1. That here there is under the term "subconsciousness".


The content of this part of the book is result of experience of the writer of observation above own subconsciousness within almost 50 years. This experience will be useful to any man, especially to young people. The writer is not intending with anybody to argue or how to demonstrate the rightness. It is simple results of experiments above by itself and anything more.

Let's consider one ordinary example. There are two comrades on a forest and converse on any interesting subject. Than their consciousness at any moment of time is completed? Practically it is by nothing. They see before themselves a certain pattern of a forest not binding them about something to think or to analyze (differently they will lose a clue of talk). In a head everyone the blanket subject of talk is retained only, and they at all do not know at any moment content of that phrase, which one they will make through instant. The consciousness is single-task medium, as the computer, and not is capable simultaneously to solve set of problems. From this point of view on a forest there are two silliest entities on the world. Than at this time their subconsciousness is engaged - that activity of nervous system, which one is not reflected in any way by consciousness and which one can judge operation only to indirect indications? From the huge library of subconsciousness the indispensable words are instantaneously extracted and automatically there are in the sentences touching subjects of talk. Simultaneously from subconsciousness the images by and large concerning to talk and illustrating it float to the surface. The interlocutors decorate the speech with numerous examples, comparisons, gesticulations and variations of intonation of a voice. If still to take into account and movement on a forest, which one happens completely automatically and requires the simultaneous coordinated operation of hundreds muscles with simultaneous continuous automatic control of a standing in space, it is necessary only to be struck to titanic operation of subconsciousness, which one all this makes, at all not hindering the interlocutors. We address now to interior medium of an organism. Millions cells simultaneously and harmoniously work, and each of them by the opportunities will leave well behind advanced chemical plant. The set of organs and systems of an organism is delivered by nutrient materials, delete wastes, struggles with dangerous microbes, recover defective tissues and renovate gradually organism as whole. Who drives all by it? Apparently that it is subconsciousness. From this point of view on a forest there are two deities, the abilities which are difficult to themselves one even for presenting. Subconsciousness has all breathers. It is enough to recollect instincts. The instinctive behavior of different entities occasionally very composite both are includes and it is drives by subconsciousness.


2. Properties of subconsciousness.


From the first chapter we have found out, that for subconsciousness there are no excessive problems. Any problem to it will do. Then there is a problem: and whether it is impossible to take advantage of such abilities of subconsciousness in own mercenary motives? It appears it is possible, but for this purpose at first it is necessary to acquaint with its utilitarian properties.

1. Main property of subconsciousness - to be engaged in the vital problems, in everyone trifles it is not engaged.

2. Subconsciousness, as the woman, is very credulous also it easily to deceive. During evolution it has got used to trust to consciousness that see, hear, and feel.

3. Subconsciousness not capable to analyze. Even if it will produce the solution, indispensable for you, the analysis of this solution for validity should be made personally (to consciousness).

4. The consciousness for installation of true uses a detailed analysis of the ready solution by confrontation to the similar solutions, requirements of the laws effective in sectional field and precedents. Subconsciousness considers to the true solution, which one obeys only to emotional expectations from the solution of a given problem. Therefore, when the idea suddenly comes from subconsciousness in consciousness, we emit a cheer, though frequently it appears, that at the further analysis the idea appears error.

5. Subconsciousness solves only legibly formulated concrete problems. For example, solution of a problem in such statement: "Well to become rich" you never would be waiting.

6. Subconsciousness has unique prognostic abilities, as they have the vital value. The prognosis of subconsciousness we frequently not understand the same as by strange, on the first view, the deductions Sherlock Holms seem so long as he will not explain that trajectory, by which one he has come to such deductions. It speaks that subconsciousness capable to fix smallest details of environmental things and events, which one escapes from attention of consciousness. More often people relate the prognosis of subconsciousness with by “prophetic” dreams. Thus frequently apply the personal codings: to see a dog - to the friend etc. I engage in science, and the codings do not approach me, therefore to me subconsciousness produces the prognoses and problem solving more often "by an interior voice" by the direct text. Allowing, that subconsciousness is not capable to the analysis and frequently produces the error prognoses and solutions of problems, around of “prophetic” dreams heaped up there is a lot of mysticism and any conditionalities, though a scientific basis they was unique prognostic abilities of subconsciousness.

The primitive prediction is peculiar to all living creatures, but they also are capable on prediction of a high level. That this we shall investigated on own example. Each young man during searching the potential sexual associates noted a following phenomenon. Go along the street, on a trajectory there are hundreds people, and suddenly see the girl, which one causes to notice on herself, to look back and to mark about herself, that would be desirable with her to acquaint more close. In concerns of the nature to intermix gene gangs of the people it is possible more carefully. As the whole gang of exterior indications is bound to each gene, subconsciousness can instantaneously spot, whether the sectional object approaches as the sexual associate. This phenomenon we term love from the first view. The criterion of convenience from a point of view of subconsciousness is, that for the potential elect the gene gang differs from your gang strongly enough. At a positive result subconsciousness causes the man to draw more rapt attention to the potential wife or husband. Therefore more often in families if one of the marital partners chatterer, another taciturn person, malicious - kind, greedy - ready to donate last jacket etc. All this is indirect indications of miscellaneous genetic gangs and successful results of operation of subconsciousness for a human kind. The indifferent relation to the close relatives as the sexual associates is convincing affirming above-stated.

