In this book the so-called tachyons - particles moving always with velocity higher of speed of light, being a fetus of imagination of the hottest admirers of the formal - mathematical description of a world are not considered. We shall was rigidly hold the opinion, that physics determines a capability of that or diverse mathematical description of physical phenomena, instead of the mathematics are determined a capability of existence them.

It is possible at once to point four objects, which one always moves with out-of-line velocity much more superior speed of light (possible, with infinite velocity), that it is easy to show by simple calculations on the facts of interaction of impacting charged particles are four kinds of a field: electrostatic, magnetic, gravitational and gravidynamic.

"Experiments of James Chadwick on definition of nuclear charge (1891г.) by dissipation -particles moving with by light velocities have shown, that the nuclear charge numerically is peer to a sequence number of a element the table of the Mendeleyev, and the Coulomb's law, on the basis of which one is calculated motion dispelled a-particles, up to distances ~10-12 cm centre to centre nucleus and -particle are executed. At smaller distances the Coulomb's law is upset. This violation is those, as though on the -particle was worked by attractive forces. These new forces which are operational on short distance are termed nuclear". N.I. Kariakin etc., Brief manual on physics, "Higher School", М., 1962, page 345-346. Apparently, that from these experiments one more fundamental conclusion follows also: the absence of so-called "retarded potential" and propagation of an electrostatic field is significant more speed of light so, that in the given experiments it can be accepted infinite. Otherwise experiments of Chadwick would give completely other results. Other experiments on dissipation a-particles (R. Sproull, Modern Physics, "Science", М., 1974, page 64-65) with large accuracy confirm the theory of a constitution of atom on the Rutherford and simultaneously confirm huge rate of propagation of an electrostatic field.

The Laplace in 1787 has shown, that for explanation of the reason of century acceleration of moon it is necessary to consider, that the rate of propagation of a gravitation not less than in 5×107 times surpasses speed of light. Laplace. An enunciating of a system of a world, Partnership "Public benefit", St.-Petersburg, 1861, v.1, page 418, т.2, page 412.

It is well-known, that the theory of a gravitation of the Newton proceeds from indefinitely high speeds of propagation of a gravitational field.

If all kinds of fields were spread with speed of light, the existence of "elementary" particles would become impossible, since the neutrino is gone in them with light velocity as well as other components of elementary particles. Experimental data (see “tunnel" effect) also indicate that the -particle moving almost with light velocity, interacts with a nucleus on a Coulomb's law, therefore, its electrostatic field is spread with velocity, at least, to the order superior light so, that the form of a field remains practically centrally symmetric. Apparently, that the measured rate of propagation of fields in some medium will be as much as large, but final because of inertness gravitational and electric charges of medium seek "compensated" a field (see an abnormal dispersion of photons in medium).

When we learn the nature of fields, we, probably, shall manage to receive fields as a pencil beam with modulated intensity and it there will be a most effective way of communication with extra-terrestrial civilizations. However already now there is a technical feasibility to receive such rays, if they exist. For this purpose it is necessary to scan welkin by sensing sensors electrostatic, magnetic, and gravitational or of a gravidynamic field. The sensors of known fields exist, and the elementary sensor of a gravidynamic field represents the gyroscope. It will show presence of a gravidynamic field, and the angle between a visible direction on a star and its true position in the given moment will help to calculate rate of propagation of a field.

Let's find out a principal physics of maximum speed of movement. At acceleration of any "elementary" particles the expended energy is spent (at velocity of a particle much less limiting) for increase of a full kinetic energy of a particle on coils of a screw trajectory, on which one the particle is gone, i.e. on increase of motion speed. At approach of a progressive velocity to limiting starts sharply to be incremented intensity of a gravidynamic field of a particle. It results that the going from the outside energy is spent any more for not increase of a forward speed, and on increase of energy the neutrino component a particle, i.e. on increase of a particle mass, as determines the same value of maximum speed for any microparticles and, accordingly, macrobodies.

However free neutrino is elimination in the sense that has not interacting among themselves components, therefore velocity of its motion should be closer to limiting and hardly to exceed speed of light, though on an absolute value this difference absolutely small and can be detected only on space distances. Thus we at first should arrest an increased flow a space neutrino, and then only to fix a flash of a supernew star visually. "On February 23, 1987 has blown up supernew in proximate to us to a galaxy, Large Magellan a Cloud. It is wonderful, that after some clocks before detection of a light flash in several labs the multiple incoming a neutrino from nuclear reactions at explosion supernew was recorded". A.V. Bialko, Our planet - Earth, "Science", М., 1989, page 119.

