegrated on protons and electrons. The customary matter will be formed, and the sizes of drops of a neutron liquid are augmented, approximately, in 30000 times.


What arguments confirm the above-stated picture of Large Fireworks?

1. If to receive on a faith orthodox views on Large Explosion, the Universe should represent a spherical shell, inside which one anything no. Such picture is watched at explosion of any parentage.

2. If a parentage of elements up to iron - nickel the official cosmology can somehow explain, the causes of a parentage high-gravity, transuranium and the more so died out elements are completely unconvincing, since they can be formed not «from below», but only «from above» at the expense of decay of supernuclei.

3. The official science does not perceive, whence in space there are molecules, motes, of a planetoidal body and cold bodies of the planetary sizes. New physics gives the answer to this problem - they were formed from a neutron liquid. As mass of supernuclei on many orders is less than mass of a neutron liquid, also of invisible cold objects in the Universe is significant more visible. Naturally, that they will place outside a visible part of galaxies.

4. Source of energy for implementation of Large Explosion a modern physics to find can not.


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About set of new numerations similar differential and integral


This chapter in the monograph has not attitude to its main contents. For what it is included in the book?

At reading the book the impression can be added up, that the writer not only neglects mathematics, but also falls into with it extremely disrespectfully. However it not so. All that surround us and is built by the person to come out of an interdependent chain: theoretical investigations - applied research - engineering implementation. At theoretical investigations of mathematics should stand behind a door and to wait, when it will call, after in a head the clear picture of an object of research will be drawn. In applied researches of mathematics and common sense goes hand in hand. When the business reaches engineering implementation of ideas, mathematics playing key role, and the outcomes of researches should wait, when they will be claimed as required. The final chapter of the book is invoked to help to the scientists and engineers in their activity.


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