Again we shall return to space phenomena and we shall consider a problem of a collapse of separate parts and Universe as a whole. The modern notions about Big Bang at "birth" of the Universe not so match the apparent facts. At explosion the matter should scatter as a shell, inside which one almost anything is not present. Between that, we apparent, approximately, uniform distribution of matter with maximum velocity of its motion on a periphery and minimum in a guessed detonation site. Besides is vague, why should be blasted out that owes collapses. Allowing above enunciated, it is possible to suspect such course of world development. It is considered, that a neutrino in the Universe in 109 times more, than nucleons and, as it has particular mass, the expansion of the Universe should be replaced with an after contraction and collapse. Photons, approximately, include as much, how many neutrinos (and for everyone till two neutrinos already of considerable mass), therefore collapse of the Universe is represented cocksure, allowing and not radiation substance. Besides mass of the Universe continuously grows at the expense of decrease of energy of Big Bang. Thus will be formed a neutrino-antineutrino of pair (photons) and electronic-positron pairs together being the basis for creation of different particles, nuclei of atoms etc. Under the literary data, mean density of matter for a collapse should make not less than 6×10-30 g/cm3 (Physics of space, "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 123).

 We shall distinguish a small and large collapse, and also "static" and "dynamic" collapse. Let's consider these scripts of a collapse.

Let's suspect that the matter a beginning collapses and has reached nuclear density, i.e. was turn intoed a neutron star. But the long-lived existence of a neutron body is impossible on those for the reasons, on which one the existence of super heavy nuclei is impossible, the joint existence even of two neutrons is impossible, one of them here will turn to a proton. The neutrons in such body release electrons with large energy and antineutrino, being transformed in protons. If mass of collapsing matter is insufficient for embodying a large collapse, about which one is said below, the gravitational deduction of such supernucleus in any case can not counteract arising Coulomb energy of a repulsion, as the Coulomb interaction on many orders is stronger gravitational. Happen grandiose explosion to the preferred efflux in space of atomic nuclei of the all table of the Mendeleyev, including radioactive short-lived elements (small collapse). Thus in nuclei again of formed elements the exuberant protons are transformed into neutrons pursuant to the theory of a nucleus enunciated above. Thus, the space dresses by heavy elements with nuclear charge above than 26-28 (iron - nickel). Any other versions of formation in the Universe of heavy elements are not plausible on that to the simple reason, that the lighter and heavier nuclei are less steady, that is reliably demonstrated experimentally, therefore decay of nuclei with a charge is less 26-28 and the growth of nuclei above than this value energy is not expedient.

If mass collapsing of matter is sufficient for creation of a superpower gravitational field, in which one all elementary particles, including the neutrons, become much stronger (see theory of elementary particles), in this case neutron can not at once be turn intoed a proton and the collapse is prolonged up to density 1018 g/cm3. It corresponds to density a neutrino in a proton (large collapse). At such density of matter particular orbits a neutrino fade (see stability of gravidynamic systems) and in a core formed of a neutrino star a neutrino become "free". Thus for them mass "fades", and they completely freely escape a neutrino star. The process of the efflux a neutrino goes so long as mass of a neutrino star is great. As soon as it will decrease, further happens under the script of a small collapse. To all this can add, what even the small rotation of mass of collapsing matter results in considerable facilitation of this process, since in process of its passing the rotation rate sharply is incremented and arising of gravidynamic force promote acceleration of process. In this case collapse will be not "static", but "dynamic". Such collapse needs smaller mass. Basically, we can implement it in laboratory conditions with as much as small quantity of matter.  On the strength from notions of a neutrino star, as patriarch by the Universe, Universe should run up on a spiral, as the corollary of rotation (if that was) of a neutrino star and, as a whole, to have the same moment of momentum. The Universe as a whole can not have a moment of momentum to not break a law its preservation. Otherwise it can not be eternal, since in a start it someone should be "to twirl".

Free neutrino effusing from of a neutrino star at a large collapse again is condensates in matter, which one again collapses and so ad infinitum. Thus there is a vibratory process of transition of energy (free neutrino) in mass (matter) and back. The adherence of an energy conservation law in this process guarantees its perpetuity. Otherwise cocksure conclusion about absolute "death" of the Universe, and, signifies, and its "creation". Then there is a problem on creation of the Creator, creation the one who has created the Creator etc. ad infinitum, i.e. we fall in a unsolvable logic inconsistency showing, that alternative to an energy conservation law does not exist. On the basis of enunciated it is possible to draw a conclusion, that the existence in the Universe so-called "of black holes" also is impossible, as well as long-lived existence of neutron stars, in that sense, as they are understood by orthodox science, however gravidynamic objects of a space scale we should watch rather frequently. Idiosyncrasy them are the high speeds of proper rotation of bodies. The nature, as against the people, never drives in dock, from which one is not present, an exit, if there were "black holes" that, apparently, that there is nobody was about them to reason. In chapter 29.2 is shown, that we always are inside «of a black hole». The surveyed scripts of a collapse optionally should envelop all Universe, they can be and local value in process, both expansion, and squeezing of the Universe. At oscillations of the Universe the energy passes in matter and back.


27.1. Whereinto the relict radiation will transform at a collapse of the Universe


For relict radiation determine equilibrium temperature 2,7 К. In chapter 29.1.3 is shown, that the Universe at a collapse will forms protouniverse with density, which one can not exceed nuclear density. Energy of a photon on boundary of protouniverse:


where: - frequency of a photon on boundary of protouniverse, G - gravitational constant, M - mass of the Universe, m - mass of a relict photon, r0 - radius of protouniverse.

Mass of a relict photon we shall discover from equation  and we shall substitute in (27.1.1). Then the absolute increase of energy of a relict photon at the expense of a gravitation on boundary of protouniverse will make:


By substituting in (27.1.2) numerical values of constants (mass of the Universe 1.275×1056 g (chapter 29.1), radius of protouniverse to equal radius of orbit of Mars 2.279×1013 cm), we shall discover:

= 4.152×1014                                                                           (27.1.3).

Under the formula (23.1.4) minimum energy for formation of a photon is peer 5kT, where k - Boltzmann constant, therefore minimum energy of a relict photon applicable to its equilibrium temperature 2.7 K will be 1.163×10-3 eV. Therefore relict photon on «surface» of protouniverse will have pursuant to (27.1.3) energy 4.83×105 МeV. Allowing, that on formation of a positive proton is necessary 938 МeV of energy, energy of a former relict photon suffices on production 515 positive protons.

It is understandable, that energy at the expense of a gravitation at a collapse of the Universe augment not only photons, but also electrons in a structure of former atoms and other particles. Therefore in center of protouniverse there is actively formation of matter (positive protons, neutrons and electrons) as a result of which it fast cools as a result of reacting: 8p+n+e- down up to such degree, that becomes to possible formation of a supernucleus in center of protouniverse and new Big Bang. Thus, the energy of the Universe on a final stage of a collapse in part again is transformed into matter.

I thank my son and heir for arguing of a problem, as a result of which one this chapter has appeared.