Usable enunciated notions for space gauges. For this purpose is conversed (2.3) to a view slightly:


The blanket constitution of a solar System visually demonstrates to us a development of gravidynamic interaction: all planets are gyrated on orbits and around of own axes in one side - side of gyration of the Sun in one plane. That most happens and to satellites of planets. Specially visually it is visible for promptly rotary Jupiter having besides and major mass, therefore, powerful a gravidynamic field making not only orbit of Jupiter to lie in a plane of a solar System, but it to have a minimum obliquity of equator to an orbit, and also making satellites of Jupiter to follow to an example of the host, except for exterior satellites with which one we shall understand later.

"Being address to a solar System, it is uneasy to find out following essential singularities of its constitution:

1. All planets are revolving around of the Sun in the same direction.

2. All planets are gyrated around of the axes in a direction appropriate to a direction of their treatment around of the Sun (elimination make of a Uranus and Venus).

3. The eccentricities of planet orbits differ from zero point very little i.e. orbit of planets almost circular. The elimination is introduced by orbits of a Mercury and Pluto.

4. The orbits of planets, except for a Mercury and Pluto, lie almost in one plane, it is not enough lop-sided to a plane of a solar equator.

5. Extremely nonuniformly is proportioned between the Sun and planets moment of momentum (for a point of mass m, rotate on a circle of radius r with velocity v, the moment of momentum is peer mvr). On a share of the Sun, in which one 99 % of all mass of a solar System is focused, it is necessary only 2 % of its full moments of momentum.

6. The rotation of the Sun around of its axis happens in the same side, in what moves of a planet around of the Sun.

7. Orbits of the majority of satellites of planets are close to circular, and the motions of the majority of satellites on their orbits happen in that a direction, in what planets moves around of the Sun.

8. Orbits of satellites in the majority are inclined to planes of equators of the planets a little.

9. The planets are divided into two groups: planets such as the Earth and planet - giant such as Jupiter. The planets with greater mass are gyrated around of the axes with smaller periods. The planets - giant have least density.

Any of existing and present cosmogonic hypotheses fails convincingly to explain these legitimacies both features, and this circumstance generates the skeptical relation to these hypotheses". V.G. Demin "Destiny of a solar System", "Science", М., 1975, page 61.

It is known, that in our Galaxy, as well as in others, there is and now sufficient quantity of protons, electrons separate atoms, molecules, dust particles, larger bodies, down to huge chunks of matter as asteroids, comets etc. "Interplanetary dust - particles predominantly with mass 10-3 - 10-5 g, widespread in interplanetary space. Total mass of interplanetary dust is estimated in 1019 - 1020 g. At removal from the Sun density of a dust cloud drops approximately as R-1.3, and on distances ~3 a.u. the dust practically misses. The greatest concentration of interplanetary dust is watched in the area of an ecliptic, as for the majority of particles the inclination of orbits does not surpass 30-400". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 42.

According to a hypothesis of formation of a gravidynamic field, not only elementary particles or molecule in a free condition moves on a screw line, but also any other bodies. Some affirming can be served by the screw forms of tails of comets I type. (E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 71). Thus there comes equilibrium state, when the force similar to force of the Lorentz in an electrodynamics performs forces attractive a body to an axis of a screw line, and about universal of repulse energy and relevant force we already order speech. Such motion of a body will be steady, since it is in a potential well. In any case the gravidynamic field urges a free body to be moves on a right-handed or left-handed line and first Newton's laws, leaves, is untrue in relation to a free body, and is fair only to an axis of a screw trajectory it. Therefore we in the Universe should not meet any body driving strictly rectilinearly, or is strict on parabolic or hyperbolic trajectory. Against it the astronomers, seem, do not object.

Here it is necessary to warn of the careless manipulation with a de Broglie formula , determining "wavelength" of particles with an angular momentum . Usually, in its denominator substitute what thinks fit mass, receive a killing short wave for macrobodies (that as a matter of fact means incredibly large energy at ratty of moving speed) and on this basis consider, that macrobodies have not wave properties. If in new physics the waves of de Broglie have completely clear physical sense and is transversal ("oscillation" of a particle at motion on a screw line happen across its movement in space), the orthodox science in this problem has not clear notions. If to consider waves de Broglie transversal, it is necessary to introduce into the inventory ether with properties of a solid body, that the propagation of such wave was provided. If to consider as its longitudinal, the ether should have properties of a liquid or gas. If to refuse ether generally, it is necessary to enter a new kind of a wave - "a wave of probability", but then it is necessary to open its physical sense and to show theoretically, that such wave should have properties of customary waves, that is demonstrated experimentally. Even as a wave packet the particle cannot be presented, since on notions of official physics for waves of de Broglie there is dispersion even in vacuum, therefore wave packet fade away in due course. "It does not allow introducing particles as a wave group de Broglie" (B.M. Javorsky, A.A. Detlaph, Manual on physics, "Science", М., 1964, page 644).

Illogicality of reasons of official physics in handling of a de Broglie formula is obvious. That the wave has very small length or, on the contrary, very large, yet does not follow, that it absolutely is not present. The exact explanation is that de Broglie formula is result of gravidynamic self-effect of particles with an angular momentum  and at other values of this moment will be unfair. And as to a particle mass in its denominator, it is the same misunderstanding being a corollary of the dogmatic relation to mathematics on a context incomprehension of physical substance, as well as electronic mass, standing in a denominator of the formula expressing radius of orbit of an electron in the modern theory of atom. Noting a de Broglie formula: , where Vf  - forward speed of a particle, is separable both parts on 2: , but =mVТ×r (where VТ - the tangential velocity) and is a moment of momentum of a particle. Is asked, where? You see the particle is free. The answer is univalent - on orbits of a screw line, if not we want to gyrate an electron with superlight velocity or at all to deprive of physical sense an angular momentum. By substituting value , we shall discover: . VT should be accepted equal Vf again to remain within the framework of common sense at changes Vf and meaning a principle of an equal energy distribution on degrees of freedom, then is gained: . We have received result showing, that the wavelength de Broglie, starting from microparticles and finishing astronomical objects is peer to length of orbit of this particle a bound condition or circumference of cross section of a screw line in a free condition, and the last value considerably exceeds first, of what it is possible to be convinced on an example of a free and bound electron. This conclusion confirms the unified physical basis of motion of any free bodies both unity of the laws micro and macroworld. Of unity of these laws for us still will a capability repeatedly be convinced.

As the physical sense of a wavelength de Broglie has become trivial, in further, using this term, we shall not nest in it more that in it is contained, on the strength from above-stated, and especially we shall not consider particles as a wave, though their motion and has some properties of a wave because of a screw trajectory.

Now we can assert, that the free bodies micro and macrocosmos, being moving on screw lines, demonstrate to us violation at once of two Newton's laws: they not moves is rectilinear also the activity not equally to counteraction. At all events, the Newton's laws require refinement of the formulations. The rather second Newton's laws it is possible to tell following. In calm of a cabinet it is possible to consider, as it and is accepted, that on a body drives on a circle, the centripetal force calling a centripetal acceleration pursuant to the second Newton's law acts and the centrifugal force acts on "connection". It is necessary to enclose eyes on that circumstance, that "connection" under activity of unbalanced force should be moves with acceleration from a centre of rotation. However, by turning over on steep sweep together with the automobile, we shall be rigidly convinced that just a centrifugal force acted on us, and all was good so long as it was peer centripetal, stipulated support reaction. Therefore exact explanation of this problem will be such. If the body is steadily gone on a circle, it is in a potential well and the attractive force to center of a circle is peer to a repulsive force. Both forces are affixed on a driving body. The total of these forces is peer to zero point and on the second Newton's law the acceleration misses. In such interpretation all cases of motion of bodies on a circle become completely clear. On notions of modern science of a potential well does not exist neither in case of motion of an electron around of a nucleus, nor in case of motion of a space body around of central. Therefore given a systems should be basic unstable, and their actual stability (being a sample of stability in our world) uniquely indicates an inaccuracy of these notions. Only concept of universal energy of repulsion, bring in new physics, allows to give the exhausting solution of this problem.

A gravidynamic field, as well as magnetic, short-range, radius of its activity on an order of magnitude is comparable with radius of a particle in case of her rotation about an axis and is comparable with radius of orbit, on which one the gravitational current "flows". In the latter case induction of a gravidynamic field is maximum near to a driving body, therefore on distances, is significant superior the sizes of bodies, the gravidynamic field can not be the competitor of a gravitational field of attraction in case of space objects or electrostatic field in case of an electron motion in atom. At the same time, setting an initial moment of momentum on a screw line to a free particle, it completely determines a position of orbit of this particle in a bound condition, leaving on a share long-range gravitational and electrostatic field draft-quality activity on keeping of a body on destined beforehand orbit. Radius it is picked from an infinite set solved a potential energy of attraction and universal repulsion just by a gravidynamic field. Below we shall see, that this ingenious fabrication of the Creator (author is the convinced atheist, therefore mention in vain of a name of the god serves only for a readability of the text), when the kind of the Universe is determined not powerful gravitational, and neglible more feeble, in the given conditions, by a gravidynamic field, has allowed to create alive, evolving, developing world, instead of dead and fixed, as the dissipations of energy in a macroworld cannot be avoided as against a microcosm. Thus, in space we have a broad set "of lengths of waves de Broglie" starting that are determined by his formula and fair for particles with a mechanical moment  and finishing macrobodies "wavelength" which one can significant exceed the sizes of a solar System down to the galactic sizes. Being moving on a screw line, macrobodies with a defined value Vr, which one determines the future their position in a solar System irrespective of mass "put on" on a solar System, reducing thus radius of motion and incrementing an orbital velocity pursuant to a principle of conservation of moment of momentum. The main mass of substance goes in a solar System from area of galactic "orbit" of the Sun (inverted commas will become clear later, when will be found out, that orbit as such is not present) precisely the same as on planets in main substance goes from planetary orbit. This most widespread case is figured on a figure 20.1.

You tell that the author views the far-fetched problem. Something not so is noticeably, that from space to us the significant amount of matter went. It is possible to answer it simply - it necessarily will discover, and if its today's entry will appear small, it is quite compensated by past abundance and future entry. Naturally, that in past entry of matter in a solar System was significant more. "Bombardment meteoritic intensive - event, the tracks which one was kept in a geologic history of planetary bodies and small bodies of a solar System as areas high density of craters impact on a solid surface. The definitions of absolute age of rocks of lunar continents date sharp decay of intensive meteoritic bombardment time ~3.9 billions years back. The beginning it, is probably, is closed with the last stages of an accretion (growth of bodies at the expense of affixing of new particles - V.K.) planetary bodies (~4,6 billions years back)". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 11.

The author hopes, as the reader will part of his optimism in this problem, by finishing reading of this chapter.

Macrobodies, reaching a radius of action of a gravidynamic field of a solar System as a whole, comparable with size systems, deploy vector of the mechanical moment so that to take para-position in a solar System, thus has not value the right-handed or left-handed current of traffic had macrobody and from what side of a plane of a solar System it has appeared. In other cases the matter can go from directions, perpendicular plane of a solar System. The last researches of antarctic meteorites confirm that the meteorites going on the Earth from these two directions differ among themselves: "Meteorites antarctic - meteorites retrieved in Antarctic Continent, where in certain geomorphological conditions as a result of intensive transpiration affluent from the large area of masses of ice there is accumulation meteorites on a surface of ice. Is retrieved more than 10 000 is models, including new (for example, meteorites lunar) and infrequent types. On ratio of meteorites of miscellaneous classes, and also on some chemical features the population of meteorites antarctic differs from unantarctic. The reason it while is unknown". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 43.

