Drawing "beads" we, while, designedly do not order speech about electric charge, since the serious conclusions of the world outlook schedule are connected to it. Looking on a constitution of an electron we can reach a conclusion, that everyone the neutrino in an electron has a charge -0.5 (in units of a charge of a mobile electron), and in a positron +0.5. On dissipation of electrons on nucleons in matching with dissipation the neutrino on nucleons is possible to make the concluding about a mean of a square of electric charge of dot charged formations inside a nucleon. The outcome has appeared close to value , whence Z0,527e (Physics of a microcosmos, М., 1980, page 489). It indirectly confirms a charge a neutrino equal 0.5е in spite of the fact that the experimenters were aimed to confirm existence of quarks inside nucleons with charges 1/3e and 2/3e.

Naturally, what "to give rise" one a neutrino it is impossible because of a principle of conservation of moment of momentum and conservation law of a charge (more precisely, common electro neutrality). As it is experimentally established, that the neutrino has only left-screw helicity, and the antineutrino - right-screw, that from the point of view of new physics, charge conservation law as a matter of fact is to straight lines a consequent of a law of conservation of angular momentum. "... experimentally were watched only “left-screw”, or "left-hand" a neutrino. ...Each type the neutrino has the antiparticle (antineutrino) with a leptonic charge, opposite on the sign, and helicity". Physics of a microcosmos, "Soviet encyclopedia", М., 1980, page 272. Pursuant to it, two signs of electric charge are possible only: for a "left-screw" matter - negative, and for a "right-screw" matter - positive. The neutral matter does not exist. In uncharged particles the electric charges simply indemnify each other. If mass is result values of an angular momentum, the electric charge is result of presence of an own angular momentum a neutrino, and its invariability - outcome of operation of law of preservation of an angular momentum.

Therefore neutrino, as electrons and the positrons can be born only pairs , i.e. photons. Official physics does not know reasons of preservation of electric charge. The concurrence by us of counted and classic radius of an electron allows to make two relevant conclusions: at first, the energy imparted a neutrino leaves on increase gravitational it behavior. Secondly, the neutrino represents "bead" with surface arrangement of electric charge (since the capacitance it is peer to radius). It allows finding radius a neutrino in an electron similarly, how finding classic radius of an electron. The electrical energy two separate not interacting a neutrino will make:

            Еel=0.25e2/2+0.25e2/2=0.25e2/                            (11.1).

Gravitational energy too two separate "not interacting" (the term is taken in an inverted commas for the reason, that it is necessary mass such a neutrino to accept equal m0/2) neutrino will be:

              Еgr=m0C2/2+ m0C2/2=m0C2                                   (11.2).

Equating (11.1) and (11.2), we shall discover:

                     =0.25e2/m0C2                                         (11.3),

i.e. diameter the neutrino makes in an electron half of radius. The updated scheme of an electron is figured on a figure 11.1.




Thus, we come to a conclusion that mass a neutrino grows synchronously with increase of its energy. As a matter of fact it takes place by a jump at once on many orders, since we is not observed of intermediate states the neutrino between free and bound, for example, in an electron. "Intermediate" conditions we is observed in photons of miscellaneous frequency and will below be shown, that in them a charge the neutrino makes half of elementary charge. The full balance of matter and antimatter in the Universe results in full balance of electric charges. Now becomes understandable, for what to a neutron the electronic antineutrino is necessary. The electron connected with a proton, augments mass and charge, therefore for provision of an electro neutrality of a neutron this exuberant negative charge is necessary for it compensate by some positive charge an antineutrino. Thus the system gains a minimum of potential energy.



All reasoning concerning electric charge is fair without dependence from value of a mechanical moment a neutrino. For example, in a proton a mechanical moment the muonic antineutrino makes /2, and in a positron the electronic antineutrino has the moment in 137 times smaller, but the electric charges of these particles are identical. Naturally, that the gravitational charge of a bound particle depends on its mechanical moment in a free condition, and the electric charge (as against a magnetic moment) does not react to value of a mechanical moment, though a neutrino is formed by an own mechanical moment. Addressing to section dedicated formation and constitution of a solar System, we can draw a conclusion, by analogy, that the energy of proper rotation an antineutrino in a positron is more those in a proton, therefore in similar cases is necessary to allow and proper rotation the neutrino. The free neutrino has vanishingly small mass (in matching with bound neutrino), as though "germ" it and only bound neutrino, moving in external the gravidynamic field saves electric charge without dependence from parameters of this field and gains a gravitational charge depending on parameters of a field. Concerning electric charge the author does not have clear comprehension on that a level, as for a gravitational charge, besides that it is connected to an own moment a neutrino and has value 0.5e.

With increase of absolute speed of a body the gravitational charge grows pursuant to the formula of relativistic increase of mass. As a whole, the problem of electric charge of particles requires additional research to receive the so depleting answer to it, as it is made in remaining sections of this book.

In conditions of orbital motion in those particles, which one we esteemed, the gravidynamic analog of force of the Lorentz Fgd acts to center of rotation. The force of the Lorentz Fel for electric charge in the same conditions does not depend on the sign of a charge and is directed from center of rotation, but it is very small. This situation is imaged on a figure 11.2.

To a gravitational charge it is impossible to apply concept of the sign of a charge. It always of one sign and these charges are attracted to each other. Therefore matter differs from an antimatter by sign of electric charge. For matter it negative, and for an antimatter positive. They also can be distinguished on gravidynamic interplay. At counter motion matter or antimatter are attracted, and matter and antimatter - are repulsed. Magnetic and gravidynamic interplay are directly opposite.


Magnetic interplay of driving electric charges:


Gravidynamic interplay of matter and antimatter:


  In connection with set up becomes understandable, that the statement of a question about mass of "rest" of particles is incorrect. If we mentally shall stop a neutrino and antineutrino in any particles, mass practically will vanish, i.e. neutrino will cease to exist, as well as particle, formed by it (see collapse). Thus, gravitational and electric charges are a consequent of motion a neutrino. Gravitational - at motion the neutrino, as whole, and electrical, apparently, arises at proper rotation a neutrino. In it the common essence gravitational and electric charge is exhibited outwardly expressed in an identical kind of the formulas, depicting interplay of charges, and internally presenting any common, while up to the end not cognized a field substance.

Positive and the negative charge is connected to a matter and antimatter, therefore there is no neutral charge, and the value of electric charge is constant, since there can not be a matter or antimatter "more" or "less", i.e. the electric charge is not quantitative, and qualitative character of a matter.

Let's try to calculate electrostatic interplay between a neutrino and antineutrino in a long-wave photon, the sizes which one (as will be shown below) considerably exceed the sizes of an electron; therefore the gravidynamic interplay can be neglected. Simultaneously we shall demonstrate that a charge the neutrino makes half of elementary charge, and we shall find out new connection between world constants. Energy of attraction opposite charged neutrinos will be:


where Z - charge a neutrino in units of elementary electric charge (e), r - spacing interval between a neutrino and antineutrino (diameter of a photon). Energy of universal repulsing for one a neutrino will be determined by the formula (1.6). Thus, interaction energy a neutrino and antineutrino in a photon:


where                                                                           (11.6)

S - angular momentum a neutrino in a photon, c - speed of light.

Apparently, that the function (11.5) has not an extremum, i.e. potential well in this case interplay does not exist. At decreasing attractive force, radius of a photon is augmented so long as the force of universal repulsing will not be diminished by the same value and on the contrary. Therefore: Z2e2=Sc/2, whence:


Substituting all numeric values, we shall receive Z=1/2. By substituting this value in (11.7), we shall discover connection between world constants:


For example, substituting (11.6) in (11.8), we shall discover known expression for a fine structure constant .

Thus, the calculations demonstrate that for photons the interplay limits by an electrostatic attraction a neutrino and antineutrino, and the gravidynamic interplay practically misses. Because of absence of a potential well there is no capability of originating of considerable bond energy. Therefore photon, as well as the free neutrino can move only with speed of light since to transform its kinetic energy into any diverse it is impossible in these conditions.


11.1. The theory of gravidynamic interplay


From matching a Coulomb's law and law of universal gravitation, apparently, that the gravitational charge is peer , where G - gravitational constant. If to equate a gravitational charge to elementary electric charge, it is possible to find numerical value of mass creating in space a power gravitational field with the same parameters, as an electrostatic field of an elementary charge: , whence m=1.859×10-6 g. It is possible conditionally to consider the obtained value as "elementary" mass, then the massive body inclusive N of "elementary" masses creates the same force field, as N of elementary electric charges.

Electrostatic intensity


Accordingly, the intensity of a gravitational field will be


At motion of electric charge there is a magnetic field, the equipotential surface which has one the form of a torus ring formed by rotation of a circumference in a plane, perpendicular to a current of traffic of a charge. The magnetic intensity in this case will be determined by the formula:


where - angle between a current of traffic and given point of space, V - running speed of a charge, C - speed of light (electrodynamics’ constant). From the formula (11.1.3) it is visible, that the magnetic field is considerably more weak electrostatic and is compared to it on power effect only at motion of electric charge with speed, equal speed of light. In practice electric charges (for example, in a conductor) moves slowly, but we easily fix originating a magnetic field only at the expense of summation magnetic fields of huge quantity of simultaneously driving charges while the electric charges inside a conductor are balanced.

At motion of electric charge in a magnetic field on it the force of the Lorentz acts:

     (if V  Bm)                               (11.1.4).

At motion of a gravitational charge arises a gravidynamic field, the equipotential surface which has one precisely same form, as well as at motion of electric charge. For gravitational charges the intensity of a gravidynamic field can be expressed by the formula similar (11.1.3):


where K - a gravidynamic factor dependent on a running speed, at V 0, KG, at VC, KKc.

