With all centuries the people used logic of Aristotel - logic of determinism. And now sane people do not doubt that the nature is operated by the laws, differently it will cease to exist.

However, fathers of a quantum mechanics at the begining of XX century have refused determinism, by proclaiming probabilistic behavior of objects of the nature. Thus they have poisoned consciousness of the people with a nature of a parrot, which one do not have king in a head. Sciolists preach the doctrine about presence of supreme reason at sudden appearance DNA during evolution, indicating, that the probability of such event is insignificant, and it can be compared that the monkey pokes, as has got, on the keyboard and has printed out without errors the novel «War and peace». Priests rejoiced: «This evidence of existence of the god!». You see the more fools, the more area of a feeding. Remaining have rushed to search for additional similar «evidences» and found them, since the nature not so is simple.

We shall try also to share in similar search. To the monkey with the incidentally printed out novel is gentle as contrasted to by any crystal connecting in the definite order billions of atoms. In the novel and close there is no such quantity and varieties of characters. Besides the constitution and form of crystals is to straight lines a consequent of a miscellaneous structure and constitution of molecules, these crystals consist of which one. It is possible to admire with everyone snowflake. Probably, itself the Most High moulds them from billions of molecules of water pursuant to the catalog of their infinite forms. The monkey will die for the keyboard and by not describing the shapes and "know-how" production of snowflakes. The god instructs and Grandfather of a Frost to ornament by patterns of a windows, where HME the housing does not heat. Unless these patterns not a miracle? And on each window they different, probability that zero.




The detection of a microwave space background is interpreted, as "extension" of a wavelength of ancient photons together with the extension of the Universe. Let's leave on time this nonsense and we shall try to look soberly at this fact.

Let's mount on a balloon above mine village and we shall receive infrared (microwave) radiation from different sites of a surface. We shall be surprised of a high isotropy of this radiation, though in some directions it is possible to find out a small anisotropy. Now we shall do some flying above village of my African friend. We also shall be surprised of a high anisotropy of radiation, but "temperature" of this radiation will be higher (maximum will be displaced to short-wave area). If we shall do that most above North Pole, the microwave radiation will demonstrate low temperature.

From here is apparent, that we measure mean temperature of an adjacent space if not to follow to silly imaginations. Between our Galaxy and nebula Andromeda it will be lower (photons "were extended"), and in the field of the Universe near to quasars - is much higher.




The scientists measure red displacement in spectra of remote objects and with surprise find out, that the further there is an object, the its speed of deleting more. In this occasion numerous gamble about the accelerated extension of the Universe at once have appeared, and as a reason it consider «dark energy», though do not know, that this such, besides that it as promotes acceleration of the extension - any more for what to be linked. Have recollected a lambda - term in the Einstein's equations (introducing which one the Einstein has recognized as the largest error) and piled up around of these «facts» huge quantity of fancy fabrications.

At the same time, as a matter of fact, any paradox is not present. The apparent and infamous error of interpreters of red displacement is, that the computed speed of deleting of space objects attribute to the moment of observation while it should be attributed on billions of years back, when the received now photons were emitted by the remote object. Then all at once becomes on the places without the problems, sucked from the finger, of the accelerated extension of the Universe and «of dark energy», causing this extension. The further object of analysis, the the characteristics of its radiation are closer on time to the moment of Big Bang, i.e. its speed of dispersion was more and, in a limit, comes nearer to speed of light. Apparently, that any violations of law of a universal gravitation is not present also Universe after Big Bang should be dilated with negative, instead of with positive acceleration pursuant to this law. Therefore we observe, approximately, scalingup of speed of deleting with increase of spacing interval up to objects pursuant to the law Habble.

The laymans on circumscientific forums can forgive this fallacy, but when similar «problems» is active consider the solid scientists, it speaks about not capacities for acting of science and its comatose condition.




Таким образом, смысл математических манипуляций с математическими и физическими объектами различен, чего, к сожалению, многие теоретики не понимают.

When the high son has stated me, that 2/2 not unit, and two halfs, I was surprised and for the first time has reflected on a ratio of physics and mathematics. The long speculations on this problem have resulted in some conclusions which have been set up below.

To begin it is necessary that, both physics, and mathematics will use mathematical manipulations with identical «bits». The bit is an elementary part of physical or mathematical object. For example, physical object: 7 cm. It consists of 7 bits on 1 cm. Mathematical object: 5 consists of 5 dimensionless bits.

Major properties of a physical bit - its value and dimension. The value is a quantitative characteristic, and dimension - quality. All physical objects necessarily have dimension. The dimensionless objects in the nature do not meet, but can express ratio of two multivalue bits of identical quality (dimension). For example, the fine structure constant is ratio of an own angular momentum of an electron to its orbital angular momentum. These both physical objects have dimension g×cm2/sec, but the bit of an own angular momentum of an electron in 137 times is less than a bit of the orbital angular momentum. Number Pi also is ratio of multivalue bits of identical quality (length): circumferences to diameter it.

Let's try to add up two multivalue of a physical bits of length: 1 m and 1 cm. Mathematics would add up them so: 1 + 1 = 2, as it leave outs dimensions. To conduct physically correct addition, it is necessary these bits to express in isometric values 100 cm + 1 cm = 101 cm or: 1 m + 0.01 m = 1.01 m. It is necessary to mark, that some physical objects actually by those are not, for example, kg2 or sec2, therefore in the nature do not exist. The simple criterion of not exist physical objects is, that they cannot be measured, while the substantial objects yield to measurement, though with an absolute accuracy it cannot be made. What such «constant of the Planck» we can not define, we shall not point yet its dimension (g×cm2/sec). Therefore terms «constant of the Planck» or «quantum of action» have not the physical contents without the indicating of dimension. Its physical contents - angular momentum of a particle.

From this point of view we shall analyze such «physical» object, as a space-time, with which one are rush relativisters, not understanding, that this such. Dimension of space cm3. The supporters of the multidimensional spaces (string theory) let will try to meter them and to give outcomes of the measurements. Dimension of time of sec. Let's consider possible combinations of dimension of space - time. cm3×sec - such quality the substantial physical bits have not. sec/cm3 - such objects substantially do not exist. There is an alone version: cm3/sec is a physical object meaning rate of flow or gas. This version can be presented in the other kind with that by quality: cm2×cm/sec, which one is possible to interprete, as a volume, blade-swept by some area driving with definite speed in a direction, perpendicular area. Thus, the space-time is not substantial physical object is an imagination, which one cannot be metered.

Now we shall consider one more property of some physical bits - their directivity in space, when it has great importance for physical object as a whole. It, so-called, vector quantities. Mathematics - servant of physics (but not on the contrary!) therefore on need of physics this or that mathematical vehicle is designed, though physical ideas, which one this vehicle maintains, can and not have any physical sense (for example, mathematical vehicle of renormalization or disintegrating on small parameter). For numeration of vector quantities the vector  analysis is developed, for numeration of the operators invented by the fathers of the quantum mechanics, - operational calculus etc is designed. Mathematics it is possible to satisfy any crazy ideas of the theorists. For example, the Landau it is considered as great physicist, though would be more correct than him to consider as great mathematician. Before to attribute any physical object to vectors or scalars, it is necessary well to think to not deceive itself. For example, speed of movement of a body participating in alone motion is necessary to consider by a scalar (uniform motion on a straight line or uniform motion on a circumference). If the body participates in two and more independent motions, its instantaneous velocity is a vectorial physical object. If the body is in static equilibrium, but under operating of several forces, these forces - vectors. If the body is gone accelerated and rectilinearly under operating of some resultant force, this force is scalar. Really, quality of a bit of force g×cm/sec2. Here all values scalar, as in essence have not any direction. The not physical object «centripetal acceleration» (it was invented by those who does not know how to sum up vectors) a = V2/r is scalar, since square of vector (even if speed here to consider as vector) is not vector. That can be told about substantial physical object - to centrifugal effort (force of inertia) F = mV2/r and kinetic energy of a body W = mV2/2

Major and alone property of a mathematical bit - its value. The mathematical object of dimension has not, i.e. has not of quality characteristics. In the nature such objects do not exist, therefore they are virtual and are only in our heads, while we think of them. As against physical objects, the value of mathematical object is determined with an absolute accuracy, but can not be physically measured, since object substantially does not exist, for example number Pi, Napierian logarithm base e, 5 etc.

Let's consider some examples of the analysis of physical sense of mathematical objects. Fractions: fraction not having dimension, can represent, nevertheless, ratio of two dimensional values. The denominator of fraction demonstrates, on how many of completely identical bits the physical or mathematical object is parted, and numerator of fraction demonstrates, how many is taken of such bits. In it physical sense of division operation. For example, 2/3 - the object is parted into 3 identical bits and two from them is taken. 3/2 - the object is parted into two bits, and 3 same bits are taken, i.e. quantity of bits in the sum to equal whole object and one more bit is taken. That physically means mathematical expression: 1/2 + 1/3 = 5/6? In mathematics this operation is executed by formal reduction to a common denominator. The physical sense is, that two whole identical objects are taken (as they are added), one of them is parted in halves, and another into three parts. To add received multivalue bits it is impossible. That it is necessary each bit of the first object extra to section into three parts, and second - in halves that them to make of identical value. In the total we shall receive two sets in 6 identical bits. Now they can be addea, to take half of bits of the first object (3 pieces) and to add third of bits of the second object (2 pieces). In the total we shall receive 5 bits from 6, i.e. 5/6. In it physical sense of operation of addition or subtraction. And if to try such operation: 1/3-1/2 = -1/6? This operation physically means, that we from two identical bits attempt to take away three bits, that physically it is impossible. Therefore nature does not know negative numbers and anywhere them will not use, it is virtual nonexistent mathematical objects (as well as all  mathematics). Let's consider still example of mathematical object: 23 + 2 = 10. From the physical point of view the objects with miscellaneous quality are on the left of equation added, that cannot be done. It is impossible to add 8 bast sandals with two jackboots to receive 10 jackboots. What dimension we have not assigned to the first term in the left-hand part, we always in the total receive nonexistent physical object. Therefore equation should be converted so that the bits were added identical on the size and quality. Conditionally we shall accept, that we operate with bits 1 g. 23 means, that two bits on one gramme we at first have doubled: (2 + 2), in order that have received, once again have doubled (2 + 2) + (2 + 2). In outcome the physically interpreted expression is received: (2 g + 2 g) + (2 g + 2 g) + 2 g = 10 g. Still example: 2х5х3 = 30. The physical sense of operation of multiplying is, that we add number of bits of the first multiplicand so much time, how many demonstrates the second multiplicand the obtained expression we add so much more time, how many demonstrates a following multiplicand etc. In outcome we shall receive: (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2) + (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2) + (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2) = 30. It is possible and on another: 5х3х2 = (5 + 5 + 5) + (5 + 5 + 5) = 30. That the rule is applicable and at exponentiation. The physical sense of a taking the root is more complicated, since in this case it is necessary to limit by selection in case of obtaining infinite fraction. It is understandable, since the physical object cannot absolutely precisely be measured. For example,  = 1,4142 … with lack. To receive this value it is possible, by sectioning the whole object on 10000 parts and adding identical bits:

10000/10000 + 4000/10000 + 100/10000 + 40/10000 + 2/10000. If the large accuracy is necessary, it is necessary object to divide into the greater number of parts. If sequentially to multiply the rising sum on itself, we shall receive: 1х1 = 1, 1.4х1.4 = 1.96, 1.41х1.41 = 1.99, 1.414х1.414 = 1.999, 1.4142х1.4142 = 1.99996. If we shall receive in this series digit more than 2, we have used too large addend. On a more composite example it is easy to see features of physical interpretation of exponentiation and taking the root:  = (5х5) 1/3 = (5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5) 1/3 = 251/3. Further adjustment: 33 = 27 - it is too much, 23 = 8 - will go, 2.93 = 24.39 - will go, 2.933 = 25.15 - it is too much, 2.923 = 24.89 - will go etc. The precise value from the physical point of view cannot be pointed, and approximate 2.92401

Thus, the sense of mathematical manipulations with mathematical and physical objects is various, that, unfortunately, many theorists do not understand.




Such hunting open always, when rather large number of the people express variance with officially established doctrines in any area of human activity.

The official source of new scientific ideas for a long time has dried up and emptied niche become is active to stuff the new people with new ideas which are not adequate to adopted scientific doctrines. In these conditions RAS is compelled to organize commission on strife with false science and to give start on discovery of hunting for hags. The orthodoxes of every stripe headlong were threw to search of false scientists with their false theories. Many have joined also them volunteers, stimulated there is a lot of by comprehension of orthodox or alternate ideas, how many by a gregarious instinct. Is active the lists false scientists are made, be about to create a special site in the Internet, remained only to lead them on a bonfire pursuant to approved by RAS a list.

On sensible understanding, per all centuries, the value scientists for science determined only time. In historical period it is possible to judge merits for a long time died scientists, which one can on fingers be enumerated. And even for these few, in each of them some his doubles - false scientists burdened with uncountable errors simultaneously coexisted.

Nowadays be in good health orthodoxes solved to deceive time and have assigned to itself the right at once to judge value of scientific activities. Let's look, whether fake for them the certificate at this right.

Modern scientific paradigm is grounded on two «greatest» theories XX centuries: a quantum mechanics and relativity theory. The quantum mechanics is founded on representation about existence of standing waves inside atoms. But in atoms will not be realised of any of indispensable conditions of formation of standing waves. Therefore quantum mechanics - false theory. The relativity theory assigns to all electromagnetic waves an identical zero frequency of oscillations and zero wavelength because of relativistic reduction of time and length. Therefore relativity theory also false theory. Thus, modern scientific paradigm is erratic and when its orthodox adherents discovers false scientists, the situation very much resembles that, at which one the thief screams: «hold the thief!».

I am proud of  that from the orthodox point of view I represent by myself  representative of false scientist. Moreover that in the monography «Fundamentals of new physics and pictures of universe» I do not share any doctrine of modern science, but I produce still killing to a critic of these doctrines, therefore I hope to get in ardent ten of false scientists on a list of RAS.

It is possible safely to assert a paradox with probability, almost equal unit, that all be in good health scientists as a matter of fact are false scientists. Anyone scientific paradigm for short historical period is substituted new, and old it appears on a waste tip of a history is a law of an advancement of science. Practically all scientists with any new ideas also fall out of memory of a history. Therefore it is not necessary to search false scientist, it is enough to look in a mirror and you at once will see him.




I at once agree, that a title and contents of the article concern to fundamental science, in particular, to fundamental physics. The applied sciences successfully develop on the basis of advance in know-hows and instrument making. They any more can not be guided by achievements of fundamental physics, as was always, as it does not submit last 60 years of trace of life. About it the known American journalist the John Horgan for a long time is troubled, but to him nobody listens.

When I still sat on a pot, me all ears talk away, that I shall have no time from it climb down, as the problem of controlled thermonuclear synthesizing will be resolved and there will set in universal happiness and power abundance. Now I already the decrepit old man, and cart and now there, though for this time the alternatives to tokamaks have appeared and even I have managed to offer impact thermonuclear synthesizing. Apparently, have decided at first to devastate natural resources, and when the fried cock will arrives and pecks in one place, it is possible to scratch oneself and to recollect about thermonuclear power.

Surprised, but scientists have applied arms to strangulation of science, by organizing at RAS commission on strife with false science. There were times, burned of the scientists, but that the inquisition took scientists, such did not happen. This infamous brand on forehead of the Russian science remain for ever. Our leaders too have rendered science disservice. Fast have transformed country of the atheists with materialistic world outlook into country of the religious fanatics with idealistic world outlook, by rejected it for 300 years back. Vainly they hope, that the Russians, cross themselves and with prayer on one's lips by religious procession will go in Scolcovo and will drag Russia on forward boundaries of world technological advance. Russia by centuries crept in a tail of world advance, picking up scraps of developed countries. There it also will be terminated, when the oil and gas will be terminated. The majority of technological achievements we truths-untruths or grabed, or simply filched. It appears, even bast sandals and matreshka not our inventions.

What to do? Who will reanimate science? It is clear, that the officials for this purpose are unsuitable. In it the real honest scientists should be engaged. They are easy for finding by alone and simple criterion: «true above all!». They will be afraid to be put out to not appear the outcasts in scientific environment, therefore, firstly, the society should help them. The solution of some problems is specially actual.

1. Dissertations. The infrastructure of science, bound with appropriation of scientific degrees and ranks, as a matter of fact is a nursery of corruption. Has reached that among the delegates one behind another there are candidates, doctors of sciences and even the academicians. Science not army. To the scientists are not necessary general's stripes. It is necessary to pay for appointment, and degree and rank to cancel. If you on the appointment, mean owes, and if for you a scientific rank, you anything owe to nobody, even consider, that to you owe. To dismiss HAC, scientific advices on awarding degrees and ranks, then the people will be aimed not to the life annuity, and to true. For any thesis two parties and both negative. On the one hand, the competitor should strictly adhere to frameworks of official scientific doctrines, therefore in a thesis the appearance of new ideas or critical analysis of these doctrines is impossible. If in a thesis the new scientific idea is professed, such thesis cannot be defended. On the other hand, any thesis - example frank show, which one regularly occurs there, where there is absence a substantial achievement or constructive proposal.

Let's consider a representative example. «Research moving off of muck on a farm «Korovino» of collective farm «Valid Way». Weighty volume. The solid chief, doctor of sciences, professor. Two fine comments from his friends, too of professors. Mass of the formulas, schedules, charts. The most extensive tables, as though candidate for a degree all time of study in post-graduate course sat with a bucket under each cow. The list of the literature from 300 titles, which one he in eyes did not see, specially foreign. Look and are surprised, as the man from shit (I apologize) has managed to sculp such solid scientific work.

2. Training of scientific gang. The conveyor of modern science rubber-stamps on a standard scheme young scientists not distinguished from each other. He had no time yet anything to make in science, and already young orthodox. Not accepts of any new ideas, and behind a critic of official scientific paradigm is ready to throw mud everyone, not finding time to be disassembled in a problem. For him in a head the set mantras for explanation of any problem, understands it whether or not. In outcome on a place by a natural way of leaving old orthodoxes occurs as much and precisely same new. To science from it of any advantage no.

Now Internet collects on forums youth, which one is interested in scientific problems. It seemed, the scientists should tactfully to inculcate of this youth serious interest to science and to keep for her by both arms. You see the overwhelming majority of such interest does not exhibit at all. Instead of it the orthodoxes have seated on forums «lookingers», which one vigilancely monitor behind purity of official doctrines. If the girl will state slightest doubt, instead of in-depth articulate explanation her will pour by mud from legs up to a head, will apply the lowest obscene expressions and offences even of female dignity. The poor girl with tears on eyes will give itself vow never to contact to it shit. To drive away in a neck «lookingers» with forums, and behind one and managers hired by scientific orthodoxy.

Here will pertinent tell one parable. The old professor, having a presentiment speed demise, has decided to confess before the students and has made such speech.

«You, probably, think, that in science already there is nothing to do - all for a long time is opened and is realized. The paradoxes and inconsistencies here literally continually. A critic, critic and once again of critic - here the locomotive of science.

The quantum mechanics in a constitution of atom for explanation quantization outgoes from formation of standing waves inside atom. But the formation of standing waves is possible only at total reflection from a flat vertical wall. In atom is not present not only flat and mirror, moreover and vertical walls - any walls in general are not present. Leaves, that quantization cause other reasons, which one the science does not understand.

The indeterminacy relations of the Heisenberg lie in the foundation of a quantum mechanics. On their basis there was a representation about virtual (unobservable) particles. Appearance of a virtual particle - direct violation of a fundamental energy conservation law. The orthodoxes with it agree, but will use children's ruse: the particle arises and here fades so fast what to find out a violation of law of preservation of energy it is impossible. And we shall esteem a not separate particle, and ocean of these particles filling in all Universe. As though is fast particles did not occur and did not fade, their mean number remains invariable. And the energy is necessary for this purpose, is significant superior general energy of the Universe, which one has appears from nowhere, therefore small children's ruse does not pass. Besides the virtual particles have an impulse, therefore should be a considerable encumbrance to motion of bodies, that is not watched. Therefore, the science does not understand even own fabrications.

The special relativity theory (SRT) asserts, that at motion of a body with speed of light the own time stops. However, the photons it do not know, differently the frequency of all photons has accepted zero value.

The general relativity theory (GRT) asserts, that any weight bends ambient space, and the bending it is equivalent to appearance of weight. The representative unstable system with a positive feedback, which one will cause to zero or infinite values of weight and curvature of space. GRT supposes, that any interplay can not be realised more fast than speed of light, therefore from «of black holes» the radiation of gravitons and gravity waves is impossible. However, many space phenomena write off on «black holes», forgeted about GRT. How «singularity» (germ of the Universe) can be extended, if it is a superblack hole? I shall not be diffused further, you already have understood, that as a matter of fact study false science».

(Notice. It is interesting, can gain my monograph «Fundamentals of new physics and pictures of the universe», where hundreds incidents, inconsistencies and paradoxes of modern science are adduced).

After such lecture many students will give themselves oath, that that costed, to bite in two all these nuts. From these students the present scientists will be for certain received.

3. Theoretical science. Most parasitical activity in science - theoretical. The truth, is difficult to get on scientific Olympus, but if there has got it is possible for 30 years (as some) to not uncover scientific outcomes. Main to select a good subject of lifelong research. It is necessary to investigate objects, which one do not exist at all in the nature or to be engaged in the theory, the outcomes by which one cannot be tested now, in the future. Here of ardent ten similar subjects: «physical vacuum», «exchange interaction», «singularity», «black holes», «quarks», «multidimensional spaces», «string theory», «problems of space and time», «theory all», «dark energy».