Thus there can be two versions figured on a figure 20.2.

 In version 20.2а the body with right-handed motion enters in a solar System, being moving inside it in a current of traffic of planets (the proper rotation it happens in the same side). In version 20.2b the body with left-handed motion at the approach to a solar System hardly is brakes because of a mutual repulsion of unlike gravidynamic poles, therefore takes a position on a periphery of a solar System or satellite system of a planet, demonstrating a backward motion. For satellites of planets of a solar System the picture of motions of a building material is look-alike, only value Vr, accordingly, it is less.

Starting from an apparent constitution of a solar System, it is possible to draw a conclusion that behind Pluto we can find out small satellites of the Sun with a backward motion. Besides right-handed bodies from northern part of a sky and left-handed of a southern part of a sky in a solar System is watched very little, as they should be moves against rotation of our Galaxy as a whole. It is possible to consider these bodies temporarily as "abnormal" as against "normal", relevant versions of a figure 20.2а.

Comets (starting from motes of a cometary structure and finishing large comets), being the main supplier the matters in a solar System convincingly demonstrate to us a regularity of enunciated notions, and is apparent, that the comets of group 2 recently are captured by a solar System, and comets of group 1 - for a long time and practically transfer to a stationary state (as we shall see later, relative). "The random accumulation of disturbances at the expense of gravity of planets is termed as diffusion of comets. K.A. Shteins has pointed three laws of diffusion.

According to the first law of diffusion the accumulation of random disturbances in motion of comets results in gradual decreasing of declinations of planes of orbits of comets to a plane of an ecliptic. In a fig. 1 the distribution of orbits on their declinations to an ecliptic for again unclosed comets is indicated and in a fig. 2 the distribution of old comets on declinations of their orbits in a plane of an ecliptic is adduced.

As it is visible, for new orbits are equiprobable both straight lines, and backward motions, while the majority remaining (old - V.K.) comets is gone around of the Sun in a forward direction.

Under the second law of diffusion the accumulation of disturbing effects results that orbits with large perihelion distances have on the average smaller eccentricities and smaller values of semimajor axes.

The second law of diffusion is in the very good consent with the observational data of all comets, which one were unclosed and were watched after 1700. It characterizes a direction of evolution of cometary orbits under activity of planetary disturbances.

The third law of diffusion explains distribution of orbits of new comets in space and is stated as follows: quantity of apparent new comets will increase with decreasing of perihelion distance. It finds simple explanation: the comets with large perihelion distance ruins much more slower, rather than those comets, which one in perihelion pass very close to the Sun". V.G. Demin "Destiny of a solar System", "Science", М., 1975, page 140-142.

From a point of view of new physics, it is possible to aggregate all three laws of diffusion of comets and not only them, but also any body in a solar System in one. Any body in a solar System, not absorbed other bodies, at the expense of gravidynamic interaction with a system aims to take a circular orbit with straight motion (counter-clockwise if to look from North Pole of a world) and proper rotation in the same side. This promotes interaction with other bodies of a solar System and dissipative processes. In result the minimum of a potential energy of a system as a whole is reached. The figure 1 confirms, that "new" comets the Sun seizes on galactic orbit, therefore inclination of their orbits is close to 900 (see figure 20.1). The laws of diffusion of comets will become much clearer after familiarization with the theory of capture of space bodies.

Especially are visible evolution of orbits in a solar System on an example of sets of comets of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. If in a set of Neptune of orbits of comets have a large eccentricity, large declination of orbits and frequently by backward motion, in a set of Jupiter are characteristic proximity of planes of orbits of comets to a plane of an ecliptic and extremely straight of the revolutions around of the Sun with a small eccentricity (see. E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 62-63.

In spite of the fact that the growth of the terms of a solar System at the expense of meteoritic matter is not so great, as from cometary, to it everything completely concerns, that was above said about comets. "The subsystem of asteroids flat - the asteroids with an orbit inclination are less 80, i.e. with orbits arranged near to a plane of an ecliptic. The subsystem envelops about half of all asteroids... (Compare with fig. 1 and fig. 2 - V.K.). The subsystem of asteroids spherical - asteroids with an orbit inclination is more 80". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 52.

Precisely the same as we found expression (2.3) for radius of orbit of an electron in atom, we can find and the expression for radius of orbit of a planet located in a potential well at motion around of the Sun (official science does not know about existence of a potential well in this case):


This position macrobody, fallen in a solar System, takes rather fast, since the gravitational interaction is much stronger gravidynamic in these conditions. As the formation of atom in essence does not differ from formation of a solar System, is similar (20.1) we can record:


where: =Vr - product of a tangential velocity on a screw line and radius it for free macrobody, which one is saved and in the planets and their satellites, formed by such bodies, since:


G - gravitational constant, r - radius of orbit of a planet, m - its mass, M - mass of the Sun (or central body, for example, planet for its satellites). By the way, from (20.3) the third Kepler's Law is easily received, and expression (20.3) is equivalent to the formula of the first solar escape velocity for a body driving on orbit of radius r. By substituting =Vr and , where Т - cycle time, in (20.3), after simple transformations we shall discover: , and it also is the third Kepler's Law. Pay attention, that at this conclusion we did not use at all concept of a centripetal acceleration, as it is made, for example, in the book: J. Orir "Popular physics", "World", М., 1969, page 107-108.

By plotting the graph, on an ordinate axis which one the values of products of an orbital velocity of a planet on radius of its orbit are put off, and on an abscissa axis , we shall receive a straight line which is coming from of a beginning of coordinates with tangent of a slope angle equal . This fact verifying an accuracy (20.3) serves very severe argument for the benefit of the above-stated reasons, is fine explains distribution of a mechanical moment in a solar System (official science can not it explain) and speaks that there is no necessity to a solar System "to be born", as something whole. "Some, for example, large English astronomer Hoil, hold the opinion about simultaneous formation of the Sun and planets from a primary cloud. But on this way there are difficulties in explanation of distribution of a moment of momentum (quantity of rotation) between the Sun and planets (in a solar System on a share of planets it is necessary 98 % of a torques, though they make only 0,1 % of mass of a solar System". K.P. Belov, N.G. Bochkarev "Magnetism on the Earth and in space", "Science", М., 1983, the page 168), i.e. "is unsatisfactory are explained the difficulties which have appeared fatal for a hypothesis of the Laplace". V.G. Demin "Destiny of a solar System", "Science", М., 1975, page 63.

"Differently, specific (it is per unit mass) moment of momentum for planets more, than for the Sun, on the average in 35 000 times. This circumstance was an insuperable hindrance to many cosmogonic hypotheses. In the new hypotheses is received, that the magnetic field of the Sun is responsible carry of a moment of momentum in a solar System”. Physics of space, "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 70. It is clear to the reader, probably, that the engaging of a magnetic field of the Sun is connected with perfect hopelessness of a position of orthodox science in this problem. Moment of momentum of a planet and their satellites bring with themselves at acquisition by their solar system bodily or in their greater part.

Here it is necessary to pay attention that the orthodox science did not view at all version of origin of a solar System on the mechanism of gradual growth at the expense of an external material. Anyone rather large mass which is capable to retain a material at the expense of a gravitational field, whether it be star or cold body, with inevitability (see chapter about capture of space bodies) will form a planetary system, agglomerating any trash, it is enough of which one in space. “Is true, since 1973, there are all new indicating on presence of interstellar motes at matter of meteorites". Physics of space, "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 443.

 Therefore Solar System not "was born", but was engendered as small bodies in dedicated places, when the Sun yet was not a star (see below about Jupiter), which one have grown together with the Sun and prolong to grow at the expense of space matter. In this sense, the planetary system of the Sun is more elder than the Sun as a star. The age of the majority of meteorites is close to age of a solar System and makes ~4.6 billions old. E.N. Sluta etc., Comparative planetology, "Science", М., 1995, page 14. The age of the Earth and moon is determined by the same value. These facts speak that the matter in the Universe as space bodies has appeared about 5 billions years back.

Phenomenon of zodiacal light and the counterglow in a plane of an ecliptic confirm this conclusion. "...The Soviet astronomer V.G. Phesenkov has shown, that the substance of zodiacal light should be renovated through everyone 100 000 years. For the indicated time all motes formed a zodiacal cloud, should fall out on the Sun on account of effect Pointing - Robertson. The source which is filling up decrease of a substance of a zodiacal cloud, with veracity is not established yet". Physics of space, "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 78. Further we find out material for formation of space bodies whence arises.

That in it to be convinced once again, it is enough to look at "face" of terrestrial planets covered with meteoritic craters or to have a look in a history of the Earth, for what it is necessary swarm penetrating under ground and the further, the deeper. By the way, as it will be clear from further, the meteorites can not fall on planets of Jupiter’s group in such quantity, as on terrestrial planets, and comet - on the contrary.

With the same value Vr can be macrobodies of any mass and any forward speed. They, falling in a solar System, place on orbit of the relevant planet or satellite and injects by their matter. Macrobodies with other values Vr can not be acquired by a given planet or satellite and for them an alone way to assimilation to the given by a space body - to change in appropriate way Vr as a result of disturbances and dissipation of energy, otherwise it macrobody will become booty of other planet or satellite. This conclusion is not absolutely valid, in further we shall be convinced that macrobodies and the microparticles will not forms continuous sequence of moments of momentum in result of "interference", therefore it is not enough of "improper" space objects. Thus, the solar System, similarly to atom illuminated by photons by a miscellaneous wavelength, also "is illuminated" by macrobodies with a miscellaneous wavelength de Broglie and immerses only selected macrobodies. As against atom, this capture is nonreversible and results in continuous growth of mass of a system. On it the analogies macro and microcosm are a long way off from being exhausted.

Paying attention on physical characteristics of a material, from which one the planets are under construction, we at once note two kinds it: the main mass deliverable by comets, represents a material, density which one, approximately, in 5 times are lower the density of a material of meteorites. Therefore, a  first, roughly speaking should be in 5 times more second. At the same rotation rate, the particle low-density creates smaller intensity gravidynamic field, that will cause at the same tangential velocity of screw motion to essential increase of radius of a screw line because of feeble force of the Lorentz (for of a gravidynamic field). Therefore macrobodies of matter of comets accumulate in a solar System of a planet of Jupiter’s group, and matter of meteorites - terrestrial planet pursuant to distribution of matter in space, which one and determines relative mass of planets. Thus the meteoritic matter places closer to a central body, both for planets, and for their satellites, than cometary matter. Naturally, that density of matter in each comet and meteorite are nonconstant and change in some not overlapping each other limits, but, as it was indicated above, the planets will immerse not every possible values  inside these limits, but only selected, relevant to a given planet or satellite. Thus, space matter before to get on a planet, separates on density and, therefore, chemistry. Certainly, as a whole, we supervises an average picture, but during a certain period, the passage by a solar System on galactic way calls preferred growth of the  Sun, if on a way falls the clouds of hydrogen, planets of earth’s or Jupiter’s group, if on a way the relevant material falls. "But then there should be a constant source feeding congestions of a space substance". V.G. Demin "Destiny of a solar System", "Science", М., 1975, page 121.

"Variability of gravitation of bodies of a solar System somewhat depends also on processes of growth of mass of planets because of to constant falling out on them of meteoric matter. In motion of planets this effect will not call some noticeable changes; however it cannot be asserted concerning motion of satellites of planets on cosmogonic time slices". (Ibidem, page 180).