From (11.1.5) it is visible, that the gravidynamic field at customary running speeds of bodies too is considerably more weak gravitational. It is compared on force to a gravitational field only at speeds close to speed of light, if K did not depend on speed. It is increases together with relativistic increase of a gravitational charge. Besides the gravidynamic factor K increases at increase of a running speed sharply.

At motion of a gravitational charge in the gravidynamic field on it acts gravidynamic analog of force of the Lorentz:

     (if V  Bgd)                           (11.1.6).

Generally running speeds of a gravitational charge forms a gravidynamic field in (11.1.5) and gravitational charges driving in a gravidynamic field (11.1.6) do not coincide (it there can be even two miscellaneous charges).

It is known, that if the electric charge is gone in a homogeneous magnetic field so, that the vector of its speed makes an angle a with a direction of a magnetic induction Bm, a trajectory of a charge is the screw line with radius of coils Re and step . New physics has shown, that all free bodies micro and macro world moves on a screw line with equal translational and tangential velocity, therefore, the angle  makes 450.

Any body micro or macro world represents a rotated top, for which one the direction of rotation axis in space remains invariable. Thus the absolutely precise coincidence of vector of an own angular momentum with velocity vector of motion of a charge as a whole is impossible. Thus, the motion of charges on a screw line is necessarily. The calculations demonstrate that for microparticles it is impossible to ensure observed parameters of a screw trajectory at the expense of a magnetic field, since it too weak. Macrobodies have not dominating electric charge - are neutral, therefore even at presence of an own magnetic field, they can not move on a screw line. As will be shown below, to ensure screw motion of any free bodies can only a gravidynamic field.

Radius of a screw line we shall discover from a condition of equaling of gravidynamic force of the Lorentz and centrifugal force. In the formula (11.1.6) we shall take into account, that V - forward speed of a body (it is peer to a tangential velocity, perpendicular Bgd). In the formula (11.1.5) V - circumferential rotary speed of a body (we shall designate Vp), r - radius of a body. In view of these arrangements, (11.1.5) we shall substitute in (11.1.6) and we shall discover gravidynamic analog of force of the Lorentz:


Equating (11.1.7) centrifugal force mV2/R, we shall discover radius of a circular helix:


By multiplying both parts (11.1.8) on mV and allowing, that mVR=S values a constant (angular momentum of a body on a screw trajectory or on orbit, when it is captured), and Vp=2×rn, where n - rotational frequency (sec-1), we shall discover expression for of a gravidynamic factor for a macroworld:


Apparently, that from definition of an angular momentum it is possible to record:

R=S/mV                                           (11.1.10).

By multiplying (11.1.10) on 2, we shall discover a wavelength de Broglie for a space body. On physical sense the obtained expression will not differ from a de Broglie formula for microparticles. Apparently, that (11.1.10) will be fair and for space objects with high speed of movement in space. Here it is necessary to pay attention the reader to one more endorsement of a commonality micro and macroworld.

For a microcosmos the speed of rotation of components elementary particles is peer to speed of light, therefore in (11.1.8) Vp=C, K=Kc and the formula (11.1.8) puts on:


To find relation Kc to a running speed of a microparticle, we shall take into account, that  - angular momentum of a microparticle (new physics has shown, that the spin of an electron also is peer , instead of half of this value, as official physics considers). After some transformations, we shall discover:


Similarly to macroworld, from definition of an angular momentum of a particle it is possible to record:


By multiplying (11.1.13) on 2, we shall discover a wavelength de Broglie for microparticles:


where h - constant of the Planck.

In (11.1.14) it is necessary always to mean, that in a denominator it is possible to substitute miscellaneous masses of particles only thus indispensable a condition, that the moments them on a screw trajectory are identical. In this respect official physics does an inexcusable error, substituting in (11.1.14) masses macrobodies and draw a conclusion that they have not "wave" properties. Besides (11.1.14) for macrobodies is not suit at all, and it is necessary to use the formula (11.1.10), multiplied on 2.

For a microcosmos, where components of elementary particles moves with speed of light, and the intensity of a gravidynamic field has huge value (it causes "strong" interplay), the formula (11.1.6) with the registration (11.1.5) puts on:


Instead of K in (11.1.15) there is a gravidynamic constant Kc (at V=C, K=Kс), since at relativistic velocities the gravidynamic charge  on many orders is more than a gravitational charge .

The value by a gravidynamic constant Kc can be found from an equilibrium condition of forces for a neutrino which is forms an electron. Apparently, that the centrifugal force which is operational on a neutrino, mass which one twice is less than electronic mass , where re - radius of an electron, should be peer to gravidynamic attractive force two oncoming driving a neutrino and minus the force of a coulomb repulsion. The force of gravidynamic attraction from (11.1.15) is peer:


Force of a coulomb repulsion (charge the neutrino is peer to half of elementary charge):


and the force of magnetic repulsing at speed of light has the same value. Allowing above-stated:


By substituting in (11.1.18) numerical values of constants, we shall discover Kc = 2.783×1036. Thus, a gravidynamic factor in these conditions in 4.17×1043 times more by gravitational constant.

Under the literary data it is known, that nuclear forces approximately in 100 times more electrostatic forces. In our case this ratio will be significant less, since masses a neutrino in an electron small, therefore, the gravidynamic interplay is insignificant.

Let's discover bond energy a neutrino in an electron, which one is peer to the algebraic sum of energy of universal repulsing and energy of attraction:


Substituting numerical values of constants, we shall discover Etie=8.197×10-7 ergs = 0.511 MeV. In this case Еtie is peer to energy of formation of an electron E=mC2. Substituting this expression (with a converse sign, since it is negative energy applicable to a depth of potential wells for a neutrino) in the left-hand part (11.1.19), it is possible to find other expression for a gravidynamic constant:


Equating (11.1.18) and (11.1.20), we shall discover expression for classic radius of an electron:


which one demonstrates, that all above-stated calculations and reasoning are valid.

In conclusion of this section some useful conclusions for the explorers of torsion fields and organizations, bound with start of artificial satellites.

For obtaining enough powerful of a gravidynamic field in laboratory conditions are indispensable the very much high speeds of rotation of rather massive bodies. It strongly embarrasses measurement of gravidynamic interplay between them, and interplay is on the verge of sensitivity of devices. Usage of gravidynamic induction is more perspective. The light paper barrel is hanged on a lengthy thin thread and is concluded in a glass tube for preventing influencing of airflows. Inside the barrel one more glass tube. In it untwists the massive barrel and fast moves inside of the paper barrel. At the expense of self-induction the paper barrel will be turned on some angle, proportional induced "electromotive force":


where m - mass of the displaced barrel, S, l - its sectional area and length, a - the acceleration with which one is gone the massive barrel.

The evolution of satellite orbits takes place precisely the same as remaining bodies of a solar System. If the satellite is gone in a direction of rotation of the Earth, its orbital the gravidynamic moment interacts with the gravidynamic moment of the Earth. In outcome the additional force, directional to the Earth acts on a satellite, and the orbital plane aims at an equatorial plane of the Earth. If the satellite is gone against a direction of rotation of the Earth, the additional force, directional from the Earth acts on it, and the orbital plane aims to be inverted on 1800. If the satellite is gyrated in a direction of the motion, these effects are considerably increased.


11.2. The fields and interplay of charges


I shall remind that new physics distinguishes four kinds of fields: gravitational, gravidynamic, electrostatic and magnetic.

Concerning electromagnetic radiation, which one the orthodoxes call as an electromagnetic field it is necessary to state following. Official physics does an error, considering, that the electromagnetic radiation takes place at positive and negative acceleration of electric charges. If it was so, the oscillations of definite frequency in a loop would beam in space of electromagnetic waves of the doubled frequency, since for one oscillation of charged particles tests doubly acceleration and doubly deceleration. Therefore radiation takes place only at deceleration a charge. New physics considers that an electromagnetic field does not exist. That call as an electromagnetic field, there is a flow of photons, to which one the theory of the Maxwell has not relation.



Apparently, that all fields take an infinite volume of space therefore can have not neither mass, nor energy. As the field intensity is inversely proportional to a square of spacing interval from the carrier of a field (charge), and the volume of a field is proportional to a cube of spacing interval from the carrier of a field, at any small mass or energy of a voxel of a field, its total mass or the energy will be infinite, that is dispossessed of physical sense. That the field has not mass, it is diffused in space with indefinitely by a high speed, and therefore interplay through a field takes place instantaneously. The fields do not interact in any way among themselves; a principle of superposition of fields therefore is abided. The field around of each charge absolutely hardly also can not by any image be distorted. That we are observed, as the field distortion, is outcome of summary operating of several charges. The fields are only intermediator of interplays and act not against each other, but only on the applicable carrier of a field. Own electrical and gravitational field do not act in any way on the carrier of a field because of their symmetry. Magnetic and a gravidynamic field can act on the own carrier of a field, allowing the final sizes of any elementary charge, causing, for example, deviation from rectilinear motion, but this operating permanently in time and not bonded with energy consumption. Thus, the behavior of each carrier of a field can be changed only by other carrier of a field. Thus the power condition of both carriers of a field changes as a result of potential interplay. To demonstrate interplay of charges through a field it is possible by following figurative matching. Imagine that for you in arms lengthy weightless and absolutely rigid stick, for other end by which one keeps your friend from a distant galaxy. You can instantaneously push the friend or to attract him to yourselves.