Large lack of the theorists in them extremely poor of labour productivity. That it to increase, it is necessary to free theorist from all extraneous concerns: business trips, reports, sittings of academic council, reviewing, scientific management and other rubbish. A solitary cell, rigid plank bed, that not oversleeped the good idea which has come in dream, full-value not copious feed, infrequent walk on a prison court yard, some reference books, paper, pencil, computer, Internet (to monitor, that had no take a great interest computer games). For fruitful scientific ideas retiring reward, that was not relaxed. Except for a raising the productivity of a scientific work, such mode effectively checks up the scientist on «lousiness». If he will leave at own will, the pleasure of scientific creativity means is not for him biotic priority. With him it is possible without regret part from.

4. Financing of science. The artful weavers of official science permanently promises to the taxpayers to make the new dress of the king, if by him unfasten the next financial chunk in some billions. Neither officials nor plebs will not carry out examination of these requirements - mind does not suffice to understand flows of modern scientific spells. At the same time, the financial claims progressively increase, separately taken country any more can not them satisfy to not deprive of the involuntary providers of science of last chunk. I temporarily have switched off all colliders, superaccelerators and other expensive scientific trinkets so long as the scientists will not present on court of a public, for example, intelligible theory of elementary particles. Now they are not capable theoretically to calculate even the sizes and electronic mass. Go around yes about, and whence weight arises the representation have not. That concerns also sizes of particles, though in this direction the huge lock of uncertainty relation of the Heisenberg prohibiting about it even to think.

In summary it would be desirable to wish to stop empty chatter at all levels. If has opened mouth, give new idea or demonstrate the unchastity old. I as have asked an adjacent grandmother: - the Grandmother, this year State Duma has accepted 800 laws, that to you was lived better. You be glad? She has answered to me, but here I shall not quote flows of obscene rural expressions.




About 10 billions of years back in a huge body of Protouniverse in weight 1.3×1056 g and close to nuclear density there was a supernucleus, and when it has reached weight 6.63×1034 g the outside shell any more could not constrain grandiose explosion with energy 4.6×1090 ergs, which one western humorists named Bing Bang, and I prefer to call Large Fireworks. The relativistic debris  have begun to scatter in all parties and, at loss of relativistic weight, the repeated decaies with originating of galaxies have begun. It is period of radial propagation of quasars. One of debris has flown to us and has created our native Galaxy. Its more small-sized debris at the decay have created a halo of spherical sidereal congestions and galaxies - satellite. On it the rough youth of a Galaxy was finished also its evolution has passed in rather quiet stage.

In the monograph is shown, that any moving source beams in a current of traffic more vigorous photons, than back and is look-alike to a photon rocket organized on braking. The calculations demonstrate, that at the expense of photon braking the Sun will lose all kinetic energy (250 kms/sec) behind 9.2 billion of years, and Galaxy (600 kms/sec) behind 22 billion of years. Therefore all stars of a Galaxy with progressively increased acceleration direct in center of a Galaxy, as in the jumbo funnel.

It is clear, that in center of a Galaxy the accumulation of stars indefinitely to be prolonged can not. At the expense of a coalescence of sidereal matter there are superstars with nuclear density. The objects with greater density in the nature do not exist, that demonstrates impossibility to place nucleones each other. On a surface of these stars the supernuclear film will be permanently arises, which one at once is reset as a space radiation and clouds of Hydrogenium. Weight of this film only 10-35 from weight of a superstar, but it will be arised and is resets with a high speed. In jumbo superstars the formation of a supernucleus inside a star is possible. In this case weight of a supernucleus can be on 13 orders more than weight of a supernucleus film and before to blow up a star from inside, weight of a supernucleus can reach 5×10-22 from weight of a superstar. At detonate such supernucleus in a plane of a Galaxy the young dissipated sidereal congestions will be rejected. Thus, at the expense of a coalescence and explosions, inside a core of a Galaxy there is a whole hierarchy of the sizes of superstars. Together with dissipated sidereal congestions in a plane of a Galaxy huge quantity of dust and gas will be rejected, which one are combustible for maintenance of combustion of stars and formation of new young stars. As a whole, in any galaxy there is a continuous process of a circuit of matter, however, it step-by-step damps because of energy losses on radiations of galaxies.

Processes in cores of elliptic galaxies is basic same. A difference only that interiors of these galaxies we not see, as against spiral galaxies. Each star of an elliptic galaxy a long time is in an apofocus strongly of prolated orbit, therefore outside fur coat these «hedgehogs» effectively hides from ours look the internal contents. However, in many elliptic galaxies it is possible to note step change of brightness at deleting from center and «hair» - tracks specially of powerful lets from center. It confirms the unified mechanism of galaxies evolution.




In Russian, the modernization is retrofit. But the modernization is not necessary to me. My life and so retrofit up to last degree. In the morning jump up, on - fast will wash (if the water is), tooth it is possible to not clean - all the same to old age will fall out, it is better to save for tooth prostheses and korega. Then light lunch. I recommend sauerkraut of own manufacturing, which one it is necessary pour some more of sugar and sprinkle by vegetable oil. The plus boiled egg (is better than a half-egg to keep movability), bread and cold tea (on it I economize, approximately, 200 calories of a thermal energy). In the total I receive a set of protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. Besides the advisable light lunch guarantees, that I shall get on job, instead of in hospital, and is satisfactory climb in public transport and climb out from it. On a way on job I do not address attentions to repugnant snoots, I study advertising in public transport, it is necessary morally to get ready to return the public debt. All life I donates this debt and I can not pay. One hope for pension (if I shall live). And the officials, army and oligarchs with impatience wait outcomes of my job. In lunch interruption I recommend to eat only that you eat yesterday and have remained are living. Will have no time after job to relax, as Medvedev and Putin here as here. Correctly speak: «Unbidden visitor is worse … mother-in-law». My grandmother speaks, that they here since morning hang about. For me they by force become the most close and native people, though related feelings I do not assay. It is necessary slumber together with their the officials and to listen to manuals, as it is necessary correctly to live and to make preparations for the happy future. It would be desirable to look, that in a world is done, but ours mass media have transformed a world (except for great Russia) into a virtual dwarf, to look there there is nothing - solid complete chaos and horrors. At last, the serials have begun. The retirees from them in delight - it is better to live by life of the heroes of these serials, than by hopeless life of the retiree. After the next flushing of brains in our propaganda machine (though there already and to flush there is nothing - is empty), I power up flash-light on light emitting diodes of the Chinese production instead of energy efficient of a Mitich’s bulb, I attempt something to read, but the eyes stick together. Get into in a sleeping bag not undressing (then in the morning it is not necessary to dress cold clothes, and here inside native housing and communal services). Already I am not afraid of switching-off of heating and electric power. In the morning again it is necessary to rise vigorous and again to start all at first. Now you understand, what the modernization is not necessary to me? It, as to a dog the fifth leg.




As the Kremlin officials have buried new scientific paradigm and that it is necessary to do, that such was not.


I am succeeded to demonstrate falsehood of a relativity theory and quantum mechanics underlying official scientific paradigm. In the monograph: «Fundamentals of new physics and pictures of the universe», I have offered new scientific paradigm, it is possible to call which one as new physics, corpuscular quantum mechanics or by neoclassic physics. It is possible to be acquainted with the contents of the monograph on a site and to gain Russian or English version the books, which one is permanently supplemented by the new chapters.

By the scientists is approved world-wide total monopolism on true and it they casted over slip-knot on a neck of fundamental science, which one last decades is tramped in place and is compelled to be engaged in engineering study of old ideas because of absence new, the originating which one in conditions of monopolism on true is impossible. If the known scientist, will express doubt in a validity official scientific paradigm, he automatically falls in the outcasts of scientific community. It is better to not mention others. Even on nearby scientific forums always is present «lookinger» both obscene swearing and offences causes disagreeables to abandon a forum. So struggles for purity official paradigm. In these circumstances, I have decided, how in old kind times to address to a strong world this. Remembering about that the management of country permanently declares increase of international prestige of Russia, I have addressed to the President with the proposal of an independent estimation and insonification of my work, at positive results of an independent expert appraisal. The officials from administration of the President have sended my proposal in RAS - this bulwark of orthodoxy. Guess from first time, than all was finished.

As the former patent engineer I know how to erase monopolism on true and to open doors in science for new Lomonosov’s. It is necessary to organize independent All-Russia research institute of State scientific expertise (SSE) on an image and similarity of the All-Russia research institute of a State patent expertise (SPE). The experts SSE will dispute with the declarants on obtaining of the certificate of scientific achievement so long as one party will not convince another of the rightness. Certainly, SSE at once will fill up with the applications from pseudo-scientific up to full delirium. It is necessary to be disassembled with everyone, you see in SPE cry, but it is bad or well make the business, as well as all over the world. The experts will help of the address to the scientists, but the opinion last is not final.

The procedure of obtaining of the nominal certificate on scientific achievement is represented as follows. The applicant through e-mail hands in an application with the request to consider his materials, which one are applied on the letter in the .doc format, as in the word processor WinWord it is easy to create the document with the formulas, tables, schedules and other. The technical department assigns to materials the anonymous code and transfers materials with this code in the applicable department of expertise. The applicant inform his personal code and resemble, that in the materials he indicated only anonymous code and no of any information on the writer. Letters of the applicants are stored in archive of technical department and the experts have not to them of access, except for the enclosed documents. In case of a positive solution about issue to the applicant of the nominal certificate on scientific achievement for the applicant request full name and full mail address. The technical department makes out the certificate and routes it and symbolical sum (on a bottle of vodka) to the indicated address to celebrate this solemn event, since the new scientific knowledge is rather eternal.

In summary some words about criteria of scientific achievement.

1. The scientific achievement, as well as invention, should have world novelty. It can be the new theory new of a critic of the old theories, detection of new paradoxes in the known theories.

2. The scientific achievement should be verisimilar and to not contradict the fixed fundamental laws of the nature. It should not contain the suppositions, which one will be never demonstrated in the visible future.

If the management of country will be set up of bravery to realise the tendered project, despite furious counteraction of scientific lobby, it is possible to hope, that Scolcovo will become true by a flagship of world scientific advance, instead of corporation on manufacturing of beautiful toys and new kinds of weapon.




The largest fallacy of a quantum mechanics is, that quantization of condition of atom is conditioned by standing waves, which one in it arises. I shall remind conditions of formation of a standing wave: the standing waves are a particular case of an interference as a result of superposition of two waves distributed in opposite directions with identical frequency, polarization (for transverse waves) and identical amplitude in applicable coordinate. In a standing wave there is absent carry of energy, since a straight line and backward wave transfer energy in equal quantities. At violation of any of listed conditions the formation of a standing wave is impossible. Any of conditions of formation of a standing wave in atom will not be realised. And any waves in it is not present. Even if to invent a wave («wave» de Broglie not for free, and for an orbital electron), is vague, whence and where it can drop and from what ideally to be mirrored in a direction opposite to dip, that «to interfere» with an falling wave.

The fathers of a quantum mechanics have not understood reasons quantization of condition of atom. Alone, that by him has come in a head is a primitive matching with formation of standing waves. New physics has shown, that the wavelength de Broglie of a free particle is peer to a circumference of cross section of its screw trajectory or step of this screw trajectory. Naturally, that for bound in atom of an electron its orbital angular momentum remain same, as well as on a screw trajectory. In this case «propeller pitch» is peer to zero point, and length of orbit will not correspond to length of cross section of a screw trajectory of a mobile electron because of an electrostatic attraction to a nucleus, i.e. «associated waves» in atom is not present. New physics explains quantization of conditions of atom that angular momentum of any photons same. Therefore eccentricity of orbit of an electron in an excited atom changes spasmodically at emitting a photon all time by decreasing power jumps, while orbit will not become circumferential. All this very much explicitly also is not contradictory is set up in chapter 13 of the monograph «Fundamentals of new physics and pictures of universe» not attracting any representations about standing waves.

The orthodoxes have in a reserve one more imagination for explanation of steady orbits of an electron in atom. This imagination is connected to error representation, that at motion on a circumference of electric charge, it should lose energy on radiation. The poor students even urge to calculate, as the electron is fast will lose energy and will fall on a nucleus (though it so does not make from times Adam and Eva). New physics has shown (chapter 1.1), that at motion on a circumference of any accelerations is not present, and «the centripetal acceleration» is connected that the scientists do not know how to pile vectors. Speed of a body on a circumference at all not vector, and scalar. Following of this spare imagination, the orthodoxes asserts, that at a main quantum number n = 1, on orbit one wavelength de Broglie is stacked, at n = 2 - two etc. Therefore, they say, such orbits are steady. Certainly, such “explanation” it is impossible to recognize convincing, since thus the orthodoxes fall under wheels of the own machine, by which one they have crushed the theory of the Bohr. Besides at n = 1, if «wave» is arranged on orbit across its plane, it is equivalent to some slope of orbital plane, and if «wave» is arranged on orbit in its plane, it is equivalent to some eccentricity of orbit. At n = 2 and more arrangement of these «waves» neither in orbital plane («snake»), nor across this plane («the saw») nothing equivalently also has not physical sense, since contradicts the laws of physics. At the same orbital angular momentum of an electron  under the theory of the Bohr and quantum mechanics radius of orbit is proportional to square of a main quantum number. Therefore orbital velocity is inversely proportional to a square of a main quantum number. Length of orbit should correspond to a de Broglie formula: , therefore length of «wave» de Broglie does not depend at all on value of a main quantum number, and on orbit one «wave» is always stacked only. Therefore, the orthodoxes do not understand what reason on.




Father of virtual particles has become the Heisenberg, when has made scientific forgery, by exchanging in the formula of angular momentum of a particle radius of gyration on some spacing interval. The dimension has not changed, and the physical sense was completely distorted. Details of this forgery can learn from final edition of the electronic monograph «Fundamentals of new physics and pictures of universe» (December 2010). Thus, the doors in physics for crazy ideas of virtual particles, «physical vacuum», «of polarization of vacuum», effect Casimir and other devilry were opened, which one, as a cancerous growth, has strikes practically all sections of a modern physics.

For naive nincompoops orthodoxes have invented children's ruse: «Though we not negate, that the appearance of a virtual particle as though breaks a law preservations of energy, but it fades so fast, that while we it attempt to find out, it already is not present also energy conservation law is not as though upset». The further attack by crazy ideas on the part of this audience so deprives of the man of common sense, that he is capable only, as a parrot to repeat them after scientific orthodoxes, receiving them on a faith.

However, for «physical vacuum» the children's ruse does not pass any more and is suit only for those who does not distinguish a drip from ocean. In ocean of virtual particles filling in the Universe, their average though and is huge, but, approximately, permanently, from what by speed they did not occur and did not fade. Therefore for them it is required to take anywhere weight on many orders superior weight of the Universe and energy superior all energy of the Universe. Here violation of a fundamental energy conservation law to not mask any more. It is necessary to be failed or from this law formulated by classics of physics, or from crazy ideas on the basis of virtual particles formulated by the irresponsible scientists.




Orthodoxes to us repeats, that in a microcosmos misses determinism, and the probabilistic description of behavior of objects of a microcosmos is possible only. Thus orthodox science shatters the foundation of scientific materialistic world outlook, fall into idealism.

 Substantial elementary particles, which it is possible to find out one experimentally and to define their some characteristics, doubtlessly, are material objects having weight, impulse, angular momentum, gravitational and electrostatic field. New physics asserts, that they have and a gravidynamic field.

Let's consider properties of a free particle. From the point of view of common sense there are no reasons for a fluctuation of a particle mass, its impulse and angular momentum, and also fluctuations bound with a particle of fields. All parameters of a free particle are strictly protected by the applicable stringent conservation lawes energy, impulse, charge etc. Any change of any parameter of a free particle is possible only under influencing of external action, but then the particle will become not free. If in the given instant any parameter of a particle not can be changed by an exposure, it cannot be made and in any subsequent moment. Thus, the trajectory of any free particle is strictly determined by its absolute properties. The orthodox science widely considers indeterminacy relations of the Heisenberg, wave functions of a particle, influencing of polarization of vacuum, fluctuations of vacuum, «fur coat» of the far-fetched virtual particles around of each substantial particle, Feynman integral on paths and other nonsense. But you will not discover anywhere intelligible explanation, why the particle does not execute the laws preservation of energy, which one owes strictly preserves, what is particular a reason changes an impulse of a particle and direction of this impulse in an inconsistency with a law of conservation of momentum, that force whence has undertaken, which one has broken this law? Electric charge for a virtual electron or pair an electron - positron whence appears?

The law of a causality - one of the fundamental laws of the nature, without which one its existence is impossible. Any consequent has a reason and without it does not arise. Therefore, the refusal of modern science of determinism is it the  appreciable error and transforms science into a variety of religion.




Это является физическим основанием постоянства «постоянной Планка» для всех частиц и основанием универсальности формулы де Бройля для них. Естественно, что причин постоянства «постоянной Планка» и что она собой представляет, официальная физика не знает, т.к. не понимает устройства микромира.

Official physics calls a constant of the Planck as a quantum of action dimension by which one of [h] = erg×sec. To understand, that such «quantum of action», we shall look, as official physics determines operation. OPERATION - fundamental physical quantity, the assign by which one, as functions of variables depicting a system condition, completely determines dynamics of a system. Thus, both «quantum of action», and operation have not legible and unequivocal definitions. Such definition I produce itself: the constant of the Planck (as ) is a customary angular momentum of a microparticle:


where: m - particle mass, V - its tangential velocity, r - radius of gyration.

The moment has dimension g×cm2/sec, what is equivalent dimensions erg×sec, but their physical sense completely miscellaneous. The persistence «constant of the Planck» in a microcosmos is conditioned by that that, all particles of a microcosmos obey to a de Broglie formula:


where - «wavelength» of a particle.

New physics has demonstrated, that the wavelength de Broglie is peer to a step of a screw trajectory of a particle or circumference of its cross section and is conditioned by gravidynamic self-effect of a particle. Let’s divide both parts of equalling (2) on speed and we shall take into account, that mV2 - full kinetic energy of a particle (mV2/2 - energy of translational motion + mV2/2 - energy of tangential motion on an coil of a screw trajectory), and /V = 1/- where n frequency of «associated waves». Then (2) start. a kind:

mV2 = h                                                        (3).

We have received expression which is not having of physical sense for macrobodies on which one, for example, macrobodies should have prodigious frequency and simultaneously paltry «wavelength». To not repeat an appreciable error of official physics, it is necessary in (3) to enter a not constant of the Planck, and the angular momentum of a body, which one for microparticles is identical, and for macrobodies can have any huge value in matching with a microcosmos. For this purpose we shall copy (3):

, that coincides with (1).

In chapter 22.2. the monograph is shown, that the angular momentum of a particle on a screw trajectory (constant of the Planck) is inversely proportional of specific induction  (per unit mass) of a gravidynamic field of a particle:


New physics has shown, that all elementary particles consist of components rotated around of center of gravidynamic interplay with light speed, therefore specific induction of a gravidynamic field for them is identical. It is the physical basis of persistence «constant of the Planck» for all particles and basis of a universality of a de Broglie formula for them. Naturally, that of reasons of persistence «constant of the Planck» also that it by herself represents, official physics does not know, since does not understand the device of a microcosmos.




Эти представления позволили новой физике определить размеры элементарных частиц, их спектр масс и энергию связи компонентов, на что официальная физика не способна.

Official physics determines a defect of weight (from Latin defectus - lack, defect), as a difference between weight of a bound system of interacting bodies (particles) and sum of their weights in a free condition. The defect of weight M is determined by bond energy Eсв of a system:

M = Eсв/c2                                             (1).

In this definition of a defect of weight the orthodoxes enable a roughest error, not distinguishing static and dynamic systems. The nuclei of atoms - static systems of nucleones, which one so densely are packaged in a nucleus what to be turned, literally, there is no place. The nucleones in a nucleus are connected by gravidynavic forces, which one official physics calls nuclear. This term does not uncover the physical contents of forces of connection of nucleones, while new physics which has been set up in the monograph «Fundamentals of new physics and a picture of universe» explicitly describes reasons of originating and essence of gravidynamic forces. By reduced above to definition of a defect of weight, orthodox physics diffuses a defect of weights arising at formation of static systems on anyone (including dynamic) of a system of interacting bodies. Therefore, for example, the components of elementary particles can considerably exceed on weight the whole particle, i.e. the part can be more whole, that obvious nonsense. Thus the defect of weight goes on huge bond energy of these components.

Reasonable solution of a problem of a defect of weight for dynamic systems new physics gives on the basis of a law of conservation of angular momentum of a particle L:

L = mVr                                                 (2),

where: m - particle mass, V - its orbital velocity on orbit of radius r.

The formula (2) demonstrates, that at an invariable particle mass its radius of gyration is inversely proportional orbital velocity. New physics in the theory of elementary particles (see monograph) recognizes that components of any elementary particle move on a circular orbit with speed of light and are retained on this orbit by gravidynamic forces, by which one is not present equal in the nature. Then angular momentum of a particle:

L = mcr                                                  (3).

The formula (3) demonstrates, that in this case, for fulfilment of a law of conservation of angular momentum the particle mass should be inversely proportional to radius it. As gravidynamic interplay very strong and shortly active (is similar to magnetic interplay), total mass of a particle becomes significant more than general weight of its components, i.e. instead of a defect of weight for dynamic objects it is necessary to speak about the profit of weight. Pursuant to a virial theorem half of profit of weight is watched as substantial weight, and half - as bond energy. These notions have allowed new physics to define the sizes of elementary particles, their spectrum of weights and bond energy of components, on what official physics is not capable.




The Bible of orthodoxes (Physical encyclopedia under edition A.M. Prohorov, М., 1988, page 126, 131) determines fine structure constant, as non-dimensional value , where e - charge of an electron. It determines thin cleavage of levels of energy of atom, the value which one is proportional 2conditioned by a spin-orbit interaction. In a quantum electrodynamics - natural parameter describing value of the electromagnetic interaction 1/137.