From numbered properties follows, that first of all, using trustfulness subconsciousness it should inspire with, that the solution of a given problem is vital for you. Here it is necessary to utilize simultaneously some ways for success.

a.           To explain explicitly to it, what perspectives are unclosed at the solution of a given problem personally for you, your family and all mankind. Thus it is possible to exaggerate, to go too far, and to lie to it without remorses. All perspectives and advantages to set forth only are in a positive key. Subconsciousness by any negative consequences of the solution ("differently to me poorly …" etc.) will not intimidate at all.

b.           Permanently to recall the posed problem and practically all time to hold it in a head. By it we direct to subconsciousness relevance of the solution of a problem.

c.            The fourth property will efficiently be utilized if to be in the mood on joy expectation of the solution. Thus, we again confirm relevance of the solution personally for ourselves.

The solution of a problem from subconsciousness is customary comes suddenly as irradiation at the moment of vacant attention (all great discoveries are made in a toilet), at "hint" of environmental circumstances, conversation, leading questions. At this moment it is necessary to discard any skepticism and not spare the words in every possible way to praise itself, brains and subconsciousness. Thus we stimulate it on the further solutions and output in consciousness of these solutions. It is possible to take in criticism later and it should be benevolent: "All is fine, but here there are some minor inaccuracies …”. The more often we put by the circumscribed fashion of a problem before subconsciousness, more lighter is ensured in further contact between consciousness and subconsciousness. For example, training each day in speech, we can get the indispensable words and imagery from subconsciousness without any difficulties. The truths many people thus experience some difficulty. They should stuff pauses in spaces by any interjections, inarticulate sounds or word - waste: "signifies", "yes", "has understood" etc. Some generally by nothing stuff in these pauses, their speech is abrupt, with offensive stoppings. It is useful for such people to train the speech, that it was smoothly varying and continuous, that indicates an effective work of subconsciousness and reliable contact between consciousness and subconsciousness without what the man seems much sillier, than he is actually.

Generally, the accruing of experience is favorable has an effect not only for algorithms of this or that behavior, but also as a whole on development of creative abilities of subconsciousness. Therefore it is necessary to attempt to be engaged by all on world. For example, all once it is necessary to learn to walk to not lose this ability on all life. Same concerns driving a bicycle, float and many other things. It indicates that the subconsciousness operates not with separate elements, and whole blocks, sometimes rather vast, switching them bodily in accordance with need. On a share of consciousness there is a minor updating of behavior depending on particular circumstances. In this respect creative operation of subconsciousness resembles an assembly shop, therefore is very efficient.

On my observations, the problems are solved by subconsciousness very promptly. The basic limiting factor is the transmission of the solution to consciousness in understandable for it a view (more often as visual images, less often - acoustical and even less often than abstract concepts). The solution can be born instantaneously, and to wait for its transmission to consciousness it is necessary long or very long and this time bodily depends on training.


3. On creativity


The process of making of the invention, is understood which one here any creative act new to the given subject not always represents the without effort built chain of logic conclusions. Not always solution of the posed problem is easily and promptly. More often it happens so, that the problem posed, all difficulties of its solution are detected, and the solution is not. Here, from a heightened interest to the solution of a problem and from hot desire to find this solution and the process of pleasant creative torments starts.

Before to speak about creativity, the statement, exhaustively defining it is indispensable. Unfortunately, such statement now does not exist. In limits of this work the definition of creativity can be formulated as follows: the creativity is independent receiving of result new to an individual, not on a basis the logic and enumeration of possibilities. From this point of view creativity of the child invented the game, new to, and who is not intelligent, that it for a long time is known also discovery of the man of science making in a root to revise present world outlook, on the mechanism are identical also distinction consists only of social gauge produced. Therefore quite is skilled judge this work everyone can, whom though time in life in a head came, from his point of view to, good idea in requirements, when enumeration of possibilities and logic were powerless.

The Jack Adamar (Examination of psychology of invention process in the mathematics field. М., 1970), being founded on operations of the Poincare and Helmholtz, oozes four stages of inventor's creativity: preparation, incubation, inspiration and comprehension of result. The process of creativity at these stages is represented to me as follows.