Here opportunely to result some answers to orthodoxes stating, that the running speed can not exceed speeds of light. In quality of "evidence" indicate violation of a principle of causality and result a following example. If we shall move faster than light, we shall catch up with those photons, which one have abandoned the Earth week, month, year back. Thus we shall watch at first consequent of some phenomenon, and then its reason. But let's at first to move much more speed of light, and then we shall stay. Photons, which one we have passed, will demonstrate us exact causal connection of past events. It is better to consider a simpler and convincing example of a principle of causality and running speed, which one among themselves are not connected in any way. Let's throw in the river a log with a title "reason" and a bit later log with a title "consequent". If to float after logs, at first we shall catch up "consequent", and then "reason". But if pass along on a bank of the river and to wait for comings logs, at first we shall meet "reason", and then "consequent". From these examples it is visible, that "evidence" of orthodoxes demonstrates only absence the logic for them. Official physics agrees that the point of intersection of two rules with a small angle between them (scissors) can be roamed faster than light. Simultaneously asserted that the transmission of a signal with superlight speed is impossible. In point "А" it is possible to manipulate scissors, the ends which one in point "В" fences a light beam. The point of intersection will transmit from "А" in "В" any information. These examples once again demonstrate that the relativity theory cannot be trusted.

The numerous experiment data testify that at any interplays electrical and magnetic field aim at attenuation, and gravitational and gravidynamic - to amplification. Outwardly it is exhibited that is of the same name charged carriers electrical and the magnetic fields are repulsed, and unlike charged - are attracted. For example, the magnetic interplay of two conductors with an electric current in one direction results in their attraction, since between them the magnetic fields are directed to the counter sides and compensate each other. If the current flows in opposite directions, the conductors are repulsed, since between them the magnetic field is directed to one side and is summarized.  The gravitational charges are always attracted, that results in amplification of a gravitational field. The opposite driving masses in elementary particles also are attracted at the expense of amplification of a gravidynamic field between them. Becomes understandable, why the gravitational charges of one sign, and electrical has two opposite signs. Only under such condition the implementation of attenuation of an electrical field is possible at interplay.

Set up visually is illustrated on a figure 11.2.1, where are figured the potential curves (repulsing) of interplay is of the same name of charged electric charges, like magnetic poles and carriers of a gravidynamic field driving in one direction. Curves (attraction) of interplay of unlike electric charges, unlike magnetic poles, gravitational charges and carriers of a gravidynamic field driving in opposite directions. The branches of curves do not leave in infinite values of potential energy because of the final size of charges and originating of the new factors precluding approach of charges.

Let's put some quotations illustrating notions of official physics of the comparatively field form of a matter.

"The fixed charge q is inextricably related with an electrical field in space, ambient it. The electrical field represents the special kind of a matter and is the material carrier of interplay between charges even in case of absence of substance between them". N.I. Kariakin etc., Brief reference book on physics, "Higher School", М., 1962, page 182.

"...the energy is dispersed on all volume held by a field, instead of is localized in an charged body. Thus, this energy has the electrical field as one of kinds of a matter". Ibidem, page 196.

The driving electric charge creates around of itself a magnetic field. New physics completely advocates a hypothesis of Ampere, that the development of magnetic properties for neutral macroscopic bodies (magnets) is explained by presence in these bodies of self-contained microscopical electric currents, only updating it in the respect that permanent magnets can be only substances inclusive in the structure atoms with quasicircular orbits of electrons (see a constitution of atoms). Orthodox physics considers electrostatic and magnetic field as the same "electromagnetic" field, supposing, that the magnetic field is a "relativistic" addition to an electrostatic field pursuant to a special relativity theory of the А. Einstein (SRT). Here is how J. Orir in the book "Popular physics" ("World", М., 1969, page 235) explains interplay between a conductor with a current and electric charge, driving in parallel to a conductor: "According to a Coulomb's law resultant electrostatic force which is operational on a charge... should turn to zero point irrespective of, moves conduction electrons in a conductor whether or not. If, however, we shall take advantage of a relativity theory, mean spacing interval between conduction electrons at their motion is reduced to the Lorentz factor, i.e. in  times, where v - drift velocity of these electrons. In outcome the density of charge of conduction electrons will be increased according to a relativity theory in  times; at the same time density of charge of positively ionized atoms occupying a locked position, remains same. Therefore, the resulting charge will not be peer any more to zero point". Such "explanation" does not maintain a critic on following points.

1. Though new physics clean disclaims SRT, of what the reader can be convinced later, here, naturally, it is necessary to start with this theory. Agrees to it, the sizes of driving bodies are reduced in a current of traffic, but just the sizes of bodies, instead of interspaces between them are reduced. The reduction of interspaces between bodies (see pointed out) is a "creative" development SRT, resulting in to uttermost nonsense. This conclusion contradicts the idea of relativity, since has not value, whether moves of a particle concerning "space" or "space" concerning them.

2. If the density of charge of electrons is augmented, additional electrons whence arises? You see about relativistic change of value of an elementary charge SRT hold back.

3. If the charge is immobile concerning a conductor with a current, the interplay misses, though after the logic of orthodoxes the electrostatic interplay should be watched, since the conductor "was charged".

4. If instead of a conductor with a current we shall make convective carry of an electrified body, magnetic interplay we shall watch experimentally (in 1901 A.A. Einhenwald has shown, that the magnetic field of a convection current coincides a magnetic field of a current of the same value in a conductor), and on above to the set up orthodox views the interplay should miss, since at convective carry the drift velocity of electrons in accuracy is peer to a drift velocity of positive charges in points of lattice. Therefore "relativistic" additive to positive and negative charge is identical.

5. Is apparent, that "the relativistic additive" to a Coulomb's law in a metallic conductor can be only as increase of negative "charge" without dependence from a current of traffic of electrons (direction of a current in it), though the experiment demonstrates a veering of a magnetic field of a conductor with a current on opposite.

6. Speed of heat motion of electrons in a conductor, as a minimum, in 106 times more drift speed under operating of an electrical field, therefore "interspaces" between electrons already strongly "are abbreviated" also chunk of metal should spontaneously be charged by a large negative charge, that contradicts experiment.

Behind a sinus of orthodox physics is hidden and completely other notion of a "electromagnetic" field as a field of virtual photons, which one the interacting bodies interchange. Here we shall not criticize this even more absurd notion, as such of a critic is scattered under the book.

Allowing, that in a macro scale we can watch objects, for which one, for example, the gravitational field considerably dominates above electrical, and magnetic - above gravidynamic and on the contrary, there is a sense to section them and to esteem separately four kinds of a field. The analysis of all body of the known physical laws results in a conclusion, that all four kinds of a field interact with carriers of a field so that to ensure minimum potential energy of a system of carriers of a field as a whole. Also consists of it sense of a long-range action realizing a minimum of potential energy of carriers of a field of each kind though the mechanism of implementation remains vague.

Let's consider the problem on interference of miscellaneous kinds of fields. Apparently, that the electrical field does not interact in any way with magnetic, and gravitational - with gravidynamic. Otherwise we could watch self-acceleration or self-deceleration in motion gravitational and electric charges in an inconsistency with an energy conservation law. Similarly, the gravitational field in any way should not interact with magnetic, and electrical - with gravidynamic. On this basis the statement of the Maxwell, that by a source of originating of a vortical magnetic field is a displacement current - variable electrical field and, back, that the variable magnetic field creates a vortical electrical field it is impossible to recognize fair with all flowing out from here consequences. We once again can be convinced that obsequious of mathematics is prostitute of science and gives not objective outcomes and that from it want. The truth, Maxwell is possible to understand, for him was not under an arm of a gravidynamic field, and light should as move in space. If he was right, uniformly and the rectilinearly driving electric charge on him the theories should beam electromagnetic waves, since such charge in each point of space creates a variable magnetic field, i.e. all electric charges should lose energy and to be stopped. We easily fix originating a magnetic field at convective carry of an electrified body, but not we discover thus electromagnetic radiation - this simple experiment disclaims the suppositions of the Maxwell about the mechanism of formation of electromagnetic waves. There is one more weighty argument in an inaccuracy of the theory of the Maxwell: from matching properties of a photon with other particles is apparent, that the reason of waves of the de Broglie and electromagnetic waves of the Maxwell same and has not relation to the most electromagnetic theory. As endorsement of initial notions of the Maxwell and the validities of the electromagnetic theory frequently indicate presence of synchrotron emission by activity of particles accelerators. Here we, ostensibly, is observed radiation from electric charges moved on a circumference. However synchrotron emission confirms only that circumstance, that the accelerator is fine model of an excited atom (see theory of hydrogen-like atoms). At impart to the charged particle of exuberant energy it can not move strictly on a circumference, though its trajectory and introduces an ellipse with a very small eccentricity. Therefore synchrotron emission has not relation to a considered problem (see chapter 11.5).

Interplay electrical with a gravitational field and magnetic with gravidynamic the energy conservation law resolves. Nay, in substantial objects these fields are inextricably related, therefore we can imagine increase of intensity of an electrical field at the expense of decreasing gravitational and magnetic at the expense gravidynamic in a loop system, i.e. they mutually loosen each other. However interplays electrical and gravitational field, while, nobody watched, though it is enough of such capabilities. The change of an electrical field at the expense of gravitational would upset a principle of common electro neutrality. There is a capability of interplay magnetic and of a gravidynamic field, which one could be realized in so-called "electromagnetic waves", if the photon did not make Maxwell equations redundant. In this connection opportunely to recollect a hypothesis of existence of magnetic monopoles. It has arisen not so much under the requirements the physical logic, how many mathematical: that the Maxwell equations become symmetrical. If to take into account a gravidynamic field, these equations will become really symmetrical, simultaneously contenting the physical logic and depriving a hypothesis about magnetic monopoles of any fundamentals. "A magnetic monopole - the hypothetical magnetic charge - was forecast by the Dirac in 1931. The magnetic charge  of a monopole should obey to a following condition of quantizing: е = n(c/2), where n - integer, е - elementary electric charge. The models of Great Association contain as the solutions magnetic monopoles. Their rest-mass 1016-1017 GeV/с2. The magnetic monopoles could arise in the Universe at the moment of Big Bang". Subatomic physics. Publishing house the Moscow University, 1994, page 111.  The magnetic monopoles are not detected experimentally, despite of considerable efforts on their looking up. The unsuccessful looking ups of a magnetic monopole indirectly indicate an inaccuracy of a classic electrodynamics of the Maxwell and quantum mechanics, on which one the magnetic monopole should exist.