Let's begin from that with non-dimensional values operates only mathematics. The physical quantities always have dimension and, if there is a non-dimensional value, this ratio of two miscellaneous values of identical dimension (see article «Physical of mathematics» in this collected articles), for example, dimensionless number  is an ratio of a circumference to its diameter having dimension of length.

New physics has shown, that the fine structure constant is ratio of an own angular momentum of an electron to its orbital angular momentum. Really, on notions of new physics the electron represents two neutrinoes rotated with light speed around of center of gravidynamic interplay, therefore own angular momentum of an electron (which one the orthodoxes call as a spin and assign to it value /2) will be:


where: me electronic mass, r0 - classic radius of an electron.

Orbital angular momentum of an electron we shall discover similarly:


where: V - orbital velocity on Bohr orbit, a0 - radius of orbit of the Bohr.

The ratio (1) to (2) will give value of a fine structure constant and will show its true physical sense.

Here it is necessary to add some remarks. The orthodoxes even under threat of a guillotine never will agree, that the spin of an electron is peer /137, instead of /2, though in the monograph the set of the evidences is adduced, that they make an error. But orthodoxes it is possible to understand, refuse official value of a spin and everything will fail, that they with such toils talks a lot of nonsense. The small value of a spin of an electron is a happy ticket in arms of the official theorists. It allows to customize with the answer any crazy theory «by disintegrating on small parameter» within the framework of a perturbation theory. The orthodoxes are specially proud of precise adjustment in such a way of abnormal magnetic moment of an electron under experimental value. Why the fine structure constant should characterize value of an electromagnetic interaction neither me, nor orthodoxes is vague.




Подводя итог, можно заявить, что электромагнитных волн в духе Максвелла не существует. Теория Максвелла хотя и ошибочна, но формально и довольно удачно совпадает с наблюдениями. Подобных примеров в науке множество (флогистон, эфир, уравнение Шредингера и т.п.).

On this problem you will not discover the intelligible answer, rummaged the all literature on this subject. Official physics here attempts to sit at once on two chairs, reasoning about electromagnetic waves of the Maxwell and photons, as though this same. This trick can pass in elementary particles exhibiting a wave-corpuscle dualism. But electromagnetic wave of the Maxwell - present wave which is not accepting of properties a particles. The existence of electromagnetic waves was forecast by the Faraday in 1832, the Maxwell in 1865 has elaborated the theory of electromagnetic radiation, and the experiments of a Hertz in 1888 «have confirmed» the theory of the Maxwell, that the main role for its confirmation has played. Why the term «have confirmed» I has concluded in an inverted commas, it will become clear after we shall find out principled distinctions between an electromagnetic wave and photons.

The electromagnetic waves repeat all phenomena, appropriate surges of any nature (dispersion, diffraction, interference etc.). The Maxwell in creation of the theory started with existence everywhere ingrained of a world ether. Rate of propagation of cross-sectional electromagnetic waves, the equal speed of light indicates a huge modulus of elasticity of a ether, not accessible even for the best sorts of steel. At the same time, this world ether does not influence in any way motion of celestial bodies. Therefore official physics does not mention ether of the Maxwell, since it results in an irresolvable inconsistency. But it the business does not limit. Look, as official physics figures an electromagnetic wave.


The electric vector E oscillates is sinusoidal across a wave direction C. The magnetic vector acts precisely as. Spacing interval, traveled distance with speed of light (in vacuum) for one full oscillation of these vectors corresponds to a wavelength of . Digit 1 the source of el.-magnetic radiation is indicated. Try to figured propagation of the figured wave uniformly in all parties from a source. Nothing will be received! The picture in this case is possible only by set of similar chains with intervals between them, which one are not fixed experimentally. Under the theory of the Maxwell the change of a magnetic field causes change electrical and on the contrary. Here again there is a paradox. The increase of vectors E and H takes place concordantly and simultaneously. Energy for this purpose whence appears? Where disappears magnetic and electrical field in node of wave and how they again revives from anything? Why uncountable set of electromagnetic waves do not influence against each other? Whence they know, what the change of an electrical field should be caused by change of a magnetic field of an own wave, instead of adjacent? Why newly arisen electric and magnetic field prolong motion in an initial direction, instead of in opposite? On these problems there is no answer, therefore Hertz «has confirmed» not the theory of the Maxwell, and has found something another.

New physics completely negates the theory of the Maxwell and considers, that the el.-magnetic radiation is a flow of photons. Official physics permanently interbreeds the bulldog with rhinoceros, that is visible from the following quotation (Physical encyclopedia under edition Prohorov. М., 1988, т.5, page 544):

«ELECTROMAGNETIC OSCILLATIONS - interdependent oscillations electrical (E) and magnetic (H) fields component a unified el.-magnetic field. The propagation of el.-magnetic oscillations takes place as el.-magnetic waves. The el.-magnetic oscillations represent discrete set of photons and only at very large number of photons they can be esteemed, as continuous process».

The photon - particle, and wave of the Maxwell is a wave. For them the properties are directly opposite, for example, the photon is localized in space, and the wave has an infinite expansion.

Thus, official physics is off-the shelf to reject the theory of the Maxwell and, after a Newton, to recognize «electromagnetic radiation» as a flow of photons. Confuses only one circumstance: if the separate photon exhibits wave properties, there are no theoretical evidences, that such properties has also flow of photons, though it is experimentally in it it is not necessary to doubt. Such evidences are given in section «Light» of the monograph. From chapters 11.5.1, 11.5.2, 11.5.4, 11.5.5. You learn other details of photon radiation, including as radio waves of large length.

Suming up, it is possible to state, that of electromagnetic waves in spirit of the Maxwell does not exist. The theory of the Maxwell though is erratic, but is formal and it is pleased is successful coincides observations. Similar examples in science set (phlogiston, ether, Schrodinger equations etc.).




Таким образом, инерциальных систем отсчета не существует не только практически, но и теоретически. Теорию относительности давно пора отправить на свалку истории.

The Bible of orthodoxes - Physical encyclopedia under edition Prohorov, М., 1988, т. 2, page 145 gives following definition of inertial reference system:

«INERTIAL REFERENCE SYSTEM - reference system, in which one the law of inertia is fair: a material point, when any forces do not act on it (or act the forces mutually balance), is in a state of rest or uniform rectilinear motion. Any reference system driving in relation to IRS translationaly, uniformly and rectilinearly, is also IRS. Therefore, theoretically there can be any number equivalent IRS, possessing by the relevant property, that in all such systems the laws of physics are identical (principle of relativity). The reference system driving in relation to IRS with acceleration, noninertial, and law of inertia in it is not executed.

The concept IRS is scientific abstraction. The real reference system always contacts to any particular body (ground, body of the ship or airplane etc.), in relation to which one and the motion of different objects is studied. As all substantial bodies moves with that or diverse acceleration, any real reference system can be esteemed only with a definite degree of approximation».

New physics has shown, that all free bodies macro and microcosmos moves on a screw trajectory, i.e. their motion is absolute, instead of relative, therefore first Newton's law is erratic, accordingly, relativity theory - false theory. As official physics has not grown such comprehension, while, we shall not to annoy of orthodoxes with notions of new physics.

1. On a Earth satellite and its contents (together with astronauts) any forces do not act, therefore they are in a weightlessness state, i.e. the attractive force to the Earth is balanced by centrifugal effort of repulsing from the Earth. Apparently, that of any accelerations, as the outcome of operating of force, thus is not watched. Nevertheless, contrary to official confirmations, the satellite is not gone uniformly and rectilinearly pursuant to the indicatings of a Newton. Salvages the first Newton's law, here orthodoxes will to drown his second law, reasoning about «centripetal acceleration» at motion of a body on a circumference.

2. Try to find somewhere in the Universe «any number equivalent IRS». Anywhere there is no uniform rectilinear motion and, especially, rest, starting with any member of a solar System and finishing galaxies and Universe as a whole.

3. Though the orthodoxes honestly recognize, that concept IRS - abstraction (fabrication), but here will use the tested method of substitution of concepts. Similarly, how the gamble concerning one virtual particle improperly have spread to all ecumenical ocean of virtual particles, and here «with a definite degree of approximation» it is possible any motion to consider uniform and rectilinear. Whether it is possible two airplanes, flying with identical speed to consider equivalent IRS? Is not present, certainly, as they as a matter of fact fly not rectilinearly, and along a curve of a surface of the Earth, but if them to urge to fly all the same rectilinearly and uniformly, they will be compelled to fly with negative acceleration, step-by-step climbs.

Thus, IRS does not exist not only practically, but also theoretically. The relativity theory for a long time is time for sending on a waste tip of a history.




На примере Солнечной системы видно из (2) и (3), что земной группы планет в 5,24 раза меньше  юпитерной группы планет. Это соотношение

Problem «of a dark matter» for explanation of motions of stars in galaxies now is widely considered. These motions frequently do not obey to a law of universal gravitation, as if the galaxies contain a great many of an invisible matter. As always, for discussion of a new problem the visionaries and dilettantes were flied to twaddle. That only do not invent! However, it is not necessary somewhere to search «dark matter». It for us under a nose. Uncountable members of a solar Systems consisting of a meteoritic and cometary material, which one independently does not shines, introduce this «dark matter», starting from space motes and finishing asteroids, comets and planets. The elementary logic suggests, that if in our house «dark matter» is shown by a meteoritic and cometary material, most should be and in other places universe.

In chapter 11.2.5 of the monograph is shown, that the product Vr= for a free space body is determined only it by gravidynamic self-effect and remains to a constant at orbital motion after acquisition of this body. The formula ( can be copied so:


where  - «standard» value , and n - quantum number of a planet (see chapter 20). By substituting these values in (1) for earth and of jupiter group, where average value  is taken from table, we shall discover radiuses of orbits and, accordingly, orbital velocities in the first quantum condition:

,                                  (2),

,                                 (3).

Substituting numerical values in (2) and (3), we shall receive for a solar System:

 = 0.637×1012 cm,  = 14.44×106 cm/sec;                     (4).

 = 17.5× 1012 cm,  = 2.75×106 cm/sec.

Now it is possible to substitute these values for calculation of radiuses of orbits and orbital velocities of planets earth and of jupiter group:

rE = 0.637×1012×n2 , VE = 14.44×106/n;                              (5).

rj = 17.5×1012×n2, Vj = 2.75×106/n.

Counted on (5) orbital velocity and the radiuses of orbits of planets coincide with observed for planets of a solar system, that is rotined in table 21.1 of chapter 21.

Now it is necessary to find relation  from mass of a central star around of which one moves planets. Comparing values  for planets and their satellites, it is possible to suspect, that this relation is linear:

 = KGM                                             (6),

where K - constant of proportionality having dimension of sec/cm. The value of this factor does not depend on mass of a central body and numerically equally to reverse value of an orbital velocity of a planet in the first quantum condition, that is visible from (2).

On an example of a solar System it is visible from (2) and (3), that  earth group of planets in 5.24 times it is less  of jupiter group of planets. This ratio will be valid for any star. Thus, all parameters of an planetary system of any star yield to calculation.




This article is written in stringent conformity with orthodox logic, therefore I do not believe to its any word. It can be useful only to supporters of «black holes», which one I named «blackholers» in the head with Hawking and followers of an anthropic principle, which one I named «anthropers». For those and others the same problem: how to invent a way of spontaneous origin of singularities, which one, as in nutshell, rests inside each black hole or give a beginning of the new Universe. I hope, that my article will help to Hawking to receive, at last, the Nobel premium he for a long time dreams of which one, and the infinite number of singularities will provided everyone anthroper by the personal Universe and the place for of science manger will suffice all. Hawking was learned to evaporate black holes, but, while, has not guessed them to create.

The modern science considers, that the sizes of calibration bosons (including photon) and leptons (including electron) are close to fundamental length 10-33 cm, since it is experimentally the sizes of these particles it fails to define. The sizes of hadrons receive close by 10-13 cm and do not consider as their elementary particles, and consisting from quarks (physical encyclopedia under edition Prohorov, М., 1988, page 243).

Electronic mass 9.1×10-28 g. At its radius 10-33 cm, the electron density will make 2.2×1071 g/cm3. If to accept the size of elementary particles zero, as consider many orthodoxes engages renormalization and a regularization, the electron density will become infinite at the zero size. It is a representative singularity as a gift to blackholers and anthropers. In «physical vacuum» pairs the electron - positron permanently are born, when they will play wedding, there are photons, as the product of passionate love. But the photons are bosons and, where there is one, there another directs also. The orthodox Pauli does not prohibits by it to collect in one point of space up to infinite number. Again there is a singularity, as each photon has relativistic weight h/c2. Thus, the singularities and black holes should not search, they in any number are even in brains of blackholers and anthropers.




 Thanks to the high son, I have received access to the remarkable book:

OPTICS. Translation from the third English edition 1721 with the notices S.I. Vavilov. М., 1954.

Unfortunately, G. S. Landsberg has damaged this book, as the impostor, by assigning itself of a function of the orthodox censor, that is visible from the following quotation: «I considered only indispensable to correct misprints or corrigendas, to supplement some dates and historical links and in two - three places has made small deletions in the expressions relating problems of a modern physics and pertinent in 1927, and now lost value. Where it is possible, I and these replacements have made pursuant to the more late expressions of S. I. Vavilov. All additions are marked in the text of the notices by straight brackets. The little change (in two - three words) are not stipulated». Moscow, May 1954. Page 365. Surprised, why Landsberg has not maked over the all book under crazy ideas of a modern physics.

I am so sorry for poor return translation on English.

In further, the quotations from the book (with the indicating of page) will be printed by an italic and to be accompanied by notions of new physics on the given problem. Thus, the reader can estimate insight of genius Newton, which one 350 years back with the help of primitive tools and of powerful intellect has managed, as a matter of fact, to understand, how the photon is arranged and how it moves.

.Hardly probable it is possible to decide this problem differently, as asserting, that the reflection of a ray is made not by one point of a reflecting body, but some force of a body, uniformly dissipated on all of its surface, by means of which one the body acts on a ray without a direct tangency. For that the parts of bodies act on light apart, will be shown later. Page 202.

Photon, approximately, in 1000 times is less, than its wavelength (step of a screw trajectory or circumference of its cross section) therefore at all not very much slick surface can mirror reflects photons, specially long-wave. Besides the photon is represented rotated neutrino and antineutrino possessing negative and positive electric charge, equal 0,5e, therefore to any surface along which one the photon is gone, it will be attracted at the expense of polarization of matter. At passing an acute edge of a screen it is possible to watch a bending of photon trajectory in the party of a screen (if near to an edge there will be an antineutrino) or in the opposite direction (if near to an edge there will be a neutrino).

Light beams, whether are they very small throwed bodies or only by motion or distributed force, moves on straight lines, and if the light beam deviates by any encumbrance the rectilinear paths, it never, behind exception unless of rare cases, will not return on a former rectilinear path. Page 203

Here Newton asserts the corpuscular nature of light.

The bodies mirror and refract light through the same force shown by a different image in different circumstances.

It is clear on different reasons. At first, because when light goes from a glass in air sloping, as far as it is possible, at increase of a slope) of its dip it is completely mirrored. For force of a glass, after it has refracted light, sloping as far as it is possible, becomes too large to skip any of light beams, and thereof causes total reflection. Page 204

The degree of polarization of environment under operating of a photon is proportional to density of environment (concentration of atoms). At dip of a photon on a surface, if in this moment with environment the neutrino contacts, the photon is mirrored, and if the antineutrino - refracts or the full internal reflection is watched, if the photon reaches boundary between more dense and rarefied environment. Thus, «the force of a glass» is determined in its density or of refraction factor.

Therefore full refraction of light at transition through atmosphere from highest and rarest of parts to the lowermost and most dense parts should be equal to an refraction, which one light will undergo at transition at any slope from vacuum directly in air with density, equal by that, which one is present in the lowermost part of atmosphere. Page 206

The bending of a light beam, for example, in a terrestrial atmosphere is connected that the part of a screw trajectory of a photon is necessary on less dense medium, and part on more dense. Therefore ray is bent in the party more dense medium.

I speak therefore, that a square of a line BR and, therefore, the refracting force of a body is rather precisely proportional to density of a body. Page 206

This one more endorsement, that the index coefficient is proportional to concentration of atoms of environment. Here it is necessary to note, that, though the electric charges a neutrino and antineutrino of a photon are identical, but their sizes is inversely proportional of energy of a photon, therefore photons of miscellaneous energy polarize environment in a miscellaneous degree, i.e. the index coefficient is not any property of environment, and occurs only at motion of a photon this environment as a consequent of braking of a polarization track of a photon.

That for all bodies of their refractivity are proportional to their density (or very much are close to this),  Page 209

Would be more correct to assert, that refractivities have not the bodies, and photons at the expense of polarization of these bodies.

Each light beam at the passing through any refracting surface gains some transient constitution or condition, which one at advance of a ray returns through equal intervals and disposes the ray at each returning to easy passing through the proximate refracting surface, between returns - to easy reflection. Page 211

 It is a principled conclusion of  Newton, which one uncovers, as the photon is arranged and as it moves. Unfortunately, scientists for elapsed centuries and have not understood it. The photon, passing a wavelength, is turned about the axis on 3600, i.e. on each half-coil of a screw trajectory out from an axis of a trajectory «looks» now antineutrino, now neutrino. That therefore is watched now «easy passing», now «easy reflection» at a contact of a photon with surface of a body. With a modern laser technology and photo-cells it is easy for testing.

This variable reflection and the passing, as I concluded from observation 24-th, is prolonged more than at hundred alternations, and on observations in a next part of this book - at many thousand, being diffused from one surface to another in a glass plate, though thickness of a plate the quarter of inch or is more. Therefore, this alternation is diffused, apparently, from each refracting surface to all spacing interval endlessly and limit. Page 211

Yes, the screw trajectory of a photon is saved without changes during billions of years of its travels in the Universe.

What kind this operating or arrangement? I do not investigate here, whether it from rotary either oscillating motion of a ray, or environment, or of something else consists. Page 212

As it is a pity, that the Newton avoided to state hypotheses, but for each scientist his quirk.

When the ray is in that part of oscillation, which one will be agreeed its motion, it is easily seeps through a refracting surface; being in of  opposite part of oscillation hindering its motion, it is easily mirrored; therefore, each ray alternately places either to easy reflection or to easy passing by each oscillation overtaking it. Page 213

This quotation justifies fears of a Newton concerning the invention of hypotheses. Apparently, that any «oscillations» can not overtake photons.

Returning of arrangements any ray to reflection I shall call as fit its of easy reflection; returning of its arrangements to passing - fit of easy passing; space traversed by it between each returning and adjacent, - interval of its fits. Page 213

Here Newton with evident clearness has given definitions of half of wavelength of a photon and change of its configuration each half-waves, which one determines reflection or refraction. Surprised that millions scientists engaging problems of light and have not understood notions of a Newton and in connection with such misunderstanding have accused him, that he did not understand about what spoke. A shame!

Reason, on which surfaces of all thick transparent bodies mirror a part dropping on them of light and refract remaining, - that some rays at their dip are in a  fit of easy reflection, and others - in a fit of easy passing. Page 213-214.

This quotation confirms, that notions of a Newton about reflection and refraction of light outcome not error, and solid confidence in the rightness. When he is not sure, he specially stipulates it.

Therefore, light is in a condition of fits of easy reflection and easy passing and before dip on transparent bodies. And, is probably, it has received such fits  at the first emitting from a luminous body, saving them during all path. For these fits - constant nature, as will become clear of a following part of this book. Page 214

Here Newton correctly notes, that the properties of light, indicated by him, arise already at birth of a photon, it is necessary only to add, that they are saved and after dip on transparent bodies and after reflection from them (in the latter case section of a screw trajectory becomes elliptical, and light - polarized).

Those surfaces of transparent bodies, which one refract a ray strongly, if it in fit of refraction, easily mirror a ray, if it in a fit of reflection. Page 214

This fact indicates a large polarizability of such surfaces.

If the rays of different sorts pass perpendicularly on different environments, the intervals of fits of easy refraction and passing in each environment ratio to intervals other environment, as a sine of dip to a sine of refraction, in that case, when the rays pass from first of two environments in second. Page 216

  It follows from ratio of index of refractions. The parameters of a screw trajectory thus do not vary, since the running speed of a photon proportionally decreases as on a coil of a screw trajectory, and lengthwise axis of this trajectory. It is fair for isotropic mediums.

If the rays giving colour on boundary yellow and orange, pass perpendicularly from any environment in air, the intervals of their fits of easy reflection are peer 1/89000 inchs. The same value intervals of their fits of easy passing. Page 216

The Newton has managed not only to define a miscellaneous condition of a photon, but also wavelength of photons of definite frequency.

If the ray in a point of reflection was in a fit of easy reflection, progression of spacing intervals of these fits from a point reflections should begin from 0 and will be expressed by numbers 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. The progression of spacing intervals of intermediate fits of easy passing counted from the same point, should be expressed by progression of odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc, is opposite to  that takes place in that case, when the fits are diffused from points of a refraction. Page 217

Here Newton legiblly demonstrates, that the condition of a photon varies on opposite through a half-surge and is repeated initial apart wavelengths of a photon.

But in rays reflected under other angles, the intervals of fits of the least refracted rays, being by greatest, urge to the greatest degree to increase or to decrease rings of their colours Page 235

Here Newton links refrangibility of photons to their wavelength.

Whether start rays, which one drop on bodies, being mirrored or refracting, to be curved, not reaching yet up to bodies; and whether take place reflection, refraction and bending by the same principle which is operational variously in miscellaneous circumstances? Page 257

Yes, principle same, polarization of bodies at motion of a photon near to their surface.