"We have mentioned one more effect able to influence on evolution of satellite motions, namely, effect of growth of mass of planets at the expense of falling out of a meteoric substance. This effect presently is rather insignificant, for example, Earth at the expense of fall of a meteoric substance each year increments mass approximately on 3-6 thousand tons, however it has an effect for motion of moon. If quantity of a meteoric substance in a solar System was not filled up, the influence of minor growth of masses of planets could be neglected. Unfortunately, it cannot be asserted. There is a hypothesis, according to which one the drifts epoch on the Earth are repeated with periodicity of the order 200 millions years. The geologic data do not contradict this hypothesis. ...As is known, in a Galaxy the extended gas-dust clouds are watched in significant amounts. The solar system, passing through these clouds, replenishes meteoric matter". (Ibidem, page 184).

"Apart from braking effect of cosmic dust, on bodies of a solar System the solar radiation affects also, which one generates not only light pressure, but also calls additional (radiation) inhibiting action. The latter is especially strongly exhibited in motion of small bodies, in particular, meteoric dust. In this direction the relevant researches were held by the academician V.G. Phesenkov. Let's put some of his results). Radiation the inhibiting action results in decreasing the sizes of orbits. So, for a particle of radius in 1 cm with density in 3 g/cm3, originally moved on orbit with the semimajor axis in 2 а.u., the impact time on the Sun makes about 60 millions years. For micrometeorites of radius in 10 micron with density in 1 g/cm3, driving in a neighborhood earth orbit, the impact time on the Sun makes only 7000 years. From here follows that interplanetary space should gradually "clears" of cosmic dust (and mass of the Sun to grow! - V.K.), if not there will be compensation by its replenishment from any other sources". (Ibidem, page 186-187).

As a result of all these reasons, we come to a surprising conclusion about "quantum" condition of planets and their satellites in a solar System and in any other space systems. The truth, this conclusion is contained in the known empirical rule of the Bode for radiuses of orbits of planets, therefore calls surprise not formal, and actual quantumness, more correctly even, generality micro and macroworld. "The radiuses of planetary orbits approximately obey to the law, retrieved from observations, the Bode - Ticius: Rn = (0,3×2n-2 + 0,4) а.u., where n - number of a planet. This formula, fair and for planets - giant if to consider Jupiter not as fifth and sixth planet, boosted in due time searchings by fifth of a planet. On its place the ring of asteroids was unclosed (at n=5, R=2.8 а.u.)". Physics of space, "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 70.

Some quotations concerning searching quantum conditions of planets in an early and modern astronomy from: V.G. Demin "Destiny of Solar systems", "Science", М., 1975, page 235-237.

"If to trace evolution of views of the scientists, it is possible to note, what still since ancient times philosophers, physicists, and later and the mechanics donated is priority idea about particular "organizations" Solar System. So, Plato has put forward a principle "ideality" of celestial motions, according to which one the celestial motions should be uniform and circular. ...In the nature is true more often we meet with almost circular motions. On the other hand, the principle of the Plato urges to muse above a problem: "Instead of whether "pick" planets the orbits on any unknown still to physical principle?" (Such principle new physics also tenders - V.K.). Within two last centuries, starting from Ticius and Bode, not one astronomer attempted to find the law of planetary distances. These attempts do not cease and now (enough to recollect the law of planetary distances O.J. Shmidt). And despite of empiricism and blind searching, despite lacking physical and mechanical guiding ideas, these searchings are not estimated by us as searchings of a philosophical rock. Why and really to not exist to the law of planetary distances? Whether the planets can be moves "on what has got" orbits? Whether they are obliged in the selection of orbits to obey to any rules? ...Though the forces of a nuclear interaction are different from forces of a gravitational interaction, nevertheless searchings of principles of "quantization" of orbits of planets seem quite natural. ...It appears the insuperable barrier between classic and quantum mechanics is not present. It especially clear has shown N.G. Chetaev. He repeatedly stated the most interesting thought which has stayed, unfortunately, without attention: "Stability, the phenomenon is basic common, as should, apparently to be exhibited in fundamental laws of the nature". ...The result of the Chetaev is striking. The rule of selection of steady actual motions in Hamiltonian systems coincides quantization rules of orbits of electrons: it results to fundamental for a modern physics to a Schrodinger equation".

It is necessary again to address to atom of hydrogen and to conduct some matchings with a solar System. The large error of the Bohr and his modern followers, as us is shown earlier, is, that they guess a capability of existence for an electron of multiple values of a moment of momentum, in spite of the fact that a principle of conservation of moment of momentum it categorically prohibits. If the multiplicity of an angular momentum for an electron in atom is impossible (behind exeption of rydberg atoms), it quite state of nature for space object, as the formula (20.4) is fair not only for a body raising from a space material, but also for most this material. In this sense, as it is not paradoxical, the theory of atom of the Bohr is fairer for a solar System, than for atom. Therefore radius of orbit of a space body will be (from the theory of the Bohr):

                                      r=r0n2                                             (20.5),

if not to allow for elliptical orbits or "to converse" them in circular (see below), where: r - radius of orbit of a planet, and r0 - radius of orbit of a planet in a ground state, n - quantum number of the Bohr (to not confuse to quantum numbers in the theory of atom enunciated above). By copying (20.5) as:


and by putting aside on ordinate axis  for planets of a solar System, and on an abscissa axis of integers, we shall see, that the terrestrial planets, and planets of group of Jupiter will be formed by two traversed straight lines (fig. 20.3).

From a figure 20.3 it is possible to find:

For earth group: r0=0.6213×1012 cm. Mercury n=3, Venus n=4, Earth n=5, Mars n=6.

For group of Jupiter: r0=17.16×1012 cm. Jupiter n=2, Saturn n=3, Uranus n=4, Neptune n=5, Pluto n=6.

It is interesting to mark, that for terrestrial planets it is not scored of planets with n=1 and n=2, and for group of Jupiter there is no planet with n=1. The absence them, on the one hand, is explained to that the planet in a ground state is too close to a central body and fails from tidal effect it. On the other hand, the terrestrial planets with n=1 and 2 should be so closely arranged for the Sun, that, despite of a heat-resistant material agglomerated in this area, in conditions of empty space, it is easily volatilized. That can be told and about a planet of 1 group of Jupiter, which one should be between the Earth and Mars, as matter of comets in these conditions nor heat-resistant. However goes in a solar System of cometary matter considerably more, than meteoritic, therefore it is necessary to view not static, and dynamic balance. If the entry of matter exceeds its transpiration, mass grows, in a reverse case - decreases. The example of the latter is served by Uranus, which one during a turning of orbit in a plane of a solar System together with the satellites practically did not consume matter, but lost it, therefore planetary mass "falls out" of a series of masses of planets of group of Jupiter. In any case from comets there is more heat-resistant "debris", which one at decay of cometary matter gains a quantum number 1.5 and any more destination in a planet 1 of Jupiter’s group, therefore between Mars and Jupiter as belts of planetoids (outside ring of the Sun) there is a sorting of matter. There are also "planets" of earth group with quantum numbers above 6.

Table 13.1 now is useful to us to count up quantum conditions of the terms of a solar System with large eccentricities of orbits. Apparently, that the space body can not take bottom of a potential well by emitting of portions of energy, as it is capable to do an electron. The maximum binding energy with a central body (minimum of a potential energy) is reached by gradual dispersion of exuberant energy of a space body (which one easily to find using the formulas of table 13.1) at the expense of dissipative processes (resistance of a space environment for motion, tidal effect, orbit perturbation from influence of other bodies etc.). In such conditions of integer change of a quantum number n it is not necessary to wait. By random fashion space-stabilized elliptical orbit of a space body fallen in a solar System, gradually without jumps passes in circular in a plane of an ecliptic with straight lines by orbital motion (counter-clockwise if to look from north pole of a world). It concerns to anyone macrobodies from motes up to a planetary scale, therefore fall of a micrometeorite on moon or capture by a solar System of Uranus together with all by its satellites - essence the same process of absorption by a system macrobodies, potentially for a long time off-the shelf to capture in interstellar and intergalactic medium because of screw motion them. "Four external satellites of Jupiter have a backward motion. To explain a genesis of all satellites, both with straight lines, and with reverse motions in unified process it is very difficult. Reasonably therefore to raise the question: instead of whether the satellites with a backward motion by Jupiter then, "in a case" are acquired? Whether there was for a long time in neighborhoods of Jupiter an asteroid, which has incidentally "come" in its sphere of action? Such phenomenon celestial mechanics term as capture. The astronomers poorly familiar with a gravitational astronomy consider a capability of capture quite possible. However to demonstrate strictly mathematically capability and large or rather noticeable probability of capture it is at all not simple. While we have not its reliable quantitative assessments. (They have given below in this book - V.K.). Therefore to be forwent of the answer to this problem more correct". V.G. Demin "Destiny of a solar System", "Science", М., 1975, page 126-127. Apparently, that the new gravitational astronomy, asserting motion macrobodies on a screw trajectory and existence of a potential well at a gravitational interaction, simultaneously asserts not only probability, but also the inevitability of capture, theory which one will be given later.

However exists of other kind quantumness - on values of product Vr. In atom such quantumness is impossible, since the angular momentum of an electron  saves the value, therefore, the product =Vr is value a constant (for nonrelativistic electrons). In space there is a process of intensive growth of macrobodies. Thus to stick together there will be particles having identical parameters of a screw trajectory, as they have a capability rather long to be near. Similar "the wave interference de Broglie" macrobodies results that the product Vr has anyone macrobody not what has got, and some quantized values. Apparently, that Vr will be determined not in mass, and density macrobodies, since at low-density the gravidynamic field of a particle will be small, therefore, the analog of force of the Lorentz is insignificant also coils of a screw line will have the very large sizes (Vr is great). If we mentally shall prevent entry of new matter in a solar System, that, having patience, tarry, that orbits of all terms of a solar System will become circular. Therefore calculations are better conduct for "ideal" - circular orbits, which one are necessary for a stationary state and acquisition of such form of orbits of space objects - problem only of time. For planets, their satellites and majority of asteroids it has not large value, since their orbits are already close to circular and for comets the extrapolation of their orbits in the future is completely indispensable, differently with them to not be disassembled.

Allowing above-stated, we shall take advantage from table 13.1 of a ratio:


where rp - perihelion distance, r0 - radius of a circular orbit. To be saved from n, from same table we shall take advantage of a ratio:


where e - eccentricity of orbit. By substituting (20.8) in (20.7), we shall discover, what there will be a radius of a circular orbit on apparent perihelion distance and eccentricity of orbit:

                     r0=rp(1+e)                                              (20.9).

It was possible and directly to take advantage of the formula (13.19) to receive (20.9), but the physical sense (20.9) would remain is not absolutely clear.

By taking advantage the data: E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", 1995, page 91-105, under the formula (20.9) we shall calculate the future position of circular orbits of asteroids (diameter more than 100 kms) and known comets. The results are shown on a figure 20.4. From a figure it is visible, that both comet and the asteroids will collect together apart 2-3 а.u. from the Sun, i.e. in a belt of planetoids. Here there are soon all comets of group 1; comets of group 2 by then are steadied also etc. Therefore in a belt of planetoids we have a capability to watch internal matter of comets. Many explorers consider comets as one of the most ancient relict bodies of a solar System, others guess, that some comets come to us from other planetary systems. The known Dutch astronomer the Oort guesses existence on purlieus of a solar System (150 000 а.u.) cloud of comets feeding a solar System. Guess also, that except for a cloud of the Oort (in existence which one a little who doubts) there is one more container of comets – belt of the Whipple, which one is behind orbit of Neptune. "The number of comets in this area is estimated in 109 with summary mass of ~1027 g. The guess is grounded on noticeable disturbances in motion of Neptune". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 58.