In the same section it is be worth-while to consider a problem of a long-range action and short-range interaction. The modern physics negates a long-range action, i.e. interplay of bodies apart without the intermediator between them. Such statement cannot something oppose, for the intermediator, apparently, is indispensable. Following convictions mechanicians of past centuries, that at interplay something about something should necessarily "to bob" (short-range interaction), the quantum physics even interplay by means of a field reduces to "knocking" of particles - carriers of a field (field quantum). So, the electrostatic interplay is represented by carry of photons, and gravitational - not detected till now gravitons. Thus, orthodox physics reduces all interplays to a short-range interaction, though the mechanism of a short-range interaction for it remains vague.

From the point of view of new physics, the fields can not contain any particles in quality "of carriers of a field". Any particles should have mass distinct from zero; therefore their rate of propagation can not exceed speed of light. However, the propagation of fields takes place to speed, is significant superior speed of light, otherwise there is a problem of "retarded potential". For example, because of "retarded potential" the existence of planets would become impossible. The sun "sees" a planet not in its true position, and it is a little behind on orbit because of terminal velocity of propagation of a gravitational field, therefore attractive force to the Sun and centrifugal force applied strict on center of a planet will forms torque in the party opposite to orbital motion and proper rotation of a planet. This moment by nothing is indemnified and should result at the end in a gap of a planet under operating of centrifugal forces. Precisely same reasoning is fair and for an electrostatic field at motion of an electron around of a nucleus. 

Apparently, that the interplay by "contact" in the nature is not watched anywhere. Even shock the each other of billiard balls as a matter of fact demonstrates a long-range action through a field by repulsing of electronic shells of atoms of these balls. Especially it is fair for "field quantum". New physics asserts, that substance does not exist at all in the nature and that we imply it, actually is combination of four kinds of fields, any of which one represents the substance, spread in space, without "of carriers of a field" as any particles, therefore speed of its propagation does not limit by speed of light.

If under a field to understand such spread substance, which is absent mass and electric charge, a particle will be a certain vortex of this field, qualitatively its other form, in which one appears gravitational and electric charge localized as "particle".


11.2.1. Speed of gravitation


The relativity theory asserts that the running speed of any objects including fields can not exceed speed of light. The P.S. Laplace in 1787 has shown, that for explanation of a reason of century acceleration of moon it is necessary to suppose, what rate of propagation of a gravitation not less than in 5×107 times are surpassed speed of light. New physics updates the statement of a relativity theory in the respect that the objects not having mass are exception (gravitational, electrostatic, magnetic and a gravidynamic fields) and can be displaced with indefinitely  high speed. Let's demonstrate it on an example of a gravitational field.

Let's presume, that the gravitational field is diffused with speed of light, but carriers of this field (massive bodies) moves with smaller speed. This situation is shown on a figure, where the Earth is conditionally shown by a green circle. From a figure it is well visible, that «ahead» of the Earth all bodies are in a field with under gravity potential, and «behind» - with heightened.

Ahead of a driving body the gravitational field is slightly oblate in matching with by inverse direction. It is shown a position of conditional front of a field in miscellaneous instants. Let's measure acceleration of gravity on a surface of the Earth. Apparently, that while the field is diffused from new instantaneous center of a gravitation up to a surface of the Earth to spacing interval R:

R=C×t                                                                             (

the center of gravity of the Earth will be moved in a current of traffic of the Earth on spacing interval  R:

R=V×t                                                                           (,

where V - orbital velocity of the Earth. From ( and ( let's discover:




By substituting particular values of constants in ( let's discover, that R = 638 m.

The acceleration of gravity g expresses by the formula:


where: G - gravitational constant, M - mass of the Earth, R - its radius. If we shall measure acceleration of gravity within day, in the moment, when we shall be on a line of motion of the Earth «ahead» of it, we shall receive smaller value of acceleration of gravity, since in this case we closer to center of a gravitation. When the Earth will be turned half-turn, from the same reasons we shall receive the bigger value of acceleration of gravity.

By making the applicable calculations, we shall discover that the acceleration of gravity within day should vary on 0.392 cm/sec2. Between that the measurements with much more accuracy (about 10-8 g) do not demonstrate variations of acceleration of gravity that contradicts both Einstein's relativity theories. If the gravitational field is diffused instantaneously, as the Newton supposed, the form it will be always centrally symmetric concerning the carrier of a field and does not depend on speed of a source of a field.

The weighing of the man of weight 70 kgs on sunrise and on sunset will show a difference in 27 g (force). The so sensing change of weight of bodies within day will call catastrophic movement of air and water masses of the Earth in the side of orbital motion. If to take into account, that the solar system as a whole is gone in a Galaxy with speed of 250 kms/sec, the year variations of weight of bodies on the Earth will be approximately in 10 times more. Apparently, that anything similar is not actually watched. On the basis of these calculations it is possible to draw a conclusion, that the speed of a gravitation not less than in 106 times is exceeded speed of light. Thus, both relativity theories appear error.

Comments of the author to chapter 11.2.1.

1. Whether the fabrication of the Einstein about distorted space is necessary to us?

The Einstein in the general theory of relativity has exchanged a law of universal gravitation of Newton by distorting of space under influencing of massive bodies. It is artful juggle and is necessary to be disassembled, in what here business. The distorting of space should with extreme accuracy feign a universal gravitation. Any differences are not allowed, differently precise calculation of trajectories of spacecrafts will become impossible. For what the general theory of relativity is necessary in this case, if it results to exact to the same outcomes, as well as law of universal gravitation? The answer is obvious: the Einstein has entered new essence, which one anything new does not give, therefore should be cut off by a razor Okkama. In any way I can not understand, what can be distorted in vacuum in which one anything no. All arguments of this chapter to the full concern and to rate of propagation «distortings of space», which one not less, than a million times should exceed speed of light.


11.2.2 Possible mechanism of fields operating


The mechanism of fields operating to modern science is unknown. The Newton in one's time has not offered any mechanism of gravitation operating. The Einstein attempted to explain a gravitation by a bending of space - time, but the general relativity theory does not maintain critics, introduced in this book. Indirectly confirms an inaccuracy of a general relativity theory unsuccessful attempt of the Einstein to elaborate something similar for an electrostatic field, as the apparent family tie gravitational and electrostatic field is represented. The modern physics explains the mechanism of fields operating by exchange of virtual particles - quanta of the applicable field (how many particles, it is so much also fields) not having representation, as it takes place, i.e. nothing explains. Thus, for today nobody knows, why the gravitational and unlike electric charges are attracted, and like are repulsed. Despite of considerable efforts to aggregate all fundamental interplays in the unified theory, most likely, it will be not possible to construct communism among them, where all common, means nobody's.

I shall remind the basic representations of new physics about fields.

1. It is the substance, spread in space which is not having mass and energy, does not contain any particles, therefore is diffused with indefinitely by a high speed.

2. The field absolutely hardly also can not be distorted by any factors. The apparent distorting of fields is conditioned by their combined effect on a trial charge or carrier of a field. Gravitational and electrostatic field have a spherical symmetry. At the same time principle of superposition of fields allows in the same point of space to coexist to different fields of infinite number of charges - carriers of a field.

Similarly, how the wave-corpuscle dualism of particles is represented completely not clear and contradictory, will not learn yet its true essence, and the different conceivable scripts of interplay of fields and charges continually come across irresolvable inconsistencies. I tender on court of the reader the not contradictory mechanism of fields operating, though at first sight it and seems improbable.

The like electric charges are repulsed from each other, therefore, the minimum of potential energy them is on indefinitely large spacing interval from each other, since any system aims at a minimum of potential energy. The unlike electric charges and gravitational charges are attracted to each other, therefore minimum of potential energy for them corresponds minimumly to possible spacing interval. Let's suspect, that the own electrostatic field of a charge aims to take away it in the miscellaneous parties, but because of a symmetry of a field the net force is peer to zero point. If somewhere there is a like electric charge, the operating of a proper field becomes not symmetrical, as shown in a figure






On a figure 1 – concerned electric charge, 2 - distant like electric charge, 3 – test like charge. In area A the distant charge 2 a little loosens a field of a charge 1 (in inverse proportion to a square of spacing interval), and in area B in the same degree increases a field of a charge 1. Therefore under operating of an proper field the charge 1 will leave from a charge 2 so that the potential energy of these charges decreased. The same reasoning are fair and concerning a charge 2. Without partner on interplay (charge 2) the considered charge is not displaced anywhere, and at presence of partner the potential energy of their interplay is transformed in kinetic.

 Let's consider interplay of unlike electric charges, introduced on a figure

Now trial charge demonstrates, that the field was heightened (in inverse proportion to a square of spacing interval up to a charge 1) in area A, slightly loosened in area B. Therefore under operating of an proper field the charge 1 will come nearer to a charge 2 so that the potential energy of these charges has decreased. The same reasoning are fair and concerning a charge 2.

The gravitational interaction to the similarly reviewed electrostatic interplay with that only by difference, that a gravitational field of mass aims from the miscellaneous parties to tighten a gravitational charge 1, but because of a symmetry of a field the net force is peer to zero point. If somewhere there is one more mass 2, the operating of an proper field becomes not symmetrical, as shown in a figure



In outcome the own gravitational field of mass 1 in area B acts stronger on gravitational charge and displaces it to the side of a charge 2 for provision of a minimum of potential energy of charges 1 and 2.