Whether makerays of different sorts of oscillation of different width, so these oscillations, by width, excite feels of different colours almost the same as the air oscillations cause feels of different sounds, by their width. And in particular whether make the most refracted rays the most short oscillation causing feel of steep violet colour least refracted - most broad oscillations causing feel of steep red colour, and different sorts of intermediate rays - oscillation of different intermediate lengths causing feel of different intermediate colours? Page 262

The more frequency of a photon, the less cross section of its screw trajectory and is less a step it, that completely confirms judgement of a Newton.

Whether this ethereal environment is done at transition of water, glass, of crystal both other solid and dense bodies in a blank space step-by-step all is more dense and more dense, refracting thus light beams not in a point, but bending them step-by-step in curves of a line? And whether this gradual compaction of environment on some spacing interval from bodies calling thanks to it hogging of light beams passing for ribs of dense bodies on some spacing interval from them? Page 265

This error judgement is provoked by gradual decreasing of polarization of a body in process of deleting from it of a photon.

If the refraction takes place due to attraction rays, the sines of dip should be to sines of a refraction in the given ratio, as we have shown in our Starts of Philosophy. This rule is justified by experiment. The light beams, passing from a glass in Vacuum, are bent to glass, and, if they drop too sloping in Vacuum, they are bent back in glass and completely are mirrored; this reflection can not be assigned to resistance absolute Vacuum, but should be called by force of a glass attracting rays at their exit in Vacuum and returning them back. Page 281

Here Newton demonstrates sensible reasoning on a diffraction of light, by bound with polarization of bodies near to which one it passes.

For obtaining all variety of colours and degrees of refrangibility it is required only, that the light beams were bodies of the different sizes, least of which one could make violet colour, most gentle and dark and is more lighter than all turned down by refracting surfaces from direct paths; the remaining rays, as they become to a thicker and thicker, can give of more strong and light colour - cyan, green, yellow and red - and deviate all with the greater difficulty. For reduction of light beams in fits of easy reflection and easy passing it is required only, that the rays were small bodies exciting, thanking them attractive or any other forces, oscillation that environment, they act on which one Page 282

Here Newton, as a matter of fact, light beam on the size equates with diameter of a screw trajectory of a photon, therefore red rays the most difficultly deviate direct paths. At the same time, the Newton, as a matter of fact, anticipates, that a neutrino and antineutrino of photons should be of the minimum size effectively to polarize environment and «to be attracted» to it.

And, at last, the unusual refraction of the Icelandic crystal is rather similar that, as if it was made by attracting force of the special kind arranged on some parties as of rays, and fragments of a crystal. For if there was no arrangement or capacities of the special kind on some parties of fragments of a crystal missing on other parties, which one bended and would bend rays to an edge of a unusual refraction, the rays dropping perpendicularly on a crystal, would not refract to this edge more than to other edges both at dip, and at an exit; page 288

The genius of a Newton correctly has realized a reason of a birefringence, as a consequent of an anisotropy of a crystal.

The followers of the theory of a Newton made also other attempts to explain «fits», assigning, for example, light corpuscles rotary or oscillating motion (J. В. Biot, 1. c, Theorie des oscillations des molecules lumineuses, 4-eme vol., p. 383). Page 350

New physics just asserts it. It is a pity, that the Newton has not given sufficient attention rotation of corpuscles of light.




In full conformity with logic of modern notions about motion of a body on a circumference, as soon as the astronaut will begin to move on orbit, at once there is a centripetal force and applicable acceleration. In outcome the astronaut will hit about a body of the spacecraft and will break the neck itself or will receive a craniocerebral trauma. It is easy for showing by calculation.

Above ground on an astronaut of mass m the attractive force of the Earth, equal his weight acts:


where: G - gravitational constant, M - mass of the Earth, r0 - radius of the Earth, g0 - acceleration of gravity above ground. For orbit of radius r, is similar (1) it is possible to record:


where g - acceleration of gravity on orbit.

By divided (2) on (1), we shall discover:


Let's take mass of an astronaut m = 80 kgs, radius of the Earth r0 = 6000 kms, radius of orbit r = 6200 kms, then from (3): g = 0.94g0. Thus, on orbit the astronaut should receive shock of the same force, as though on ground to him on a head the weight has falled is weighty 0.94× 80 = 75 kgs. However, any astronaut asserts, that on orbit he does not test operating any forces and accelerations, i.e. is in a weightlessness state.

Unfortunately, the orthodoxes do not rank centrifugal force as the same substantial force, as well as centripetal, therefore names its as fictitious force, not decrypting, that they understand it or do not understand.

Now we shall look, as new physics decides this problem.

On steady orbit the body is in a potential well formed potential energy, for example, gravitational attraction Eatt = -GMm/r and potential energy of universal repulsing, numerically equal Erep = mV2/2. Binding energy E of an orbital body with a central body will be:


To find a minimum of a function (4) (position of a potential well), it is necessary it differentiate on radius and to equate to zero point. But the second term of a right part (4) cannot be differentiated, since the orbital velocity V depends on radius of orbit by virtue of a law of conservation of angular momentum of a body: L = mVr = ma = const. Therefore we shall multiply and divide the second term of a right part (4) on r2, then:


Now it is possible to differentiate (5) and to equate to zero point a derivative:


Allowing, that =Vr, we shall discover an orbital velocity on steady orbit (first solar escape velocity):


Thus, centrifugal force which is operational on an orbital body same substantial, as well as centripetal force, they are always balanced, therefore orbital body is gone without acceleration.




Any inmate of a madhouse can not compete to a modern physics. That in it to be convinced, we shall be taken by calculations. Previously I shall remind, that the orthodox notions as a reason of interplays through a field, for example, electrostatic, consider exchange of electric charges by virtual photons. Though nobody knows, how this exchange to implement and never finds out, not to go into details, minimum requirements for implementation of an exchange interaction to receive easily.

Let's consider, for a simplicity, electrostatic interplay of a positive proton and electron in atom of Hydrogenium. Radius of atom of Hydrogenium 5.3×10-9 cm, classic radius of an electron 2.8×10-13 cm. Accordingly, area of surface of atom S = 3.53×10-16 cm2, area of an electron s = 2.46×10-25 cm2. Therefore, wherever there was an electron, the positive proton should at once radiate S/s = 1.43×109 virtual photons, that even one of them has got in a fixed electron and has realised tie at the expense of an exchange interaction. The remaining virtual photons are irrevocably lost in perpetuity and never will return to a positive proton. Now we shall count, with what frequency the positive proton should to beam packets consisting of billion of photons, that one of them has got in a driving electron. The electron on orbit of the Bohr is gone with speed to 137 times less speed of light, v= 2.2×108 cm/sec. The virtual photon should intercept an electron, while it passes spacing interval, equal its diameter. This spacing interval the electron flys by for 2.54×10-21 seconds. Thus, the positive proton should release for one second 0.56×1030 virtual photons to execute a continuous tie with an electron of atom. On a virial theorem on steady orbit the potential energy of attraction of an electron to a positive proton is peer to the doubled bond energy. Energy of tie is peer 13.6 eV or 1.6×10-12 ergs, therefore for maintenance of interplay with an electron, each virtual photon should have energy 3.2×10-12 ergs. Therefore, the power lost by a positive proton on radiation of virtual photons will make 1.79×1018 ergs/sec or 1.79×105 megawatt. If the orthodoxes have managed to occlude such grandiose power flows, bound with virtual photons, for power engineering specialists there will be no problems. They should be compelled it to make, that not twaddles in vain.

All above-stated silly calculations similarly can be used and for an electron of atom. Outcome will become even more absurd, and nonsense of the theorists of an exchange interaction still visibler




Who can assign to space or time any mechanical characteristic: mass, speed, modulus of elasticity, impulse, angular momentum or something else? The absence of mass (therefore, inertia) for space has an apparent consequent: at minor effect on it, space should instantaneous (at least, with speed of light) to be dilated or to contract or to be displaced one parts concerning another, to be curved or any image to distort. That space should do and spontaneously at the expense of a minor fluctuation, as all listed evolutions of space, should flow past without energy consumption. However, anything similar we is not observed. All can be asserted that and concerning time. A simple conclusion from here follows: no effects on space and time in essence can be executed. We never shall see disappearances of subjects or their inflate because of spontaneous collapse of space or its extension, never we shall fix of spontaneous sudden acceleration or deboosting of any process. All similar phenomena would upset a fundamental energy conservation law. Therefore it is necessary to recognize all theories of a bending of space - time by space bodies, movement in past and future, movement in space through «mole's burrow» and other, bound with space and time, false theories arising in heads of the ignoramuses and windbags.




In chapter 29.1 of my monograph is shown, what mass of the Universe now makes M0 = 1.275×1056 g, and in chapter 29.7.1 the energy of initial Big Bang is counted up, which one is peer E = 4.6×1090 ergs (in further the serial more small of detonatings was repeated).

Under the formula E = Mc2 we shall discover relativistic mass M of debris Protouniverse after Big Bang: M = 0.511×1070 g. Thus, mass of Protouniverse directly after Big Bang was increased in M/M0 = 4×1013 times. Substituting this value in the formula of relativistic increase of mass of a body (detail in chapter 5.2):  we shall discover, that the debris of Protouniverse after detonating scatters with speed very few differ from light speed: .


Hierarchy of explosions in Universe


The observations of space find out the whole hierarchy of explosions of space objects, starting from small bursts on of the Sun surface ejecting protuberances from plasma, which one, reaching some altitude, drop back on a surface and finishing Big Bang of the Universe. For the analysis of these phenomena we shall discover the formula linking kinetic energy of reject from space object with change of potential energy of attraction of object.

The potential energy of attraction of some mass m to object M, from which one it is thrown out:


where: G - gravitational constant, M - mass of central object, m - mass of a part of the object which has been thrown out as a result of explosion, r - spacing interval from central object up to thrown out mass.

Apparently, that the change of potential energy of attraction will be equal to initial kinetic energy of thrown out mass:


where: r0 - radius of central object, r - maximum spacing interval, on which one can be eliminated thrown out mass from central object, but for all that it will lose all kinetic energy, V - initial velocity of thrown out mass.

Converting (2), we shall discover the required formula:


Any explosion starts with dispersion of an outside surface of a body, therefore we shall substitute in (3) r on r = r0 + h, where h - spacing interval of reject from a surface of a body (altitude of reject,). Then:


Denominator of a right part of the formula (4) gives zero point at:


that means, that the initial velocity of reject is peer to the second cosmic velocity (parabolic) and the reject will be eliminated from a central body on infinite spacing interval. If , the reject should be eliminated on spacing interval more, than the perpetuity pursuant to (4), that has not physical sense. Apparently, that at initial velocity, to equal zero point, h also is equal to zero point.

Under the formula (4) we shall count up, on what spacing interval from a surface of the Sun the protuberance can be eliminated, having initial velocity of 500 kms/sec. Let's accept mass of the Sun M = 1.99×1033 g and its radius r0 = 6.96×1010 cm. Under these data the protuberance will be eliminated from a surface of the Sun on 1.88 its radiuses and will fall back. 

In applying to Big Bang of the Universe as a whole, some refinements are indispensable.

1. The debris of protouniverse after explosion move with a relativistic velocity, very close to speed of light. Therefore mass them exceeds on many orders mass of protouniverse and is active brakes dispersion of debris. In the formula (4)  0, therefore and h0, i.e. the dispersion of debris on some large spacing interval is impossible, therefore all gamble around of the dilative Universe are erratic if not to take into consideration point 3. A similar situation we can watch for galaxies with a bar. The pair of relativistic almost rectilinear rejects from a core of a galaxy rather fast stops, and from this moment start to be torqued helical sleeves because of rotation of a galaxy.

2. The debris protouniverse have enough time to move in space on a screw trajectory, therefore for space scales in the formula (2) instead of mV2/2 it is necessary to paste mV2, then the Universe in equilibrium (present condition) will appear a black hole and the speed of light for it will be only first cosmic velocity therefore any object can not be eliminated from the Universe on indefinitely large spacing interval. Thus, if directly after of explosion relativistic mass of debris sharply increases, and the debris can move only on inertia on rather small spacing interval (compare to a rock thrown up), after decreasing relativistic mass of the Universe up to modern values, the speed of light becomes the first cosmic velocity for the Universe as a whole.

3. The capability of the extension of the Universe up to radius in 10 billions of light years is provided with series decaies of supernuclei of debris protouniverse. While the debris has a relativistic velocity, the supernucleus is in it in a metastable state, but as soon as relativistic mass of a debris decreases, there is a decay(disintegration) of a supercore. Thus, the extension of the Universe is conditioned by motion of its(her) parts at the expense of a reactive thrust of decay of supernucleus. Other reasons are not present if to skip fancy nonsense.




1. Continuous spectrum of heat radiation.

New physics has shown [1, chapter 13], that, as against official physics, the energy levels of atom are inspissated near to a ground state, instead of far from it.

On a figure 1: 1 – orbit of the Lyman, 2 – orbit of the Balmer, 3 - orbit of the Paschen, 4 – orbit of the Bracket, 5 – orbit of the Phund, 6 - orbit of the Bohr (ground state indicated by a dotted line).

The parameters of these orbits are indicated in table 13.1 [1].

Naturally, that between orbit 5 and 6 the infinite number of other elliptical orbits of infra-red range are placed.

The radiation in any range is conditioned by a Bremsstrahlung of oscillating electrons. The oscillations of electrons at motion on elliptical orbit take place concerning a ground state of an electron (for Hydrogenium - orbit of the Bohr) in which one it does not beam. Apparently, that at oscillation of massive particles (positive protons, nuclei, ions, atoms) the radiation pursuant to the theory in millions time is less and practically it does not find out. In condensed mediums because of interaction of electronic shells of atoms the energy levels of electrons are smeared also we is not observed of separate spectral lines. As near to a ground state the energy levels are inspissated, detection of absorption lines in infrared range of a spectrum need strong cooling of investigated matter, since at customary temperature all lower layers are already occupied.

The formula of the Planck radiation capacity for of an ideal black body:


consists of two factors. The first factor - formula of Rayleigh-Jeans for radiation capacity of a black body. It is easy is to received by ratio of translational energy of a photon to a sectional area of its screw trajectory [1, chapter 13.0.1]. The second factor allows for ratio concentration of excited atoms to concentration of nonexcited atoms.

On the Arrhenius, the concentration of excited atoms C is peer:


where: C0 - general concentration of atoms, E - activation energy of process of excitation of atom.

Apparently, that the activation energy of excitation of atom in accuracy is peer to energy of a photon (photons), radiated after of the excitation .


Let's substitute (3) in (2):


The radiation power will be directly proportional of concentration excited atoms and is inversely proportional concentration of nonexcited atoms:


By substituting (4) in (5), after some transformations we shall receive the second factor of a Planck formula:


In outcome, we by a «classic» way shall receive the formula in accuracy conterminous with a Planck formula (1), but having absolutely other sense.

The excitation of atoms at thermal random motion causes random fluctuations of an eccentricity of orbits of valence electrons near to a ground state. In the total, the atoms start to beam photons pursuant to the formula of equilibrium heat radiation.

2. Line spectrum of heat radiation.

For separate atoms the line spectrum can be watched only at rather strong thermal excitation and in a very rarefied condition and is connected to transition of electrons on orbits with essential various eccentricity (essential difference in energy levels). The molecules at thermal excitation on a background of a continuous spectrum have line spectrum at vibratory and rotary motions of a component molecule of atoms. The mechanism of radiation all same: in an excited atom the eccentricity of orbit of valence electrons is augmented, their oscillating motion concerning a stable orbit results in radiation of photons. However, here there is also essential difference. The natural oscillations and rotations in a molecule take place to a definite resonance frequency because of rigidity of connections in a molecule. Therefore change of eccentricities of orbits of valence electrons takes place not random, and to the same frequency. In outcome, on a background of continuous spectrum there is a spectrum of separate lines and absorption bands or radiation.

The continuous spectrum of heat radiation identical to any matters at given temperature and arising down to absolute zero of temperature serves to the convincing evidence of inspissating of energy levels of electrons of atom near to a ground state, instead of far from it, as official physics considers. Differently is not clear, how there is a heat radiation of Hydrogenium heated to room temperature, when on official notions the energy more than 10 eV is necessary to throw an electron of Hydrogenium on the first excited level. Such energy at room temperature could not be taken.





Paradoxes arising in official physics at discussion of intratomic motions are listed below. The italic after presentation of the essence of a paradox prints out notions of new physics on this problem.

1. Paradox of uncertainty. The position of an electron in atom is determined by its wave function. On a figure the distribution of detection probability of an electron in atom of Hydrogenium in condition 1s and 2s is shown. r1 = 5.29×10-11 m - radius of first Bohr orbit.

Apparently, that at such situation the radiation of spectral lines possessing in very small width, is impossible. At transition of an electron from one energy level on another, it passes from one random position in another, too random, and its energy completely depends on spacing interval from a positive proton in a potential electrostatic field.

New physics considers, that the electrons in atom moves on strictly definite orbits, therefore change of a power condition of an electron is connected to radiation or occluding of narrow spectral lines.

2. Paradox of loss of repeatability of atom. At orbital motion of an electron the centripetal acceleration acts on it, therefore, pursuant to a classic electrodynamics, the electron should beam electromagnetic waves and continuously to lose energy, will not fall yet on nucleus.

At orbital motion the centripetal force of an electrostatic attraction to a nucleus and centrifugal effort of inertia acts on an electron. These forces are balanced, therefore, pursuant to the second Newton's law of any acceleration does not arise, the radiation is not present also atom is stable.

3. Paradox of steady orbits. The solution of a Schrodinger equation gives steady orbits of an electron. However, the electron does not linger over on them more than 10-8 seconds and passes into underlying orbit. Orbit of the Bohr (ground state) is absolutely steady. Reasons, why «stable» orbits on the Schroedinger are as a matter of fact instable official physics does not understand and attracts for explanation interplay of an electron with virtual particles of vacuum for all orbits, except for orbit of a ground state.

All orbits of an electron in atom elliptical (except for a circular orbit of the Bohr) also are secanted  in two opposite points, as shown in a figure.

1- orbit of the Lyman, 2- orbit of the Balmer, 3- orbit of the Paschen, 4- orbit of the Bracket, 5- orbit of the Phund, etc. 6- orbit of the Bohr (dotted line).

The electron at motion on elliptical orbit oscillates concerning a circular orbit of the Bohr, coming nearer to it, leaving from it, therefore, pursuant to a classic electrodynamics, beams electromagnetic radiation (photons) and can not be held on elliptical orbit.


4. Paradox of disappearance of an electron on one orbit and originating on another. On notions of official physics, the electron at jumping from orbit into orbit can not be between orbits, it falls away on one and arises from anything on another, demonstrating a violation of law of preservation of energy.

The figure to a paradox 3 clear demonstrates, that the transition of an electron from one orbit on another takes place in point of intersection of all elliptical orbits, i.e. in one place of space of atom. Because of an inertance of an electron the transition into near orbit is more preferential, therefore all a-lines of any spectral serial have the greatest intensity.

5. Paradox of orbit of the Bohr. To official physics it is not clear, why the electron does not drop further on a nucleus, and stops on orbit of a ground state. It official physics  explains by an indeterminacy relation of the Heisenberg.

New physics demonstrates, that the electron in a ground state is at the bottom potential wells, therefore its position is steady.

6. Paradox of infrared spectra. The law Kirchhoff-Bunsen asserts, that the atoms release those spectral lines, which one occlude. On official notions of energy levels are inspissated far from a ground state. Therefore here at transitions the infrared spectra are watched. As the high energy levels are arranged near to an ionization level of atom, irradiating atom by photons applicable to an infrared spectral series, we shall transfer an electron to a high level near to an ionization energy, and at returning of an electron in a ground state we shall receive photons of the much greater energy. The perpetuum mobile was received?

On notions of new physics the energy levels are inspissated near to a ground state, instead of far from it (excluding rydberg  atoms).

7. Paradox of equilibrium heat radiation. At any temperature, down to absolute zero, it is possible to fix heat radiation of any matter as an continuous spectrum. Whence it arises, for example, for Hydrogenium, the energy 10 eV for transfer of an electron on the first excited level is necessary for which one, and the energy of heat motion at room temperature makes fractions eV?

As the energy levels are inspissated near to a ground state, the heat radiation is possible and at low temperatures as a continuous spectrum, since the difference in energies here is very small and is shaded by heat motion of atoms. To fix spectral lines in this area, the strong cooling of a sample and apparatus is required.

8. Paradox of an aliquot angular momentum of an electron on orbit. The theory of atom of the Bohr and quantum mechanics consider, that on any exited orbit the electron has an aliquot angular momentum, equal , where n - main quantum number. Therefore under both theories the identical expressions for radius of orbit, proportional n2 are received. For example, at n = 500 radius of atom will be 25 microns, and it already macro object. The aliquot angular momentum negates a fundamental law of conservation of angular momentum. If official physics considers, that the mobile electron has to angular momentum  (fermion), it remain to such and in atom, since there are no reasons for its aliquot increase. If, after official notions to admit, that the orbital angular momentum is peer n, in it case the angular momentum of a mobile electron will be , but not . If into orbit to stack «an integer of lengths of waves», the form of such orbit negates a law of inertia, since it will be neither circumferential, nor elliptical. As a matter of fact, official physics will use the theory of atom suitable only for of rydberg atoms, which one can be received in special laboratory conditions with usage of powerful lasers with a tunability frequency. In the nature rydberg atoms do not meet.

New physics considers, that at excitation of atom the circular orbit of an electron is transformed in elliptical. The eccentricity of orbit is peer 1/n*, where n* - integer. Energy of connection with a nucleus , where E0 - ionization energy of Hydrogenium. The excited atom on the sizes practically does not differ from nonexcited (figure to a paradox 3). At returning of atom into a ground state elliptical orbit of an electron at once or by stair-step is transformed in circumferential and thus the photons everyone with an angular momentum  and energy applicable to the change n* are beamed.