1. On the first stage the conscientious thinking works. Prime value here has the emotional factor and conscientious statement of key difficulty of the solution of a problem. The emotional preparation includes sharp desire to solve a problem, at any price. It is necessary to understand, what broad perspectives gives the solution of a problem, having given will of an unbridled imagination and having killed any interior skepticism. At clearing up of key difficulty of the solution of a problem it is necessary so carefully to analyze a problem, that all of its subtlety strongly occupy in a head. Thus it is necessary to mean, that our conscientious thinking has high analytical abilities and low abilities to synthesis. The subconsciousness thinking, on the contrary, has major abilities to synthesis and small - to the analysis, therefore it can not give a task, but is capable efficiently solve it. The first stage finishes that during a certain time term affix conscientious energies for the solution of a problem, not were confused by their futility. However, the success at a following subconsciousness stage depends on carefulness and intensity of this operation.

2. At the second stage the subconsciousness thinking works. We as though have put aside the solution of a problem for some time, not leaving confidence that it should be by all means solved. On this basis we frequently are inclined to consider incubation as a passive stage, actually, it is a major stage of creativity, though and not checked by our consciousness. It is necessary to mark two major properties of subconsciousness thinking: it can operate with set of problems simultaneously and capable (in limits of the feeble analytical opportunities) "to see" the optimum solution of a problem from all mass of obtained results. And, because of this weakness of analytical opportunities, alone criterion of the appropriate solution for subconsciousness is only satisfaction that emotional spirit, which one preset at the first stage. It can be compared, how we are error-free and at once, without the analysis, we direct that thing from major mass, which one obeys our aesthetic taste. The nature, from this point of view, has created emotions for an orientation of operation of subconsciousness thinking on the appointed purpose and as neutralization of its feeble analytical opportunities. Practically always in subconsciousness the set of problems simultaneously is solved, since the time of incubation for miscellaneous problems oscillates in very broad limits from moment, not felt with consciousness, about many years. The overall performance of subconsciousness at a stage of incubation is completely determined by operation of consciousness conducted at the first stage. To this it is necessary to add, that the vast luggage of knowledge and experience considerably reduces an incubation interval, ideas therefore are more often arise on subjects of that sphere of activity, in which one the man for a long time works.

3. At the third stage there comes sudden inspiration - result of operation of subconsciousness thinking - instantaneously and without any efforts in a head there comes the solution of a problem. The inspiration occurs by that earlier and more distinctly, than intensive there was an emotional charge to first stage, and than the essence of difficulty of the solution of a problem was more precisely spotted. At a stage of inspiration the major value has contact of consciousness to subconsciousness. Many factors stimulate realization of this contact, from which one basic are:

a. The impairment conscientious "I", that happens during dispelled attention in an awake state (for example, at the moment page turning of the book), before dream, in dream and at awakening.

b. The different leading questions, situation etc., which one can serve "hint".

c. Constant anxiety called by desire by all means to decide a posed problem.

4. At last, fourth stage, there is a conscientious comprehension of results of sudden inspiration, as sometimes it happens (depends on experience), that in a head the insecure idea has come, but, however, and it always has one property: if it was valid, it would obey that emotional spirit, which one was included in the solution of a problem at the first stage. More often the result of inspiration is plus, i.e. the problem in subconsciousness is decided correctly. At this stage in the emotional plan the so strong positive feeling of creative success dominates, that it in itself is in the further desired purpose of creativity. Thus the fact of successful termination penetrates into subconsciousness that stimulates it on the solution of following problems. The obtained solution does not mean stoppage of subconsciousness above a given problem, it still long produces ideas about perfecting and further development of a problem and, frequently, gives the new solutions of the same problem, though we for a long time are engaged in the solution of other problems. The duration of "aftereffect" is determined by the emotional factor of a given problem and time of torments with its solution. In this period frequently it appears that the primary solution is erroneous or not satisfactorily, therefore I strongly recommend maintaining the solution in some period of "quarantine" to not hit commit a gaffe with hasty announcement of the solution.

The freely erected contact of subconsciousness to consciousness, doubtlessly, is bound to long-term trainings. This conclusion can be illustrated on an example of human speech, when yet not made phrase is in subconsciousness and easily therefrom transfers in consciousness. It is necessary to train on simple problems, the incubation interval which one does not exceed 10-15 minutes. On similar problems you will experience all stages of creativity and personalities better. At a choice of such problems it is necessary to mean, that the circumscribed stages concern not only to creativity, but also to any problems, bound organically or synthetically with emotions. For the beginning, it is possible to consider a problem to recollect something to appointed time. The first stage of the solution of this problem is considerably simplified. Depending on intensity of the emotional factor, the problem permanently can transfer from consciousness in subconsciousness and on the contrary - "permanently to be present" at consciousness (for example, at presence of the ticket aboard the plane), it can penetrate into consciousness suddenly as inspiration to assigned term (for example, the relevant business appointment) is indicates that the subconsciousness thinking directly feels time. The inspiration can occur after assigned term (for example, at "hint") if the emotional factor is feeble, or does not occur at all at its complete absence.


