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New physics has following achievements and differences from official science.

If the reader wants briefly to be acquainted with the contents of the monograph, it is better to read this section. If any points produce doubts or disagreement, it is necessary to address to the conforming section of the monograph. There you will find to a constructive critic of existing representations, detailed analysis of a point of issue, logical and mathematical evidences of rightness of the author.


General problems


1. There is a universal potential energy of a repulsion ensuring originating of a potential well for all dynamic systems in all interplays and at all levels.

2. The centripetal acceleration does not exist, therefore body, driving on a circumference, is gone without acceleration.

3. The first Newton's law is erratic. All free bodies micro and macroworld moves on a screw line, thus translational and tangential speeds are peer.

4. The rectilinearly driving body is gyrated of rather any point of space in full conformity with a principle of conservation of moment of momentum. Therefore Maxwell equations are erratic, and for motion of photons are at all unsuitable.

5. At motion of gravitational charges arises a gravidynamic field. In a microworld it shows by the way of strong interplay.

6. The electron has a spin (in terms of ) equal 1, instead of ½ as orthodox physics considers. The conforming magnetic moment is peer to a magneton of Bohr.

7. The electron spin is peer to its angular momentum on a screw trajectory for a mobile electron or angular momentum on orbit around of a nucleus for a bound electron.

8. The stability of atoms is explained to  that electrons around of a nucleus moves in a potential well. This explain also stability of planetary systems. Any of these systems aims at a minimum of potential energy.

9. The physical sense of de Broglie formula is uncovered. The wavelength of de Broglie both for micro and for a macroworld is peer to a circumference of cross section of a screw trajectory or step of a screw trajectory.

10. The wave-corpuscle dualism of particles is motion them on a screw line.

11. The physical sense of an indeterminacy principle of Heisenberg is uncovered. It is result replacement of motion of one particle considered lengthwise axis by a screw trajectory, statistical motion picture of set of particles with a miscellaneous phase of motion.

12. Determinism in science again will triumph, if we shall study diffraction of particles driving strictly on one screw trajectory and in one phase. The motion on a screw line also is that latent parameter about which one the Einstein dreamed to finish with an indeterminacy principle.

13. The physical sense of a Schrodinger equations is uncovered, which one result of manipulations with a screw trajectory observed from a direction, perpendicular axis of a trajectory. Thus the motion of a particle is represented by propagation in space of a cross simple harmonic oscillation.

14. The stringent transition from new physics to classic is possible. The rectilinear motion of a body can be esteemed as motion with indefinitely large radius of a screw trajectory, i.e. with an indefinitely large wavelength of de Broglie. Thus the angular momentum of a body is endless, since mass and running speed are finite. For a quantum mechanics such transition is impossible, since demands, that the angular momentum of a particle should be aimed to zero point. At final mass and terminal velocity of motion the particle in this case should move on zero radius, i.e. its movement in space in general is impossible.




15. Quantization to a fixed constitution of atom has not any relation. It is determined only by  that all photons have an identical angular momentum both are beamed and are occluded by atoms only as a whole kind.

16. The new theory of hydrogen-like atoms is offered.

17. Only ground state of atom is steady. All exited states are not steady in principle, though the conforming solutions of a Schrodinger equation result in stability of any states.

18. The sizes of atom in any exited state differ from the sizes of a nonexcited atom a little.

19. The energy levels of an excited atom are inspissated near to a ground state, instead of far from it.

20. On any energy level the electron has the same value of an angular momentum.

21. The constitution of atoms is result tendencies of any system to a minimum of potential energy, instead of any of a set or selection rules of quantum numbers.

22. The new constitution of atoms without attract quantum numbers is offered. On this basis the new form of the periodic system of elements of the Mendeleyev more precisely reflecting their chemical properties is offered.

23. The theory of a chemical bond conforming to the theory of the Lewis, but not operating concept of valence and such fabrications of orthodox science, as overlap of electronic clouds, orbitals, exchange interaction and it similar is offered.