Thus, the electronic neutrino on today is the quite good instrument for communication of space civilizations. The problem consists only, how it is possible practically to utilize this instrument. For the answer to this problem pay attention that the dynamic collapse, basically, easily is feasible as under the script large, and small collapse (see chapter "Collapse"). At a large collapse in space are radiated a free electronic neutrino and antineutrino in equal quantities, in a spectrum of energies, character for this process and to this indication it is possible not only to identify presence of a developed civilization near to this or that star, but also to transmit the indispensable information. That "to catch" a space electronic neutrino the relevant absorbent is necessary. Such absorbent, in particular, can be matter in a condition of a small dynamic collapse. In this condition for transmutation into a neutron body the absorption an electronic antineutrino or relevant radiation an electronic neutrino is necessary. It is possible to offer and other "resonant" structures effectively absorptive a neutrino with the particular power characteristics. It is clear, that the customary matters for this purpose will not approach because of their perfect transparency for a neutrino (except for some radio-isotopes). Thus, the principle of operation neutrino of receivers and transmitters is clear, the inconsistency of a space communication by means of photons is simultaneously clear, allowing grandiose of distance between space objects, on the one hand, and impossibility of unambiguous interpretation of a useful signal, on the other hand.

The reason of spontaneous rotation of space bodies and artificial satellites of the Earth same: the orientation of the gravidynamic moments of particles, components a body, in a gravidynamic field external or formed by body at motion, as a result of which all body as a whole starts to be gyrated so, that the common moment of momentum remains to stationary values. The object of artificial genesis needs to be boosted so that the energy was spent only for a translational motion, i.e. as against natural motion on a screw line, the body should be moves on "straight line" being not gyrated around of an own axis. The engine of such spacecraft could be the pulsed engine, the actuation medium which one is transformed in an electronic neutrino under the script of a large collapse. Other principle of motion is offered in the conclusion.

The indirect indicator of that place in the Universe, where the concern of the space operators should be directed, are the binary stars. Let's disassemble a own example. Term from the last Big Bang of the order 10 billions years was required, that there was a solar System, and in it reasonable life and the civilization has become rather developed. If we shall be insufficiently guess, that, by not having time to be advanced, we shall perish at explosion of Jupiter (see chapter about problems of a cosmology). We will have enough reason to not wait for a natural development of events, and in time to set fire to Jupiter by a thermonuclear charge and at the expense of its own jet thrust at the moment of explosion to transfer Jupiter to more high-altitude orbit. In the formed system of a binary star for us the capability of unlimited development will appear, if we and shall be rather vigilant further. In spite of the fact that the Copernicus has given us comprehension of our place in the Universe, we in any way can not be saved from of Ptolemaic psychology to consider ourselves by navel of universe. If we, at last, shall be saved of this psychology, that, by looking once again on a palate, we shall see, that in systems of binary stars our brothers on reason with a high probability are there, where the second star has anomalously large eccentricity and anomalously large distance from a central lamp. For example, proximate to us neighbour - system double (as a matter of fact - triple) star -Centaurus. On anomalously large distance of a star - satellite from the higher companion, indirectly it is possible to judge presence of reasonable life for any binary star. "The Coiper explored distribution of semimajor axes of orbits of binary stars in a Galaxy. From the graph, built by him, it is visible, that the values of these semi-axes are made in an interval between 0.01 and 100000 а.u.; the mean value is equal 20 а.u., that is very similar to mean distance of large planets from the Sun". О. Struve etc., Elementary astronomy, page 262. It speaks that in the Universe in main live same, as well as we, not realizing danger (or not having capabilities it to prevent) formation of a system of a binary star as a result of a flash local "jupiter". And it, in turn, speaks that the development of space civilizations in the Universe happens practically simultaneously, therefore ambassadors of these civilizations rather recently, as well as we, get out from caves.

Earlier in this book is shown, that the photon is a "elementary" particle with a most loose coupling between a neutrino and antineutrino, therefore most perspective represents communication, including space, on the basis teleportation of a photon. Naturally, what to execute teleportation it is possible for any "elementary" particle, that is clear from their constitution and properties enunciated earlier, but for a photon this process easily is implemented. The auto decomposition of a photon on constituents frequently meets at a nuclear level and level of "elementary" particles.