In immediate proximity from the Earth there will be "our" comets: Halley, Brorsen, Brorsen-Metcalf and Honda-Mrcos-Pajdusakova. All of them with inevitability will fall on the Earth or some of them on moon, which one necessarily will fall on the Earth (see below). Therefore, the falling out of space bodies on a surface of planets and their satellites is not random event, as it is treated by official science, and objective, in this connection the space patrolling is completely necessary for safety of mankind.

The planet 2 earth groups too should originate, though and is less intensive, because of a relative deficit of meteoritic matter, therefore on its place the presence of "germ" from apart dense and heat-resistant matters is quite interquartile. The presence of rings around of the Sun similar to rings of planets of Jupiter’s group is more probably. "The guess repeatedly was stated, that the tenth planet of a solar System is gone inside orbit of a Mercury. To such conclusion as a result of calculations of a disturbed motion of Mercury there came the astronomers of a Marine observatory in the Washington". V.G. Demin "Destiny of a solar System", "Science", М., 1975, page 54.

As to planets with a quantum number it is more 6, it is possible to tell following. If and the existence of planets of progressively decreasing mass with quantum numbers 7, 8, 9, 10 for earth group of planets is possible, these planets precisely fall in a belt of planetoids in the same degree relating and to group of Jupiter (them there correspond maxima on fig. 20.4, indicated by vertical arrows). To put it briefly, prolongation of a series of terrestrial planets does not exist with quantum numbers above 10 on that to the simple reason that the matters with smaller density fall in group of Jupiter. Behind Pluto there could be planets with quantum numbers 7 and 8, but it is not clear, of what they can consist. If in space there is solid hydrogen and, accordingly, solid high-porous hydrogen, it is necessary to look for these planets. It is represented to more interquartile existence behind Pluto of planetoids of a solar System with a backward motion, what indirectly indicates "abnormal" (see below) eccentricity of orbit of Pluto. All these reasoning are fair for "exact" of planets and satellites, not captured Solar System, as a unit, and rising by a natural fashion or captured it is enough for a long time and had time to become "by exact".

One more feature should be marked in connection with "irradiation" of a solar System by two miscellaneous types’ macrobodies. By substituting in (20.2) r0, retrieved for planets earth and of Jupiter groups, we shall discover:

                             =0.908×1019 cm2/sec for earth group and

=4.77×1019 cm2/sec for Jupiter group                        (20.10),

I.e. the moment of momentum macrobodies, forms earth group planets, as well as was supposed, almost in 5 times is less moment macrobodies the forms planets of Jupiter’s group. For this reason the first group of planets is gyrated slowly around of a own axis, and second fast, i.e. space matter not only injects in mass the Sun and planets, but also supports their rotation around of axes. And, the more planets, the faster it is gyrated, as grows faster. "There is certain legitimacy in rotation of planets: the more planetary mass, the faster it is gyrated". A.V. Bialko, Our planet - Earth, "Science", М., 1989, page 50. With one's own eyes it can be seen on preferred falling out of meteorites on the Earth in eastern direction. "You see all (practically all) the energy of a meteorite leaves ultimately just on heating of rocks, elapse before it through other, mechanical forms. The stipulation "practically" is connected to change as a result of collision with a meteorite of traveling speed of all Earth and velocity of its rotation". A.V. Bialko, Our planet - Earth, "Science", М., 1989, page 81.

"Most frequently fall out on the Earth meteorites stone, so-called chondrite. Their silicate structure contains chondrs - grains by the size up to several millimeters". Ibidem, page 80.

"If to suspect, that a central solid core (Earth - V.K.) consists of iron, and the liquid - from iron oxide FeO and iron sulphide FeS, chemical composition of all our planet bodily will appear close to a compound carbonaceous chondrite". Ibidem, page 93.

The captured matter does not give orbits of planets to become exact in an equatorial plane of the Sun that is visible from a figure 20.1, and with rotation axes of planets hinders to lie precisely perpendicularly to orbit. The angle between rotation axis of a planet and orbital plane is, as a matter of fact, corollary of a angle between a own moment of momentum and velocity vector of macrobody on an coil of a screw line. The numerous facts showing, that the rotation of celestial bodies is made by external action compensatory dissipative processes, behind a deficiency of a place to view we shall not be - they are known. We should watch also quantumness of semimajor axes of orbits of asteroids and comets being a corollary of gravidynamic self-effect of free bodies.

For a illustration of this statement, on a figure 20.5 the relation  (а.u.)1/2 from a quantum number n for sets of comets of Saturn and Neptune is shown. r0 was calculated under the formula (20.9), i.e. corresponds to the future circular orbits of comets. The comets with № 16 on № 21, apparently, are crowded with meteoritic matter, since for them the slope angle of a straight line is significant less. Thus, all depth of a generality macro and microspace to us still should be realized to the full (look quantum conditions of elementary particles in the relevant chapter).

By substituting expression (20.10) and (20.2) in (20.5), we shall discover radiuses of orbits of planets of a solar System of earth group re and groups of Jupiter rj:

               (см)                                (20.11),

              (см)                               (20.12).

In table 20.1 are indicated (semimajor axis of orbit) real and calculated on (20.11) and (20.12) in the guess of a circular orbit radiuses of orbits of planets. In brackets the quantum condition of planets is indicated.

Table 20.1.


radius orb. 1013 cm

calc. 1013 cm

Mercury (3)



Venus (4)



Earth (5)



Mars (6)



Jupiter (2)



Saturn (3)



Uranus (4)



Neptune (5)



Pluto (6)




It would be very strange, if in a solar System there were bodies only in miscellaneous quantum conditions. It meant that a certain manager conducts their registration and delivers pursuant to the approved list. As a matter of fact it means full discrediting of idea quantumness of macrobodies. Therefore we should find out macrobodies in the same quantum condition. The Earth and moon can be considered as a double planet in one quantum condition. "Exclusive solidity of moon allows to term a system Earth - moon as a double planet and to consider, that the conditions of formation of this system differed a little from conditions of formation of other planets. However after a ruin of a hypothesis the English physicist of the D. Darwin about separation of moon from the Earth of any diverse explanation to so considerable sizes of moon was not offered". "Physics of space", "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 66. New physics considers that moon is captured by a solar System almost bodily and the speech is necessary to a message not about its separation from the Earth, and fall on the Earth. More in detail about capture of moon at the end of the chapter.

The similar position in one quantum condition unstably also should result in to merging of macrobodies, but, allowing their constant entry in a solar System, the similar phenomenon will demonstrate simultaneously and quantumness and continuous growth of mass of a solar System. For finding - out of this problem we are address to satellites of planets. By doing a similar procedure for them, we shall see, that the qualitative picture remains former, down to copying by planets of Jupiter’s group of a solar System in a miniature (these planets, as we shall see below, are potential stars). "A satellite regular - satellites formed extrasmall systems, similar Solar, about three largest planets - giants. It is four Galilean satellites of Jupiter (are unclosed by the Galileo in 1610) eight classic satellites of Saturn and five satellites of Uranus. Orbits of satellites regular, as a rule, almost circular also lie near to equators of planets. It is supposed, that the systems satellite regular were formed under activity of the same processes, which one have resulted in formation of the Solar System". E.N. Sluta etc., Comparative planetology, "Science", М., 1995, page 65-66.

 The truth, in the even greater degree "quantumness" is spread, since it and for a solar System not severe that is visible on some mismatching of calculated and real radiuses of orbits of planets because of essential dissipative processes and disturbances. For calculations are indispensable, as the minimum two a satellite (further will be shown a way of calculation of a satellite system, for which one it is necessary to know only mass of a central body).

The numerous apparent phenomena on the Sun confirm the guess that our star not only loses mass at the expense of radiation and "solar wind", but also gains it (it is a pity, that we do not know how many) at the expense of a space material. "The phenomenon resulting in to growth of mass of the Sun is watched also. This drop on the Sun of comets. Some comets, with velocity of 618 kms/sec (second solar escape velocity of the Sun) bears down to the solar disk were photographed. It was the small comets, they have found out themselves by glow all after some clocks before the disappearance, before transpiration in atmosphere of the Sun. To estimate mass of these comets it is difficult. It is difficult even to tell, as frequently there are these events - while them is captured too little". A.V. Bialko, Our planet - Earth, "Science", М., 1989, page 114.

Apparently, that the meteoritic dust should give bright spectral lines iron and nickel in a corona. "Approximately at the same time was uncovered riddle of a mysterious element "coronium", to which one the bright lines of a corona were assigned. Has appeared, that they are called by glow iron and nickel only located in a completely exotic condition, when because of to extremely heats (approximately 1-2 millions degrees) and tenuity the atoms of these chemical elements lose from nine up to fourteen electrons". J.I. Vitinsky, Solar Activity, "Science", М., 1983, page 15.

"Fall" of clouds of space hydrogen on the Sun calls not only flash, but also confirms heretical thought that the thermonuclear reactions heat the Sun not only from inside, but also outside. "Apparently, somewhere on boundary of a photosphere and chromosphere as a result of composite interaction of radiation, convection, and also magnetic and electrical fields there is something exotic, not clear. Because temperature of solar gas, which one before is from center of the Sun up to a photosphere - descended (as well as it is necessary at removal from a power source), unexpectedly starts to increase". A.V. Bialko, Our planet - Earth, "Science", М., 1989, page 129.

"A flash is very composite phenomenon. It is exhibited first of all in short-lived strengthening of electromagnetic radiation in a broad band of lengths of waves, from rigid X-rays with a wavelength it is less 1 А0, and in infrequent cases from a gamma of rays with a wavelength about 0.02 А0, up to kilometer radio waves, and in outbreak of accelerated solar particles. Besides the flashes result in activation of processes in other areas of solar atmosphere occasionally removed from them on tens thousand of kilometers. And in some most powerful flashes even the cosmic rays are generated, the protons which one have deadly energy. Common the energy of a flash makes 1029-1032 ergs, that is comparable to energy of explosion of thousand hydrogenous bombs". J.I. Vitinsky, Solar Activity, "Science", М., 1983, page 36.

"Solar flash usually starts by fast ascending of temperature of a corona approximately up to 40 millions degrees resulting in to occurrence of plash of a soft X-radiation". Ibidem, page 37.

"It is interesting, that in the last years from several proton flashes the gamma radiation was recorded, which one serves as a sign of presence of nuclear reactions in solar atmosphere. It has appeared during their pulse stage". Ibidem, page 41.

Flows of matter from the Sun we fix easily, but, unfortunately, it is very difficult to find out a backflow, even the drop of comets on our star finds out with a large hardly.

The future researches will show, with what from these mechanisms prevails. "The results of experiments have appeared unexpected. A neutrino was not registered: the flow a neutrino has appeared, at any rate, five times it is less, than was forecast by the theory. These experiments have shown, that our notions about processes which are flowing past in deep entrails of stars, are not exact. Apparently, the entrails of the Sun are colder, than earlier it was supposed. It means that from two possible thermonuclear reactions - the protonic-protonic and carbonic-nitric - last most likely is not implemented in internal areas of the Sun". Physics of space, "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 382.

