The affirming of a hypothesis of formation of a gravidynamic field will open broad capabilities for creation of ideal energy stores. For example, the blob, rotated around of a own axis, will contract by gravidynamic forces. Main here "to jump out" on a level of an essential induction of a gravidynamic field, until the blob under activity of centrifugal forces will be destroyed. Huge the gravidynamic moment of such device can be the engine of the spacecraft, the flight which one will be grounded on interaction own of a gravidynamic field with by a gravidynamic field of the Earth, Solar System or our Galaxy. The truth, in conditions of the Earth, depressurization of the vehicle is fraught with large catastrophe. Similar the device will allow in macroscale to simulate a neutrino and to study interaction of fields. The enunciated notions allow offering ten new paths of usage both obtaining nuclear and fusion power. One of them is basic very simple. By untwisting a blob from any material with velocity, sufficient for appearance of a gravidynamic field of noticeable intensity, we shall provoke a dynamic collapse of matter of a blob under the script of a small or large collapse depending on initial velocity of rotation. Apparently, that the process under the script of small collapse energy is expedient, since the energy which is expended on a untwisting of a blob, is significant less energy disengaged at decay of a superheavy nucleus, what will be a blob as a whole in final stage of a small collapse. How grandiose this energy, we only recently considered.

The exothermal nuclear reactions open before mankind boundless power sources. Main hindrances to their practical embodying are a coulomb repulsion is of the same name of charged nuclei at synthesis and gravidynamic attraction of nucleons at division of heavy nuclei. If these potential barriers did not impede synthesis and division of nuclei, we should live in a iron-nickel world. By the most perspective ways to bypass these difficulties is usage of neutrons both hyperons at synthesis and shear of heavy nuclei on -planes at division them. Probably, we shall learn to reorganize heavy nuclei in more light inside itself the heavy nucleus, then the coulomb repulsion will bring not of a harm, and advantage.

Whether exist in earth conditions apparent gravidynamic objects? It is possible to answer this interesting problem positively. The high speeds of motions compared to speed of light are necessary for formation of gravidynamic object. Such velocity has the electric spark and radio wave. In any case, also another should be twirled as a vortex to receive gravidynamic object.

Let's begin the analysis from a spark. It is known, that the lightning has more often form of a linear spark and in very infrequent cases the electric discharges are accompanied by formation of a globular lightning. The "twisted" electric spark represents gravidynamic object, as a plasma ball, rotated with a high speed. At the moment of formation the globular lightning has the equilibrium form, thus a centrifugal force seek to tear a ball, is counterpoised by gravidynamic force of compression. Under the observational data, the globular lightning has density almost equal density of air, since has not the tendency to sharp take-off or fall. Then, at its temperature about 20000 0С, the pressure inside a ball will make not less than 100 atmospheres. The globular lightning is basic unstable because of power losses on radiation and friction about ambient air. Therefore its further destiny depends on a ratio of temperature and rotation rate. If the radiation losses exceed power losses on friction, the plasma ball decreases in the sizes, thus the rotation rate of a ball is incremented, since the moment of momentum of a ball aims to remain invariable. Thus, there is no decreasing of gravidynamic forces averting a gap of a ball. In the total the globular lightning fades without explosion. If the power losses on friction exceed radiation losses, after some time rotation rate of a plasma ball decreases so, that very much sharply decreasing the gravidynamic force of compression is not capable to counteract a centrifugal force and disappearance of a globular lightning is accompanied by rather strong explosion, allowing large pressure inside it. The simulated generation of globular levins is possible at electric discharge through thin wires of the certain form instigating twist of a spark.

