It is known, that the spiral galaxies are gyrated with velocity, approximately, twice it is more, than it is necessary pursuant to the law of world attraction. It has generated a problem "of a dark matter". This matter we can not watch, but it has considerable mass and not clearly of what consists. If to allow for gravidynamic interaction, the indicated problem does not arise. Certainly, it is impossible to negate existence in the Universe of a unobservable substance, in the chapter "the Universe as a whole" is shown, that density of the Universe in 6 times exceeds critical density behind which one the collapse follows, but so tragically great amount of unobservable matter in connection with which one the problem "of a dark substance" is considered does not exist. In space the body is gone on steady orbit always with the first cosmic velocity. This velocity is customarily determined from equality of force of gravitation to a centre of mass of a system and centrifugal force, whence:


where Vс - computational orbital velocity without the registration of gravidynamic force, R - radius of orbit.

With the registration of a gravidynamic field the calculation will be absolutely diverse. The equilibrium condition on orbit pools from of gravidynamic attraction to a centre of rotation and attraction gravitational, the total of these forces is peer to a centrifugal force which is operational on a body:


Let's make calculation for motion of the Sun in a Galaxy, for this purpose we shall accept:

C = 3×1010 cm×sec–1(speed of light),

r = 7×1010 cm (radius of the Sun),

V = 2.5×107 cm×sec-1 (orbital velocity of the Sun around of center of a Galaxy),

Vp = 2p×rn,

n = 4.6×10-7 sec-1 (rotation frequency of the Sun),

G = 6.67×10-8 dynes ×cm2×g-2 (gravitational constant),

m = 2×1033 g (mass of the Sun),

R = 3×1022 cm (distance from center of a Galaxy up to a solar System),

M = 1044 g (mass of a Galaxy).

Substituting adopted values in (28.1), we shall receive a computational orbital velocity of the Sun Vс = 1.49×107 cm×sec-1, that in 1.7 times there is less apparent velocity V (mass of a Galaxy at apparent velocity should be in 3 times more). Substituting all values in (28.2), we shall discover, that at an apparent orbital velocity of motion of the Sun a gravidynamic factor of a solar System as a whole K=0.584×10-11 dynes ×cm2×g-2. In spite of the fact that it is ad-hoc a gravidynamic factor in 104 times less by gravitational constant, it provides an apparent orbital velocity of a solar System without the guesses of presence "of a dark substance" inside orbit. Besides the gravidynamic interaction is logical explains a dispersion of velocities of stars in a Galaxy. If to allow only for universal gravitation, the genesis of a dispersion of velocities of stars is not clear. Thus, the divergence between a computational and actual orbital velocity demonstrates not existence to a “dark substance", and existence of a gravidynamic field.

Comments of the author to chapter 28:

1. Law of Murphy and «dark energy».

The law of Murphy for science can be formulated briefly: a direct path to true the scientists necessarily will make to curves.

Now scientists dispose the hard fixed fact: the further from us the space objects are arranged, the the greater red displacement of spectral lines they demonstrate. The orthodoxes link this red displacement only to increase of speed of the extension of the Universe and do not esteem other reasons of this phenomenon. In outcome strongly predatory spacing interval of quasars from us is received. Therefore in the urgent order it was necessary to exhume fancy notions of the Einstein about «gravitation of vacuum». Explanatory explanation of the accelerated extension of the Universe had no time to not invent yet, therefore have invented a new problem - «dark energy», which one on unknowns to reasons urges the Universe to be expand accelerated. If the problems will vanish, the scientists will vanish also. Therefore it is necessary to not reduce, and to multiply quantity of problems, that manger of science has not emptied.

New physics gives simple explanation to seeming acceleration of the extension of the Universe. The law of universal gravitation acts always and brakes debris moved on inertia after Big Bang. Besides any luminous body forward releases more vigorous photons (cyan displacement of spectral lines), than back (red displacement). Therefore luminous body is like a photonic rocket rotated on braking. It is easy to count up, that our Galaxy, having speed about 600 kms/sec will lose all kinetic energy behind 22 billion of years. Thus, the extension of the Universe with negative acceleration is foregone. Approximately, 5-6 billions of years back through us the zone of decay of supernuclei (quasars) has passed, by leaving after itself the proximate galaxies and «dark» (not luminous) matter, which one we now use for own existence. Now this zone was eliminated already, approximately, on 3-4 billion of light years and we it is observed, as a zone of quasars. At decay of the supernuclei debris the galaxies will be formed and the further, the the galaxies are younger and is more indiscrete. Therefore spectral lines of these galaxies will have increased red displacement not at the expense of increase of their speed, and at the expense of motion of photons from area of large gravity potential in area, where this potential is significant less. In a limit, the red displacement for the just inflamed quasar should come nearer (as for «of a black hole») to infinite value. Therefore it is necessary to stop any gamble around «of dark energy» and to understand, that the law of Murphy acts only for those whom laziness properly to think.