  Comments of the author to chapter 20:

1. Mutual meteoritic bombardment.

This problem is convenient is to considered on an example of a system by Earth-Moon. Rotation of Moon synchronic, i.e. it is always turned to the Earth by one side. The counter side largely intercepts meteorites intended to the Earth, therefore back side of Moon is covered with meteoritic craters and has not almost «seas». The Earth screens the visible side of Moon from meteoritic bombardment, therefore it is mostly filled by «seas» with minor number of craters. The history of the Earth remembers dip on its surface of gigantic asteroids (for example, the Gulf of Mexico). Thus a part of wreckages of these asteroids and earth rocks settled out by the way of meteorites on the visible side of Moon. In ones turn, the wreckages which are originated at impact about a lunar surface, returned by the way of meteorites to the Earth. 


20.1 Planetary systems


On a figure 20.1.1 the relation  from integers for satellites of Jupiter is shown. For Jupiter a qualitative pictures same, as well as for all Solar Systems. The satellites of "earth" group (first seven) and "jupiter" of group are legibly parted. Jupiter is in stage of intensive growth of mass (and here - here will turn to a star, see about it is lower) about what it is possible to judge that as the satellites


Radius orb. 1010 cm

Calc. 1010 cm

Metis (2)

Adrastea (2)




Amalthea (3)

Thebe (3)




Io (4)



Europe (5)



Ganymede (6)



"earth" and "jupiter" of groups are till some pieces in one quantum condition. It is possible even to guess, that Jupiter has asteroid belt between satellites "earth" and "jupiter" of groups. Indirectly about arrangement of this asteroid belt between orbits Ganymede ("earth" group) and Callisto ("jupiter" group) is possible to judge saturation of a surface of these satellites by impact craters. "The surface Callisto is most saturated by craters, farthest from Jupiter from Galilean satellites, and to a lesser degree surface Ganymede. The fresh craters Callisto and Ganymede, except for large multiring formations, are similar to craters of other planetary bodies. The change type a constitution of craters from simple to composite happens at diameters less than 10-20 kms. On Europe the single craters are detected. On Io impact craters are not retrieved, apparently, that the surface of this satellite is continuously renovated by active modern volcanic activity". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 35-36.

"Earth" group of Jupiter: r=r0×n2=0.273×1010×n2 (cm),

= 1.86 · 1016 cm2/sec.

"Jupiter" group of Jupiter: r=r0×n2=25×1010×n2 (cm).

 =17.8×1016 cm2/sec.


Radius orb. 1010 cm

Calc. 1010 cm

Callisto (1)



Leda (2)

Himalia (2)

Lysithea (2)

Elara (2)






Ananke (3)

Carme (3)

Pasiphae (3)

Sinope (3)






If in a solar System as a whole there is a suspicion, that such planets as a Mercury (because of a large eccentricity), Venus (because of reverse rotation around of an axis "Radar observations allow to draw a conclusion, that Venus, as against other planets, is gyrated in the party opposite to a direction of its motion around of the Sun, with a period, close by 243 day", V.G. Demin "Destiny of a solar System", "Science", М., 1975, page 16.), Uranus (because of a large declination of rotation axis), Pluto (because of a large eccentricity and large slope

angle of orbital plane to a plane of an ecliptic) are captured by a solar System

bodily or in their greater part, the constitution of a satellite system of Jupiter (as well as satellite systems of other planets) firms in this suspicion. In process of removal of satellites from Jupiter and easing of a gravidynamic field, eccentricities and the slope angles of planes of orbits are incremented, a backward motion of outside satellites and presence of the majority of satellites in the same quantum conditions with conspicuity demonstrate, that the capture predominates above gradual growth of the terms of a solar System. "The feature, most mysterious and not explained by cosmogony, of satellites of Jupiter is connected to four external satellites motion around of Jupiter in a direction, opposite to a current of traffic of the majority of other satellites of planets". Ibidem, page 26.

"A satellite irregular (inverse) - the satellite with prelates, is strong inclined (frequently inverse) orbit, which one indicates capture of these bodies. Orbits of satellites irregular are arranged in external areas of a gravitational field of planets. For Jupiter satellites irregular will forms two groups till four terms in everyone. The first or internal group is apart 160R  (radiuses of Jupiter) and is characterized by an eccentricity e~0.15 and inclination of orbits i~280. The external group is apart 360R, e~0.25 and i~1500. A satellite of Saturn Phoebe and satellite of Neptune Nereid also are satellites by irregular". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 65.

As well as it was necessary to expect, because of large removal from the Sun, in a satellite system of Jupiter we discover satellites "earth" and "jupiter" of group with low quantum numbers, since n=1. The satellite of 1 "earth" group can not exist as an integral space body because of strong tidal effect of Jupiter, therefore we apparent a ring of Jupiter. "The ring of Jove - is arranged in an equatorial plane apart 55 000 kms from visible boundary of clouds (about 3/4 radius of a planet). Width of a ring of 6 000 kms at thickness about 1 km. Is formed by particles with a low reflectance (less than 5 %) and sizes from several micrometers up to several meters". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 29.

On a figure 20.1.2 the relation  from integers for a satellite system of Saturn is shown.

"Earth" group of Saturn: r=r0×n2=3.65×108×n2 (cm),

=3.72×1015 cm2/sec.


Radius orb. 1010 cm

Calc. 1010 cm

Atlas (5)

Prometheus (5)

Pandora (5)





Epimetheus (6)

Janus (6)




Mimas (7)



Enceladus (8)



Tethus (9)

Telesto (9)

Calypso (9)





Dione (10)

Helene (10)




It is interesting to mark, that the quantum numbers of satellites have large values, apparently, because of a famous ring of Saturn implementing the lesser quantum numbers. "Rings of planets - set of separate small bodies or particles ambient planet - giant as broad (in orbital plane) and thin ring formations. It is supposed, that rings arranged usually in a limit of Rosh (closer a satellite fails from activity of tidal forces and the formation of a unified body is impossible - V.K.), represent a material of the not formed satellites.

Rings of Saturn - seven main rings are shown up, which one in a direction from a planet have following titles: D, C, B, A, F, G, E. It is supposed, that the rings of Saturn are formed predominantly by particles of water ice by the sizes from several micrometers up to tens centimeters and several meters. The ring D is in 7000 kms from boundary of a cloudy layer of a planet. The rings A, B and C are characterized by a composite inner structure also consist of thousand separate ringlets in width from several kilometers up to several tens kilometers. In whole width of each of rings A and C makes about 17 000 kms, and B - about 28000 kms. The thickness them does not exceed 1-2 kms. The ring F is characterized by a series of distinctive features; it consists of separate "strands" deviating from an elliptical trajectory and sometimes intertangled among them. Width it about 200 kms. A ring Е also homogeneous without any details also takes a zone from three

up to eight radiuses of Saturn. It is supposed, that the genesis of particles of this ring can be stipulated by volcanic belching in past on a satellite Enceladus, orbit which one passes in center of this zone. Interspaces in rings, bound with presence of resonances in a common dynamic system a planet - satellites, have a title of divisions. Sometimes in rings so-called "spokes" are watched". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 28-29.


Radius orb. 1010 cm

Calc. 1010 cm

Rhea (2)



Titan (3)



Hyperion (4)


   22.2 ?

Iapetus (5)



Phoebe (10)



""Spokes" in rings of Saturn - radial formations in rings of a planet, which one look dark in reflected and light in passing light on a background, ambient them. Length of "spokes" reaches 10 000 kms, width of 1000 kms. The time of their life does not exceed several clocks. It is supposed, that they are formed by clouds of particles by the sizes less than 1 mm "soaring" above main rings at the altitude all in tens of meters". Ibidem, page 65.

"Jupiter" group of Saturn: r=r0×n2=1.39×1010 (cm).

 =2.296×1016 cm2/sec.

Hyperion "falls out" of established legitimacy because of absence "quantumness". This case is very interesting from a point of view of new physics and indicates that as a result of disturbances "wave of de Broglie" macrobodies in space can significant be garbled. Prime cause of such contortions is the change of rotation of a body about the own axis. The affirming to that can be served by chaotic rotation of Hyperion around of an axis - unique case for satellites of planets. Hyperion and Phoebe have explicit indications of capture them bodily, instead of gradual growth (considerable eccentricity of orbits, backward motion of Phoebe).

On a figure 20.1.3 the relation  from integers for a satellite system of Uranus is shown.

For Uranus "earth" group: r=r0×n2=0.04×108×n2 (cm),

=1.522×1014 cm2/sec.

The smaller quantum numbers of satellites "earth" and "jupiter" of group, apparently, as well as in case of Saturn, are implemented by rings of Uranus. "Rings of Uranus - 11 narrow main rings are known folded (except for reopened rings - 1986U2R and 1986U1R) particles by the sizes from 10 cm up to several meters, and about 100 of almost transparent belts, folded particles by the sizes about 0.02 mms, switching and reopened narrow rings. All rings have a very low reflectance (albedo less than 5 %). ...Not all rings have the circular form and not everyone lie in an equatorial plane. The rings differ also in width, which one for miscellaneous rings varies within the limits from 2 up to 100 kms". E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 29.

Uranus with the satellites is unique formation in a solar System because of features of its rotation about an axis. "It is gone around of the Sun, lying "edgewise". The question is that the axis of its rotation will forms with a normal line to orbital plane a angle 980, i.e. lies almost in a plane of its orbit, and besides is directed to the side opposite to a customary direction of rotation axes of all other planets of a solar System. ...Unusually not only the rotation of Uranus, but also revolution around of it all it of five known satellites (now them is known more - V.K.), which one moves in comparison with satellites of other large planets backwards. The reason marked "of strangeness" of motions in a system of Uranus is not clarified yet. Moreover, these features are not stacked in one of offered hypotheses of a genesis of a solar System". V.G. Demin "Destiny of a solar System", "Science", М., 1975, page 22-23.

New physics gives simple explanation to a phenomenon of Uranus.

It together with satellites was formed in interstellar space (see further chapter about a cosmology) and bodily was captured by a solar System with a backward motion. At the expense of gravidynamic effect, orbit of Uranus was gradually turned so that the motion around of the Sun has become "normal" and now there is a tumble own of the gravidynamic moment of Uranus in parallel common to the gravidynamic moment of a solar System. At the end, the phenomenon of Uranus will vanish. It indicates also "falling out" of mass of Uranus from a series of masses of planets - giant, as during evolution of orbit it lost mass, but had not a capability of natural growth at the expense of a space material, therefore it does not have satellites in the same quantum condition.



Radius orb. 1010 cm

Calc. 1010 cm

Cordelia (35)



Ophelia (36)



Bianca (37)



Cressida (38)



Desdemona (39)



Juliet (40)



Portia (41)



Rosalind (42)



Belinda (43)




The extremely large quantum numbers of satellites of Uranus of "earth" group correspond to quantum numbers of comets of sets of Saturn and Neptune crowded with a meteoritic material (see a figure 20.5, № 16 - № 21). Allowing, that the satellite system of Uranus was kept almost in "primitive" a condition, the similar result suggests, that on purlieus solar Systems we should find out a great many of a building material (as we shall see below, this remark is fair and to purlieus of galaxies, where we while nothing see). "The periphery of a solar System is for the present explored a little. It is possible, that, except for comets and gas-dust of clouds, on far purlieus of a solar System there are yet not unclosed planets". "Physics of space", "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 80.