For a magnetic field the principle of interplay with carriers of a field is opposite to an electrostatic field and is similar to a gravitational field. The magnetic field presses on the carrier of a field and aims to pop it in the side of a more weak field that it to boost, if it becomes not symmetrical. Magnetic and a gravidynamic field have center of symmetry but not are spheric uncambered. In section along traffic route of the carrier of a field the form of a field represents a figure formed by rotation of a circumference around of tangent, conterminous with a motion trajectory, as shown in a top of a figure therefore other carriers of a field basically act in a direction, perpendicular motion.

Let's consider the mechanism of originating of force of the Lorentz at motion of electric charge in a magnetic field figured on this figure. The external magnetic field H is shown black arrows, the positive electric charge is indicated by red colour, and negative - cyan. The current of traffic of charges is shown in center of a charge a tail unit of an arrow (from us) or spearhead of an arrow (to us), the direction of an own magnetic field is shown in a circumference around of the applicable charge. The force direction of the Lorentz is shown green arrows.

To the left of a charge № 1 proper field is reinforced by an external field, and on the right external field H loosens operating an proper field on a charge, therefore own magnetic field moves a charge to the right on a figure. For a charge № 2 outcomes of interplay with an external field is similar. To the left of a charge № 3 external fields loosen, and on the right - boosts operating an own magnetic field on a charge, therefore it is gone to the left. At opposite motion of a charge № 4 on similar reasons it should move to the right under operating of force of the Lorentz.

Now we shall consider, that the external field H is switched off. Then it is possible to consider interplay of own magnetic fields of driving charges or conductors with a current of positive or negative electric charges. From a figure it is clear, that the driving charges (or conductors) № 1 and № 2 will be attracted because of mutual field reduction between them, the charges № 1 (or № 2) and № 3 will be repulsed because of strengthening of a field between them, the charges № 1 and № 4 are attracted because of mutual field reduction between them, and the charges № 3 and № 4 are repulsed from each other. Therefore conductors with one direction of a current of like electric charges are attracted, and with an opposite direction are repulsed from each other. For a current of unlike electric charges the outcome is opposite.



It is possible to take advantage by a figure for the analysis of the mechanism of operating of a gravidynamic field. For this purpose it is necessary to take into account, that the behavior of carriers of a gravidynamic field is opposite to behavior of carriers of a gravitational field and similarly to behavior of electrostatic charges, i.e. own the gravidynamic field attempts to displace the carrier in a direction of more strong field. Let's consider, that the antimatter positively is charged electrically (for example, the positron) and corresponds to particles № 1 and № 2, and the matter bears negative electric charge (for example, the electron) and corresponds to particles № 3 and № 4. As the gravidynamic interplay brightly is exhibited for components of elementary particles, we shall reason on their example. The unidirectional motion of particles of a matter or antimatter results in them to gravidynamic repulsing from each other because of field reduction between them. For this reason it is impossible very close to arrange, for example, nucleones. The orthodoxes link this fact with «by a repulsing core» of nucleones. In elementary particles the components commit orbital motion therefore close arranged on orbit components homomatter move is unidirectional and can not be pulled together, and the diametrically arranged components homomatter move counter and if they the quoters of a matter or antimatter, between them there is such attraction, to which one is not present equal in the nature (potentially by more strong there can be only generalpurpose repulsing), for example, electron (two neutrinos) or positron (two antineutrinos). Therefore such particles have a rest-mass, since the components are in a deep potential well formed by gravidynamic  attraction and generalpurpose repulsing. If the components of a particle introduce heteromatter, for example, photon, consisting neutrino and antineutrino, the gravidynamic repulsing their does not give them a capability to form a particle with a rest-mass. In this case integrity of a photon provides an electrostatic attraction of unlike charged components and magnetic attraction of counter currents of unlike charges, which one, in conditions of motion of components with speed of light, on force is equal to an electrostatic attraction.



In connection with that the gravidynamic interplay is similar to behavior of electric charges, and the magnetic interplay is similar gravitational, it is possible to suspect, that the gravitational charges the same as electrical have two miscellaneous signs, and as against last the like charges are attracted, and unlike are repulsed. Let's take into account also that the gravitational field aims to tighten a gravitational charge, that results in moving it in the side of a more weak field, as was indicated above. Our world on mass on 2/3 consists of an antimatter and is an anti-world (see chapter 11.3), therefore matter in our world should follow to the law of world-wide repulsing, instead of world-wide attraction, as an antimatter. It can be tested by overseeing by an antineutron (it is a matter). In space by interesting object for analysis of gravitational repulsing of a matter and the antimatter are jet emissions of electrons (jets) from many space objects. The electrons (matter) are repulsed at a gravitational interaction from a mother space body (antimatter) and should move with positive acceleration, instead of with deboosting, that would be watched at a gravitational attraction. Thus, the antigravitation appears for us under a nose, as on 1/3 mass our world not only antimatter, but also matter.

To illustrate a gravitational interaction of a matter and antimatter we shall take advantage of figures and

On a figure the gravitational interaction of two like gravitational charges of an antimatter component on 2/3 basis of our world is shown. If to take into account, that the proper field aims to tighten a gravitational charge, it will move to the side of a proper field, seared by distant mass, because of dominance of a strength of the influence of a field in area B in matching with area A, i.e. the like masses are attracted. On a figure the gravitational interaction of two unlike gravitational charges is shown, where a matter and its operating are shown cyan colour. The same reasoning result in a conclusion about repulsing of a matter and antimatter.

To not be confused in every possible cases of operating of fields, on a figure operating an proper field on the carrier of a field and current of traffic of the carrier is shown in case of attenuation of a field on the one hand. 1 - gravitational field, 2 - a gravidynamic field, 3 - electrostatic field, 4 - magnetic field.



Thus, all probable cases of operating of different fields receive simple and logical explanation.

The figures and confirm a hypothesis that the electrostatic field aims to extend electric charge and to tighten gravitational. Preclude with this force of gravidynamic attraction and generalpurpose repulsing, which one on a microlevel on many orders are stronger than any other forces in the nature.

On a figure the electrically charged hollow orb, and on a figure - massive hollow orb not having of electric charge are figured.


11.2.4. Commonality and differences of magnetic and gravidynamic field


The commonality of these fields is consist, that they arise at motion of electrical or gravitational charge. But any of these charges in essence is not in a state of rest, and is gone together with the Earth, Sun, Galaxy.

1. Magnetic field. There is a problem: whether the «fixed» electric charge has a magnetic field and if has, why we discover it not by our devices? The answer is very simple and is grounded on numerous experiments with a magnetic field. That it is necessary sensor of the detector to find out, to displace it concerning a magnetic field. If the movement misses, by any way to find out a magnetic field it is impossible. At the same time the actual magnetic field around of «fixed» electric charge can be of large value. If the absolute speed of motion of a charge in space comes nearer to speed of light, the magnetic density of this charge is compared to field intensity of the  electric charge. On a figure the evidences of these statements are shown.



The bogie 1 is gone with speed V. On it rest electric charge 2 and sensor of a magnetic field 3. The same sensor of a magnetic field 4 is arranged fixed outside of a bogie. Apparently, that at motion of a bogie the sensor 3 does not fixes presence of a magnetic field, and the sensor 4 will show originating a magnetic field at convective carry of electric charge. Apparently also, that owing to a principle of superposition of fields of magnetic fields of positive charges of matter are not indemnified by magnetic fields of negative charges and exist separately from each other. However at attempts to meter a magnetic field of a driving chunk of metal we shall make the error concluding, that the common magnetic field positive and negative charges is equal to zero point as a result of full compensation. Thus, we live in space by saturated magnetic fields, but not we feel it. Similarly we not feel, for example, our violent motion in space.

2. Gravidynamic field. Here it is possible to repeat a problem: whether the «fixed» gravitational charge (some mass) has a gravidynamic field and if has, how it to find out? The answer to this problem essentially differs from the answer concerning a magnetic field. At the analysis it is necessary to mean a feature of a gravidynamic field included, that at nearing speed of a gravitational charge to speed of light the field intensity not only reaches tension of a gravitational field of mass, but also on many orders exceeds it and in this case is called as a strong interaction (in nuclear physics). Even taking into account of speed of our Galaxy of the order of 600 kms/sec, which one is even far from speed of light a gravidynamic field of the Earth and all bodies, which one on it are insignificant. But at the same time in the chapters dedicated fundamental particles is shown, that at counter motion of a matter or antimatter they are attracted, and at parallel - are repulsed. Therefore, the fixed subjects on the Earth should be repulsed from each other, since are displaced in space by a parallel course. In this connection I address attention of the reader to work of the Hungarian scientists (D. Sarkadi, L. Bodonyi. A Gravity Experiment Between Commensurable Masses. Journal of Theoretics, vol. 3-6). These scientists have found out a minimum of a gravitation between commensurable masses. Up to them the experiments were conducted with a massive body to which one approximated a small body, since the equipment did not allow to use a pair of massive bodies. From the orthodox point of view the outcomes of these experiments contradict official views, but from the point of view of new physics they confirm existence of a gravidynamic field and the repulsing homomatter at parallel motion which one for comparable masses will be, naturally, it is stronger.


11.2.5. Mass equivalent of electrostatic and gravidynamic interplay


In physics widely use a mechanical equivalent of a heat with the help which one easily to enumerate work in an equivalent quantity of heat or on the contrary. Here we shall discover a mass equivalent of electrostatic and gravidynamic interplay. Using it, it is easy to enumerate any electrostatic interplay in equivalent interplay of some weights, which one results identical outcome. The similar equivalent will be obtained and for of gravidynamic interplay. The difference is, that the fixed gravitational charge a gravidynamic field will not originates, and moving with speed of light creates a gravidynamic field of maximum tension. Therefore mass equivalent of gravidynamic interplay will change from zero point up maximum rating, which one we shall discover.

Mass equivalent of electrostatic interplay.