The radio waves by new physics are interpreted not how it is made by a modern physics. They are introduced by propagation in space of a sign-variable electrical field bound with neutrino and anti-neutrino by a condition it. Gravidynamic objects, bound with a radio wave represent an invisible electrical vortex. The sizes of a vortex are comparable to length of a radio wave and can reach considerable value. If the vortex is formed in atmosphere, in it are retracted and the atmospheric ions and charged motes are accelerated in it. The vortex gradually becomes visible on glow and accumulation in it of dust and microdrop of water. Naturally, that the ions, mote and water can not be considered as gravidynamic object, what electrical vortex is, as moves in it rather slowly and are retained not gravidynamic, and electrostatic forces. Outwardly such visible vortex is represented to us by "flying saucer". Stability it rather large because of absence of considerable power losses, since electrical vortex is not capable to lose energy and the concentration of dust, water and ions in it is inappreciable. Pressure, temperature and density inside practically do not differ from pressure and density of ambient atmosphere. The spontaneous formation of an electrical vortex is possible at simultaneous discharge of two and more levins, and the visible origin of "flying saucer" happens much later. The simulated generation of "flying saucers" is possible at interaction of colliding radio pulses of radars radiating in an impulse large energy.

In summary it is necessary to pay attention the reader to that circumstance, that any thermodynamic estimation of processes in the Universe are erroneous, since the thermodynamics correctly describes equilibrium processes, and we were convinced that the Universe is always nonequilibrium both as a whole and in its any part down to satellites of planets and smallest particles of matter. The thermodynamics is a science about death. In it there is no unity and strife of contrasts. The science about self-organizing of systems is indispensable for exact comprehension of an actual world. Self-organizing of systems we can trace at all levels micro both macroworld and aspiration of any system to self-organizing so fundamentally, as aspiration to equilibrium. The initial basis and first example of self-organizing is the motion of free bodies on a screw line with equal translational and tangential velocity. Just it results in formation of atoms from a mixture of nuclei and electrons and to formation of planetary systems from dispelled in space of matter, i.e. to self-organizing of a substance on more high level.

Making the final total of activity, it is possible to tell, that it is only ajar a curtain in a world of freshened physics and contiguous naturallyscientific disciplines and ahead huge activity on audit and rethinking of many settled doctrines is necessary. The author brings large thanks to the patient reader, which one was gain of bravery to read up this transaction up to the end, for there is a hope that the simplicity and clearness of an enunciating, absence of internal inconsistencies, absence of any hypotheses, except for one about existence of a gravidynamic field, will arouse corn of a faith in bosom critically tuned reader. Presently, when irrationality, as the rust, dives into all orbs of action - in music the tune is disappear, in art cloths - image, in verses - rhyme, in science - common sense fades, about policy it is better generally to keep silent, the author hopes, that his activity is fetched to the reader by clearness of an enunciating and absence of uncountable number of hypotheses under each observation or experimental fact. It seems I managed to show in this book, that the processes of any scale in our world are uniform up to bore. But just this monotony gives confidence in the rightness of set up notions.

We shall be set to ourselves by the last problem: why was received so, what it was necessary to shatter all building of physics practically up to the basis and to plot anew? In a history of science it any more of time happened. It is possible, certainly "to explain" it to that the evolutional development is alternated revolutionary, but the author sees in it the simple reason. The revolutions happen there, where monopolism on true reaches a critical mark. In conditions of monopolism on true, when is not audible of voices doubting, there is a unjustifiable self-confidence of the priests of true is originated, which one consider, that go in an exact direction, and the self-confidence generates irresponsibility before whom naturally and all efforts are intended for, since transfer liability on itself, and the independent control misses. Therefore the dock is cocksure and, therefore, next revolution. Examples in policy, economics and other areas though take away. Here it would be desirable to result an example indeed of criminal irresponsibility in science. Each schoolboy knows that the nuclei of a mean part of the table of the Mendeleyev are steadiest, on what the extraction nuclear and fusion power is grounded. At the same time, the constitution of nuclei does not know anybody. In these conditions test of automatic weapon are similar to games with grenade of children who do not know, as it is arranged. Where the warranty that at the next test our planet will not turn in volcanic dragon, belches to space made from us with you new chemical elements? Such warranty is not present, and never will be, as the process of knowledge is perpetual. There is no doubt that we gradually shall pass from a civilization of entertainments to a civilization of reason, and on this way stands to learn for the Nature to  that in a reserve always it is necessary to have alternatives, then cataclysms will not be.