"The existence of a solar System is stipulated by activity of a solar gravitation, therefore naturally to determine boundaries of a solar System as boundaries of area, where the attraction of the Sun predominates. Radius of this area calculated without the registration of a light repulsion, is estimated in 2×105 а.u., and full mass of a diffuse substance, enclosed in it, appears to equal mass of the Sun (2×1033 g)". Ibidem, page 79.

About the reasons of large quantum numbers we look also below.

"Jupiter" group of Uranus:

r=r0×n2= 4.814×108×n2 (cm), =1.670×1015 cm2/sec.


Radius orb. 1010 cm

Calc. 1010 cm

Puck (4)



Miranda (5)



Ariel (6)



Umbriel (7)



Titania (9)



Oberon (11)



In "jupiter" group of Uranus it is difficult to expect satellites in the same quantum condition (there are no circumstances for their capture), but there can be is absent some quantum conditions, especially on a periphery, where the gravitational field reduced, as is watched actually.

On a figure 20.1.4 the relation  from integers for a satellite system of Neptune is shown.

  In spite of the fact that the most massive satellite of Neptune - the Triton has a backward motion, that indicates its capture bodily or in the greater part, it is in the first quantum condition "jupiter" of group. "The interesting cosmogonic result was received by T. Maccord, studied motion of satellites of Neptune. In his judgement, due to tidal friction Neptune has gained a satellite a Triton, which one in past was moves on parabolic orbit". V.G. Demin, Destiny of a solar System, "Science", М., 1975, page 165.

The satellite Nereid is more recently captured (on astronomical time scales) and has a very large eccentricity of orbit (е=0.75), therefore it is necessary to calculate its future stationary state under the formula: , where a - semimajor axis of orbit, equal 55.134×1010 cm. All data for planets, satellites, comets and asteroids are taken from the book: E.N. Sluta etc. "Comparative planetology", "Science", М., 1995, page 78-105.

This formula is easily received from (20.9) if to take into account, that rn=a(1-e). It also can be received, equating a difference of a potential energy of a gravitation in points of a perihelion and aphelion to a difference "kinetic" (in the terms of official science) energy in the same points. On notions of new physics on elliptical orbit there is a vibratory process of transition of a potential energy of attraction in a potential energy of a repulsion and on the contrary, similarly to oscillation of a small mass hanged on a spring. In absence of dissipative processes elliptical orbit would be steady, but as in a macroworld the dissipation of energy is necessarily, it is gradually conversed in circular.

The today's position of the semimajor axis Nereid is shown on a figure 20.1.4 dark point. The remaining satellites in a solar System have not so large eccentricities, therefore in the previous calculations the circular orbits were guessed.

"Earth" group of Neptune: r=r0×n2=3.305 ×108×n2 (cm).

 =1.500×1015 cm2/sec.


Radius orb. 1010 cm

Calc. 1010 cm

1989N6 (4)

1989N5 (4)

1989N3 (4)






1989N4 (5)

1989N2 (5)




Proteus (6)




The smaller quantum numbers of satellites of "earth" group of Neptune, apparently, are implemented by rings of Neptune. "Under the data received from the space vehicle Voyager-2, are known three rings - external, mean and internal on distances from a planet: 63 000, 53 000 and 42 000 kms accordingly. Width of each ring does not exceed 10 kms. The inclination of rings to equator of a planet makes ~00. The outer ring is characterized by a composite inner structure: on a common background of a ring separate are watched intertangled "strands" in width 2-5 kms and placing apart from each other (lengthways on a ring) in hundreds kilometers". Ibidem, page 28.

"Jupiter" group of Neptune: r=r0×n2=5.443×1010×n2 (cm).

Table 16.2.

 =1.924×1016 cm2/sec.


Radius orb. 1010 cm

Calc. 1010 cm

Triton (1)



Nereid (2)

24.121 (stat.)


To be convinced that the values  calculated from the actual constitution of satellite systems, Sun and planets are not a mathematical fiction for adjustment of the theory under an actual situation, we shall construct relation to mass of a central body for satellites "earth" and "jupiter" of group that shown on a figure 20.1.5.

Satellite system of Uranus (5, fig. 20.1.5) for the above mentioned reasons (the long-lived existence in isolation from natural growth) falls out of this relation. Not bad this graph to describe by analytical relation is it is very important in connection with a considered below capability of indirect definition of presence of extra-terrestrial civilizations, but for the lack of idea of calculations, we shall limit by an empirical-formula dependence  (cm2/sec) satellite system from mass M (g) of a central body.

This relation can be described by the formulas:



Accordingly, for satellites "earth" and "jupiter" of group.

By substituting (20.2) in (20.5), we shall receive:


By substituting (20.1.1) and (20.1.2) in (20.1.3), we shall discover:



For example, for a star with mass in 5 times more Suns (such stars the majority) pursuant to these formulas of a planet of "earth" group will be in 3.5 times be further from a star, than in a solar System, and the planets "jupiter" of group in 2.5 times are farther. The more than mass of a central body, the further satellites are arranged from it. It we can watch and directly.

In this connection and in view of intensive growth of a solar System in past, in basic, at the expense of the Sun, the planets gradually are deleted from a heavenly body. Therefore Mars demonstrates the future of the Earth, and Venus - far past. "From processing of materials, received by automatic interplanetary stations, follows that the most interquartile values of temperature on a surface of Venus lie in range 400 - 500 0С, and pressure - in an interval 60 -140 atmospheres. From measurements held by interplanetary stations, follows, that in a Venus atmosphere the carbon dioxide (93-97 %) predominates. In it the oxygen, azote and water vapors is detected also". V.G. Demin, Destiny of a solar System, "Science", М., 1975, page 16.

 The fine article in this occasion has written G.A. Scorobogatov in the log-book "Chemistry and life", № 12, 1983 "Where it, "a space miracle "?", in which one has shown, that the life on Mars could not reach the developed forms because of a too short period of favorable requirements on this planet. Apparently, through a pair of billions of years Venus for mankind will appear more favorable "house", than the Earth (if mankind remains by then).

We see, that, really, space matter separates on values  depending on mass of a body forms a satellite system. When the satellite system is already formed, the further build-up of its mass does not call problems. The problem is, whence satellite "knows" where to it to originate? The answer to this problem can be in initial quantumness of values  free macrobodies. It can arise only in the event that a particle to an identical wavelength of de Broglie sticks together i.e. "interference" of this there is. The probability of formation macrobody from particles with miscellaneous value  apparently, is very small, since they can not be against sufficient time. Quantumness macrobodies is, at the end, corollary quantumness of microparticles. In more detail this problem is considered at arguing motion of photons. Thus, the formation macrobodies, being a building material planets and satellites happens too to the help of the described above mechanism. As in a world of microparticles there is too need for the answer to a similar problem, it will be given in the relevant section.

By recollecting our reasoning on elliptical orbits in section of the description of atoms, we can draw a conclusion that the eccentricities of orbits of planets are called by continuous entry of matter in these planets. Together with matter they receive also exuberant mechanical energy. "Quantity of interplanetary dust which is dropping out annually on the Earth, makes ~106 tons per one year; quantity of dropping out matter about a diameter separate specks is more than 25 microns makes ~103 tons per one year; density of dust particles in a neighborhood of the Earth ~10-24 g/cm3". "Physics of space", "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 370.

"The values of an eccentricity of the Earth oscillate about 0.028. Now this eccentricity is less mean and prolongs to decrease. Through 25 thousand years orbit of the Earth will become almost circular". A.V. Bialko "Our planet - Earth", "Science", М., 1989, page 38.

The small planets, concern to which one of a terrestrial planet will have an eccentricity of orbits inversely proportional to their masses. Really, their eccentricities satisfactorily are stacked in relation:

              , where K=6.5×1025 g.                                 (20.1.6).

For planets jupiter of group huge masses, except for Pluto, therefore their eccentricities practically are not responsive to masses of these planets. For Pluto on relation (20.1.6) K=1.25×1027 g. It is possible to explain very small value of an eccentricity of orbit of Neptune to that by it is captured rather recently as a satellite a Triton, as the whole celestial body, that is confirmed with its abnormal mass and backward motion. Therefore exuberant mechanical energy of Neptune on certain time almost has come in conformity with energy of attraction to the Sun.

Here it is necessary to pay attention that the dissipative processes in each celestial body of a solar System are enough appreciable. It is possible to explain presence of eccentricities of orbits, declinations of orbits to a plane of a solar Equator, inclination of rotation axes to orbital plane, rotation of bodies around of axes only to one - stationary by a replenishment of all terms of a solar System by matter and maintenance in this connection their "exited" condition.

This "replenishment" is extremely non-uniform in time and is connected to passage of a solar System through dust clouds: "Some tens drifts epoch in a history of the Earth are revealed. They are repeated irregularly, the intervals between them oscillate from 40 thousand up to several hundreds thousand years. Between drifts epoch the climate returned more or less to current state. Last the drift epoch has put aside final moraines all 20 thousand years back". A.V. Bialko "Our planet - Earth", "Science", М., 1989, page 211.

For bodies, intensively absorptive a space material, such as the Sun and planets jupiter of group, is characteristic equatorial acceleration of rotation, since the entry of external matter is maximum in an equatorial plane: "The planets - giant differ by rather high angular rate of axial rotation and bound with this considerable squeezing. Interesting feature of their rotation is the so-called equatorial acceleration (with approach to equator will increase not only linear, but also angular rate of rotation of atmosphere". "Physics of space", "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 65. From a point of view of orthodox science this fact completely is not clear, since because of friction in atmosphere the effect of equatorial acceleration should not be watched. From a point of view of new physics, the equatorial acceleration demonstrates "exited" a condition of space bodies at the expense of the external factors.

If we shall remain on positions of "birth" of a solar System, as whole, at any mechanism of this birth, all listed parameters of an exited state for a long time should accept zero value. If anything, in it a trump card of set up views on formation and constitution of a solar System. In this connection it seems surprising, that not gravitational, and incomparably feebler, in the data requirements, the gravidynamic field determines appearance of a solar System not only in general, but also in details. Nay, it is as though motor of a solar System, successfully competing with a gravitational field, the influence which one is reduced to "inhibiting action", i.e., in basic, to dissipative processes.

In center of galaxies it is not necessary to have considerable attractive mass. Each star can be considered practically as free, and the centripetal force is exchanged by force of the Lorentz for of a gravidynamic field. For this reason, is interquartile, in galaxies the astronomers and not finish counting of mass indispensable for apparent motion of stars. In this case  for each star (for the Sun 9×1029 cm2/sec) will be determined by density, rotation rate and traveling speed in a galaxy (designedly speech we shall not conduct about galactic "orbit"). The same factors determine also position of a star in a galaxy, therefore, its constitution. We look in the chapter dedicated cosmology more in detail.

It is necessary closely to look and at magnetic fields in space, the gravidynamic field exhibits itself outwardly in precisely the same way, therefore much that we refer to a magnetic field quite can appear a development of a gravidynamic field, as for this purpose it is not necessary of matters with magnetic properties or motion of electric charges.

Returning again to a solar System, it is possible to assert, that in process of growth of mass of planets and satellites at the expense of space matter pursuant to its natural distribution on chemical compounds and density, planets and the satellites increment radius of orbit. Radius of orbits of planets does not vary only in the event that mass of the Sun is invariable. The increment of its mass in a Holocene, apparently, is peer to losses, what indicates stability of a radiation constant. Any star is necessarily will forms around of itself a satellite system very similar to a solar System not only with similar distribution of radiuses of orbits and masses of planets, but also with similar distribution chemical compounds. As the Sun is an ordinary star in the Universe, chances to find the brothers on reason are very great.