9. Paradox of limits of spectral series. The spectra of atom of Hydrogenium consist of spectral series, the lines characterize which one wave numbers: , where R - constant of a Rydberg for atom of Hydrogenium: R = 109677.83436 см -1, and n0 and n1 - main quantum numbers lower and top levels of energy between which one takes place quantum transition. At n0 = 1 - Lyman series, 2 - Balmer series, 3 - Paschen series, 4 - Brackett series, 5 - Pfund series, 6 - Humphry series. n1 changes from n0 + 1 ad infinitum. Value n1 =  corresponds to a limit (boundary) of the given series. The Lyman series and Balmer series are isolated, remaining are partially overlapped.

Pursuant to notions of a quantum mechanics, at value of a main quantum number, equal perpetuity, radius of atom is peer 2. Any atom at such value of a main quantum number to exist can not because of spontaneous ionization as a result of sharp relaxation of connection with a nucleus. If the energy levels are inspissated near to a ground state (at n* ), the given paradox is authorized.

10. Paradox of a atomic electron. The most orthodox followers of a quantum mechanics asserts, that the electron is smeared-out in space of atom as «electron cloud». The laymans not familiar with an energy conservation law can to this check. The more reasonable supporters of a quantum mechanics asserts, after the Heisenberg, that simultaneously the position and the speed of an electron in atom cannot be pointed, and it is necessary to speak only about a probabilistic position of an electron and its speed in the given moment.

Electron not fancy object, and substantial material object of a microcosmos. I am not get together to determine speed and direction of its motion, and also position of an electron in the given moment. As I substantially can not execute these measurements. But I am solidly sure, that an electron, as any substantial body in the given moment always has strictly definite speed and course of this speed, and also definite position on the trajectory inside atom.

11. Paradox of loss of an angular momentum of S-electron. The mobile electron has an own angular momentum (spin). After electron-capture by atom, in a ground state the angular momentum of an atomic S-electron remains same, as mobile electron. This fact had given birth to fancy notions, that the S-electron will forms a fixed spherical cloud with a zero angular momentum, since at orbital motion the plus angular momentum should appear. Fixed electron in atom too can not be, since it contradicts the theorem Irnshow about instability of a system of static electric charges. To leave from this inconsistency put forward the more fancy supposition, that the electron is moves backwards - forward in a radial direction, including, and intercepting a nucleus.

On notions of new physics, the mobile electron is moves on a screw trajectory with equal translational and tangential velocity. In it an essence of a wave-corpuscle dualism of microparticles and de Broglie formula. An angular momentum of an electron on a screw trajectory , where m - electronic mass, v - its speed, r - radius of cross section of a screw trajectory. Pursuant to a law of conservation of angular momentum, at electron-capture into Bohr orbit its orbital angular momentum remain precisely same and it is not necessary more anything to invent.

12. Paradox of a Pauli's exclusion principle. The Pauli's exclusion principle asserts, that in atom there are no electrons with the same set of four main quantum numbers: n, l, ml and ms. It means, that in same a quantum condition there can not be more than one fermion (particle with a spin , the electrons concern also to which one). On the basis of a Pauli's exclusion principle explain a constitution of multielectronic atoms. The principal physics of a Pauli's exclusion principle is not uncovered, since it is not clear, how the fermions can inform each other on the condition.

We shall presume, that by rather strong influence we emboss an electron from an inner shell of atom. Naturally, that the fly off mobile electron does not save that set of quantum numbers, which one it had. The freed place takes one of electrons of outside shells etc. so long as the positive ion will not gain an electron from environment and again will turn to a neutral atom. If we shall irradiate a long time atoms and to beat out electrons from inner shells, upon termination of this procedure the spectrum of the given atoms will not differ from their initial spectrum. This fact speaks that the set of quantum numbers of the given electron and its angular momentum is capable easily to change depending on a position of an electron in atom. Thus, each electron of atom wish for to take a stable state with a minimum of potential energy, but the mutual coulomb repulsion of electrons precludes with their arrangement in the same condition, therefore in atom automatically there is a certain compromise between these by the opposite operational factors.




To the end XX centuries the fundamental science has gained all attributes of religion: the closed society, absence of the analysis of scientific doctrines, arguings and critic, strife with dissident, inquisitional policy concerning the new ideas contradicting officially approved, personality cult of selected influencers. Thus, the science, similarly to religion, which one by centuries struggled with scientific achievements, has become on the same unholy way. Obvious sign of this transformation are the numerous myths of modern science, some of which here are analyzed also by which one it is impossible to believe. Such myths in modern science to not count, therefore their minor number relating a cosmology here is considered only.

Singularity. In the physical encyclopedia under the editorship by Prohorov the following definition is given: «singularis - separate, special (Latin.). A condition of our Universe in a definite instant in past, when density of energy of a matter e and space-time curvature were very great - about Planck values (~pl =  ergs/сm3, | RiklmRiklm | ~  ~ 10131 сm-4, where Riklm - tensor of curvature) - physical singularity, or even are endless - mathematical singularity. This condition, together with the subsequent stage of the Universe evolution, while density of a matter energy remained high, call also as Big Bang».

How, in such case to be with « a black hole », the singularity by nothing differs from which one, and from which one nothing even light can take off,?

Inflationary stage of the Universe extension. The site  informs, that « in 1981 American physicist of Alan Gut has realized, that the allocation of strong interactions from the unified field which has happened approximately in 10-35 seconds after birth of the Universe, has become turning point in its development. There was a phase change of matter from one condition in another in scales of the Universe - under influencing of the allocated strong interactions there was an instantaneous modification, peculiar « a crystallization » matter in the Universe. Alan Gut turn out well to show, that at division strong and weak interactions in the Universe there was something to the similar extension of water at freezing - explosive extension. This extension, which one is called inflationary, is many times faster customary of the Habble extension. Approximately for 10-32 seconds the Universe was extended on 50 orders - was less positive proton, and has become the size about a grapefruit. And this prompt inflationary extension of the Universe is removed with two of three above named problems, directly explaining them (absence of an antimatter and temperature balance between galaxies, which one could not be in a contact among themselves)».

As, in such case to be with the statement of official science about impossibility of motion of material objects with superlight speed. If to believe to Gut, it is easy to count up, that the transformation of the Universe from «positive proton» in «grapefruit» went with speed, on many orders speeds of light there are more. The inflationary hypothesis does not remove also problem of an antimatter.

Straightening of space. (From a site «The solution of a problem of straightening of space the most obviously demonstrates a following example: ideate the reticle pattern pictured on a thin elastic map, which one then crumpled, hit or miss. If now to take and strongly to jolted this misshapen in a ball an elastic map, it again take a flat view, and the coordinate lines on it will be restored, irrespective of, as far as is strong we distort it, when have crumpled. Similarly, it is not important, as far as space of the Universe on the moment of a beginning of its inflationary extension was curved, main - after completion of this extension space has appeared completely straightened. And as from a relativity theory we know, that the curvature of space depends on quantity of a matter and energy in it, it becomes understandable, why in the Universe there is equally so much of matter, how many it is necessary to balance the Habble extension».

It is one of masterpieces of a fraud of the naive readers. The orthodoxes very much love casuistic examples and matchings. The elastic map, misshapen initially in a ball, after «jolting» again will collect in a ball, on that it is elastic. Try of a rubber rabbit  to shake so that it the rug was turn intoed and has remained in such condition.

Problem of an antimatter. On official notions of quantity of particles and antiparticles at formation of the Universe after Big Bang should be identical, that is not confirmed by observations.

 Well then, the theory of Big Bang has principled defects and it cannot implicitly  trust.

Microwave space background. Official physics considers(counts), that the wavelength of intensive initial electromagnetic radiation was augmented together with the extension of the Universe and, to the present time this radiation was turn intoed microwave, which one call as connate radiation.

The problem of connate radiation also is a subject of modern scientific casuistry. In this problem the official science can oppose following arguments.

1. If the wavelength of photons «expansible», why the sizes of atoms, elementary particles, space bodies and galaxies are not expansible, and space between galaxies is reamed only? It is impossible to believe, that space between galaxies on the properties in essence differs from space between bodies and inside ph.

2. The compressed gas is chilled only at the extension in air, as expends energy on repulsion of air molecules. Therefore, at the extension in vacuum of cooling of gas is not watched. To compare cooling of gas and «cooling» of radiation at the extension is illconditioned.

3. The radiation from remote stars is expand on huge space and, if it was accompanied by increase of a wavelength, we could watch only «infrared» stars.

4. Ecumenical the surge of a tsunami of formation of elements has passed through us, approximately, 5 billions of years back and now is diffused in the field of quasars. It speaks that the Big Bang has taken place from us not so far. The radiation has passed through our area of space, and now we in essence can not find out it. Try to give some light by flashlight in a night palate and then «to catch» this beam.

5. If the oddments of radiation prolong to move by us, they will be directed only to one side, and the connate radiation comes uniformly from different directions, that it is represented improbable, if it - consequent of Big Bang.

6. Try to investigate microwave radiation in miscellaneous directions of the room. You will see, that this radiation isotropicly and practically does not depend on a direction owing to identical temperature of all parts of a room, i.e. you are in environment of equilibrium heat radiation. The explorers of connate radiation receive the same outcomes, as a matter of fact arresting equilibrium heat radiation of the proximate area of space with mean temperature about 30К.

Formation of a solar System. The official planetology asserts, that the construction of a solar System has a series of legitimacies indicating joint formation of all planets and the Sun in unified process. It confirm by identical age of earth and lunar rocks and meteorites. The solar System was formed from protoplanetary of gas-dust cloud. On a portion of the Sun, in which one 99 % of all mass of a solar System, it is necessary only 2 % of its full moment of momentum.

The identical age of members of a solar System speaks that the formation of chemical  elements in the applicable volume of space flowed past simultaneously.

Huge general moment of planets explain to  that this moment is borrowed for the Sun, but particular mechanism of transfer of an angular momentum from the Sun to planets do not uncover, i.e. this unfounded statement.

The stable state of a gas-dust cloud is possible only in the event if the particles of dust apart r from center of a cloud have «the first solar escape velocity» V, equal:


where: G - gravitational constant, M - mass of a cloud inside radius r.

To understand, how V depends on density of a cloud, in (1) we shall express mass of a cloud through its density :


The formulas (1) and (2) demonstrate, that: 1. If density of a cloud is constant, it is revolves, as a solid. 2. If M is constant, the rotation rate is inversely proportional to the radical to square spacing interval up to center (as for a solar System in the present moment). 3. If density of a cloud is inversely proportional to a square of spacing interval up to center, that is possible at single explosion of matter, which one has formed a cloud, the rotation rate of miscellaneous parts of a cloud does not depend on spacing interval up to center and is a constant (as for peripherals of spiral galaxies). Thus, only second version corresponds to an observed constitution of a solar System. But this version does not envision any of a cloud, and envisions a central position of the Sun, which one obtains step-by-step all components of a solar System. The details are possible are to read in the monograph «Fundamentals of new physics and picture of universe», chapters 20, 20.1.

The consideration several coerced above examples convinces that the scientific propaganda cannot without reserve trust.




We have invited the student, which yet not was in time to turn into of orthodox and matured orthodox to participate in a serial of experiments on a coin-tossing. The participants so have commented out on outcomes.

Student. And what here to comment? All is clear, since completely corresponds to a law of probability and anything new here to not invent.

Orthodox. In these experiments we reproduce behavior of a microcosmos.

1. It is possible confidently to speak about a dualism «H-T» heads - tails strictly executed for an investigated system. The appearance H eliminates appearance T and on the contrary. A similar phenomenon we is observed at a wave-corpuscle dualism of microparticles. In experiments the corpuscular or wave properties are exhibited them only. It is necessary apart to mark, that the indicated dualism is not subject to influencing of four fundamental interplays, since results always in the same outcome.

2. At small number of throwing n the coin legibly shows the quantum properties and only at n properties of investigated object come nearer to «classic» outcome: WH = WT = 0.5, where W - probability of event.

3. We can not confidently forecast outcome of the next throw, therefore for a quantum-mechanical system «coin» is fair an indeterminacy relation (clone of an indeterminacy relation of the Heisenberg): WH + WT = 1, WH × WT = 0.

4. If a problem to decide in a general view in applying to an exact polyhedron with number of verges N, it is possible to record the formula similar to the formula of a Rydberg for a limit of spectral series: W(H, T) = 1/N - 1/n. At n   limit of probability for H and T will be peer: Wlim = 1/N.

The further comments of an orthodox we shall cut, while he has not spoke up to the Nobel premium.

In the comments of the student and orthodox we see, that they involuntarily or specially process esteem irrespective of object, that cannot be made. Official science frequently by it piddles. The lattice vibrations separate from the  grating and call these ghosts as phonons, from microparticles take out to «soul» and call its as virtual particle etc. Into described research with a coin-tossing we shall enter «latent parameter », namely concavity (even inconspicuous) of coin. Then the theory is shattered, since the concave coin will drop predominantly by camber downwards on aerodynamic considerations. The naive student does not understand yet, that the science «on fingers» though is clear, but is not trustworthy, therefore only is possible full complicating of any problem justifies the salary of the scientist and his authority in scientific community increases.

Here one of examples the orthodox logic. « … The atomic object is both not a particle, and not the wave and even neither that, nor another is simultaneous. The atomic object is something third, not equal simple sum of properties of a wave and particle. This atomic «something» is unapproachable to perception ours of  five senses, and, nevertheless, it, absolutely, is substantial. We do not have images and sense organs quite to imagine properties of this reality. However force of our intellect, being rest. on experience, allows to learn it and without it. Eventually (it is necessary to recognize rightness of the Born), « … now atomic physicist far withdrew from idyllic notions of old-fashioned naturalist, which one hoped to penetrate into secrets of the nature, trapping the butterflies on a meadow »». In the Nobel lecture the Born has described sources of a quantum mechanics and its statistical interpretation, having set a problem: « Whether we can something, with what it is not impossible to associate by a customary image of concept „position” and „motion” to call as a subject or particle? » And as follows has concluded: «the answer to this problem belongs to any more to physics, and philosophy». All of mystics turn green with envy.




The gravitational and electrostatic interplay of the applicable charges is described by the similar laws, only electrostatic interplay is much stronger. Therefore in a solar System of a planet influence very little against each other, and the interplay of electrons in atom cannot be ignore. Thus, the systems from a central body both its satellite and atom of Hydrogenium with one electron are completely look-alike if not to allow for a gentle spin-orbit interaction, accountable for appearance of thin structure of spectral lines and even more gentle magnetic interplay of an electron with a positive proton causing appearance of hyperfine structure of spectral lines. Besides the evolution of a satellite orbit take place step-by-step at the expense of transfer of a part of angular momentum of a satellite to a central body at each revolution, and the evolution of electronic orbit  take place explosively, that is connected to occluding or radiation of photons - definite of energy portions. Orbit of a satellite too can change by a discontinuously at the expense of impact with a space body of comparable mass. In remaining these two systems are equivalent.

On a figure 1 elliptical orbit of an electron having some exuberant kinetic energy Ek in matching with its kinetic energy on a circular orbit of the Bohr E0 (dotted line) is shown.

The figure 1 demonstrates, that the electron at the orbital motion oscillates concerning a stable orbit of the Bohr and should beam photons, therefore elliptical orbits of electrons are not steady.

From a figure 1 is visible, that after orbit intercept of the Bohr the motion of an electron similarly to a shell after a shot under some angle to a surface of the Earth. Apparently, that all exuberant electron kinetic energy will be expended for overcoming of an electrostatic attraction to a positive proton, the electron will reach a point of an apofocus, will stay in a direction of a large axis of an ellipse and will begin «to drop» back up to following point of intersection with an equilibrium circular orbit. Spacing interval from focal point of an ellipse up to an apofocus:


and spacing interval from focal point of an ellipse up to pericentre:


where: r0 - radius of orbit of the Bohr, e - eccentricity.

«Altitude» h on which one will mount an electron at motion to an apofocus:


Change of electrostatic energy:


where q - charge of an electron. From (4):


The common energy Eell of a body on elliptical orbit will be:


If we shall count up change of electrostatic energy at motion of an electron from orbit of the Bohr up to pericentre, we shall receive precisely same outcomes.

On a virial theorem, fair for space objects in equilibrium condition the bond energy is peer to potential energy of repulsing and is peer to half of potential energy of attraction. Let's check up this theorem for a stable orbit of the Bohr. Potential energy of attraction:


Let's substitute in (7) numerical values of constants:

Eatt = 4.802942×10-20/5.29173×10-9 = 4.35930×10-11 ergs = 27.21042 eV. Then the bond energy will make 13.605 eV, that corresponds to experiment. The potential energy of generalpurpose repulsing, equal meV2/2 should equal of bond energy. Let's check up. From equalling of centrifugal effort and attractive force we shall discover kinetic energy of an electron on orbit of the Bohr:


Thus, the virial theorem is completely fair to atom of Hydrogenium without any fabrications of a quantum mechanics.

From our reasons it becomes clear, that the energy of photons, radiated atom, is draw exclusively at the expense of exuberant energy of an electron on elliptical orbit, since on a stable orbit of the Bohr the radiation is impossible because of absence of acceleration of an electron of any sign. At radiation of photons the eccentricity of orbit decreases, by jumps or at once coming nearer to zero point.

Energy of any radiated photon:


Thus is apparent, that the exuberant electron kinetic energy will be diminished by energy of a radiated photon and will become equal:


Whence new value of an eccentricity of orbit is equal , and the change of an eccentricity will make:


The formula (11) demonstrates, that the change of an eccentricity of orbit of an electron in atom is directly proportional to energy of a radiated photon. That the electron from parabolic orbit (e = 1) has passed into orbit of the Bohr (e = 0), it is necessary to radiate as photons so much energy, that it in the sum has 13.6 eV.

Maximum kinetic energy the electron has in a point of pericentre, then it is gone with negative acceleration up to point of intersection of focal parameter with orbit of the Bohr (in this point all elliptical orbits of an electron with a miscellaneous eccentricity are intercepted) and up to a point of an apofocus, where the electron kinetic energy is minimum. Apparently, that the electron from one orbit on another can pass only in a point of focal parameter at the expense of recoil at radiation in this place of a photon. Precisely as also occluding by atom of a photon can take place only in a point of focal parameter with transition to a high-eccentric orbit. In other points of orbit there are no physical reasons of a jumping into other orbit.

When the people do not understand a phenomenon, the common sense is substituted by mysticism. L.Ponomarew in the book writes: «the Heisenberg asserted: equations, with the help which one we want to describe motion in atom, should not contain any values, except for those, which one can be metered on experiment. And from experiments followed, that the atom is steady, consists of a nucleus and electrons and can radiate, if it to remove from an equilibrium state. These beams have a strictly definite wavelength and if to trust the Bohr, arises at an electron jump from one fixed orbit on another. Thus the scheme of the Bohr nothing spoke that takes place to an electron at the moment of a jump so to tell „aloft “ between two stationary states. And everything, and Heisenberg including, on a habit achieved the answer just on this problem. But in any moment it has become clear: the electron does not happen „between“ by stationary states, such property for it simplly is not present!

The new equations, which one were found by the Heisenberg, were unlike neither on equations of mechanics, nor on equations of an electrodynamics. From the point of view of these equations the condition of atom completely is preset, if the matrixes of coordinate or impulse are known. And the structure of these matrixes is those, that in a nonexcited condition the atom does not beam. According to the Heisenberg, the motion is not movement of an electron - bead on any trajectory around of a nucleus. The motion is transition of state of a system in time, which one describes matrixes of coordinate and impulse. Together with problems on nature of motion of an electron in atom by itself has disappeared also problem on stability of atom. With new the points of view in a nonexcited atom the electron rest, that is why should not beam».

The scheme of energy levels of atom of Hydrogenium of official physics refers, as a matter of fact, to rydberg atoms for which one the electron has the whole orbital angular momentum, aliquot . For such atoms the energy E, indispensable for transfer of an electron on more excited level is given by expression:


where: E0 - bond energy on orbit of the Bohr, n - main quantum number. For n = 1,2,3, 4 …, E = 0 eV (orbit of the Bohr), 10.2 eV, 12.09 eV, 12.75 eV … Pursuant to the formula (5) eccentricities of orbit of an electron will be, accordingly, are peer: 0, 0.75, 0.89, 0.94 …

The scheme of energy levels of atom of Hydrogenium offered by new physics is mirror  opposite [1, chapter 13]. The energy levels are inspissated not far from orbit of the Bohr, and near to it. Energy of connection of an electron with a nucleus is determined by the formula: , where n* - integer marking out number of orbit: n* = 1, 2, 3, 4 …, accordingly, orbit of Lyman, Balmer, Paschen, Bracket … Bohr. The eccentricities of these orbits are determined by the formula e = 1/n*.

As rydberg atoms in the nature objectively do not exist, but only in special laboratory conditions, it is possible to conclude, that new physics adequately describes objectively atoms.

As the reader sees, in atom there is nothing that the designers of a quantum mechanics have invented. All classic laws are successful and in a microcosmos.





On an elliptical trajectory of atom the electron has an angular momentum  or, pursuant to the de Broglie formula, wavelength:


where r0 and V0 - radius of orbit of the Bohr and speed of an electron on this orbit.