4. Useful literary information.


In the book of the Jack Adamar "Examination of psychology of process of the invention in the field of mathematics" (М., 1970) is detected four stages of inventor's creativity: the preparation, incubation, inspiration and comprehension of result, and process of creativity is represented as follows.

At the first stage the conscientious thinking works. At this stage the emotional factor - is relevant the sharp desire is necessary to decide a problem by all means, and this emotional factor is useful by effort of will to hypertrophy up to the sizes: "the solution of a given problem is a problem of my life and death", though, actually, solution it does not cost of such emotions. Thus it is necessary by strong-willed effort is conscientious to guide thought activity (that we do only sometimes and in basic is not realized) on clearing up of key difficulty of the solution of a problem. "In every possible way to upturn a problem that all its bends and the plexuses laid strongly in a head and could be again passed by heart …" (Helmholtz, ibidem, page 146). The first stage finishes by that during a particular time term affix conscientious efforts for the solution of a problem, not were confused by their futility. Thus, at the first stage by conscientious thinking together with the emotional factor "starts the machine unconscious, without them it would not come in activity and anything would not yield" (Helmholtz, ibidem, page 45). At this stage it is necessary legibly to understand, that the subconsciousness thinking can not give a task, and is capable only solve it, therefore conscientious statement of an entity of difficulty of the solution of a problem has paramount value.

At the second stage the subconsciousness thinking, tuned in appropriate way at the first stage works. Practically it looks as leaving of the solution of a problem on some time, when the operation seems interrupted, and subject deserted. Major property of subconsciousness thinking is the multiple characters of its processes, than it differs radically from conscientious thinking at which one simultaneously to think of two things it is impossible. Other relevant property of subconsciousness thinking is that it realizes a choice of the best solution from all mass of versions.

Properties of subconsciousness thinking brightly and figuratively has formulated the Anri Poincare: "I - subconsciousness" at all am not lowest in relation to "I - conscientious", it is not only self-acting, it capable reasonably to judge, it has sense of proportion and sensitivity, it knows how to select and to guess. Yes what to speak, it knows how to guess better, than my consciousness, as succeeds there, where the consciousness it can not. The fine comparison of properties of consciousness and subconsciousness was given by the philosopher Bergson: "There are things, which one only of intellect is capable to search, but which one it in itself never will discover. Only instinct could find them, but it never begins them to search". In my comprehension this phrase means, that consciousness not capable to solve problems, and the subconsciousness is unfit to state problems, therefore are indispensable the first and second stages of creativity. The Bergson considers of intellect (consciousness) only by superstructure above intuitive basis (subconsciousness) and with it is possible only to agree. Characterizing mentality of the man G. Fechner compared it to a huge iceberg, where the consciousness is shown by its insignificant visual part, and the basic invisible part of an iceberg is unconsciousness mentality.

We are inclined to consider incubation as a passive stage, actually, it is a major stage of creativity, though and not checked by our consciousness. It is possible to think, that in this period it is impossible to overcharge a subconsciousness with the solution of other problems, however it not correctly, since the subconsciousness can operate with set of problems simultaneously. The overall performance of subconsciousness at the second stage is completely determined by operation of consciousness conducted at the first stage.

At the third stage there is a sudden inspiration - result of the long-lived instinctive operation - instantaneously and without any efforts in a head there comes the solution of a problem. The inspiration will occur by that earlier and more distinctly, than more strong was emotional attune at the first stage and than the essence of difficulty of the solution of a problem is more precisely spotted. If the inspiration does not come, to that there can be two reasons: or the problem is complicated enough and the multiple recurring of the first and second stage is necessary or the contact of consciousness to subconsciousness is not provided. More often the second case is observed. The problem for a long time is decided, but the solution is in subconsciousness. The Adamar gives a case, when two sisters have conducted long evening, it is unsuccessfully solving a problem, and night in dream one of them became loudly aloud speak the solution, which one has noted second. On the morrow that, which one has decided a problem at all did not suspect about it. I consider that the majority of ideas, which one come in dream - patrimony of subconsciousness - we simply fell asleep also anything on the morrow we do not remember. At the solution of the relevant problems for me under on hand a pencil with a paper, that in two words to note idea. Dream I am done one’s best to make restless, drank tea before dream, I sleep at this time under a warm blanket, since in a cool atmosphere the dream is very strong. Besides before dream to subconsciousness I produce the instruction to wake up at the solution of a problem similarly, how the people give themselves the task to wake up to particular time thus including the timer of subconsciousness. Allowing, that by training I almost always feel, that it is dream, the special problems do not arise.

The contact can be achieved by particular training. So, the Poincare indicates, that he feels operation subconscious "I". An example of human speech, when yet not made phrase is in subconsciousness and easily therefrom transfers in consciousness, indicates that the training in a considered problem is indispensable. The yogi, who has trained to dip in state of bliss of a nirvana, demonstrates to us not only contact, but also merging of consciousness to subconsciousness.