The law of universal gravitation which was written to to a system CGS for two identical weights m looks so:


where r - spacing interval between gravitational charges.

The law of the Coulomb who was written to to a system CGSE for two elementary charges e looks similarly:


Equating ( and (, we shall discover:


whence mass equivalent of electrostatic interplay will be:


Substituting in ( world constants, we shall receive numerical value of an electrostatic mass equivalent:

m = 4.80294×10-10/2.5831×10-4 = 1.859×10-6 g               (

It is easy to define dimension of unit of a charge in a system CGSE, from (

Mass equivalent of gravidynamic interplay.

As we do not know relation of tension of a gravidynamic field from a running speed of a gravitational charge besides that it is not linear, we shall consider screw motion of a mobile electron with radius of a screw trajectory to equal radius of orbit of the Bohr. The components of an electron move with speed of light, therefore create the greatest possible tension of a gravidynamic field, which one and determines screw motion of an electron. Let's presume now, that together with an electron on an axis of its screw trajectory some dummy mass is moves, the charge for an electron is not present, is not present of gravidynamic self-effect, and there is only gravitational interaction between electronic mass and dummy mass. The described model is completely similar to an epicyclic system, which one was formed as a result of electron-capture by dummy mass, therefore here it is possible to use the theory of capture of space bodies set up in chapter 21. Let's take advantage of equations (21.4) and (21.5) this chapter and we shall play back them here.

Radius of steady orbit of an entrapped body r0:


where: =Vr - product of an orbital velocity on radius of orbit, G - gravitational constant, M - dummy mass (mass equivalent of gravidynamic interplay).

Bond energy of the formed epicyclic system in a stable state W0:


where me - electronic mass.

From ( we shall discover dummy mass M, all constants are known for us: radius of orbit of the Bohr 5.29173×10-9 cm,  for an electron 1.1576765 cm2/sec (chapter 5.1), G = 6.6726×10-8 dynes×cm2/g2. By substituting these values in (, we shall discover a mass equivalent of gravidynamic interplay M:

M = 3.796×1015 g                                                                       (

Such huge value of mass gravidynamic equivalent (almost 4 billion of tons) confirms, that to gravidynamic interplay is not present equal in the nature. Ratio M/me = 3.796×1015/9.1086×10-28 = 0.417×1043, that corresponds to the data of chapter 11.1. Thus, the gravidynamic interplay in 1043 times is stronger gravitational at motion with speed of light.

If all data, which one we have used in a task to substitute in (, we shall receive bond energy in accuracy equal ionization energy of  Hydrogenium atom 13.6 eV, as it was necessary to expect from equivalence to a gravitation and gravidynamic.

If we attempt to exchange a positive proton in atom of Hydrogenium of some dummy mass, we shall receive its value applicable (, instead of (, that seems to strange. The exact explanation of an arising paradox of mismatch gravidynamic and electrostatic mass equivalent for atom of Hydrogenium is, that the product Vr = is determined only by gravidynamic (for an electron, as shown earlier, Vr = 1.1576 cm2/sec), and particular radius of steady orbit is determined also by attractive force (Coulomb or gravitational), operational on a body. As a mechanical moment of an electron and positive proton identical, and mass of a positive proton in 2000 times exceeds electronic mass, Vr for a positive proton in as much time it is less. But the sizes of a positive proton are comparable dimensioned of electron. Therefore it is possible to make a preliminary conclusion, that Vr of bodies in inverse proportion to their density.

The obtained conclusion is confirmed by a construction of a solar System. The steady orbital motion of a space body will be realised only in the event that its orbital velocity is determined from equalling of attractive force to a central body of mass M and centrifugal effort:


Let's multiply both parts ( on radius:


In chapter 20 is shown, that the radiuses of orbits of planets earth and jupiter of group are in definite quantum condition:

r = r0×n2                                                                                (,

where n - integer, r0 - minimum radius of orbit at n = 1.

Let's substitute ( in ( and is divided both parts on n:


The formula ( allows to compare «standard» values Vr of planets to their mean density, that is shown in table The data are taken from: E.N. Sluta etc. Comparative planetology, М., 1995, page 78-79.





Quantum condition

Mean orbital velocity V, сm/sec

Mean spacing interval from the Sun r, сm





Density, g/сm3

































































Mean density of terrestrial planets 5.036 g/сm3, average /n 0.92×1019 сm2/sec.

Mean density of jupiter planets 1.392 g/сm3, average /n 4.82×1019 сm2/sec.

Thus, at reduction density of bodies in 3.62 times the «standard» value /n is augmented in 5.24 times, therefore for an electron, for which one mean density of the order 1010 g/сm3 Vr is equal 1.1576 сm2/sec.

Commenting of the author to chapter 11.2.5: 1. The mass equivalent allows easily to decide problems of a microcosmos, which one too tough to orthodoxes.

Potential well of an electron. In chapter 21 the formula for counting radius r0 of a minimum of a potential well of an entrapped body by a central body of mass of M is given:

 (1), where =Vr, G - gravitational constant. Now we shall discover classic radius of an electron, using a mass equivalent of gravidynamic interplay, equal 3,796× 1015 g, which one we shall substitute in (1) instead of M (chapter 11.2.5). Let's take into account also, that a neutrino in an electron moves with speed of light C, therefore for this case  =Cr0. Then the formula (1) takes kind:  (2). By substituting in (2) numerical values, we shall discover, what radius of a minimum of a potential well of gravidynamic interplay a neutrino in an electron (radius of an electron) is peer to its classic radius 2,817× 10-13 cm. Thus, usage of a mass equivalent allows better to understand the organization of a microcosmos.


11.2.6. Energy creates particles, the particles creates fields, and the fields creates interplay


Interconversion of mass and energy pursuant to the formula:

E = mc2                                                                                (1)

is the fundamental law of the nature and alone way of creation of a material world. From (1) particle mass is peer:

m = E/c2                                                                               (2).

For example, if the electron of atom of Hydrogenium at once passes from orbit Lyman in a ground state, the exuded energy 13.6 eV is transformed into a photon, mass which one:

m = h/c2                                                                              (3).

It is the most widespread way of creation of particles from energy. At occluding a photon it, as the particle, fades and is transformed into energy. Naturally, that for creation of heavier particles the large energy is indispensable pursuant to (2).

Together with occurrence of a particle there are also four kinds of a field: gravitational (carrier which one is mass), electrostatic (carrier - electric charges of a particle). Here at once it is necessary to mark, that neutral particles does not exist. That we consider as a neutral particle really is structure with equal number of positive and negative electric charges (photon, neutron, neutral meson etc.). The creation of magnetic and gravidynamic field is a consequent of orbital motion of components of a particle with speed of light. Here I address attention of the reader to an appreciable error of official physics, which one considers, that at spacing interval from a particle to equal zero point the electrical field, for example, obtains infinite tensity, i.e. here there is «singularity». In the theory of fundamental particles of new physics is shown, that all they inside empty, i.e. inside particles a fields absent, as they absent inside a charged orb. Therefore any «singularity» does not exist. Thus, any field is inseparable from the material carrier of this field and interacts only with it. The carriers of other kinds of fields also can interact only with an one-type field and do not react at all to fields of other type. Any field represents of the special kind the substance, spread in space, with density, inversely proportional to a square of spacing interval from the carrier of a field. As the fields do not consist of particles, they have not mass and energy, therefore are diffused with indefinitely high speed. Besides in the given point of space can simultaneous exist infinite number of fields one or miscellaneous types, not hindering at all each other. It is the basis of a superposition of fields. To this it is necessary to add, that any field can not be distorted somehow. That you is observed, as the field distortion is a consequent of independent influencing of two or several fields. Similarly, we can not assert, looking on a parabolic trajectory of the thrown rock, that the gravitational field of the Earth was somehow distorted. So-called «electromagnetic field», which one the orthodoxes recalls at any friend case, from the point of view of new physics at all can not be called as a field and at its best represents a flow of photons if not to use imaginations about virtual particles. It is necessary to answer last problem: how the fields creates interplay? The answer to this problem was given in chapter 11.2.2 here again there is a sense it shortly to repeat on an example electrostatic and gravitational field. The very simple mechanism of originating of interplays is consist, that the proper field influences only the carrier of the given field, augmenting or reducing near to its density of a field. All kinds of interplays become clear if to presume, that the electrostatic field aims to take away the carrier of this field in the miscellaneous sides, and the gravitational field aims far and wide to tighten the applicable carrier of a field. Because of symmetrical operating the charges are not displaced anywhere, but if on the one hand density of a field will appear less or more, than with another, the carrier of a field starts to move to this or that side in full conformity with a law of universal gravitation or Coulomb's law. Here it is necessary to point out, that any field is direct on anything does not act, and influences only changing density of a field near to its carrier.

Any kinds of energy ultimately are transformed into photons. Let's consider this statement on an example micro- and macroworld.

In a microcosmos the gravitational interaction can be neglected, therefore we shall take into account electrostatic interplay of an electron with a nucleus of atom. If for any reasons the potential energy of this interplay has decreased on some value, the atom beams a photon with energy applicable this value. Herewith no object, as the electron or atom as a whole is particularly arranged.

In a macroworld the gravitational interaction is essential. If the thing will fall on a floor, its potential energy will turn at the end to heat. It means, that in heat radiation of this thing appears plus photons common energy which one in accuracy will is peer to potential energy of interplay of a thing with the Earth before dip. The different not taken into account energy losses in this process (air friction, deformation) also are transformed into photons through heat radiation.