Unfortunately, fathers of a quantum mechanics have not suspected, that the quantum conditions of atoms are a consequent that for any photons the same angular momentum, equal . Therefore it was accepted, that the orbital electron has aliquot value of an angular momentum n, that has resulted in inadequate explanation of the device of atom and reasons of its radiation and contradicts a fundamental law of conservation of angular momentum. The electron has not aliquot value of an angular momentum, and n denote, that the atom can radiate only integer of photons, therefore has the applicable number of energy levels. On a circular orbit of the Bohr the electron does not beam, but if it has some exuberant kinetic energy Ek, its orbit becomes elliptical with an eccentricity e:


where: E0 - kinetic energy of an electron on orbit of the Bohr.

On elliptical orbit the electron oscillates concerning a stable orbit of the Bohr, therefore beams photons so long as the eccentricity will not become to equal zero point. The reduction of exuberant energy Ek will make:


where: N - number of radiated photons.

Apparently, that the photon with the greatest possible energy picks up completely exuberant orbital energy, that is accompanied by transition of an electron into orbit of the Bohr. For example, at e = 1 (parabolic orbit of the Lyman) the energy of a radiated photon will make 13.6 eV. At e0 exuberant orbital energy aims at zero point, as well as energy of photons with the greatest possible energy. Thus, the eccentricity of orbit of an electron is inversely proportional to an integer n*, applicable definite energy level:


All parameters of elliptical orbits of an electron in atom of Hydrogenium, you can find in table 13.1 of chapter 13 in the monograph «Fundamentals of new physics and pictures of universe».




Artful king of Corinth Sisyph has contrived outguess of the gods and doubly to avoid of death, for what was punished by high-gravity fruitless activity: eternally to roll in on a mountain a rock, which one roll down back. Most surprising that the modern scientists, as against the mythological hero, as a matter of fact make same, but do not overstrain, and receive the salary from the taxpayers, therefore eternal fruitless activity does not frighten them.

Let's suspect, that the total energy of a particle falling in the fixed target or two particles, impacting in a collider, is peer E. Apparently, that on an energy conservation law the sum of weights again of born particles mi together with their kinetic energy Wk will be:


What could watch Sisyph, looking on rolling down downhill a rock? In process of dip the rock is step-by-step clastated on more small-sized debris. Approximately that most takes place to the again born particles. At first we can watch «resonances» - particles-phantom, which one collapse, by not having time to be formed, then the steadier pions will appear, then the muons, process of decaies will completed by neutrons and, at last, in debris we shall find out only stable particles (except for antiparticles): a positive proton, electron, neutrino and photon. Anything another we shall not discover, as though scientists did not exercise the wit in financial costs. Whether it is not time to follow solution of the Americans to stop financing of tevatron? Leave small boosters for other needs, but not for looking ups «of particles of the God», invented in an overheated head.




The base concept both special, and general relativity theory is, that the motion or transfer of a signal with superlight speed is impossible. In chapter 11.2.1 of the monograph [1] is shown, that the gravitation is diffused with speed, not less than in 106 times superior speed of light, that will be agreeed calculations of the Laplace (1787) on century acceleration of Moon. Under the data of the Laplace rate of propagation of a gravitation not less than in 5×107 times are surpassed with speed of light.

At orbital motion of the Earth, ahead of its gravitational field slightly is oblate, if it is diffused with speed of light (on the Einstein), and behind - is extended slightly. In outcome, within day the acceleration of gravity should vary on 0.392 cm/sec2. Between that, measurement with much more accuracy (about g×10-8) do not demonstrate variations of gravity acceleration, that contradicts both Einstein's relativity theories. If you have capability rather precisely to meter variations of gravity acceleration within day, you today can be convinced of an error of the Einstein. Unfortunately, reasoning about high matters, he has not tumble to look under legs. Can be convinced of an error of the Einstein, using load scale. The weighing of the man of weight 70 kgs on rise and on sundown of the Sun will show a difference in 27 g (force). If to take into account, that the solar System as a whole is gone in a Galaxy with speed of 250 kms/sec, the year variations of weight of bodies on the Earth will be approximately in 10 times more. Apparently, that if the Einstein was right, all existing on the Earth would suffer from disastrous hurricanes and tsunami not only annually, but also each day.

As the main argument against a relativity theory completely disclaims it, it is possible further this subject to not consider. However, there is a sense something to add, using the quotations from sources dedicated a general relativity theory.

«Today we consider, that the theory of the Einstein was under the essence more «exact», than theory of a Newton». If it such «exact», count up under the formulas offered by Einstein, orbit parameters of the Earth and moon and compare to supervision. It you can not make, since can not point value of a space-time curvature from a Galaxy, Sun, Earth and Moon.

«As it happens, «not escaping of surface», the curve it or no is possible to learn. «Present» the curve surface cannot be organized at any bending on a plane. The Gauss has offered the numeric characteristic of a measure of a bending of a surface». An obvious paradox here is seen. At orbital motion, for example, Earth, the bending of space - time caused by mass of the Earth, is gone together with it on orbit, i.e. practically flat space-time is bent without energy consumption (differently Earth will lose the orbital energy). Then the space-time again becomes practically flat, that contradicts conclusions of the Gauss. That concerns also motion of any other space bodies.

«If all bodies in the same point of space receive identical acceleration, this acceleration can be linked not to properties of bodies, and with properties itself  space in this point». Then space should assign capacity to give bodies acceleration, that contradicts an energy conservation law.

«The modern experiments confirm motion of bodies on geodesic lines with the same accuracy, as well as equalling of gravitational and inert masses». It is frank lie, since the position of geodesic lines can be pointed, only knowing a space-time curvature, which one nobody knows.

«Ancillary proceeding circumstance discomfortable solution of these equations - their self-conformity. The equations of the Einstein link changes of metric factors of space - time, that is its bending, with a matter, inclusive in it, but the matter in its turn should move in curved space. We receive a vicious circle: the matter in the motion bends space, which one urges in its turn matter to move in a certain manner, because of what the matter in another way bends space, which one again corrects motion of a matter, and so on ad infinitum. Therefore search of solutions is transformed into the game in roulette: having set a definite reset state of a matter, we risk to find out, that it can not be in such condition, when we shall decide the Einstein's equations». Here, as speak, comment is needless, it is necessary only to add that a pathological tendency of orthodoxes to increase of number of factors in equations and arbitrary handling by them (we shall recollect a D-term of the Einstein) always results of an orthodox in the desired purpose - by hook or by crook to receive the «necessary» outcome.


The literature.

1. Monograph «Fundamentals of new physics and pictures of universe» on a site

2. D.K Samin. «100 great scientists».




Under the theory of the Bohr the radiuses of orbits r of electrons in a hydrogen-like atom are proportional to a square of an integer n. If we shall plot the chart in coordinates: r - n2, we shall see a straight line. If we shall count up speed of an electron on each allowed orbit V, it as it happens is inversely proportional n. In coordinates: V -  Again there will be a straight line. If we shall do that most concerning a solar System, we shall be convinced, that in full conformity with atom of Hydrogenium, both for planets, and for their satellites we shall receive straight lines in the applicable coordinates. Only we shall watch two intersected straight lines for planets and satellites of earth group and for planets and satellites of jupiter group, i.e. the solar system is similar on two-electronic atom. It is strange, that the writers of thousand thesises dedicated the device of a solar System, have passed by quantum condition of its members. But it can be understood. Quantum condition in a macroworld is a bomb which is capable up to the basis to shatter a quantum mechanics and everything, that is invented around of it. Therefore scientists prefer to not note this bomb and it to not to touch lest  not to spoil the career.

Now we shall consider consequents of a virial theorem for atom and for a solar System. Sense of this theorem that for a stable system the energy of attraction, in particular, is peer to the doubled potential energy of repulsing, numerically of equal kinetic energy of a body. For atom:


where: me - electronic mass, V - its orbital velocity, q - charge of an electron, r - radius of orbit.

For a space body m:


where: G - gravitational constant, M - mass of a central body.

From equations (1) and (2) it is visible, that, if radius of orbit is proportional to a square of an integer, the orbital velocity should be inversely proportional to this number to ensure persistence q2 or GM. Thus, between micro and macroworld there is a full conformity, and there is no necessity to assign to a microcosmos any special properties. In the monograph [1] is shown, that literally all experimental outcomes concerning of a microcosmos, the relativity theory and other are easily explained from the only classic point of view.





In this article of orbit of space bodies and electrons I shall consider in essence similar because of analogy of gravitational and electrostatic interplay. The metastable finding of an electron or space body is possible only on resonant orbit. Between such orbits electrons or space bodies a long time to be can not.

The equilibrium orbit has the circumferential form and is stable, if its length is peer minimumly to possible value of product Vr, where V - orbital velocity, r - radius of orbit. For an electron Vr = 1.1576 cm2/sec. For planets of a solar System of earth group Vr = 9.2×1018 cm2/sec, and of jupiter group Vr = 48.1×1018 cm2/sec [1, chapter 21]. Here it is necessary to make some rectifications. Minimum product V0r0 we shall designate, as . Length of orbit at  corresponds to one «wavelength» of an orbital body. The orthodoxes make an appreciable error, considering, that the electron on orbit has an aliquot angular momentum, on what are capable only rydberg atoms at multiphoton absorption, each time gaining an angular momentum of a photon, equal :


Such supposition, on the one hand, contradicts a principle of conservation of moment of momentum, on the other hand, under the formula (1) radius of orbit is augmented proportionally n, instead of n2. To satisfy of orthodoxes, it is enough to consider, that on everyone quasi-stable to orbit n the speed of a body decreases in an integer of time, and radius of orbit is augmented proportionally n2, as it is watched for planets. Then on each resonant orbit the integer «of wave lengths» proportional n2 will be stacked. In this case formula (1) for atom of Hydrogenium:


i.e. the angular momentum of an electron on all orbits is identical. For terrestrial planets in (2) instead of  there will be a factor 9.2×1018 cm2/sec, and for planets of jupiter group a factor 48.1×1018 cm2/sec, m a planetary mass.

On notions of new physics all electronic orbits, except for orbit of the Bohr, elliptical, therefore are instable. For example, eccentricity of orbit Balmer: e = 0.5, spacing interval from a nucleus in an apofocus 2r0, spacing interval from a nucleus in pericentre 2/3r0, and bond energy with a nucleus 3/4E0, where r0 - radius of orbit of the Bohr, and E0 - electron-binding energy with a nucleus (13.6 eV).

Under the approximated formula , we shall discover perimeter of Balmer orbit. The semimajor axis of orbit: a = (2r0 + 2/3r0)/2 = 4/3r0. A semiminor axis of orbit:  = 1.155r0. Then: L = 2.49×r0. This calculation demonstrates, that pursuant to the theory of Hydrogenium atom of new physics, on elliptical orbits the integer of «associated waves» is not stacked. Here there is a sense graphically to demonstrate paradoxes arising at «stacking» on orbit of an integer of associated waves. On a figure 1 one wave «across» orbit of the Bohr indicated by a dotted line is shown.

This situation is completely equivalent to some turn of orbital plane. On a figure 2 two waves «across» orbit of the Bohr are shown.

For such pretentious motion there are no physical reasons.

On a figure 3 one wave «along» orbit of the Bohr is shown.

This situation is completely equivalent to some elliptical orbit with a central nucleus.

The most fancy figures are figured by the most fanatical supporters of orthodox views, as shown in a figure 4 (some lengths of waves «are packed» along orbit of the Bohr).

The similar trajectories are impossible in central-symmetrical field, differently we frequently saw them in a solar System.

The main conclusion from all set up is, that strongly it is necessary to official physics uniquely to demonstrate the scheme of energy levels of atom. In official notions easily there are irresolvable inconsistencies. On any energy level it is possible to throw an electron only by one photon having a moment  And even to ionize atom. At returning of an electron into orbit of the Bohr we can watch all known series of lines of Hydrogenium together with their limits. Spectral lines near to a limit of the given series infinite set. If the energy can be sectioned into infinite number of portions whence to take infinite number of moments  for each radiated photon? New physics in the theory of hydrogen-like atoms easily resolves this inconsistency [1, chapter 13].





At once I declare to the reader, that I have the killing evidence of falsehood of the special and general relativity theory. If the gravitation is diffused with speed of light, the gravitational field at orbital motion of the Earth will be distorted: is oblate in front and is spread behind. It will causes a daily variation of acceleration of gravity on 0.04%. However measurements of acceleration of gravity with large accuracy g×10-8 do not mark similar variations. The annual variation of acceleration of gravity should be still in 10 times more. A unambiguous conclusion from here follows: the speed of a gravitation not less, as 106 times is exceeded with speed of light [1, chapter 11.2.1]. The P.S. Laplace has found in 1787, what speed of a gravitation not less than in 5×107 times are surpassed with speed of light. Only at infinite speed of a gravitation the gravitational field of the Earth will be centrally symmetric, and the variations of acceleration of gravity cannot be watched.

Let's analyze some other sides of the general relativity theory. To the moment of its creation the Einstein already was considered infallible guru, therefore could to itself allow to neglect by common sense in the reasons. Main to receive end results matched with observations. By it all scientific beginnings ХХ centuries suffered. In earnest not understanding own mathematical manipulations, it was important to receive the «necessary» end result. This was promoted by the introducing of numerous parameters and factors in input equations, which one could arbitrary be manipulated. For example, the Einstein liked the fixed Universe - problems less, therefore he has entered into the equations a l-term, by assigning it wild properties: the more than spacing interval between space bodies, the more repulsing between them. Thus «has eliminated» a universal gravitation of a Newton. When was found out, that the Universe is extends, the Einstein has recognized the ours juggle as the most rough error. Here the price of the «greatest» theories.

In the Einstein's equations many of arbitrary parameters, therefore their solution corresponds to observations, but is not the evidence of true. You will not discover in the literature a correct trajectory calculation of the Earth and Moon under the theory of the Einstein and matching it with calculation under the theory of  the Newton.

On the Einstein any space body distorts a space-time. This distorting for middlebrows introduce as the funnel, in it there is an orbital motion of space bodies. Why the funnel is directed downwards, instead upwards or still somewhere? You see it a priori guesse some force, directional to bottom of the funnel. Whence this force? To supply potential energy of attraction of the Earth and Moon, it is necessary this energy to take from distorting space - time. If this distorting takes place without energy consumption, whence it arises at a gravitational interaction of bodies? Where fades at deleting bodies from each other? If the Earth on orbit will expend energy on maintenance of a gravitational interaction with Moon, it can not make even one orbital revolution around of the Sun, by spending all kinetic energy. Thus, the general relativity theory enters a glaring contradiction with an energy conservation law.

All space bodies of a solar System move on elliptical trajectories. Therefore gravitational funnels of the artful Einstein are wrinkled in a direction, perpendicular of the funnel axis, specially for comets with a large eccentricity of orbits. Besides very many members of a solar System have orbits arranged with different angles to a plane of an ecliptic, there is no space body, the orbital plane which one would coincide a plane of an ecliptic, therefore artful gravitational funnels of the artful Einstein are arranged in space completely arbitrary and, besides are step-by-step turns (compare planes of orbits «old» and «new» of comets).





In this article I attempt to find those planets, which one are not recorded yet in the registry of a solar System. If to construct the charts, where on an abscissa axis the prime numbers are shown, and on an ordinate axis , where r - radius of orbit of a planet or Vr, where V - orbital velocity, we shall see straight lines, miscellaneous for planets of earth and jupiter group. This fact speaks that all planets are in definite quantum condition. Only there are lack planets № 1 and № 2 earth groups (up to a Mercury), and also № 7-10 (behind Mars). In the jupiter    group of planets absentee a planet № 1. Let's try them to search.

Using the data [1, chapter 21] and value of an astronomical unit: 1 а.u. = 1.496×1013 cm, we shall calculate mean spacing interval r (а.u.) all terrestrial planets from the Sun, which one are shown in table 1.

Table 1.


r (а.u.)







Is not watched




Is not watched

3 Mercury




4 Venus




5 Earth




6 Mars







Comet of Gale the set of Saturn comets r = 2.083




Asteroids Ceres, Pallas, in all 31 large asteroids




In all 9 large asteroids




Asteroid Thule r = 4.29


For a planet № 7 was not found of any eligible asteroid. It was necessary to address to comets crowded meteoritic material [1, chapter 20, figure 20.5]. The most eligible candidate for a planet № 7 is the comet of the Gale, detected in 1927. After 1938 (period 11 years) it do not find any more. A perihelion of orbit 1.183 а.u., eccentricity 0.761. On such spacing interval of a comet rather intensively lose light constituents, if mass of a comet small. Apparently, the Gale has trapped final stage of loss of light constituents of this comet. In the total it was turn intoed a customary small asteroid, by keeping a considerable eccentricity. For planets № 8 and № 9 many asteroids correspond to computational radius of orbit, therefore it is better to be oriented on spikes on a curve [1, chapter 20, figure 20.4]. The planets № 1 and № 2 are arranged too close from the Sun, therefore here it is possible to expect absolutely small iron-nickel planets lost in its train to vaporization the stony envelope or a rings around of the Sun.

For definition of an equilibrium circular orbit r0 of comets having considerable eccentricities convenient to take advantage by the formula:


where: rp - spacing interval of a perihelion, e - eccentricity of orbit. A design value of radius of orbit of a planet № 1 of jupiter group 1.17 а.u. To this value there corresponds a known comet of the Halley (r0 = 1.15 а.u.). It is necessary to recognize it also as first planet of jupiter group and to add, that it more recently for space time scales is grasped by a solar System. This comet of the set of Neptune comets now has its core a view potato by the size 16×8×8 kms. Because of a large eccentricity of orbit the comet intensively loses mass, since is necessary to drive near to the Sun. Before acquisition by a solar System it could have quite decent for a planet the sizes and mass, but its speed before acquisition was too large, that has called a large eccentricity of orbit, which one now makes 0.964. As on an equilibrium circular orbit the orbital velocity of a planet № 1 of jupiter group is peer 27.5 kms/sec, that, before acquisition by a solar System, the reference velocity of Halley comet should make 27.5×0.964 = 26.5 kms/sec.





The notion about quarks has arisen in the second half ХХ centuries, when the physical science has become to suffer by ideas, which one cannot be tested. Therefore it is necessary to be disassembled with quarks long and on points. At first official notions I shall set up on points, then give the comments pursuant to these points.

Hypothesis about that the hadrons are built from particular subunities-quarks, was for the first time promoted by М. Gell-Mann and irrespective of him G. Zweig in 1964.

1. QUARKS - microscopical particles with a spin 1/2, elementary component of all hadrons: baryons and mesons. In limit of accuracy of modern experiment quarks - dot, unstructured formations (their sizes < 10-16 cm). To a start of the 80-th years 5 types of quarks were known: u, d, s, c, b. However are available the serious idealized basis to guess existence, at any rate, one more, sixth quark - t-quark. As a first approximation each baryon consists of three quarks, generally speaking, miscellaneous types, each meson - from a quark and antiquark. To all quarks usually assign a baryon number B = 1/3, so that the baryons had B = 1. For mesons thus B = 0 is automatically received. Character of quarks is the fractional electric charge, aliquot 1/3е, not meeting for other of the studied fundamental particles.

The spin being an own angular momentum of a particle official physics determines insecurely. For example, the spin of an electron pursuant to notions of new physics is peer /137 [1, chapter 2.1], instead of , as considers official physics.

Already it is impossible to consider quarks dot and unstructured, allowing a hypothesis about partons.

If the size of a quark is less than the size of a positive proton in one thousand time, between three quarks in a positive proton there are very large interspaces, that contradicts to idea confinement.

The physical sense of «strangeness» of hyperons is uncovered in [1, chapter 10] and is connected not to presence of a quark s, and with quantity of pions in a structure of hyperons.

Official physics as a matter of fact has business with 36 different quarks. Take from the table of the Mendeleyev any 36 of elements and from them you can synthesize millions substances, with any for you by properties. The orthodoxes love large number of parameters in equations, which one can arbitrary be manipulated.

As particles with fractional electric charge till now it is not discovered, it is one more argument against quarks.

2. The colour is the relevant characteristic of quarks ensuring an indispensable antisymmetry of a wave function of hadrons, built from identical quarks and by that observance of a Pauli's exclusion principle. Attempts to find out quarks in a free condition to success have not resulted. It means, that while there is no capability to speak about mass of quarks in customary for elementary particles sense. It is possible to speak only about effective mass of bound quarks dependent, generally speaking, from conditions, in which one the measurements implement. The values of weights of quarks are peer in a static limit:

mu  md  300 MeV, ms  500 MeV, mc  1500 MeV, mb  5000 MeV.

Mass of a t-quark, according to experiment, not less than 45 GeV.

The quarks in hadrons are retained by particular forces generated exchanges special by massless particles - gluons also by being carriers of colour (their number is equal 8). The interplay of gluons with quarks is enough strong (approximately in 10-100 times stronger electromagnetic). For this reason the gluons released by quarks, can with noticeable probability to beget  pairs a quark - antiquark (with that by the greater probability, than less mass of a quark). In a result in any hadron in each given moment alongside with quarks component the basis of its structure and determining its quantum numbers (so-called by valence quarks), the equilibrium additive of gluons and pairs a quark - antiquark of different types is contained. Last will to create as though "the sea" of quark - antiquark pairs, accordingly, them frequently call as marine quarks. The sea of quarks basically is conformed by pairs u- and d-quarks, it is less a little in it of pairs of s-quarks, it is even less (at any rate, on the order) pairs c-quark and so on. The additive of marine quarks in hadrons is not on the average so great, however depends on a type of a hadron and, in particular, in mesons, under the available data, is more expressed. Besides the sea of quarks in a hadron at its interplay with other particles to some extent is indignant, changing thus the properties. Quantitatively relative role of valence and marine quarks, and also gluons (g) in a hadron can be described by average value of a fraction of a total impulse of a hadron transferred by each of called a component. In view of presence at hadrons of marine quarks and gluons the structure of a hadron is updated as follows: each formative hadron a valence quark (antiquark) is actually surrounded as though by cloud from a quark - antiquark of pairs and gluons. Such "dressed" valence quark sometimes call valon. The sizes of a cloud ambient a valence quark (1/3-1/5)rN, (rN - size of a nucleone). Mass of valon corresponds to mass of a quark in a static limit. The model, in which one is received, that almost all mass of a hadron is concentrated in quarks, is called as model of constituent quarks. The particular implementations of this model differ by the suppositions about nature of interplay between quarks. The observed properties of hadrons manage quantitatively to be described if to accept, that the forces between quarks depend basically on spacing interval between them. By the applicable selection of interplay between quarks it is possible quantitatively to describe exited states of hadrons, their response curve such as electromagnetic formfactors.