Here I should express sincere thanks to all by the one who redounded creation of this book and its constant perfecting. Them I consider as the co-authors, since without their persistent creative activity the occurrence of the book would be impossible. It is the manufacturers fine Hardware and clever Software, the numerous hackers breaking open locks too avid of the programs manufacturers and doing them accessible to the simple people, are army of the manufacturers of the piracy programs, which one should use in conditions of poverty. In this connection I do not assay remorse of conscience since procure with the help of the listed people new knowledge and I give to their mankind free of charge.

In this book is convincingly shown, that overwhelming majority of conceptions of official fundamental physics about the structure of a world are false. Therefore modern fundamental physics is mock-scientific. Naive and credulous the mankind spends huge money for the support of this «science», and preachers of false knowledge ram into them in heads of the schoolboys and students of all world, that manger of science in due course has not emptied.

At last kind advice to the grateful reader. In an infinite history of oscillations of the Universe the probability of formation is particular Solar Systems and particularly of Earth with that civilization, in which one we live, makes infinitesimal value. In incalculable interchange of breeds you forefather and yours the original mother managed to survive and the appearance on white light you - Reader of this book makes infinitesimal value of the second order. Even from this point of view your existence is greatest value, which one the Case has presented to mankind. Do not console and do not justify itself by silly hope for any existence in past or future - there vacuum. Hurry up to live and to be pleased life together with the friends - such luck was not earlier and will not repeat any more ever.





Manual for the authors of the alternate theories in physics


The hour has struck, when in next time in a history of science, the official physical science has gone to blind alley and in an insane condition utters solid delirium in the main mathematical contents, which one to physics has not any relation. It is connected first of all to waiving of a principle of a causality both vesting of space and time by properties of physical objects. At the same time, fundamental physics for ever remain by the locomotive of all science, therefore should content to the most rigid requirements of the logic and common sense. These conditions have called splash of the alternate theories in fundamental physics.

I was acquainted with set of the alternate physical theories and I can formulate some recommendations for their writers, which one will appear not only useful for them, but also will help to keep an intellectual potential, gobed up in these theory, that they at once have not got on a waste tip of a history.

1. If you mention exclusion principle of Pauli, formulate, that is “the force Pauli” and “energy Pauli”, what mechanism of influencing of particles against each other in this case represents. If you can not give the reasonable answers to these problems, Pauli it is better to not mention.

2. If you mention a principle of uncertainty of the Heisenberg, it is necessary to answer, at any rate two problems. Where there is a particle with a defined value of an impulse? (the Heisenberg considers, that nowhere concretely it is not present). If the microsystem is in a ground state, its energy remains to a constant, the impulse too means also has a constant, but then on the Heisenberg a position of a system completely indefinitely, therefore and the energy has anyone size. It is necessary to you to permit a paradox: why the microsystem has simultaneously definite and absolutely acritical value of energy. The effect of a Compton is completely incompatible neither to correlation of the Heisenberg, nor with notions about existence of virtual particles.

3. If you mention a lambda-term in equalizations of the Einstein («a gravitation of vacuum»), you, as well as Einstein, love the fixed infinite Universe. Then it is necessary to explain, whence radioelements come in sight and why they are living till now.

4. If you mention a photometric or gravitational paradox, which one are fair for the infinite Universe, it is necessary to recognize boundedness of the Universe in space at any moment of time.

5. If you mention Big Bang which was initiative by the observed Universe, it is necessary to recognize, that the Universe indefinitely pulses in time (or to recognize existence of the God, who has created it, then you in science have nothing to do and it is not necessary).