11.3. Whether the antigravitation is possible?


All set up in the previous chapter is logical with one exception. The symmetry of a world would be satisfied, if the gravitational charges too had two opposite signs. Thus the like gravitational charges are attracted pursuant to the set up principles, and unlike will be repulsed. That concerns also carriers of a gravidynamic field. For the answer on put in caption of the chapter the problem is necessary more carefully to analyze a matter and antimatter. We have shown that our world consists of equal number negatively charged neutrino (matter) and positively charged antineutrino (antimatter). In outcome in the Universe the electric charges indemnify each other. But equal quantity does not mean equal mass. Mass of our world basically is determined by protons and neutrons, which one also contain in the structure a proton. Mass of all remaining particles can be neglected. The exception is made with photons consisting from equal on mass a neutrino and an antineutrino; therefore they can be not esteemed.

Each proton contains 4 antineutrinos and 2 neutrinos, therefore our world on 2/3 is an anti-world on mass, on its antipode it is fall only 1/3 all mass. Some features of a constitution and the behaviors of elementary particles described in this book, indicate that the gravidynamic interplay strongly links a matter to a matter (electron) and antimatter with antimatter (positron) and does not link almost matter to antimatter (photon). It speaks that, at least, for carriers of a gravidynamic field the difference between a matter and antimatter consists not only in opposite electric charges, but also in opposite gravitational charges. The scientists have established that the thermal neutron is gone in a gravitational field of the Earth in full conformity with the law of world-wide attraction. If to manage the same experiment to put with an antineutron or atom of antihydrogen, with a large confidence it is possible to assert, that these particles will follow to the law of world-wide repulsing. It would be possible for such experiment to use an antiproton and even an electron, but it is impossible to be saved of external electrostatic fields practically, and they act on 36 orders stronger than gravitation or antigravitation. Whether it is possible on the basis of set up to assert, what the antigravitation exists? It is very possible, what yes, exists, but it cannot in the visible future practically be used for macrobodies.

It is possible, that the Nature will use an antigravitation for creation of ultrarays with large energy. The jets of relativistic electrons as sprays from many space objects are tracked on huge spacing intervals, that indirectly confirms repulsing a matter (electrons) from an antimatter (mother object).


11.4. On stability of gravidynamic systems


It is necessary to distinguish dynamic stability ("elementary" particles, atoms, space systems) and static stability (nuclei of atoms, solids).



Let's consider a gravidynamic system, introduced on a figure 11.4.1.

 Indispensable by attributes of such system is: а). Proper rotation of bodies 1 and 2 in the side of their orbital motion. b). Presence angle of inclination a between rotation axis of a body and perpendicular to orbital plane.

Idiosyncrasy of a gravidynamic system is the brightly expressed anisotropy of strength in miscellaneous directions. Really, earlier we were convinced what to shatter this system compressing or expanding in a radial direction in orbital plane it is impossible because of a deep potential well, in which one there are bodies 1 and 2. In a tangential direction the system also possesses stability that is visible from following reasons. To similarly driving electric charge, the induction of a gravidynamic field of a gravitational charge will be:


where: r - spacing interval from a body 1 up to a body 2, V - orbital velocity. It is uneasy to show, that at approach of bodies 1 and 2 on orbit, the formula is fair:

       r=2Rsin(V,r)                                             (11.4.2),

where: R - radius of orbit. By substituting (11.4.2) in (11.4.1), we shall discover:


whence it is visible, that the gravidynamic system is steady concerning approach of bodies 1 and 2 along orbit, since it should result in to decreasing of radius of orbit at the expense of increase of gravidynamic analog of force of the Lorentz, but it prohibits an energy conservation law, therefore approach of bodies on orbit also is impossible, as well as their dispersion in orbital plane. At the same time, at presence near to the third body driving outside of considered orbit, small distorting of motion 1 or 2 bodies can result that sin(V,r) accepts zero value and the gravidynamic interplay of these bodies will vanish. The closer on orbit 1 and 2 bodies are arranged to each other, the smaller disturbance can result in destruction of a system. Therefore is complex the arranged elementary particles have a small life time. The third body moved in a counter direction to a body 1 or 2 not only can distort a trajectory, but also in general to intercept body 1 or 2 with destruction of an old system and formation new, that is well visible on an example of a -meson (see of fig. 9.2.2).

By consideration of the schemes of "elementary" particles the following circumstance rushes in eyes. All particles with composite orbits (having large and small orbits) are unstable, and with simple orbit - are stable. Comparing a constitution of "elementary" particles with their life time, we can see that the above-stated reasoning is fair.

Except for of gravidynamic analog of force of the Lorentz who is operational on each body, driving in a field another, on each body prolongs to act and force of the Lorentz (its gravidynamic analog), directional perpendicularly its rotation axes, which one urged it in a free condition to move on a screw line. Though last is minute in matching with first, nevertheless, it urges orbit to be turned counter-clockwise around of an axis С-С (fig.11.4.1), that results in precession of an axis of orbit around of an axis В-В and, accordingly, to precession of rotation axes of bodies around of perpendiculars to orbital plane. These precessional movements promote periodic originating of a favorable geometrical situation for possible destruction of a system. The slope of a own rotating axis of particles to an axis of orbit determines beforehand that fact, that at destruction of a gravidynamic system consisting of two particles at their dispersion in the counter sides lengthwise axis А-А (fig.11.4.1) one of them will move on a right-screw line, and another on left-screw line. Such decay we can watch for a photon, neutron, -mesons and other particles. Thus it is necessary to note, that the stability of a gravidynamic system in a direction of an axis А-А is significant less, than in a radial direction in orbital plane, in spite of the fact that the well depth, apparently, is identical. It is conditioned by that the gravidynamic field the same as also magnetic has a mirror symmetry concerning a current of traffic and along a trajectory the induction of a gravidynamic field is peer to zero point. Therefore potential well in a direction of radius of orbit is rather wide and considerably exceeds the sizes of particle components gravidynamic system, but in a perpendicular direction, at the same depth of a pit, width it considerably less and is comparable to the size of a particle.

Dynamically stable systems of particles differ from statically steady on arrangement of energy levels at impart to the system of exuberant energy. In dynamically stable systems there is a capability to transfer in an exited state of a separate member of a system for what to rather small energy; therefore energy levels are inspissated closer to a ground state of a system (atoms, planetary systems). In statically stable systems the excitation of a separate member is reallocated between remaining members of a system, therefore to transfer in an exited state it is possible only all system bodily. The considerable energy is indispensable for this purpose; therefore energy levels are inspissated in process moving off from a ground state (nuclei of atoms, solids).


11.5. Bremsstrahlung and magnito-bremsstrahlung


Official physics considers, that the driving electric charge beams electromagnetic waves, both at positive, and at negative acceleration. The writer insists that the Bremsstrahlung is possible only, i.e. at negative acceleration of electric charge. Let's consider the elementary case, when the electric charge moved accelerated in an electrical field between points with a potential difference U. Apparently, that thus it will receive energy:

E = eU                                                                         (11.5.1).

The experiment confirms, that the energy of this charged particle is truely determined by the formula (11.5.1). But on presentation of official physics the considered particle at accelerated motion should beam energy as electromagnetic waves and its final energy on a considered section will be:

E = eU – Erad                                                                    (11.5.2),

Where Erad - energy lost on radiation. Thus, the notions of officious in this problem contradict experiment.

It is known, that in linacs of particles of electromagnetic radiation it is few (Physics of a microcosmos, М., 1980, page 442). The minor radiation is connected not with accelerated moving particle, and with oscillations it on motion trajectory, which it is impossible to eliminate one completely.

As any particle is gone on a screw line, a step of this screw line or circuit of cross section it will be peer to a wavelength de Broglie:


In (11.5.3) wavelength  we shall express through frequency  :


but in numerator (11.5.4) there is a total energy of a particle E, presenting the sum of kinetic energy of translational and tangential motion on a screw line:

E = h                                                                      (11.5.5).



Thus, the formula (11.5.5) is fair not only for photons, but also for any microparticles not relativistic, relativistic and ultra relativistic (if at a conclusion (11.5.5) to deal with speed of light, and mass to imply, including relativistic mass). If the charged particle with initial velocity V will receive negative acceleration, it will lose energy on a Bremsstrahlung with an ionization continuum. The maximum of this radiation is on frequency:


that coincides the formula of official physics (B.M. Javorsky, A.A. Detlaf. The reference book on physics, М., 1964, page 532). The formula (11.5.6) becomes understandable of a figure 11.5.1 linear dependences of energy of a particle and frequency of the circulation on a screw line. Pursuant to an energy conservation law the maximum frequency of a Bremsstrahlung should be come on a point applicable to half of initial energy of a particle. If this value to substitute in (11.5.5) that we shall receive (11.5.6).

Now we shall consider explicitly mechanism of originating cyclotron (nonrelativistic particles) and synchrotron (relativistic particles) of radiation. The necessity for such consideration has two reasons. At first, these radiations are extremely relevant for a cosmology, since bear the unique information on processes happening in a far space. Secondly, the reasons of originating of these radiations not so are simple, as they are introduced to official science: the electric charge, moving on a circumference, has a centripetal acceleration, therefore beams electromagnetic waves. We just have shown, that at positive acceleration the electric charge does not beam. Probably, that a centripetal acceleration positive, therefore official explanations are not convincing.

By activity of so-called cyclic accelerators of particle them urge by that or different way to move on a circumference or on a spiral. Thus the intensive electromagnetic radiation is watched. The frequency of this radiation basically is connected to cyclical frequency of passing of accelerated particles with a charge q by the spectator being reverse value of cycle time of a particle:


where Н - magnetic density, m - particle mass, C - electrodynamic constant, equal speed of light for a CGS system.