24. The new concept of principles of formation of solids is offered.


Solar system


25. The formation and constitution of a Solar system is explained ground of originating of a gravidynamic field at motion of gravitational charges and wave of de Broglie for macrobodies.

26. The planetoids with a backward motion, large inclination to a plane of an ecliptic and large eccentricity of orbit should be watched of Pluto.

27. The physical sense of the laws of diffusion of comets is retrieved.

28. The distribution of a mechanical moment in a Solar system is explained.

29. There is an answer to a problem, why in a Solar system there are planets earths and jupiters  group, and the planets jupiters group have satellites earths and jupiters group.

30. The planetary system of the Sun is elder than the Sun as star. It was step-by-step formed around of cold Protosun at the expense of capture of a space stuff, instead of there was all as a whole from a rotated gas-dust cloud.

31. Is shown, that all planets and satellites are in definite quantum states.

32. It appears, that the theory of atom of Bohr approaches to a constitution of a Solar system, than to the atom more.

33. All planets and satellites are in a exited condition, which one is supported by their continuous growth at the expense of capture of space stuff.

34. Moon and Earth have the same quantum state, therefore moon in due course will fall on the Earth. Also will fall on the Earth (or some on Moon) comet: Halley, Brorsen, Brorsen-Metcalf, Honda-Mrcos-Pajdusakova. 

35. The more than weight of a central body, the farther satellites are arranged from it. Weight of the Sun grows most intensively (specially in past times), therefore planets step-by-step leave from the Sun. Mars demonstrates to us the far future of the Earth, and Venus - far past.

36. If the gravitational field results only in dissipative processes, the gravidynamic field is peculiar motor for a Solar system. Despite of minor tension, it determines appearance of a Solar system not only in general, but also in details.

37. The principles of formation of a satellite system for any star by nothing differ from formation of a Solar system. For a star of same mass, as the Sun the planetary system will look just so not only by quantity and spacing intervals of planets from a star, but also on their chemistry. Therefore even our Galaxy literally teem by the brothers on reason.

38. The Universe is transparent for bodies larger than 0,8 mms.

39. The denying by official science of capture of one space body by other is based on error representations about a gravitational interaction. The capture not only is likely, but is inevitable, if the space body has speed equal or less its orbital velocity after capture.

40. The eccentricity of orbit of an entrapped body is determined by relation of its speed before capture to speed on a circular orbit, which one the body will take after full exhaustion of exuberant energy at the expense of dissipative processes. These processes are particularized.

41. At the expense of transmission of a part of an impulse of a trapping body to a system as a whole evolution of orbits of massive bodies flow past rather fast. For this purpose mass of an entrapped body should make not less than 10-7 mass of a central body. For example, Moon before capture by the Earth had relative velocity about 1 km/sec. After transit of pericentre the period of the first revolution around of the Earth will make 7 years with an eccentricity 0.9757. The period of the second revolution 2.6 years etc. The stable orbit close to modern will be reached for 120 revolutions and on it 25 years is required only. If to consider, that the Earth before capture had speed of 30 kms/sec, the equilibrium eccentricity of orbit will be reached for 800000 revolutions, approximately, behind 102 million years. With each revolution the orbital period Nereid around of Neptune should be decreased to 0.73 sec at the expense of this effect.

42. At the expense of a solar wind the asteroid of radius 1 m will take a circular orbit behind 568 millions years, and mote of radius 1 micron for 568 years. During existence of a Solar system at the expense of this effect to lose exuberant energy the asteroids with radius less than 10 m could only.

43. At the expense of photon braking the evolution of orbits flow past much faster, for example, the same asteroid of radius 1 m will take a circular orbit in 204000 years.

44. The causes of absence of satellites for a Mercury both Venus and increase of their quantity are indicated in process of moving off from the Sun.

45. The commonality of the laws micro- and macroworld is shown.

46. Uranus was captured together with the satellite system formed in interstellar space.




47. The finding of physical sense of an indeterminacy principle of Heisenberg allows new physics to esteem a constitution of atoms, atomic nuclei and elementary particles. To official physics indeterminacy principle of Heisenberg prohibits it to make.