At last, fourth stage there is a conscientious comprehension of results of sudden inspiration, as always it happens, that in a head the insecure idea has come, but, however, it always has one property: if it was valid, it would obey that emotional attune, which one was included in the solution of a problem at the first stage. At this stage it is important "morally to stimulate" subconscious thinking. It is possible to make by rough expressions of delight and sufficing concerning the successful solution of a problem. Thus the fact of successful termination penetrates into a subconsciousness that stimulates it on the solution of following problems. We have learned to switch on, but yet we do not know how to disconnect subconsciousness from further working on by the decided problem and consequently it still long produces ideas about perfecting and further development of a problem and, frequently, gives the new solutions of the same problem, though we for a long time are engaged in the solution of new problems. It once again confirms that to subconsciousness not in burden the simultaneous solution of many problems and, as it is paradoxical, than more problems simultaneously solves subconscious thinking, the more efficiently it works.

At the end of the fourth stage better conscientious "I" to present as the manager, and subconscious "I" as the hardworking executor. Thus it is necessary for the manager as it is possible more flattery to be recalled about abilities of the executor, not were afraid him to spoil by a praise. Strangely enough, from it the subconscious thinking works much more actively, of what in due course it is possible to be convinced personally. Here it is necessary to add what to train it is necessary on simple problems, for which one the incubation interval does not exceed 1-3 minutes. On similar problems you will experience all stages of creativity and personalities better.

Here there is no necessity to give the uncountable quotations of the scientists study by a problem of creativity and intuition. All of them, by and large, come to one deduction: in our head consciousness and subconsciousness in parallel operates.

We attempt to spot relationship between subconscious thinking and, so-called, algorithm of the solution of inventor's problems (ASIP) (G. Altshuller. Algorithm of the invention. М., 1969) or theory of the solution of inventor's problems (TSIP), which one afterwards have renamed ASIP and which one is widely spread, unfortunately, in medium only of inventors, though the designed receptions are universal for any creativity and stimulation of subconsciousness. As the theory is comprehension of an objective reality, it is necessary to recognize, that we are far from comprehension of an objective reality in a problem of creative activity of our brain, therefore about "the theory of the solution of inventor's problems" to speak out of time. ASIP does not obey to concept of algorithm, since does not give uniquely in the solution of a problem. Here opportunely to give a deduction of the Adamar: "… it is possible to seem by the logician at a statement of the ideas, but after these ideas was unclosed by intuition". Really, following ASIP it is easy to squeeze in its frameworks any invention, but after the solution is known. However, in this case it is possible to do without and without ASIP, since the solution, after it is retrieved, becomes apparent and simple enough so, that it can be played back logically.

Regarding above-stated, we can draw a conclusion, that ASIP it is impossible to term even as a method of the solution of inventor's problems the same as also many other "methods". Would be more correct ASIP is to term as a method of preparation of subconscious thinking to the solution of creative problems, which one together with emotional preparation makes the first stage of creativity. In this new pared-down quality ASIP should appear without dependence from a degree discussion above-stated. However it at all does not detract its virtues, which one in this new quality is difficult for overestimating. The high practical value ASIP consist that ASIP allows now fullest to satisfy demands of the first stage of creativity concerning a statement of an entity of difficulty of the solution of a problem.


5. Some interesting observations and deductions.


Summing up arguing of operation of subconsciousness it is possible to state following.

The potential creative abilities of subconsciousness of the great scientist by nothing differ from such abilities of cook. An odds only in size of the library, accumulated in a brain, of knowledge and experience. Therefore scientist succeeds in science, and cook - on a kitchen. Moreover, subconsciousness any of a cockroach works nothing worse, for he has no to himself equal in his business. The odds between us and remaining fauna consists only that we are address to our subconsciousness frequently and without enough serious occasions, and animal - in basic under the vital causes: reproduction, feed, self-preservation. However sometimes animal afford the creative acts. I shall give here some own observations.

To empty tin can from stewed beef I have given to a cat to lick. When the queue has reached an interior part tin can a cat could not by a convenient fashion prolong meal, therefore has taken advantage of an own foot as to table by the instrument: rubs a foot about an interior part tin can, and then licks it.

The hen has made a secret nest outside of hen house and secretly ran there to bear eggs. Through a window I have seen, how she was guided to a nest, and has left on a street. Having seen me, she began to dig in a grass and to pretend, that is very much engaged. It was necessary to me to return to the house, as she has ceased to deceive and has hurried to a nest.