The Pauli exclusion principle compels to augment number of essences by the introducing of «colour» of quarks. And whether this principle is valid? In chapter 12 [1] is shown, that it is possible to construct the adequate theory of atomic nuclei  not using this principle, and in chapter 15 [1] without this principle the table of  elements of the Mendeleyev is described.

As of quarks mass can not define with adequate accuracy, not knowing precise interplay of quarks among themselves, it is necessary to reason on effective mass depending on conditions of measurement. It speaks that official physics not only does not understand an essence of a strong interaction, but also is unfit enough precisely to determine mass of particles, as it is made by new physics in section of «Elementary particles» [1].

Here again address to an exchange interaction between gluons and quarks, the mechanism of this interplay do not know. It is too much gluons too. As a whole, baryon or meson become complicated directly on eyes, discrediting initial idea about their simple device. Further drag in notion about virtual particles (see article «Children's ruse and virtual particles» [1]). At last, before existence of valons and «marine» of quarks makes arrangement. Seriously similar gambls cannot be perceived.

In conclusion of this point admits that the adjustment under the answer is a favourite method of official physics, though it is all for a long time it is known.

3. By attempt to take into account dynamics of quarks in spirit QCD is the model of bags. In this model the notion about two phases of hadronic matter is entered. The first phase - vacuum QCD, contains which one a condensate of gluon and quark fields (see. A vacuum condensate, Rules of the sums). It is supposed, that propagation of free quarks and gluons in vacuum is impossible. The second phase corresponds to area inside a hadron. The hadron is represented as a bubble which is held back by internal motion almost of free quarks and gluons from implosion because of external pressure of vacuum. In model of bags it is possible to calculate in the consent with experiment of static characteristics of hadrons: magnetic moments, weight etc. As against model of constituent quarks, in model of bags, means, the part of mass of a hadron is distributed on its volume. The model of bags is not internally matched: because of the rigid form of a bag in it the principle of a causality is not abided, the spontaneous violation of a enantiomorphism in QCD is not taken into account. In the whole problem of construction consistent of quark model is not resolved. The main difficulties in construction of a quark - gluon model of a hadron are conditioned by absence of effective methods of activity with equations QCD in the field of strong connection. Because of property of asymptotic freedom in QCD most series is the description of hadrons inclusive high-gravity quarks c, b... (see. A quarkonium).

Any attempts to take into account dynamics of quarks will not help because of the unchastity of notion about confinement. If the Einstein has refused a lambda-term in the equations of a general relativity theory invoked to erase a law of universal gravitation, and, thus, has said goodbye to idea of the fixed Universe, venerators of quarks transmit further away and have invented confinement - the term beautiful, but physical contents not having, moreover, asserts completely wild interplay. Where the theory of this interplay, in which one is possible to give credence to?

Quantum chromodynamics QCD causes mass of problems, on which one there is no answer, and the model of bags is a fifth leg for a dog. Though it is possible something to count up on this model, using a known method of adjustment under the answer, but also here blind alley conditioned by falsehood of quark notions.

Asymptotic freedom, quarkonium, standard model, gluons is primeval forest which is not having pathways of an exit to clear comprehension of natural phenomena.

4. Properties of quarks

Symbol                        Title                    Charge                     Mass


d  lower                     down                    -1/3                  ~ 5 MeV/c2

u  upper                       up                       +2/3                 ~ 3 MeV/c2

Second generation

s  strange                   strange                   -1/3             95 25 MeV/c2

c  charm (charmed)                                +2/3                    1.8 GeV/c2

Third generation

b charming            beauty (bottom)          -1/3                   4.5 GeV/c2

t              true                        truth (top)              +2/3                   171 GeV/c2

By virtue of unknowns while reasons, the quarks by a natural image are clustered in three so-called generations (they and are shown in the table). In each generation one quark has a charge +2/3, and another -1/3. The subdivision on generation  is diffused as well on leptons.

The reasons of a grouping in three generations are uncovered in chapter 10.1 and table 10.1.1 [1].

Having in a reserve, in total, 36 quarks can their structure be customized with any notions. New physics determines mass of particles much more precisely, and their constitution - is much easier.

5. The exotic properties of a strong interaction result that the single quark can not be eliminated on any noticeable spacing interval from other quarks, so, the quarks can not be watched in a free view (phenomenon received title confinement). To scatter the «colorless» combinations of quarks - hadrons can only.

Because of unusual property of a strong interaction – of confinement – frequently by laymen set a problem: and whence we are sure, what the quarks exist, if them anybody never will see in a free kind? Can, they - only mathematical fiction, and the positive proton does not consist at all of them?

How it is possible to speak about exotic properties of a strong interaction not knowing these properties?

The orthodoxes as «laymen» consider all inquisitive, specifying inconvenient questions.

6. The reasons that quarks are considered as substantially present objects, are those:

At first, in the 1960-th years it has become clear, that all numerous hadrons obey to more - less simpl. classification: by itself are integrated in multiples and supermultiples. Differently, at the description of all these multiples the very small number of free parameters is required. That is, all hadrons have a small number of degree of freedoms: all baryons with an identical spin have three degree of freedoms, and all mesons - two. Originally hypothesis of quarks just also was encompass byed this supervision, and the word «quark», as a matter of fact, was the brief form of a phrase «a subhadron degree of freedom».

Further, at the registration of a spin has appeared, what each such degree of freedom can assign a spin 1/2 and, besides each pair of quarks can assign the orbital moment - as if they and there are particles, which one can be gyrated from each other. From this supposition there was an orderly explanation and all variety of spins of hadrons, and also their magnetic moments.

Moreover, with discovery of new particles was found out, that of any modifications of the theory it is not required: each new hadron is successful was inscribed in a quark design without its any modifications (short of attachment of new quarks).

How to test, what the charge for quarks is true fractional? The quark model forecast, that at an annihilation of a high energy electron and positron not hadrons will be born, and at first pairs a quark - antiquark, which one are then already transformed into hadrons. The outcome of calculation of flow of such process directly depend on what charge of the born quarks. The experiment completely has confirmed these predictions (the source is not indicated).

With increase of energy of accelerators has become possible also to attempt to beat out a separate quark from a hadron in high energy impact. The quark theory gave legible predictions, as the outcomes of such impacts - should look as sprays. Such sprays were truely watched in experiment. Let's remark, that if the positive proton from anything did not consist, sprays certainly was not.

The hadrons not by themselves are integrated in multiples and supermultiples, them drive in these concentration camps  the theorists.

As I already marked, a spin of particles the orthodoxes do not know how to determine, and the magnetic moments cannot be defined not knowing a constitution of particles, only adjustment will help. New physics knows weights, sizes and constitution of all particles, therefore it here does not have problems and to customize nothing it is necessary.

Just it is necessary to count up new quarks also to understand an inaccuracy of quark model. How many them still will be? Already problem.

The experiments and calculations of orthodoxes cannot be trusted (see article «It is impossible give credit to!» in [1]). The convincing evidences of a fractional charge of quarks is not shown, see chapter 11 [1].

The birth of sprays demonstrates only that the energy of impact is transformed into general weight and general kinetic energy of impact products. The fractional charge of quarks has not to this of attitude. Of what the positive proton consists is shown in chapter 7.5 [1], and of what the electron, photon consists, p0 the orthodoxes have not notion.

7. Concerning quarks there are problems, on which one while there is no answer:

Why three colours are equal?

Why three generations of quarks are equal?

Whether incidentally concurrence of number of colours and number of generations?

Whether incidentally concurrence of this number with dimension of space in our world?

Such dispersion in weights of quarks whence undertakes?

Of what the quarks consist? (see. Prequark)

On these problems, exhausted from the finger, there is no sense to respond. I have added still problem: incidentally whether, what in ours village there is no grandmother, but only the grandfather?

8. The positive proton has quark structure p = (uud), i.e. consists of two u-quarks and one d-quark, the neutron - n = (udd), i.e. consists of one u-quark and two d-quarks.

The construction of a positive proton is shown in chapter 7.5 [1], it can be esteemed, as two positrons and electron (three «of a quark») or, as two photons and positron (too three «quarks»). The construction of a neutron is shown in chapter 7.2.2 [1].

9. Is brief the essence of confinement (i.e. “holding","captivity") is, that the forces linking quarks with each other, at deleting do not decrease, and increase (!). It is assigned to properties of a strong interaction - of a gluon field, which one links quarks inside hadrons. Such unusual conclusion is given by a quantum chromodynamics - theory depicting all properties of hadrons and their impacts. So, for example, at attempt «to pull out» a quark from a positive proton a gluon field originates a plus quark - antiquark pair, and from a positive proton not the quark, and pi meson already separates. The pi meson already can take the flight as is wished far from a positive proton, because the forces between hadrons weakening with spacing interval.

The idealized substantiation of colour confinement (it «holding», “captivity”) inside hadrons is while in a development stage. A solution of a problem hides in rather exotic properties of forces which are operational between quarks: it appears, the interaction energy of quarks does not descend with increase of spacing interval between them, as we have got used to consider, and increases.

From «explanation» of confinement it is visible, that the quantum chromodynamics is not suit anywhere.

10. The experiments on dissipation of electrons and positrons from colliding beams have allowed almost directly «to see» quarks. At impact these particles are transformed into a photon (virtual), which one originates a quark - antiquark pair. The total impulse of a system is peer to zero point, that is why a quark and antiquark scatter in the counter sides. They can not exist in a free condition and «are decolorized»: everyone generates a great many of mesons, flying predominantly in its initial direction. In the total two rather narrow sprays of mesons will be arised, which one and were registered on experiment. Any idealized scheme, except for quark, be not capable to explain by a some natural way two-jet structure of events and to describe the characteristics of born mesons.

Thus, the principled regularity of the general concepts of the quarks theory  now does not cause any doubts. The quarks, doubtlessly, exist, but only in a bound condition. Therefore term has found «existence» in physics of a microcosmos finds unexpected treatment, and it requires even philosophical rethinking.

 Conjurers from of a quark gang large tricksters, but quarks I and not «have seen». The orthodoxes «interdicted» of determinism, motion on a definite trajectory, definite position of a particle, now attempt and on existence it, what will be further?

11. From properties of nuclei it is known, that in nuclei there are a lot of positive protons concerning equilibrium composition positive protons are easily transformed into neutrons and on the contrary, if there is an excess of neutrons, they are easily transformed into positive protons. Thus the nucleus has  or  radioactivity, i.e. releases positrons or electrons. The existence them instead of quarks official physics does not enable. The described process can be recorded so: p(uud)  n(udd), i.e. thus one quark can be transformed in another: u  d, but from the point of view of the theory of quarks such process is impossible.





On a virial theorem the electron-binding energy in atom is peer to half of energy of attraction to a nucleus:


where: U - potential of ionization (bond energy of the given electron), Z* - effective nuclear charge, e - elementary charge, r - radius of a circular orbit of the given electron.

On the other hand, the bond energy of the given electron in atom corresponds to a minimum of general potential energy of attraction to a nucleus and potential energy of generalpurpose repulsing:


where: me - electronic mass, V - orbital velocity of an electron.

In [1, chapter 2] is shown, that for all electrons, both free, and bound in atom product Vr = always permanently and equally 1.1576 cm2/sec. If to take into account this value in (2), we shall receive:


To find a minimum of a function (3), it is necessary it differentiated on radius and to equate to zero point:




Deciding jointly (5) and (3), we shall discover:

    (6),                                                    (7).

That it was convenient to use the obtained formulas, we shall substitute in them constants and conversion factors of an ionization energy of atom or ion expressed in electronvolts in a system CGS:

Z* = 0.2711 (U (eV)) 0.5 elementary charges (8), 

r = 1.9518×10-8×(U (eV)) -0.5cm (9).

Table 1 below is adduced, where in the first pillar the atom or one of its ions is indicated, in the second pillar the ionization energy of atom or ion is shown, in the third pillar the effective nuclear charge of this ion under the formula (8) is indicated, and in the fourth pillar radius of a circular orbit of an outside electron of atom or ion under the formula (9) is shown.

Table 1.

Atom or ion

U (eV)


r×10-8 cm






























































Further to prolong this table it is not meaningful, since between a potential of ionization of the given electron, the effective nuclear charge for this electron and its radius of orbit exists unequivocal connection instituted by the formulas (8) and (9). Thus, the notions of new physics about the device of a microcosmos receive one more endorsement.

If to multiply (8) on (9), we shall receive, what product of the effective charge which is operational on the given electron on radius of its orbit is value to constant and equal radius of orbit of the Bohr in atom of Hydrogenium 0.529173× 10-8 cm. This outcome proves the formula (2.3) [1].





Before any phenomenon to attribute to mysticism, is necessary to attempt to find out in it scientific fundamentals, that the phenomenon has become understandable. Here I shall try out to result four examples of scientific explanation of «mystical» phenomena.

1. Religion. The strong natures rely on themselves, but gentle natures are more they also search for the advocate and moral support in our world, which one seems to them hostile after the mother and parent protection has ceased to be felt. More often gentle natures naturally are lazy as to sail on flow is much more lighter, than to struggle for the existence. The religion just also is intended for such natures and in it they find imaginary protection, support, satisfaction and calm.

2. Mother-in-law. The men are arranged so, that their capabilities always exceed needs. For the women of need always exceed their capabilities. This fact biologically is justified for the people. Though the men try to be divided by the capabilities with the wife and children, but it is not always received rather effectively. As a matter of fact, it is almost never received, since the needs of the women always keeping ahead the obtained capabilities. This fact ingeniously has spotlight A.S. Pushkin in the fairy tale about the fisherman and fish. Therefore women frequently consider the marriage unsuccessful because of disability of the husband to satisfy all with her needs. If the woman has daughter, which one marries, then there is «effect of the mother-in-law». The woman convinces itself that she will do the utmost, that the marriage of the daughter was happy, as itself considers the marriage unsuccessful. As a result of interference in business of new family, this family or is disintegrated or relations of the son-in-law and the mothers-in-law become extremely tight.

3. Prophetic sleeps. Our subconscious mind has large prognostic capacities, as does not disregard any small which is at all not mirrored by our consciousness. It concerns not only to the man, but also to any living creatures, since from prognostic capacities his existence depends. Any dream is free imagination of a subconscious mind on the basis of the items of information, accumulated by him. All problem, how in this confusion lay the emphasis the valuable prognostic information. As well as in any not clear phenomenon, the people have invented mass interpretations of dreams, but all of them, by and large, are connected to the definite coding: to see a dog - to an occurring with the friend, fish - to a bad information etc. The similar coding acts, if the man solidly trusts in it, but if a faith not solid, it is better to manage any codings, and better objective and explicitly to analyze dream and to reveal in it prognostic details.

4. Astrology. In this area the people have invented the greatest quantity of crazy ideas, however, the scientific basis is present here again. The mammals in northern hemisphere are born since March till June and it is optimal term for successful development of a new generation conditioned by evolution. However, the sex activity of the man disregarded terms of an optimal impregnation. Nobody will object the fact, that external and inner environment of an organism has determining influencing on his development. During pregnancy the mother receives a miscellaneous solar insolation, miscellaneous feed, miscellaneous quantity and quality of vitamins, miscellaneous regime of a labour and rest, miscellaneous irradiation by ultrarays and earth irradiation, the light regime, phases of moon, solar activity, a temperature changes and set of other factors influences, which one cannot be taken into account. Apparently only that the general operating of all factors, in the greater part, is synchronized with a season. Therefore, for example, child, be born in the winter, when the organism of the mother did not receive enough vitamins and sunlight will on the physical capabilities differ from the child, born in the spring, summer or autumn. Probably (I it do not predicate), that his poor physical health will push his further development to the scientist, composer, artist, and the man, born in April will become a policeman, sportsman or military. The systematic scientific researches are necessary for the solution of these problems, but in our society such researches are impossible. Wild cry about a violation of rights of the man, about segregation and discrimination at once will arised.

Conclusion simple: it is necessary closely to be disassembled in all human «fallacies». The smoke without a fire does not happen.




Official physics considers, that any field represents set of virtual particles, the exchange by which one will realise interplay. The electrostatic charges interact by exchange of photons, gravitational - gravitons, the strong interplay realizes exchange of virtual mesons etc. As a matter of fact, the interplay is substituted by only mechanical impact of a virtual particle emitted by one associate on interplay with other associate, absorptive this particle. In such a way it is possible to explain repulsing of particles from each other, for example, like electric charges still, though and with a large strained interpretation, but the mutual attraction of unlike charges, moreover and on exact to the same law to explain is impossible. Therefore such explanation, which one would satisfy you, you will not discover. In any case, the emitting of a virtual particle results in repulsing at the expense of recoil, and the occluding of a virtual particle also results in repulsing, at the expense of obtaining impulse in the counter party from the associate on interplay.

New physics considers, that the fields represent the certain substance, smeared-out in space, which one has some tension in each point, but has not mass, therefore is diffused with indefinitely high speed. The details of interplay are set up in chapter 11.2.2 [1]. In chapter 11.2.1 on the basis of diurnal variations of acceleration of gravity is shown, that the speed of a gravitation not less than in 100 millions time exceeds speed of light. If the gravitation was diffused with speed of light, as the supporters of a relativity theory consider, ahead of planets at their orbital motion the gravitational field slightly would be oblate, and behind them - is extended. In outcome the centre of mass of a planet will not coincide its center of a gravitation and forming moment between centrifugal effort on orbit and attractive force to the Sun will force a planet to be gyrated in the party opposite to orbital rotation. This moment by nothing is compensated and should result in a mechanical breaking of planets under operating of centrifugal efforts. However it does not take place.

The official notions about an exchange interaction result in a double violation of law of preservation of energy. Let's consider a rod, on ends which one the electric charges q1 and q2 are fixed. While a rod rest, impulses received by charges from virtual photons, which one they interchange, do not result in motion of a rod. Now we shall push a rod in a direction of a charge q1. Thus the photons which are radiated q2 in the direction q1 a few will increase the impulse (will receive cyan displacement of frequency), and the photons from q1 to q2 will receive red displacement of frequency. In outcome the rod as a whole will begin to move with progressively increased acceleration. Apparently, that in this case we have received a perpetuum mobile. Shall take advantage indeterminacy relation of the Heisenberg as:

Et                                                    (1),

where: E - possible energy of a virtual particle, and t - possible time of its existence. Apparently, that the energy of a virtual photon of electrostatic interplay, in this case, will be:


where: r - spacing interval between charges on a rod. If the energy of a virtual photon will be less (2), it can not realise interplay between charges. Let's substitute (2) in (1) and we shall discover a possible life time of a virtual photon:


If we impart to both ends of a rod 1000 elementary charges (1000 electrons superfluous or as much lacks), pursuant to (3) life times of a virtual photon, accountable for interplay will make (at r = 1 cm) 4.6×10-15 sec. For this time the photon can fly by only 0.138 microns and will vanish, therefore connection of charges by exchange of virtual photons in these conditions cannot be executed.

Thus, the notions of official physics about interplays by means of exchange of virtual particles are erratic. The problem of a long-range action should be decided in essence by different way.





The quantum mechanics prohibits existence of any particular trajectory at motion of a particles, but expansion chamber (or bubble chamber) uniquely indicate, that the trajectories of particles obey not to a quantum mechanics, and mechanics of a Newton. The quantum mechanics describes interplay of particles by many fancy suppositions not compatible with classic, but the processes of interplay of particles captured in emulsions, also uniquely demonstrate, as here mechanics of a Newton appears ahead of a quantum mechanics.

 Measuring parameters of a trajectory of a particle in an expansion chamber, we can to define electric charge of a particle, its mass and energy. Back, knowing a charge of a particle, its mass and energy we can compute that alone trajectory, on which one the particle will move and to watch this trajectory in an expansion chamber. Thus, the expansion chamber demonstrates classic determinism of behavior of microparticles at their motion and interplay.

Naturally to expect, that the behavior of electrons inside atom also obeys to mechanics of a Newton. Here supporters of a quantum mechanics will use the far-fetched paradox to defame classic mechanics and «to push» quantum. Though classic physics results in a conclusion, that at motion of electric charge with acceleration, it should lose energy on electromagnetic radiation, but at motion of an electron on a circular orbit of any acceleration is not present. The centrifugal force is always balanced with attractive force to a nucleus and the resultant force is peer to zero point. Therefore, pursuant to mechanics of a Newton any radial or the tangential accelerations do not arise also electron can be gyrated around of a nucleus ad infinitum. If it has received exuberant energy, his orbit becomes elliptical, and it as soon as possible gets rid of this exuberant energy again to take a circular orbit. The fixed position of electrons in atom is prohibited by the theorem of the Irnshow, atom to be steady, should represent a dynamic system. All is very simple ([1], chapter 13), but orthodoxes a simplicity does not settle – not seriously, therefore Feynman has invented two artful juggles, that from darkness of absence of determinism to remove physics on light of classic determinism.

The first juggle is connected to motion of microparticles. If the particle has not a particular trajectory, we shall draw between points A and B set of every possible trajectories, as shown in a figure 1.

 Figure 1. Three trajectories from many, creating the contribution to probability of moving of a quantum particle in a point B.