26.1. Communication with teleportation of photon


Teleportation of a photon, i.e. its disappearance and subsequent appearance of the same photon in the other place in essence to execute simply (for the understandable reasons, from consideration the technical particulars are missed). Here it is necessary to disappoint the fans of mysticism, since term "teleportation" in this context is understood as decomposition of a photon on constituents and subsequent "assembly" it in the other place. This method we use daily, when for whatever reasons contraband or outsize cargo are compelled to transduce to a transportable condition, and after transporting to restore its initial kind. For example, by passing a photon through a magnetic field, by action of force of the Lorentz we take away a neutrino and antineutrino in the miscellaneous sides, destroying a wholeness of a photon. In result the photon fades, and in a direction of its motion on screw trajectories with identical parameters in phase opposition move already free electronic neutrino and antineutrino. The very relevant circumstance is that a free neutrino from a photon of a visible light has a so high penetrability, that any space bodies for them are not a hindrance. On some distance a neutrino and antineutrino again can form the same photon. The bail to that are ideal «coherence» or «resonanceness» components of a photon. The neutrino or antineutrino is necessary insignificantly to change energy, the parameters of a screw trajectory at once will change, and to restore a wholeness of a photon any more it will be not possible. Apparently, that by passing a neutrino and antineutrino through a magnetic field opposite to an initial direction, the process of reactivation of a photon can considerably be sped up.

The scheme of a new type of communication grounded on teleportation of photons can look traditionally: the modulator - transmitter - communication channel - receiver - demodulator.

The modulator represents the laser generating a monochromatic light beam, intensity which one modulated, for example, audio frequency.

In the transmitter (teleporter) the flow of photons is disconnected on two flows - electronic neutrino and antineutrino. One of them is immersed (will be below described, as it to make), and another, for example, the neutrino is guided to the receiver.

The communication channel represents a pencil beam a monochromatic neutrino, the intensity which one is modulated by an audio frequency. Apparently, that it should be spread on straight line connecting the transmitter and the receiver without dependence that there is between them, including our planet.

The receiver - most composite part of a new type of communication. To fix a flow a neutrino with low energy it is necessary or to immerse, or this flow should affect on certain physical system. In any of these cases a neutrino should lose energy, but the phenomenal penetrability a neutrino indicates that while to us any processes are unknown, due to which one the neutrino with low energy would be possible to find out. Main idea of the receiver - "clap on to" an antineutrino in a received flow a neutrino with precisely by the same energy (parameters of a screw trajectory), that will cause to birth of photons. Therefore in the receiver there should be precisely same laser, as well as in the transmitter, but with continuously adjustable by a radiated frequency. The question is if the communication channel will be directed to space in the side of a smaller gravity potential, the flow a neutrino "reddens" (neutrino increment a wavelength), in the side of the greater gravity potential a neutrino will be "become blue" - to reduce a wavelength. It is quite enough of gravitational "reddening" a neutrino already that the fixed frequency of the receiver has ceased to be resonant with a transmitter frequency. Further, as well as in the transmitter, a laser beam pass through teleporter and a received flow an antineutrino mate with a flow a neutrino from the transmitter. By set-up of frequency of a laser radiation achieve identical energy an antineutrino of the receiver with a neutrino of the transmitter, thus there are photons, the parents which one in an equal measure are the transmitter and receiver. The intensity of a flow of these photons will be modulated by an audio frequency.

The demodulator can be any known device for this purpose, for example, used at demonstrating movies.

Main advantages of a tendered new type of communication following:

1. Unlimited communication range.

2. A capability to communicate a message in any direction.

3. Any handicaps of communication are completely eliminated.

4. Impossibility of interception of the message.

Earlier is shown, that any star will forms an planetary system similar to a solar System, with planets "earth" and "jupiter" of group, for which one even chemical compound is look-alike to our planets. Therefore probability of existence in the Universe of the brothers on reason is rather high. Numerous attempts to catch a signal, which one could be interpreted, as a signal of extra-terrestrial civilization were not crowned with success, though searchings be ordered in a broad band from a visible light up to radio waves. The question is uncountable set of natural processes is accompanied by radiation of photons and radio waves in all conceivable frequency band with every possible parameters of radiation. To be disassembled in this farrago practically it is impossible, and the value of a ultra long space communication with usage of electromagnetic radiation comes nearer to zero point. If the described mechanism of teleportation photons will discover the experimental affirming, usage of this effect for the space operators is represented ideal.

If we shall learn to arrest flows a neutrino with low energy, the described above means of communication is considerably simplified. Behind a screen, which one overlaps a modulated beam of light, the modulated flow a neutrino - constituents of some "perished" photons is spread, which one not completely have transmitted the energy to atoms. In a radio-frequency range the electrons of a material of the antenna have time to follow change of vector of an electric intensity, but in optical range the inertia of electrons is exhibited so strongly, that the antenna becomes not sensing to irradiation by light quantums. Therefore, in spite of the fact that a flow the neutrino represents a flow of charged particles, to determine its presence there is nothing so long as we the neutrino from an antineutrino (for example, in a magnetic field) is not separated. Attempts to fix passage a neutrino through an expansion chamber or ionization counter are doomed on failure. The neutrino has the large sizes, therefore electric intensity outside neutrino is insufficient for ionization, and inside neutrino of an electrical field is not present.