In the late autumn I went for a walk along the river with half-year-old puppy on a nickname Ural. The riverside of water already has covered by a light ice. Dull it is time. Near us on a fence sat down a crow and from there is nothing to make supervised of us. Suddenly in her head from subconsciousness the idea has come how to have fun and to play a trick above puppy. From unexpectedness of a crow even is loud cawed. She has flown up to us and was feigned injured. When Ural has seen her, has rushed to catch, but a crow has flown away on a light ice. Ural was thrown behind her, the ice has maintained him. Then over a crow has flown on more light ice. When Ural has run on this place, the ice has broken and puppy has appeared in ice water, flounders and is plaintive whined, while I have not helped him. A crow again sat down on a fence and literally roared, pleased succeed. But her further not so interestingly and she has taken the flight on any businesses.

I knew that a dog barks on miscellaneous objects variously, but my comrade has reached perfection in comprehension of the dog language. We with him in the winter sat at celebratory table in village, in which one all some inhabitants. Suddenly his dog on a nickname Nora begins a bark. The comrade has translated barking of dog to human language so: "in village go the man and woman". I have begun to doubt in precision of translation, since in the winter the fishermen here can walk only, and has gone to test. Really, went the man with the woman.

I am sure, that the readers could give uncountable amount of examples confirmatory creative abilities of the miscellaneous representatives of fauna. Supervising for sleeping animal, it is easy to note, that it also sees dreams. Therefore his subconsciousness differs from ours a little. And if to take into account those millions processes simultaneously flowing past in an organism, under the control of subconsciousness, this difference as a whole aims at null. Silly to consider, that of time they in another way look, signifies we better.

The science has demonstrated, that all our emotions are bound to inflow in a blood of those or diverse chemical agents calling or quenching these emotions (for example, adrenaline). The subconsciousness control eduction of these matters also. Is conscientious we can to affect demonstration pleasure or rage, but emotion thus do not go in any comparison with true pleasure or rage. Thus, the subconsciousness governs our spiritual world and there is anything diverse, as soul of the man. From most ancient times and till the present time mass those who wish of every stripe aim to worm oneself into soul of other people and to drive them. If it substantially to reach, we at once shall conquered completely man "from inside", subdued his subconsciousness. In this case action on his consciousness by arrangements, proofs or convincing examples is useless, since he is conquered at a level of instincts. We this phenomenon frequently watches among strong believers or adherents of different sects. Immediate action on subconsciousness we watch on sessions of hypnotism.

Speculations of different religions around of the soul man grounded on two facts. 1. Everyone feels inside himself certain second "I". 2. The instantaneous solutions from subconsciousness, specially in vitally dangerous situations, when the consciousnesses of the man are reached by threat already after it is overcome by him, causes to think of "divine" interference in his behavior. By the proof of impossibility of immediate dialogue "souls in paradise" is impossibility of dialogue blind and deaf and dumb among themselves, though their souls by anything from customary souls do not differ.

The dream of the man is a free game of subconsciousness with images of memory which is remaining deposited in a brain. Thus the subconsciousness romances not only with the whole images, but also their separate chunks, therefore we can see in dream city or terrain apparent to us unfamiliar. In dream us directly visual, as the subconsciousness not puzzled by a specific goal works. Here I want to divide experience of management of dreams and to learn wishing to fly in dream, testing thus the same feelings, what would be in a reality. This experiment demonstrates that by subconsciousness it is possible to learn to drive directly. In an awake state the alone way for this purpose is suggestion of relevance of this or that behavior, than are engaged politicians, ministers of religion and other supporter to flush brains to the people.

At first it is necessary to learn to determine, that it is dream and always at doubts to be convinced, that you been in dream. More often the dreams demonstrate so actual patterns that call response, as in reality. Style of behavior here is precisely same, as at the solution of creative problems. At the first stage it is necessary to explain to subconsciousness as far as important for you personally to determine in dream that it is dream to not be bound any conditionalities in the behavior. To inspire with to subconsciousness, whatever happened in dream, actually I lay in the bed, and all this only seems is a dream. Some times mentally to play the future situation in dream, having colored its bright emotion: "now I can make everything that I shall want!" At the second stage you will be already in dream. If suddenly you will experience, that it is true dream (third stage), the joy and pleasure should be expressed to the full, and if from surplus of emotions you will wake up at this moment, immediately praise the subconsciousness, it is more to it than nothing it is necessary. Express the complete sufficing and hope, that similar will be and henceforth (fourth stage). However, here it is necessary to mark, that the so joy event at once will not occur. It is necessary rather long time to iterate the first stage with hope and joy expectation of success. In case of failure you are guilty. It is necessary closely to analyze the reasons of failure and to iterate all at first with the indispensable corrections.