In conclusion of this section we shall decide one interesting problem.

Let's suspect, that we close down some surface by n layers statistically of bodies, arranged in everyone layers which are not overlapping each other in a given layer, with mark-to-space ratio of the area in each layer , where <1, and s - area overlapped by bodies in each layer. It is required to determine common mark-to-space ratio of the area  depending on number of layers n.

In due time, in the field of mathematics, the author has opened set of new calculuses similar differential and integral. They are so relevant in the applied plan, that given in the appendix to this book, good, that the philosophy of new calculuses is simple also it is possible to explain on several pages. On one of these calculuses the answer to receive easily:


We, in this case, will be interested by applying the formula (20.1.7) for an astronomy. Let's suspect that in given area of space mean density of matter makes  g/cm3. If in some volume V there will be a spherical body of mass m, that, apparently, that: ,  where: r - radius of a body, and - its density. , and thickness of one layer with the one body, arranged in it . Number of layers , where X - distance.  let's accept equal 0.99, that means practically solid (on 99 %) filling of a segment welkin by stars or, on the contrary, its opacity because of a material, absorptive light. By substituting all values in (20.1.7) and by designating , after small transformations, we shall receive: . Taking the logarithm both parts of an equation, we shall discover: . Allowing, that the absolute value  is very small, is replace  by its approximate value from expansion in series of Taylor: , then we shall discover finally:


The expression (20.1.8) allows making some evaluation calculations concerning a substance in space, including not luminous. So, for example, that statistically arranged in space stars practically completely have filled in a segment welkin (on 99 %), radius of the Universe should compound 3×1021 light years, and for apparent radius 5×109 light years mark-to-space ratio will make only 3×10-12 at =2×10-28 g/cm3. If to consider, that apart 5×109 light years statistically arranged dark bodies fills welkin on 99 %, radius of such bodies should be not less than 0.8 mms. For larger bodies the Universe will be transparent. For our Galaxy mean density of sidereal matter on (20.1.8) will make 10-11 g/cm3, approximately same it is necessary and on not luminous bodies. The reduced estimations do not contradict the guess of presence in the Universe of a great many of a substance which is not show of the presence by any radiation or screening of remote objects. This conclusion is relevant for comprehension of evolution of matter in the Universe and this problem we partially shall affect in further.

At last, we shall touch a problem of a history and future of the Earth. On all visibility, we live in epoch of small entry in a solar System of a new building material (except for hydrogen). About it, in particular, it is possible to judge on rather appreciable deceleration of rotation of the Earth and that moon is turned revolved to us by one side and has not changed the appearance during observations (here it is necessary to mean, that the main body of meteorites and dust should fall out on the invisible side of moon). "On equator at deceleration rotation of the Earth g decreases, on poles grows, and to constant remains at latitude 350. It is interesting, that the modern measurement accuracy of acceleration of gravity appears sufficient to note these changes - order 10-7 m/sec2 per one year". A.V. Bialko, Our planet - Earth, "Science", М., 1989, page 62.

Receiving, that now annually on the Earth falls out 2×1012 g of meteoritic matter (now this numeral it is necessary to update), it is uneasy to count up, that on the average for a history of the Earth should go matters approximately in 300 thousand times more, if the data on meteoritic matter are not mark down. On the other hand, ours estimate calculations display, that in a Galaxy mean density of matter on miscellaneous segments varies not less than in 1017 times. These numerals speak about extreme non-uniformity of entry of matter in a solar System. It now as though temporarily "has jumped out of space clouds" in rather pure space. The behavior of a solar System directly depends on density and structure of these "clouds". On it depends both brightness of the Sun, and growth of mass of planets and parameters of their "exited" condition with all consequences. Despite of relative meteoritic calm, it is possible to test enunciated notions on falling out of meteorites on the Earth. Orbits of artificial satellites of the Earth with heightened meteoric hazard in three months will become rather safe etc. The constant controlling of a near space is necessary with the purpose of advance warning about approaching large asteroids, since falling out them on the Earth there is a lot of contingency, how many legitimacy. Thus, the future of a solar System can be forecast, looking forward on its trajectory in a Galaxy (certainly, and on the sides to look too it is necessary). In "Apocalypse" is asserted, that the end of light will be accompanied by stellar rains, and, eventually, on ground the large star will fall from a sky shining similarly to a lamp - surprising the precise description of collision of the Earth with a huge periodic comet on orbit by which one the plenty of asteroids places formed at its destruction under influence of the Sun. If the collision with a comet to the end of light will not cause, this description with that by success can be applied to collision of the Earth with moon, about what is written in the following paragraph.

In this connection, pay attention to moon. Similar, that it was captured in the greater part by a solar System pursuant to a figure 20.1 and with a quantum number 5 (as for the Earth), having a large eccentricity of orbit and declination it to a plane of an ecliptic. Such the course of events is not unique, and faster is objective, the affirming to that is served with such asteroids, as a Icarus, Eros, Adonis, Apollo, Hermes. Orbit of moon is fast evolved similarly to diffusion of orbits of comets, reducing an eccentricity and declination of orbit. In any moment of this evolution moon was intercepted by the Earth (not later than 10 millions years back, since the form of the Earth till now remembers a period more spin around of an axis) and new orbit already around of the Earth gradually has become circular and in a plane of an ecliptic. Moon also "remembers" this orbital interception, since its centre of gravity lies much closer to the Earth, than it follows from a present position. "One of overall objectives of lunar researches still has a solution of a problem of a genesis both evolution of moon and its connection with the Earth. A lot of hypotheses of a genesis and formation of moon is offered. In particular, the guesses are stated, that moon has exuded from mantle of the Earth (hypothesis of a abruption), that the Earth and moon were formed simultaneously as a double planet in tight proximity to each other by an accretion of similar parent matter (hypothesis of a joint genesis), that moon was formed somewhere in a solar System and only afterwards was captured by the Earth (hypothesis of capture), at last, that moon was formed by integrating a ring planetesimal (bodies of intermediate mass), there is no time encircling the Earth. While by any of noticed hypotheses can not without reserve be preferred. However that fact, that age is specimens of lunar rocks oscillates within the limits of 4.5-3.5 billions years also is close to age of the Earth, determinate absolutely, testifies for the benefit of a hypothesis of a joint genesis". "Physics of space", "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1976, page 310-311. From a point of view of new physics the coincidence of age of the Earth, moon and meteorites testifies not to their joint genesis and that the formation of matter in the Universe was completed approximately 4 billions years back. About it is more detailed in the chapter dedicated cosmology.

Here it is necessary to mark that circumstance, that despite of the statement about identity chemical compound, specially for double planets, concerning moon the elaboration is necessary in the sense that its mass is insufficient for deduction of atmosphere, therefore existence, for example, of a fluid water on it is impossible but only as ice penetrating under a surface in equatorial area and closer to a surface on poles. Mass of moon grows at the expense of a space material going, in basic, on a back side and intended for the Earth, and the destiny it is determined: because of a strong interaction in a system Earth - moon and bound with it of a considerable dissipation of energy, in spite of the fact that now night star is deleted from us with velocity 3 cm/years, moon will fall on the Earth, previously having shattered in a zone Rosh because of tidal forces. Results of calculations of evolution a system Earth - moon George Howard Darwin (1845-1912) - second son famous Charles Darwin: "The Earth day at this stage should gradually become more than 55 present day, and the lunar tidal waves will lag behind a direction on moon. Moon will be aimed to return the Earth in a position of relative equilibrium, i.e. to accelerate its rotation, however solar gravitation gradually will reduce a mechanical energy of moon, which one will be expended on "untwisting" of the Earth and on tidal friction. In result moon will begin gradually to come nearer to the Earth and at the end will fall upon it". V.G. Demin "Destiny of a solar System", "Science", М., 1975, page 164.

The described mechanism, apparently, is customary at growth of planets and satellites at the expense of considerable portions of a space material.

The comments of the author to chapter 20.1 Planetary systems:

1. The attraction of the Sun does not influence orbits of satellites. Many authors are tormented above resolution of the far-fetched problem: why the attraction of the Sun does not influence orbits of satellites of planets? For example, force of a universal gravitation to the Sun for Moon in 2.2 times more gravity to the Earth. On this basis some even doubt of a validity of a law of universal gravitation. The answer is very simple: from equalling of attractive force of a satellite to the Sun and centrifugal force which is operational on it at orbital motion together with a native planet, the running speed of an equal first solar velocity at the radius of this orbit irrespective of mass of a satellite is received. If «remove» a planet, the motion of a satellite will practically completely repeat orbital motion of this planet. (I thank to the Vladimir Andreev for a controversy on this problem).


20.2. Formation of planetary systems probable mechanism


Any galaxy has the sidereal population and gas-dust clouds. To this it is possible to add countless quantity of epicyclic systems and bodies planetary, of asteroidal sizes, stones, comets and ice bodies. The official planetology asserts, that the planets were formed from a gas-dust cloud. New physics guesses gradual capturing of space bodies. The mechanism of formation planetary systems from a gas-dust cloud as against official notions is possible to presume other. Thus, the planetary systems are forming both by acquisition of vage space bodies, and at the expense of crossing with gas-dust clouds on the mechanism which has been set up below.

At motion of star through a gas-dust cloud with relative velocity V, the star seizes all volume of a cloud of such radius R, on which one V hardly there is less second solar escape velocity V:  (2). The components of an entrapped cloud (chapter 21) will have eccentricities of orbits apart R, close to 1. Step-by-step orbital eccentricities decrease also orbits are transformed in circumferential on such radius of each orbit r on which one an orbital velocity is peer to the first cosmic velocity v:   (1).

 Naturally, that the dust dimensioned, conforming to a maximum of dissipation under the theory Mi will be blown out by light irradiation of star and to escape area of acquisition. But light irradiation does not act on more small-sized and larger bodies. At capture of a gas-dust cloud, its components moves on most miscellaneous orbits, that results in an intensive coalescing of fragments and growth protoplanetary bodies. This process in planetology is called as the period of intensive meteoritic bombardment, outcomes by which one we till now observe on a surface of planets. Simultaneously, at the expense of gravidynamic interplay with a central star, there is a lining of orbits in one plane and the «direct» orbital motion (chapter 22.1) will be realised.

The theory of acquisition results in the following formula (21.4) for a potential well of a body having  :   (3), where r0 - spacing interval up to a potential well (circular orbit). As the relative velocity of star and gas-dust cloud is peer V, the formula (3) demonstrates, that the potential wells (circular orbits) for any components of a cloud will lie proportionally to square of spacing interval up to star, as is watched on an example of a solar System. It is the main argument verifying set up notions.

To find interrelation between spacing interval for maximum remote circular orbits and outer boundary of capture, we shall equate (1) and (2): R=2r (4). The formula (4) demonstrates, that the acquisition of components of a gas-dust cloud is farther doubled spacing interval up to the most distant circular orbit does not occurs. For example, for a solar System extreme almost circular orbit has Pluto. A mean orbital velocity of Pluto of 4.74 kms/sec. Therefore, it is possible to consider, that relative velocity of a gas-dust cloud from which one the planets were formed was about 4.5 kms/sec, and the solar System has radius, approximately, 80 a.u. (mean spacing interval of Pluto from the Sun 39.44 a.u.). (E.N. Sluta etc. Comparative planetology, М., 1995, page 79).

