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The new article August 2013.




The space hazard, bound with possible fall on the Earth of a large asteroid is now widely under discussion. However, there is other space hazard, the mankind can not influence which one in any way. The telescope Habble has shown us a great many of powder-gas clouds ambient Solar system of the miscellaneous forms, sizes and density. Some clouds measure in tens light years, therefore interception by their Solar system can last millenium. The destiny inhabitants of the Earth is influenced by the sizes of particles of a space cloud, reflectivity of these particles and density of a cloud. All these factors can result in to change of a temperature conditions of the Earth with extremums. For example, if the sizes of particles of a cloud are comparable with sizes of particles of tails of comets, the solar radiation will swell inside a space cloud jumbo «bubble», free from cloudy particles within the limits of terrestrial planets. At the same time, these planets will appear inside «oven» preheated not only solar radiation, but also walls of «bubble». Thus the earth life risks to perish from an overheating and to drown in a world-wide flood from the thaw ice. If the sizes of particles of a space cloud will be such, which one are not capable to move under operating of light pressure, at their small density the Earth will appear inside a cloud intensively beaming an infrared radiation, and at large density light of the Sun dimed, at first will perish flora, and then and the fauna, on the Earth will set in great glaciation. At any catastrophic script practically will not suffer only inhabitants of ocean deeps. Apparently, the described scripts to some extent repeatedly were played back in a history of the Earth.



The new article September 2013. 




The special Einstein's relativity theory, as is known, is founded on two postulates: 1. Any phenomena in all inertially driving reference systems flow past equally. 2. The speed of light in vacuo does not depend on speed of a source, in all inertial systems is identical, i.e. the speed of light does not depend and on motion of the spectator.

Let's consider the first half of second postulate. It is necessary to recognize, that the Newton was right, asserting, that light represents a flux of particles - photons. If light - wave process, eligible environment is necessary for its propagation, which one and have not found out. Besides in unlimited space the surge nor is limited in the sizes, and we is observed a small div Septemberergence of light beams.

After ruin of a ballistic hypothesis there was only one reasonable explanation of originating of effect of the Doppler at motion of a light source. The driving source radiates photons on all directions with identical speed, but with miscellaneous energy. The photons with the greater frequency are forward radiated, than back. In a limit, at motion of a source with speed of light, the photons of the doubled frequency are forward radiated, and back are not radiated absolutely. Apparently, that, pursuant to this postulate, the speed of light is absolute speed. The second half of second postulate asserts, that the speed of light does not depend on motion of the spectator. Here dog of a relativity theory also is buried. The phenomenon of a stellar abberation indicates the vectorial sum of speed of light and speed of the spectator designated on the formula: V = c ± Vc, where V - speed of light, measured by the spectator, c - absolute speed of light, Vc - projection of vector of absolute speed of the spectator to vector of absolute speed of light. The plus-sign concerns to counter motion of photons and spectator, and sign a minus - to motion in one direction. Therefore for any spectator the speed of light is not a constant. Measuring speed of light in miscellaneous directions inside insulated lab the spectator easily will define speed and direction of his own absolute motion in space and, thus, will distinguish the own inertial reference system from all remaining. Therefore postulates of a relativity theory of any relation to relativity have not. Faster, on the contrary, they assert absolute motion in a world. Thus, there is, that a relativity theory - the one-legged invalid. That he did not drop, global Zionism cherishingly has furnished with his political and financial crutches.


 The new article October 2013. 




In the article the new view on reasons of rotation of planets is set up.

The present now conception about reasons of planets rotation judge from that planets were formed from rotated of a powder-gas cloud ambient the Sun. Reasons of own rotation of planets in this case are not clear. On conceptions of new physics wanders in space protoplanets, moved on screw trajectory, are captures by the Sun into applicable planetary orbit. Radius of a screw trajectory by free protoplanet has space scales, that indicates sluggish rotation of protoplanet and bound with it minor gravidynamic self-effect. Therefore own angular momentum of protoplanet can be fling aside and the general angular momentum of protoplanet will be:


where m - weight of protoplanet, V - speed of its motion on a screw trajectory, R - radius of a screw trajectory.

After acquisition orbit of a planet will have a large eccentricity because of exuberant kinetic energy. However part of this energy is lost at each revolution around of the Sun at the expense of anelasticity «impact» with the Sun. In outcome the eccentricity of orbit step-by-step decreases also it is transformed in circumferential. The angular momentum of a planet on a circular orbit will be peer:


where  - orbital velocity of a planet, r - radius of orbit.

As on an equilibrium circular orbit an orbital velocity and radius of orbit are connected among themselves, we shall discover this connection. From equalling of attractive force to the Sun and centrifugal effort on orbit, we shall discover:


where G - gravitational constant, M - weight of the Sun.

Multiplying both parts (3) on product mr, we shall discover angular momentum of a planet on a circular orbit depending on its radius:



Comparing (1) and (4), we see, that the orbital angular momentum of a planet has decreased sharply. Though on a law of conservation of angular momentum the general moment should be kept, i.e. at reduction an orbital angular momentum the own angular momentum of a planet should be increased at the expense of acceleration of its own rotation. It would be exact so, if the planet did not lose exuberant kinetic energy, therefore acceleration of its own rotation in a direction of orbital motion is not so significant. It is interesting to observe evolution of an entrapped wanders planet, if for any reasons the direction of its own rotation is opposite to orbital motion. In this case, at gradual reduction of an eccentricity of orbit, the speed of own rotation will decrease also direction of rotation can change on opposite. Is interquartile, this case concerns to acquisition of Venus, in respect that it anomalously low speed of own rotation.