At last you have learned freely to act in dream. Can to spit in a face of the chief or tempt his wife, not were afraid to damage career. Now it is necessary to climb on a roof of a high building, on a rock or high tree. To be convinced, on any case, that it is dream and boldly to jump downwards. The subconsciousness will produce to you at first creative solutions: suddenly below there is a water or huge stack of hay or still something more original. At all events, your courageous jump is not accompanied by bad consequences. In dream you cannot perish or you cannot be killed, can safely attack on the gangsters, shooting in you. I in due time so tortured the subconsciousness by uncountable jumps, that it, at last, have guessed simply to change frame at this moment. It was necessary on it "to take offence" and directly to suggest, that not bad would be in this moment to fly as a bird. At first it were the simply planning flights, then the greatest emotional enjoying from them has reached, at last, subconsciousness and I already could fly from ground from a place or having run up. The flight happens with rather by a high speed and does not require any efforts, is guided only by desire where to fly and with what velocity. I repeatedly even rolled the passengers, having taken them underarm. You should work to reach the same results, as the obtained unusual pleasure from similar flights is maintained for a long time after awakening.

Here it is necessary to mark some features of subconsciousness clearly manifested in dream. It with exclusive precision, not being confused in color and small details transmits us visual pictures. Besides, at flight in dream the subconsciousness with exclusive precision traces a varying around three-dimensional picture in view of remoteness of subjects and it is impossible to catch out it of a slightest error. At the same time, as the subconsciousness has not logic thinking, it frequently makes an error in events and their sequence. For example, I in any city from a lofty place see not far region, interesting for me, with shops instrumental and book. Being guided in this region, I suddenly find myself among old constructions, and further and at all in lonely terrain, that explicitly contradicts initial observation. One more interesting feature is, that, be going to sleep after the physical hard work, the flights in dream become or difficultly feasible or generally impossible. It is understandable, since feeling of fatigue, as well as other feelings, is generated by subconsciousness, and the consciousness gains ready result. In this case feeling of fatigue is particular element of self-preservation.

In respect capabilities of a subconscious mind, all without exception the extraordinary aptitudes of the people receive scientific explanation furbished of mysticism. It is aptitudes to regulate pain feels, down to their switching-off, capacity to suggestion and self-suggestion, aptitudes to regulate functions of internal organs, self-treatment and much another. Naturally, that said concerns to true capacities, instead of demonstration, which one the whole army of a miscellaneous kind of the swindlers widely uses.

In summary it is necessary to mark, that around of intuition, subconsciousness, creativity by generations of the scientists pile up such ideological, religious, political, philosophical, scientific and other obstructions, that pass through them is very heavy. In partition, offered to the reader, the author shortly has explained from his point of view the most plausible version of numbered problems. This version is reconfirmed by own experience within several decades, and I do not doubt of it. The practical results speak for themselves. The affirming can be served by this book. Here only I express regret, that the tutoring to an effective utilization of subconsciousness should be started up to school. As a last resort, it is possible to organize brief courses for the managers, scientists, creative workers. I consider it as the most efficient expedient in the short terms sharply to raise creative potential of mankind.


6. How to become happy


Here I shall try to set up a scientific approach to a problem of happiness and fatality, which one has elaborated already many years back, when the publications were impossible. That in any problem the science has appeared, the legible formulation of this problem encompassing all conceivable cases and versions is necessary.

The happiness is a subjective - emotional feeling of acquisition necessary or loss waste.

The fatality is a subjective - emotional feeling of acquisition waste or loss necessary.

It is understandable, that the sensation of happiness or fatality is subjective feeling. That for one the happiness, for other can be fatality, and third in general on it spit on. The degree of happiness or fatality depends on emotional colouring of event. Loss of a pencil - absolutely small fatality, and acquisition of an incurable disease - large. The subjective sensation needness or needlessness allows itself to regulate an estimation of events for happiness. Married - is happy, that has gained, as it seems, kind and tender wife. But she has appeared greedy, malicious and quarrelsome. Then divorced with her and again is happy.

If you explicitly will analyze the causes of all fatalities, they need easily to be eliminated.

Whether the eternal head pain from problems with the purchased automobile and risk is necessary to you to make accident or to get under it? Can be with mild soul each day off to leave on suburban electric train for city in a forest behind funguses and baccas, on the river for fishing or to collect on picnic in the company of the friends?

For you the TV was broke, but wait to be excruciated by an attack of fatality. You in the whole afternoon lived by the not life, as your happy grandfathers and grandmothers, and lived by cares of the heroes fatuous of infinite serials. Try to find to itself hobby. Can be to you it will be possible to find to itself such activity, which one will free from the offensive responsibility leg to it on job and to work «on a uncle». At first will earn peanuts, but in due course itll all come out in the wash.

Try to manage a minimum of needs. If you the believer, it is easier to hold the god in a head, instead of to be returned on favor camisters, which one will impose to you a dump of the consumptions and superfluous cares.

If you the pensioner, throw stuffy city, sell a flat. Purchase to itself poor lodge in village and on the spared money on public utilities easily will repair it and will live much longer. Do not look advertising, from you want get last cents for things, which one are not necessary to you.

In short, it is necessary permanently to analyze the own life and life relatives. You are surprised, how it is goofy passes, and second any more will not be.