6. If you mention the extension of the Universe, it is necessary to explain, why the red displacement demonstrates, that the extension takes place accelerative, instead of in a slowed-up way, as it follows under the law of world-wide attraction.

7. If you trust in existence «of black holes», that, apparently, that the Universe in a start of Big Bang represents «a superblack hole». Why it is dilates?

8. If you mention the exchange interaction mechanism of particles, open this mechanism so that it has become clear to any man. Do not assimilate in similar cases to orthodoxes.

9. If you mention about stippling of fundamental particles, explain, how two points not having of the sizes can get each other.

10. If you mention a bending of space, point the sign of its curvature and its value and also those experiments, which one uniquely confirm, that space can be bent and is physical object, instead of conditional concept of a type «sky».

11. If you mention change in length of stroke of time, it is necessary to demonstrate, that the time is physical object, instead of abstract concept of a type «course of history».

12. If you mention the multidimensional spaces, sitting in Euclidean three-dimensional space, put outcomes of experiments demonstrating, that the non-Euclidean spaces exist, instead of are invented by overheated heads.

13. If you mention a Schrodinger equation, explain, how the particle in a standing wave (differently quantized fades) is divided into set of fixed pieces, where in crests of a wave the slice is, and in nodes of wave misses.

14. If you mention a tunnel effect, recollect conditions of originating of a standing wave, which one are not compatible in principle to a tunnel effect.

15. If you mention virtual particles or, it is worse than that, about «physical vacuum», alive by these particles, do not forget that if in a system there are any changes under operating of virtual particles, this direct violation of law of preservation of energy, since for any change is required energy to add or to diminish.

16. If you mention a special relativity theory, it is necessary to explain, why the photon in essence which is not distinguished from other particles, does not obey to this theory and requires for itself of the special status. For example, why its oscillation frequency does not aim at zero point because of «deboostings of time».

17. If you mention an light propagation in environment, explain how the secondary electromagnetic oscillations interfere with full extinction in a direction opposite to light propagation. Each source of secondary waves has own overflow traffic in the most miscellaneous directions and in this case interference is impossible with such exclusive accuracy, what is watched objectively.

18. If you mention bosons or fermions, pay attention on experimentally affirmed (including for electrons) de Broglie formula from which one clear, that an angular momentum of all «elementary» particles (spin) integer, instead of half-integer, i.e. the fermions are not present, accordingly, there is no Pauli's exclusion principle, and the numerous conclusions of orthodoxes about a constitution of atoms, atomic nuclei are etc. false, therefore, modern fundamental physics is mockscience.

19. If you mention a general relativity theory, it is necessary to explain a paradox: mass augments curvature of space the increased curvature boosts operating a gravitation, that is equivalent to increase of mass, which one further augments curvature etc. ad infinitum. How to burst this faulty positive connection, which one should result in to spontaneous infinite increase or, on the contrary, decreasing of a gravitation?

20. … The similar listing can be prolonged ad infinitum, an apparent conclusion therefore arises. Before something to mention from orthodox physics it is necessary to present the convincing evidences of the authority of such mention for conformity with logic and common sense (since the criteria of the verity do not exist).

Each writer of the alternate theory so is long with it is busy, that it becomes native, as the favourite child. To demonstrate, that this child the most better there is no necessity is and so apparently. Here hides one of the main errors of the writers. I, for example, consider the best child and it is necessary it to demonstrate with full details, that have paid attention, instead of have passed past.

Never forget about a law of conservation of angular momentum and energy conservation law. Hundreds time re-read the activity with the purpose to carp at something. Have no keen unfounded criticism or statements, they your scientific authority undermines. Apply only those official notions, in which one thoroughly were disassembled, that not pass for by the layman. Gnaw, undermine a building of science from different directions. In any case, if the building will crash down or you will break teeth is will be only on benefit to true science. Remember, that orthodoxes - scientific impotents, because of those rigid conceptual frameworks, which one to themselves have created and in which one are compelled to exist, therefore hope only on you.

I wish successes.