48. In elementary particles the gravidynamic interplay is strong at the expense of light speeds of the constituents.

49. All elementary particles in the issue consist of an electronic neutrino and antineutrino. Electric charge them, accordingly, -1/2 and + 1/2 of elementary charge.

50. As the law of conservation of angular momentum is indestructible, and the motion with speed is higher than speed of light it is impossible, at decreasing radius of orbital motion of components of a particle their mass is augmented. Therefore gravitational mass is inert mass. Between them there is no any distinction.

51. The elementary particles represent not static, and dynamic systems. Therefore connection of components realized not at the expense of a defect of their mass, and at the expense of increase of mass because of operation of law of preservation of angular momentum. Half of this increase goes on bond energy, and half on increase of measured mass.

52. Is shown, that all elementary particles and resonances consist of fundamental particles (and antiparticles): electron, proton, photon, muonic and tau-neutrino, which one consist of an electronic neutrino and antineutrino.

53. The electron consists of two electronic neutrinos rotated around of general center of gravidynamic interplay. By an independent way is affirmed, that radius of an electron is peer to classic radius of an electron.

54. Rest-mass a free electronic neutrino is found.

55. The hypothesis Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck is call to salvage a half-integer electron spin and thus to keep a building of a quantum physics from destruction.

56. The known formula of connection of mass of a body with speed of its motion is obtained by an independent way.

57. The motion of free particles adds mass to not particles as such, but only to their constituents already driving with speed of light.

58. The physical causes of a speed restriction of motion by light speed are detected.

59. Being in a captivity of an indeterminancy principle of Heisenberg, official physics demands to increase energy of an electron to define its size. Thus radius of an electron escapes to zero point faster, than the explorers come nearer to definition of its size.

60. Attempts also are vain to break an electron or proton into the constituents, impart to them large energy before impact. The strength of particles is augmented much faster at the expense of decreasing radius and sharp increase of gravidynamic interplay of the constituents.

61. The increase of strength of particles with increase of their speed completely is explained with all experiments on change in course of time in driving hours. Not the time changes the course, and hours are hardening.

62. The correction of Schwinger to a magnetic moment of an electron is explained.

63. The magnetic moment of a relativistic electron is not a constant - it decreases with increase of energy of an electron.

64. The originating of electric charge directly is connected to availability of angular momentum an electronic neutrino. Therefore electric charge is not quantitative, and qualitative characteristic of a matter. The matter (electronic neutrino) carries negative electric charge, and the antimatter (electronic antineutrino) carries positive electric charge. The neutral particles do not exist. The observed neutrality, for example, photon is compensation of positive and negative electric charge of components.

65. The superfluidity and superconductivity is fine are explained by loss by fragments (helium or electrons) angular momentum on a screw trajectory at the expense transfer its to impurity atoms, walls of a vessel or crystal lattice.

66. On the basis of constitutions of a neutron and new theory of a superconductivity the generator of neutrons for their cheap commercial production is offered. It will allow to decide energy demands of mankind, executing thermonuclear reactions at low temperatures.

67. The photon represents a gravidynamic system from an electronic neutrino and antineutrino. The process of an annihilation of an electron and positron is represented by an exchange reaction between an electronic neutrino and antineutrino. In a result in usual conditions from an electron and positron two photons will be formed.

68. Is shown the difference between particles having a rest-mass and particles which one cannot be stopped.

69. The expression for definition of limit speed is obtained, which one is unsignificant more running speed of photons (light speed).

70. The way of experimental detection of a difference of speeds of a violet and red photon is offered. These speeds differ on 1.6 cm/sec.

71. It is given the exhaustive theory of elementary particles and resonances. It is not revealed any specific to a microcosmos of the laws. The quantum numbers of particles are connected to their constitution.