In summary I shall result in one composite case. One woman has written to me the letter and has complained, that she is deeply unfortunate, since her husband and son the bitter drunkards, and son sits in prison. It seemed, that to her again to find happiness, it is necessary to be saved from needlessness - to abandon them for ever. But all not so is simple. The person is herd animal and is necessary for him for happiness feeling, that he to someone is necessary. The woman did not realize, that has this happiness, but after deliverance from «needlessness» she will be simultaneously saved and from «needness» and will become to suffer affliction. She is alone person in the world for the husband and son, to which one she is necessary and without her they will perish. What to do? They should be thrown and it is not necessary to throw. This problem can be permitted only by she. If they it is ugly to her concern, it is necessary to throw. If they appreciate her care, it is better once again to think.




In the previous chapters we have learnt some surprising aptitudes of a subconscious mind and were learned to receive from it the solution of strong household, creative, scientific and manufacturing problems. The truth, herewith necessary to coax my second I am, cap in hand to wait, when it deigns to give in illumination an original solution of a problem, which one by logic is impossible to achieve. Then it is necessary unscrupulously to praise highly the subconscious mind. After continuous time of training of installation of contacts with by second I step-by-step conscious and unconscious I become by the good friends for benefit both. To a subconscious mind spit on on our problems and it never will by them be engaged, if the consciousness will not formulate clearly virtuality of a problem and will not be persevering to resemble of relevance of its solution.

Ours second I do not like to be look aside from the main problem: the self-preservation of an organism, in which one conscious and unconscious is harmonic are connected. Have cut the finger, have bandaged it and can be purely sure, that in definite time from damage there will be no also track. Even the broken bones accretes, if they are nonmotile from each other. Many diseases not only recover, but also the immunodefence to them can be saved for term of life. Most surprising - constant updating of an organism. During your life any machine and gear are transformed into ashes, and you prolong to exist, as in anything it did not happen. A signal and most powerful stimulant for interference of a subconscious mind in recovery of health is the pain and malaise. Therefore do not misuse with anaesthetics. If indispensable for existence conscientious I am air, water and meat nutrition instead of macaroni, for existence unconscious I the positive emotions are indispensable. The doctors not without reason asserts, that difficult patient pull through, if will exhibit sufficient tendency to life.

Tendency to convalescence, though is not a determinal factor, but not poorly this promotes. It is possible to help to a subconscious mind at a verbal level permanently, as pray, repeating is successful the compounded formula of a self-suggestion, but the direct address to a subconscious mind through emotions acts more effective. If you recollect and brightly will imagine a condition, which one you tested at full health, you suggest a subconscious mind a path to an end result. Also make it probably more often. If you assimilated in methods of effect on a subconscious mind from the previous chapters, the same methods safely apply and to a selftreatment. Thus struggle not with the causes of illness, and with its signs. With the causes of illness the doctors let struggle. The causes of illness and illness expresses by the way of emotional bouquet of signs and apparently, that if the signs will disappear, illness has disappeared also. The subconscious mind does not know medical explanations of any malaise and operates only with negative emotions - signs and makes everything, that of them to be saved, on a path getting rid and from the  illness.

Apparently, what to neglect the guidelines of the doctors it is impossible. If not address to the surgeon at a purulent appendicitis, the ticket on other world you already have gained. Many diseases demand a mandatory reception, of drugs to avoid lethal outcome. And many damages and diseases is foregone result in fatal outcome and the medicine here is powerless. The self-preservation, in this case, does not work, but abirritates that the preservation of a kind is invariable - on your place the new people will come.

Cry, teardrops, obscene swearing, fight, reluctance to react on ambient - all this tools of a subconscious mind in strife for health. If doubt, ask the man, that he has whispered about himself, when muff a strokes and hammer has slamed on the finger.

The positive emotions consolidate health, and negative steal years of life. Have feel even minor tiredness and fatigue - lie down on 15-20 of minutes and take pleasure in by beatificate of rest. Long-liver Cherchill it knew, when spoke: «I do not stand, when it is possible to sit and I do not sit, when it is possible to lie».

Many people at any malaise by handfuls gulps tablets, which one cease to help. It is necessary very closely to listen to the organism and step-by-step to clarify, that brings even minor facilitation. And what if tablets to receive it is a little less often and not on whole, and parts? How the weather, cyclone and anticyclones has an effect? Whether reduction nutrition at supper or waiving of supper helps? That promotes facilitation: some cool or is warm? How quantity of a consumed liquid and with what influences? Similar useful observations can be very much. In outcome you will work out the strictly personal approach to yourselves on which one mass medicine is not capable.

Successfully to apply principles of a selftreatment, it is necessary to adjust a strong contact of consciousness to a subconscious mind. As it to make, is described in the previous chapters of the section. Unfortunately, this activity is difficult, is long and demands large patience