Further is necessary artful mathematics, you see it is known, that it is selling wench of science and always gives that from it want, specially, if it would be very desirable. In an end result it is necessary to receive a trajectory coincident to mechanics of a Newton. Therefore Feynman together with others elaborates the applicable mathematical apparatus (quotations from Wikipedia): «In 1933 (in work «Lagrangian in a quantum mechanics») the Dirac has offered idea of usage a path integral in a quantum mechanics.

The Feynman at the end of 1940-th has realised this program, by elaborating a formalism of the continuum integral which has appeared extremely fruitful in idealized physics. However till now severe and rather their full mathematical theory meets essential difficulties. Also the serious difficulty introduces precise calculus of such integrals (except for a Gaussian case)». Remark, that the fog chamber was invented by the Wilson between 1910 and 1912 and the orthodoxes of a quantum mechanics had enough time to be convinced of a validity of mechanics of a Newton for a microcosmos.

The second juggle is connected to interplay of particles. In spite of the fact that on supervisions in an expansion chamber or in a photographic emulsion it is possible to calculate all geometrical and energy parameters of this interplay, the artful mathematics here again allows to leave from darkness of a quantum mechanics on light God's. For this purpose the Feynman has invented the charts. A principle same, as path integral: the more of elements in the chart and they are more complex gathered, the closer computational outcome can be customized to experiment. Again quotation from Wikipedia: «Feynman at the end of 1940-th has realised this program, by elaborating a formalism of the continuum integral which has appeared extremely fruitful in idealized physics. It meant occurrence technically new (having - except for only technical - besides series of intuitive advantages) method of construction of quantum theories becoming subsequently hardly probable not most popular among theorists. Already Feynman on the basis of a formalism of a continuum integral has constructed such base engineering of a quantum theory of a field, as the charts of the Feynman.




One of my readers, Vadim has draw my attention to the link [1] where the work of A.K. Tomilin «Experimental research of a longitudinal electromagnetic interaction» and of G.V. Nikolaev «Experimental paradoxes of an electrodynamics» is submitted. Due to him I managed to be acquainted with these works.

The classic notions recognize that at motion of electric charge there is a magnetic field, the equipotential surface has which one the shape of a torus formed by rotation of a circumference in a plane, perpendicular to a current of traffic of a charge. The magnetic density Bm in this case will be determined by the formula:


where - angle between a current of traffic and given point of space, V - running speed of a charge, C - speed of light (electrodynamic constant). The formula (1) demonstrates, that the magnetic field in a current of traffic misses ( = 0 or 1800), i.e. the originating longitudinal magnetic field is impossible.

New physics considers [2, chapter 2], that all free bodies move on a scew trajectory, therefore we shall esteem motion of a separate electron on such trajectory. In this case, except for a cross-sectional magnetic field there is also longitudinal magnetic field.

Magnetic moment of a contour with a current (in a system СGS):


where: a current of a contour , e - charge, T - cycle time of a charge, S - area of a contour.

Magnetic moment for a mobile electron:


where a wavelength of an electron:


By substituting (4) in (3), we shall discover:


In (5) we shall take into account, that the angular momentum of a mobile electron is peer . Then we shall receive expression for a magneton of the Bohr coincident with official:



The literature.


2.    Monograph «Fundamentals of new physics and pictures of Universe» on a site




The specialists of European organization of nuclear researches have made sensational discovery, which one threatens to shatter all notions about a world of elementary particles. The corner stone of a modern physics - postulate of the Einstein that nothing is capable to move faster than speed of light - the smallest subatomic particle a neutrino investigated during experiments on the Superproton synchrotron (SPS) has refuted. In re-count on speed, the neutrino exceeds speed of light, approximately, on 0.0025%.

To understand reasons of this experimental outcome it is impossible if not to take into consideration notions of new physics about the device of elementary particles [1].

Let's begin from a photon. New physics considers, that the photon consists of an electronic neutrino and antineutrino revolving around of common center gravidynamic of interplay [1, chapter 7.3]. It is known, that the angular momentum of a photon is whole, since it concerns to bosons:


where: mf - mass of a photon, c - speed of light, r - radius of gyration.

From (1):


.Mass of a photon from a known ratio between mass and energy:


By substituting (3) in (2) and allowing, that , we shall discover:


where: - wavelength of a photon or perimeter of circle of cross section of its screw trajectory.

Thus, the free photon moves on a screw trajectory with identical tangential and forward speed, equal speed of light. Apparently, that its general speed is peer c× and on 41,4 % exceeds speed of light. Unfortunately, now there are no experimental capabilities to confirm this fact.

Electron [1, chapter 2, 7.2]. Consists of a pair electronic neutrino revolving around of center of gravidynamic interplay. Let's discover an angular momentum of a mobile electron. Apparently, that it will be same, as well as on orbit of the Bohr in atom of Hydrogenium in virtue of operation of law of preservation of an angular momentum. Multiplying electronic mass me on its orbital velocity c/137 and on radius of orbit of the Bohr rB, we shall discover, that the electron has an angular momentum same, as well as photon:  (but not ). Now we shall discover an angular momentum electronic neutrino in an electron. Same it remain and for a free neutrino an Own angular momentum of an electron, which one official physics called a spin:


where: me - electronic mass, r0 - classic radius of an electron, c - speed of light, since new physics considers, that all components of microparticles moves with speed of light. Own angular momentum of the electron which has been counted up on (5) in 137 times less of an angular momentum of a mobile electron, therefore angular momentum of one electronic neutrino :


As an angular momentum of a mobile electron in 274 times more of angular momentum a free neutrino, that:


where: - mass of neutrino, me - electronic mass.

In the known formula depicting relativistic increase of a particle mass [1, chapter 5.2]:


 instead of speed of light c, we shall substitute maximum speed clim, with which one, for example, free neutrino can move. Instead of V we shall substitute speed of light. Then it is possible to count up, what speed should have the electronic neutrino of mass , that its relativistic mass has compounded half of electronic mass me/2:




By substituting (7) in (11) we shall discover, that  = 1.0000266, i.e. speed the neutrino on 0.0027 % exceeds speed of light, that will be well agreeed the experimentally found value 0.0025%. Thus, the foundation of a relativity theory appears error.





By formal consideration of rectilinear motion with acceleration under operating of constant force there is a paradox: on the second Newton's law acceleration in inverse proportion to mass of a body, but also the force of inertia of this body also is determined by the second Newton's law. Therefore force causing acceleration of a body in accuracy is peer to force of inertia of this body. These forces are peer and opposite are directed, therefore, the resultant force is peer to zero point, and the body owes to rest or move uniformly, but it as a matter of fact moves as accelerated or in a slowed-up way depending on, whether the operational force on motion of a body or against this motion is directed.

To permit the indicated paradox, we shall conduct some imaginary experiments.

1. Rigid container with weight.

If some force moves the container in a horizontal plane, the force of inertia of weight urges it to be moved to a wall, the force so long as weight not hits in this wall acts on which one. In an equilibrium state the force of inertia which is operational on weight, is peer to a counterforce of a wall. The more acceleration, with which one moves the container, the more force of inertia which is operational on weight.

Precisely same situation, if the force, operational on the container, does not accelerate it, and brakes.

If some force acts on the container in a vertical plane (downwards), the force of pressure of weight on bottom of the container will decrease in process of increase of the operational force. When the operational force will become to equal attractive force to the Earth, the acceleration of the container and weight equated with acceleration of gravity and weight inside the container be able to weightlessness. At further increase of the operational force, the force of inertia will become all stronger to push weight to a ceiling of the container.

If the external force is directed upwards, in process of its increase, the force of inertia of weight will all stronger push weight to the floor of the container.

2. Soft container with weight.

On a place of deformation of the soft container it is easy to locate applications of the force of inertia of weight. The degree of deformation is augmented in process of increase of acceleration of the container so long as resiliency of a envelope of the container not compensatives force of inertia of weight.

3. Weight bound to the container on elastic.

The force of inertia of weight expands elastic in the side opposite to acceleration so long as resiliency of elastic not compensatives force of inertia.

4. Empty rigid container.

On the basis of the previous experience, apparently, that on any microparticle of the container the force of inertia forces this fragment to press on adjacent so long as elastic energy of a material of the container acts will not balanced force of inertia. The  skin of the container attempts to be torn off from it, but is retained by forces of molecular coupling with the previous layer, so, that it remains in equilibrium state.

Thus, the force of inertia at accelerated motion of a body though is peer to the external force, operational on a body, but is expended on deformation of all body, therefore motion of a body does not influence.

From the introduced analysis it is possible to draw a conclusion, that some space objects, for example, comet with a large eccentricity can be shattered in an rear part, at accelerated motion to the Sun and in a forefront, at decelerated motion from the Sun. This is promoted by minor tensile strength of their material.




The formula of a Rydberg for atom of Hydrogenium:


where: - wavelength of a spectral line, R - constant of a Rydberg for Hydrogenium (109677 cm-1), n1 - index plane of a series, n = n1 + 1,2,3 … - main quantum number. The boundary of a spectral series is determined by acquisition of a mobile electron with a zero-point energy on an index plane of a series at n = . The parameters of spectral series of Hydrogenium atom are shown in table 1.

Table 1.

Title of a series


Wavelength of boundary of a series (nm)




















As it is visible from the table, only in a series of the Lyman the electron from «perpetuity» falls on an index plane of atom with a main quantum number, equal unit. In remaining series the electron for some reason stops on an index plane of the given series and does not drop on an index plane of atom, i.e. the atom remains fevered, that contradicts conclusions of a quantum mechanics and experiments (conflict 1). It could be understood, if the atom in an exited state will appear on an index plane of the given series and as a result radiation will reach index plane of atom.

That the further reasoning are become more understandable, I shall drive the official scheme of energy levels of atom of Hydrogenium and scheme of levels of new physics [1, chapter 13] (figure 1 and 2).


On a figure 2 levels of energy are figured in the return order in relation to a figure 1. Orbit of the Lyman (parabolic) corresponds to a main quantum number n = 1. Remaining elliptical orbits step-by-step come nearer to a ground state of atom (circular orbit of the Bohr), which one corresponds to a main quantum number, equal perpetuity. Thus, in the official scheme of energy levels they are inspissated far from orbit of the Bohr, and in the scheme of levels of new physics they are inspissated near to orbit of the Bohr. Naturally, that the formula 1 and table 1 will be identical  fair both for a figure 1, and for a figure 2. The tendered scheme of levels removes a conflict 1. Whether the mobile electron will be grasped by atom or at the expense of excitation of atom the electron will appear on any of levels of energy, it necessarily will return into orbit of the Bohr and will demonstrate the applicable spectral series with the clear expressed limit of this series.

As in the official scheme of levels of energy they are inspissated far from a ground state of atom, spacing interval between adjacent spectral lines should be augmented in the party of short waves. Actually, this spacing interval decreases down to a limit of a spectral series, that is visible from a real spectrum of a figure 3 (conflict 2).

The tendered scheme of levels eliminates an conflict 2.

In space clouds of an atomic hydrogen H I the radiation in optical and radio-frequency range is watched (fig. 3).

Figs. 3. Spectral lines of Hydrogenium in optical range and radio-frequency range. The numbering concerns to a final level of atom after emitting a quantum of the applicable frequency, - head term of the applicable series, the intensity of lines  is given in arbitrary units.

The figure 3 demonstrates, that is possible with identical success to adhere as the official version of radiation of Hydrogenium in a radio-frequency range, and notions of new physics about inspissating energy levels near to orbit of the Bohr. However for the first version the indicated conflicts 1 and 2 remain valid. By a situation, of an ionization continuum, temperature in investigated clouds of Hydrogenium made, approximately, 0.51 0K [1, the formula (13.30)], that is much lower even than temperature of relict radiation. It takes place because the atom of Hydrogenium beams until will reach a main quantum number 250 in the given research. Thus Hydrogenium is chilled. Because of extremely low-density of hydrogenous cloud only minor number of atoms can be provoked down to ionization at the expense of effect on them by short-wave space photons or corpuscles of a sidereal wind. Apparently, that the similar events are improbable, therefore atom quietly can beam photons so long as its «temperature» will not reach 0 0K.





Under the theory of Big Fireworks of new physics, each galaxy consists of three components: stars, gas-dust cloud and asteroids.

I realize asteroids here (as a matter of convenience of narration) not luminous bodies by the size from small-sized of pebble out of shape up to huge bodies of the epicyclic sizes with the equilibrium spherical shape. Allowing large mass of a neutron liquid around of each supernucleus, total mass of asteroids can considerably exceed nass of a remaining galaxy, which one contains them it, so-called, «a dark matter» of the Universe (see article «Calculation of an epicyclic system of any star» [1])

 . Unfortunately, the asteroidal component of galaxies is visually invisible. In chapter 20.1 [1] is shown, that for bodies with radius more than 0.8 mms the Universe is transparent. The huge number of asteroids in a period of rough youth of our Galaxy is demonstrated by intensive meteoritic bombardment, the tracks are visible to which one on a surface of planets and asteroids. They sculptured planets for each star. Step-by-step motion of all components of a Galaxy has become organized around of its center, therefore now of intensive meteoritic bombardment both intensive growth of planets and satellites at the expense of it we is not observed. The position of any asteroid in a solar System is determined by relative velocity of motion and by «aiming distance» of an asteroid and system as a whole. If this aiming distance so far, that the relative velocity of a solar system and asteroid exceeds the second cosmic velocity on this distance, the asteroid can not be grasped. If the relative velocity corresponds to the first cosmic velocity on aiming distance, the asteroid will be grasped on a circular orbit around of the Sun. If the relative velocity on aiming distance is more than the first cosmic velocity, but it is less second, the asteroid will be grasped into elliptical orbit, the eccentricity is proportional to which one to a square of excess velocity (chapter 21 [1]) and step-by-step decreases up to zero point.

The majority of planets satellites, as well as planets, are seized only into definite orbits, forming of a asteroidal belt on orbit of the given planet. With flow of time these belts are condensated, since the motion of bodies on one orbit gravitationally is not steady. As a result of interception of these bodies the planet, will forming a satellite system of a planet. Naturally, that on a solar orbit of a planet the large body can be grasped, which one after secondary acquisition by a planet will become its satellite.

The rule position of an asteroid belt in a solar system, at the first blush, contradicts above reduced reasons, in spite of the fact that in its there are planetoids of earth group with quantum numbers more than 6 (see figure 20.4 [1]). However this inconsistency easily is authorized if to allow for a not general running speed of a solar system in a Galaxy, and its peculiar speed. Under the data Wikipedia the point, in a direction by which one with speed about 19.5-20 kms/s is gone the Sun, the apex is called and is arranged in constellation of Oat-flakes, on boundary with constellation of the Lyra, its coordinates a»18h, +300. The flight of the Sun (and at the same time and all Solar System) takes place, approximately, bevel way 25 degrees to a plane of a Galaxy. The area of space placing between two orbital resonances 4:1 and 2:1, that corresponds to orbital spacing intervals 2.06 and 3.27 a.u., is sometimes called as a core of an asteroid belt and contains up to 93.4 % of all indexed asteroids. It includes asteroids with an eccentricity no more than 0.33 and slope) less than 200, the semimajor axes which one lie within stated limits.

On indicated spacing interval of an asteroid belt, their computational orbital velocity owes compile 16.5-20.7 kms/s, that will be wonderfully agreeed with the data of the Wikipedia. It is peculiar speed of the Sun in interstellar space. Thus, the solar system at the expense of peculiar motion collects in interstellar space asteroids, which one are permanently stored in an asteroid belt, but also permanently leave from this belt under influencing of the jupiter.





Hi, Eugene. Me was lucky, that such remarkable reader, as you was found. Prolong and further looking up of the answers on problems, digging up to the  bottom.

On your letter from 09.01.2012 to respond I shall not be, here I admit, that itself is guilty. In science there is an inconsistency if to set up clear, is received is complex, and if to set up simplistically, is received not clear. In general, was received on the Chernomirdin: «wanted, as it is better, and was received, as always». It is necessary to begin at first.

The running speed of any photon in absence of an environment cannot be changed, it is always constant, therefore about «relativistic» increase of photon mass there can not be a speech. It is possible to change only energy of a photon, but how it to make? Let's record two equivalent formulas for energy of a photon:


where: m - mass of a photon, c - speed of light (constant), h - constant of the Planck, n - «frequency» of a photon. Apparently, that frequency of a photon and its mass are connected uniquely.

In the left-hand part (1) sums of kinetic energy of a photon at translational motion and tangential motion on coils of a screw trajectory, on which one are gone a photon [1]. It is understandable, that potential energy for free photons is not present, they have nobody to interact. In a right member (1) energy of a photon is expressed through its «frequency», i.e. circumference of cross section of a screw trajectory or spacing interval between coils of this trajectory. Here we at once stumble about a problem of a wave-corpuscle dualism. It is successfully resolved in [1], but official physics can not brag of its successful sanction. Though the motion of particles on a screw trajectory has some properties of wave process, but they all the same remain particles and any environment for the propagation do not require. The surge can arise and to be diffused only in some environment. To add energy to a photon, not changing its running speed, it is necessary to increase its mass and frequency simultaneously. For this purpose it is possible to take advantage of that circumstance, that the angular momentum of all photons is identical and is peer .


where: m - mass of a photon, c - speed of light, r - radius of its screw trajectory. From (2) it is visible, that at decreasing radius of a screw trajectory mass of a photon is augmented. At the same time the frequency of a photon is augmented and its «wavelength» decreases. In this case other exit is not present how to consider motion of photons screw.

On such artful problem: the photon of lengthy radio waves is a particle or surge, I respond uniquely is a particle of the huge sizes and its mass easily to define (we look, for example. [1], chapter 11.5.1). If it was the surge, its mass to define it is impossible. Though I the opponent of illconditioned matchings, which one piddles official physics, fading out of wave properties for photons with increase of their energy am possible to explain as follows. Imagine, that through the man the wind carries by a huge cloud of a mist. Thus the man will not experience any mechanical effect from this cloud. If energy of a cloud to concentrate in a sphere, size about a fist, the man will receive a knockout, and if to concentrate in a bead a dia of 5 mms, the business will be terminated by lethal outcome.

Now we shall consider Doppler effect [1], chapters 24.1-24.8 in which one are reviewed all cases of mutual motion of a source and receiver of light. We should distinguish two in essence of different mechanism of originating of Doppler effect. One is connected to effect in area acoustics and grows out that a driving source or the receiver of a sound «compresses» or «expands» a sound wave depending on a direction of the motion in relation to a wave direction. The effect of the Doppler in area optics is connected that the driving light source beams in the miscellaneous parties photons of miscellaneous energy depending on that, is added or taken away the kinetic energy of motion to kinetic energy of a photon which is radiated a fixed source. On a figure 24.8.2 matching the formula of Doppler effect on new physics (24.8.4) and under the formula special relativity (24.8.5) is shown, whence it is visible, that the official theory of Doppler effect is falsely, as well as theory special relativity.

Now, it seems, I have given the depleting answer to the problems, affected by you. I wish successes in looking ups of true.

Yours faithfully. Vladislav.

P.S. I ask of your sanction to include this article in my monograph, since it is useful also to such, as I and such, as you.





The Universe is filled by billions of galaxies, each of which can contain many billions of stars, i.e. our world is a world of stars. Such huge quantity of stars whence has appeared? The official science considers, that the star will be formed at contraction of a gas-dust cloud, thus temperature it increases up to such degree, that become possible thermonuclear reactions. Thus, a problem of formation of numerous stars reduce to a problem of formation so numerous of gas-dust clouds, the solution which one is not given by official science. To answer a problem, set of gas-dust clouds whence has appeared, it is necessary to understand, why in the Universe Hydrogenium dominates above all remaining elements. Here I shall try out to answer these interdependent problems.

Heat losses of some body are proportional its surface:


where R - radius of a body.

The enthalpy is proportional to mass of a body:


where - density of a body.

The relation of heat losses to heat storage (K3) will be equal:


From (3) it is visible, that the less size of a body, the more fast it loses warmly and reduces temperature.

The galaxies arise there, where the debris of a supernucleus of protouniverse have lost a relativistic velocity and bound with it metastability. Therefore takes place grand detonating and the neutron liquid encircling a supernucleus (on mass on 22 order superior mass of a supernucleus splatter on all volume of the future galaxy. Density of a neutron liquid, close to nuclear density, decreases, the volume of drips is augmented, and their temperature drops up to values of sidereal temperatures. Simultaneously there is a decay of neutrons on positive protons, electrons and neutrino, i.e. there are atoms of Hydrogenium.

The half-life of a neutron makes, approximately, 1000 seconds or 17 minutes. Therefore, that remained 10-6 from initial quantity of neutrons pursuant to the formula of a radioactive decay:


whence 5.5 hours, i.e. the formation of Hydrogenium in neutron drips takes place very fast. If mass of the arisen hydrogenous cloud is sufficient to supply equilibrium between pressure of radiation and gravitation, we shall receive a star, if mass is not sufficient, the huge hydrogenous cloud is dispersed in space.

The probability of a neutron capture by any nucleus is inversely proportional speeds of a neutron, i.e. temperature of a neutron drip, which one is determined by a ratio heat losses to heat storage under the formula (3). If at sidereal temperatures the probability of a neutron capture by any nucleus is insignificant, therefore in stars helium and the other elements are stored slowly, at cooling of a neutron drip synthesizing of different nuclei down to a nickel and iron flows past with a high speed superior speed of decay of neutrons and formation of Hydrogenium. Therefore, in process of reduction radius of a neutron drip, there are gas planets of a jupiter type low-density of large sizes and mass inclusive light elements, planet of an earth type of greater density and, at last, uncountable set of asteroids, at impacts which one there are dust clouds. Naturally, that for each space body it is possible to find out tracks of its hyperthermal history. The described picture completely corresponds to astronomical observations.