72. The calculation of effective section of dissipation of a dot particle driving on a screw line, on a small ball of radius R coincides with classic pR2 at a wavelength de Broglie to equal zero point and perpetuity. The maximum section of dissipation coincides conclusions of a quantum mechanics 4pR2.

73. New physics does not see principled distinctions between particles with the whole and half-integer spin. Bosons and the fermions have a miscellaneous angular momentum, but this quantitative distinction does not conduct to qualitative changes of their behavior.

74. On presentation of new physics there are four kinds of fields: gravitational, gravidynamic, electrostatic and magnetic. They represent the substance, spread in space, but not having mass and energy. Therefore fields are diffused with superlight speeds. The interplay of bodies realize through a field.

75. New physics disclaims existence of virtual particles and many other fabrications of a modern physics assigned for avoidance of difficulties to the theory.

76. The expressions for tension of a gravidynamic field with reference to macrobodies and microparticles are obtained. The de Broglie formula for a macroworld is obtained. It by nothing differs from the known formula for a microcosmos.

77. The expressions for calculation of all basic performances a neutrino are found.


Nuclei of atoms


78. Given the exhaustive theory of atoms nuclei.

79. The stability of neutrons in a nucleus is conditioned potent by a gravidynamic field inside a nucleus.

80. The nuclei of atoms consist from of quasi-lattice of a-particles surrounded by exuberant neutrons.

81. The a-particle represents a toroidal gravidynamic winding from two protons and two neutrons.

82. The constitution of all existing nuclei is shown.

83. Such properties of nuclei, as a radioactivity, magic numbers, double-peak curve of debris etc. are explained

84. The new computational method of bond energy in a nucleus is offered.

85. The new theory of b-decay is based on the mathematical tool of the theory of a chemical equilibrium.

86. The motion of particles on a screw trajectory allows to explain a tunnel effect and overbarrier reflection.


Motion of photons


87. The sizes of photons are determined.

88. The relict radiation of space is connected to border behind which one a photon is transformed in a magnetogravidynamic wave. The field of application of the laws of radiation of the Planck and Rayleigh-Jeans is found.

89. The motion of photons on a screw trajectory allows to explain refraction, diffraction, polarization, interference, dispersion and reflection of light.




90. The motion of any free bodies on a screw line is absolute inherently, therefore new physics proclaims a principle of absolute motion and disclaims a relativity theory.

91. The experimentally affirmed ratio of a relativity theory are obtained all on the basis of a principle of absolute motion.

92. The representation about distorting of space or change in course of time are not confirmed.

93. The outcomes of a Michelson experiment are explained and some ways of definition of absolute speed are offered.

94. The expression of the second Newton's law for a photon is obtained.

95. The new type communication is offered on the basis of disassembly of elementary particles (for example, photon) in a place of radiation of a signal on components and reduction assembly in a place of a reception.




96. The Universe eternally pulses, interleaving Large explosion, dilating on inertia, gravitational collapse, formation of a supernucleus and new Large explosion.

97. The thermodynamics is inapplicable neither to the Universe as a whole, nor to its separate parts.

98. The paradoxes Zeeliger and Olbers are explained by a finiteness of the Universe in space and perpetuity in time.

99. Mass of the Universe is obtained and is shown, that mean density six times exceeds critical density at which one dilating of the Universe is replaced with a collapse.

100. The formation of supernuclei eliminates formation of black holes.

101. The Big Bang is similar to without delay LARGE FIREWORKS, since the debris of a supernucleus move with relativistic velocities and become metastable (In film center of Big Bang in a right lower corner).

102. The decay of supernuclei explains appearance of high-gravity and died out elements in the Universe.

103. The ratio of evolution of the Universe are obtained. Stage of dilating makes 15.7 billions years.

104. The mechanism of formation both evolution of the Universe as a whole and galaxies is particularized. Have found explanation all observation facts pertinent to galaxies.

105. The actual danger of transformation of Jupiter in a star in the time, nearest on space scales, exists.

106. The dark invisible bodies in the Universe in big quantities will be formed from splashes of a neutron liquid, which one surrounded supernuclei.