It is understandable, that is exact by the same principle the satellite systems of planets are forming. Apparently, that the crossing by a solar System with gas-dust clouds come to pass multiply to what the repeated multiply drifts epoch because «of nuclear winter» on the Earth, which one, naturally are connected, the periodicities neither in time of occurrence, nor in duration have not.


20.3. Originating a magnetic field of the Sun and planets


 Now originating of magnetic fields for space bodies (the Suns and planets) connect to activity so-called, hydromagnetic dynamo (Physical encyclopedia under edition A.M. Prohorov, М., 1988, page 469-470). Any theories on this subject outgo from mandatory existence some «inoculating» magnetic field at motion of electroconductive medium. The mechanism of originating of an inoculating field is not illustrated. Hereinafter it a field is strengthens by different routes, which one are not so obvious and in a large degree are far-fetched, since an end result - rather potent magnetic field necessarily is necessary. The alternate views on originating of a magnetic field (inoculating field - its strengthening) miss.

We at first shall consider originating a magnetic field basically, and then we shall proceed to in-depth study.

Main conditions of originating of a magnetic field are the convective motions of electroconductive medium and operating of forces of Coriolis on these flows. On a figure 20.3.1 the equatorial cut of a space body is shown. By arrow shown a sense of rotation.


From a more ardent core 1 radially out lifts convective flow 2. At the motion the force of Coriolis urges this flow to deviate in the side inverse to rotation of a body. In process of cooling of a flow and deboosting of its motion the force of Coriolis decreases up to zero point and there is a return convective flow 3, which one deviates already in the side of rotation of a body. The Coriolis convective closed loop step-by-step floats up to a body surface, since the heated flow is gone more fast cooled. As the gradient of temperature decreases in a radial direction, in this direction of a closed loop of convective flows become ever less and, at last, practically disappears. The convective flows at the expense of friction are electrified and create a magnetic field, as a framework with a current. At the expense of internal electric discharges the electrization is largely depressed. In the total, the charges of one sign together with convective flows are displaced to a body surface, and the newly arising convective closed loops are compelled to tolerate charges of other sign. In the total the general magnetic field of a space body changes the sign. For the Sun and planets - giant it occurs enough often on cosmic scales (for the Sun in 11 years), and for the Earth it is process can last by thousand years because of high viscosity of a magma. The plane of all convective closed loops aims to lie strictly perpendicularly rotation axes of a body, but the dravidynamic effect of a solar System as a whole attempts to turn them in a plane of an ecliptic. In outcome some compromise is reached and consequently the magnetic axises of cosmic bodies do not coincide axes of their rotation. One more feature of convective closed loops is, that in equatorial area they reach the maximum sizes, and in polar regions practically do not arise. Besides starting with middle latitudes and in higher latitudes the slope of convective closed loops is augmented, therefore, they introduce the decreasing contribution to a general magnetic field.                                                                                       Table 20.3.1

Space body

Period of rotation

Magnetic field


The sun

mean. 25,38 day


99,866% from mass of a solar System


58,65 day


Mass and rotation rate is small


243 day


Very small rotation rate

The Earth

23,93 hours


Is small nass


24,62 hours


There is no internal convection of a stuff


9,84 hours


Large mass and rotation rate


10,23 hours


Large mass and rotation rate


17,24 hours


Minor convection


18,2 hours


Potent inside a convection


Thus, magnetic field of a space body the stronger, than more than temperature of its entrails, convection of a stuff and rotation rate of a body. Naturally, the more sizes of a body, the are more in it of convective closed loops and stronger general magnetic field. In the evidence, in table 20.3.1 the qualitative behavior of a magnetic field of the Sun and planets is adduced.

  In application to the Sun the set up views help better to understand a phenomenon of solar activity. Each 11 years the new convective closed loops come nearer to a surface of the Sun and their magnetic field leaves outside by the way of sun-spots, as shown in a figure 20.3.2.

On a figure 20.3.2: 1 - outside surface of the Sun, 2 - lateral view of a convective closed loop, 3 - magnetic lines of force of a convective closed loop, 4 - pair sun-spots of miscellaneous polarity.


20.4. The causes of planets rotation


 In chapter 20.3. Is shown, that the magnetic fields of planets are conditioned by originating of closed loops of Coriolis at an internal convection of planet electroconductive stuff. The planets rotation is a consequent of preservation of angular momentum. If inside a fixed body having a general angular momentum to equal zero point, will begin something to be gyrated in one side, the body will be as a whole gyrated in the counter side so that the general angular momentum remained zero. The angular momentum of a closed loop of Coriolis is peer to product of mass of a convective flow on its running speed and on effective radius of a closed loop, therefore maximal angular momentum of a closed loop will in equatorial cross-section of a planet and up to zero point to poles is faded out. All closed loops of Coriolis are gyrated in the side inverse to rotation of a planet. I did not manage to find explanatory explanation of the causes of planets rotation. In the literature the responsibility for it shift on rotation hypothetical of a protoplanet cloud and are surprised to anomalies of rotation of some planets.

Let's consider more detailed of planets rotation rate in solar System, introduced in table 20.4.1. The data are borrowed from the book: E.N. Sluta etc. Comparative planetology, М., 1995.

Table 20.4.1


Period of rotation



58.65 days



243.01 days

Orbital period 224.7 days, therefore rotation converse

The Earth

23.93 hours



24.62 hours



9.84 hours



10.23 hours



17.24 hours

Rotation a converse, since a slope of equator to orbital plane 97.870


18.2 hours



6.39 days

Convection misses


For a Mercury of Coriolis a closed loop are minute because of a large period of rotation, therefore magnetic field of a Mercury very weak. For Venus because of a very large period of rotation of Coriolis a closed loops at all can not arise, therefore and the magnetic field for Venus misses. For planets - giant a high speed of rotation because of an intensive internal convection as a result of which one the Coriolis closed loops with large angular momentum, specially in equatorial cross-section of a planet will be to arise. Therefore planets - giant have differential rotation rate, maximum on equator and decreasing to poles. Though at measurements of cosmic apparatus the magnetic field of these planets is comparable to a magnetic field of the Earth, but it is necessary to take into account, that these measurements are conducted far from a magnetic dipole of a planet, then, as on the Earth the magnetic dipole is close. Therefore actual magnetic field of planets - giant very potent. For Pluto the large period of rotation is conditioned by absence of an internal convection.

Between heat release of planet entrails, the convection and rotation rate is present a positive feedback. At reduction heat release, the convection and rotation rate of a planet decreases. The planets - giant beam of energy considerably more, than receive from the Sun, therefore reduction of rotation rate does not threaten to them. However for terrestrial planets the heat release of entrails step-by-step exhausts, therefore they spin down. Venus has succeed in it more all. The Mercury too essentially has slowed the rotation. Mars on duration of a period of rotation has outrun the Earth, but also the Earth step-by-step spins down. All terrestrial planets are rather small, therefore for them are increased heat losses in ambient space. Apparently in a remote antiquity their rotation rate was considerably more.


20.5. Influence an internal convection on geography of planets


In chapter 20.3 the mechanism formation of convective closed loops is shown at an internal convection of a planet stuff at the expense  operating force of Coriolis. The motion of a stuff in closed loops of Coriolis is inverse to rotation of a planet. Under the data of the Physical encyclopedia under edition A.M. Prohorov М., 1988 rock sphere of the Earth have an oceanic cortex by depth ~ of 10 kms (with a layer of water) and continental cortex by depth up to several tens kilometers in mining regions. All rock sphere by depth ~ of 70 kms and on continents up to 150-200 kms floats in a fluid astenosphere on border Moho. Thus, the rock sphere contacts in the lower part to convective flows in closed loops of Coriolis. Therefore continents are step-by-step displaced westward under effect of convective flows, as shown in a figure 20.5.1.

On a figure 20.5.1: 1 - astenosphere, 2 - convective closed loop of Coriolis, 3 - oceanic cortex, 4 - continent, 5 - basis of a mining system.



On a figure 20.5.2 are shown Northern and Southern America (white line - equator). From a figure is visible that the American continent, as the bulldozer, raked up at the front motions westward mining systems.

Similar, that Australia on a figure 20.5.3 was at one time in general torn off from Southern America and has pass through all Pacific Ocean. On its former locality there was a Peruvian hollow. Both Australia, and Peruvian hollow in Southern America equally extend on a latitude (10-35 degrees South)




















Fig. 20.5.2                                                         Fig. 20.5.3


Fig. 20.5.4

As motion of a stuff in closed loops of Coriolis more intensive in a direction to equator, in northern hemisphere of the Earth the prolated meridional mining systems behind hundred millions years of effect of convective flows should be turned clockwise, and in southern hemisphere - counter-clockwise. In southern hemisphere there are least endorsements of this supposition, but in northern hemisphere it is enough of them. Scandinavia New Earth, Ural mountains, Kamchatka, island Taiwan, Japanese islands. These examples are shown on figure 20.5.4. Near to equator the mining systems place lengthways parallels.


20.6. Dynamics of planets, atoms and elementary particles is similar


As all free bodies move on a screw trajectory, us parameters of this trajectory for miscellaneous micro and macrosystems here will interest. The experiments confirm justice of a de Broglie formula and identical value of an angular momentum L elementary particles on a screw trajectory (chapter 2.2):


From (20.6.1) it is easy to count up product vr for a trajectory of any free elementary particle:


where m - particle mass. The formula (20.6.2) will be correct and for customary atoms:


where me - electronic mass. For normal atoms the orbital moments of all electrons are identical and are peer  (chapter 13).

For of rydberg atoms the orbital moments of electrons are aliquot  (chapter 13.5):


therefore for them a constant will be:


where n - multipleness of an electron angular momentum or main quantum number it.

For mesonic atoms (chapter 15.1) inclusive instead of an electron a meson, the parameters of its orbital trajectory will correspond to the formula (20.6.2).

From table of chapter 11.2.5 is visible, that «standard» values  , where n - the quantum number of a planet (table 20.1) for planets of a solar System, approximately in 5 times more for of jupiter group planets, than for earth group. At the same time density last in 5 times more, i.e. it is possible to record:


where K - proportionality coefficient, d - mean density of a planet g/cm3. For the first quantum state:

K=vrd                                                (20.6.7).

On physical sense (20.6.7) represents a per-unit-volume orbital angular momentum of a planet. Therefore it is possible to record:


where L - orbital angular momentum of a planet, V - volume of a planet. Under the formula (20.6.8) it is easy to find mean density of planets either satellites or mass of these objects from orbit parameters. The formula (20.6.8) without change can be applied to any particle, meaning, that vr - product of speed on radius of a screw trajectory, d - density of a particle, L - angular momentum of a particle on a screw trajectory, V - volume of a particle. By divided both parts (20.6.8) on density of a particle, we shall receive apparent equality:

L == mvr                                             (20.6.9).

In chapter 22.2 is shown, that the constant of the Planck  is a value, return specific induction  of a gravidynamic field of an elementary particle:


(20.6.10) we shall substitute in (20.6.2) and we shall remark, that , where B - induction of a gravidynamic field of a particle:


The formula (20.6.11) has universal application for any bodies. Thus, the key factor of screw motion of free bodies (and their orbital motion at capture) is determined only by gravidynamic induction of a body. At motion of a body in own the gravidynamic field arises clone of force of Lorentz, directional perpendicularly inductions of a gravidynamic field.