One reason of radiation is obvious: the particles do not move strictly on the trajectory, assigned by it, and oscillate about an equilibrium orbit and these oscillations not harmonic. They are caused by different methods of phasing and focusing of particles. Therefore we can watch a continuous spectrum of radiation, ruled spectrum and obertone, aliquot base frequency of radiation. All these kinds of radiation are connected to dipole radiation of accelerated particles by being harmonic oscillators with a considerable fraction nonharmonic component. It is connected that the cyclic accelerator represents huge model of atom of Hydrogenium. Similarly, how in atom of Hydrogenium on any orbit the electron commits not simple harmonic motions concerning a equilibrium orbit of the Bohr (see chapter 13.3), in a cyclic accelerator the accelerated particles also commit not simple harmonic motions concerning an equilibrium orbit, that is accompanied by radiation both ionization continuum and close set spectral lines.

The second reason is connected to negative acceleration in a direction opposite to motion of any charged particles, which one have component speed a perpendicular to magnetic field. It is a generalpurpose reason. It causes a Bremsstrahlung at motion of a particle in a magnetic field on any curvilinear trajectory. To understand reasons of originating of this radiation we are converted to a figure 11.5.2.




On a figure 11.5.2 induction of a magnetic field B is directed from us. The electron is gone on a screw trajectory in a direction V. In the lower half-coil of a trajectory on an electron the force of the Lorentz F2 accelerating its motion acts, and in the upper half-coil of a trajectory the force F1 braking an electron acts. It also causes a Bremsstrahlung. Both indicated forces have components, which one urge an electron to revert of vector V clockwise, i.e. the general trajectory of an electron in a magnetic field is curvilinear. The figure 11.5.2 demonstrates, that the space magnetic fields can not accelerate particles. Besides in space there is nobody to phase and to focalize a particles flux, as it is made in accelerators. Therefore space radiation is furbished of secondary electromagnetic radiations.

At motion of a nonrelativistic particle the radiation is directed perpendicularly orbital planes. At motion of a relativistic particle without dependence, how it is directed at not relativistic velocities, the radiation is concentrated as a ray in a current of traffic, backwards radiation misses. Besides as a result of Doppler effect the radiated frequency is considerably increased. The details of motion of beaming relativistic object are particularized in chapter 24.8. There is shown, that the formula for Doppler effect of a special relativity theory (SRT) is falsely and does not correspond to an energy conservation law. Therefore all formulas of official physics should not contain a term = V/C. Nevertheless, they contain this term and it very conveniently for scientific gamble, since for a relativistic velocity of motion   1 and in term of 1 -  it is easy to receive any desirable value at a slightest alteration of speed, and alteration of speed on such value cannot be tested. Besides in chapter 5.2 is shown, that any formula SRT similar formula (5.2.1) is completely unsuitable for relativistic velocities of motion.

It is easy to show, that the negative acceleration under operating of force F1, operable on a charged particle of the figure 11.5.2 in accuracy is equal to a centripetal acceleration in the terms of official physics:


therefore there is no necessity for a conclusion of all available formulas depicting cyclotron and synchrotron emission. The alone remark concerns only to a term  in these formulas which have been set up above.

The electron on a trajectory of an accelerator saves screw motion, at which one the forward speed is peer to a tangential velocity, therefore speed on an orbit of a screw line makes:


Сonstituent of force F1 resulting in to braking of a particle:


On the other hand, F1 is force of the Lorentz:


and the force F0 causes pursuant to the second Newton's law negative acceleration:


By substituting in (11.5.12) expressions (11.5.9), (11.5.10) and (11.5.11), we shall discover:


If in (11.5.8) to substitute instead of r a radius of a circumference, on which one the charged particle in a homogeneous magnetic field with tension H is gone, we shall receive (11.5.13). This example once again demonstrates, that in science frequently it is possible to receive the same outcomes, outgoing from opposite representations. Apparently, the Creator receives in such cases huge pleasure, watching, as each of the opponents with passionately proves the rightness.

In conclusion of this chapter some remarks concerning a Cherenkov radiation.

On notions of new physics the speed of light in matter with index of refraction n is determined by a polarization track, which one arises from a charged neutrino and antineutrino of a photon. For transparent mediums this polarization is completely convertible, i.e. at deviation of electrons of matter from an equilibrium position they have time to return to a reset state, returning a photon energy which is expended on polarization. Environment having free or is loosely bound electrons strongly occludes photons because of irreversible polarization. Thus, environment itself determines a running speed in it of photons. If in environment the charged particle with speed superior speed of photons this environment will move, it guarantees, that the polarization caused by a charged particle, certainly becomes irreversible - electrons have no time to return the obtained energy and it appear in an exited state, since the particle «has escaped» from them. Alone path to be saved of this exited state independently to return to equilibrium state. This process is accompanied by radiation as cone, on top which one there is a charged particle, moving faster photons.


11.5.1. Electromagnetic radiation


The contents of this chapter does not correspond to its title in that sense, as it is accepted by official physics. As is spoken in Russian saying: «Fedot, yes not that».

Electrical and gravitational field have an infinite expansion, do not comprise any energy and can not therefore it transmit. Differently there is a power paradox similar to a photometric paradox for the infinite Universe. Density of a field subsides in inverse proportion to a square of spacing interval from a source of a field, and the area of a spherical layer is directly proportional to a square of spacing interval from a source of a field, i.e. total of energy in each layer permanently, and as quantity of layers is indefinite, the general energy is indefinitely great, that is apparent physical nonsense. Therefore, the field does not contain energy, therefore has not mass and is diffused in vacuum with indefinitely by a high speed. Official physics is erratic asserts, that the electrostatic field is a particular case of an electromagnetic field. This aiming to change an electrostatic field electromagnetic understandably - it is less irresolvable problems, though the mixing of heterogeneous physical objects is inadmissible. Containers for energy can serve only restricted in space of formation (for example, particles). In this sense the photons are practically clean energy, since mass them is insignificant is small, but it, nevertheless, limits speed of their motion to speed of light.



The long-wave electromagnetic radiation (radio wave) also represents a flow of photons and official physics it is forced to recognize, even if there is no such desire. As is known, the theory of the Maxwell of electromagnetic radiation ignores representation about photons. On the Maxwell the electromagnetic wave represents orthogonally related transverse vibrations electrical and magnetic field, as shown in a figure




At once there is such problem: how this surge to present in space? Apparently, that the electromagnetic radiation is not diffused as cords, similar figure Otherwise space communication will become impossible, since spacing interval between «cords» where there is no radiation will become too large, as the wave amplitude is limited. Besides at interplay of electromagnetic radiation with matter physically approve oneself only electrical component, though under the theory of the Maxwell magnetic component not less intensive. The physical reasons making to allot radiation from the antenna by miscellaneous polarization planes which one consider conterminous with as a plane of vibration of a magnetic field are vague also. Even reasons of motion of an electromagnetic wave are not clear. Consider, that the variable electrical field causes a variable magnetic field, which one, in turn, excites an electrical field etc. Thus remains vague, why the electromagnetic field is diffused in the given direction, instead of in what or another. From experiments it is known, that the variable electrical field excites occurrence of a variable magnetic field and on the contrary, but all similar experiments were conducted with indispensable by participation of the intermediators as charged particles. In a blank space «clean» electrical or the magnetic field is not capable to create the opponent, that demonstrates absence of electromagnetic waves which are radiated rectilinearly driving electric charge, though in each point of space electrical and the magnetic field of this charge continuously varies. Let, despite of the pronounced oppositions, the electromagnetic wave by any wonderful image all the same is moves in space. The leading crest of a wave on the logic of the theory of the Maxwell should generate two crest till both parties of two nodes of wave with an opposite direction of vectors electrical and magnetic field. Apparently, that thus the energy of the leader should decrease twice. The new leader having twice smaller energy prolongs forward motion, and the outsider is gone in the opposite direction and already never will catch up the leader. Prolonging these reasoning, we come to a conclusion, that the energy of an electromagnetic wave should fast decrease in geometrical progression, therefore propagation of electromagnetic oscillation in space is impossible.




The wave of the Maxwell is a running transverse wave. From a figure it is visible, that in some points of space tension electrical and the magnetic fields become simultaneously zero. It is possible only in the event that space, in which one are diffused with speed of light of lateral vibrations, has large electrical and magnetic «resiliency» i.e. it not a blank space, and electromagnetic ather. Otherwise periodic disappearance electrical and magnetic field and again their birth from nothing contradicts an energy conservation law. To criticize the theory of ather it is senseless, since how many supporters of existence of an ather, are so much also miscellaneous athers.

Notions of new physics concerning «electromagnetic waves» length exceeds which one 0.1 mms are reduced to following. At braking electric charges in the antenna the stored energy as an antineutrino is beamed at positive halfcycle and neutrino at negative halfcycle, which one have some impulse. As a whole, for one oscillation period in the antenna in space the pair is beamed: the neutrino - antineutrino for which one a direction of an electrical field is opposite. In diagram form it is shown for the vertical antenna with length to an equal half to length of a radiated wave on a figure side-view and figure a plan view.

On a figure 1 - antenna, 2 - surface of ground, 3 - line of a zero direction of an electrical field, 4 – graph of a direction of an electrical field in a neutrino (-) and antineutrino (+).

On a figure and the similar picture for horizontal disposition of the antenna of the transmitter is figured.

The vector of an electrical field in a neutrino is side-by-side to antenna and ground.

Thus, «electromagnetic radiation» is a Bremsstrahlung, to perpendicular oscillations of electric charges in the antenna and represents following one after another with speed of light neutrino and antineutrino a condition of an electrical field with an opposite direction of this field. It is necessary apart lay emphasis, that inside neutrino and antineutrino of areas of a field nothing oscillates, the value of an electrical field from zero point up to its amplitude value and again up to zero point varies only. The rate of propagation neutrino of radiation is peer to rate of propagation of an electrical field in antenna. As in free space the electrical field is diffused with indefinitely by a high speed, in metal its rate of propagation is less:


where: - infinite speed in free space, - indefinitely large value of inductivity of metal of the antenna. The ratio of these infinite values gives, in this case, speed of light.



As it is visible from a figure neutrino radiation very similar on radiation of sound waves in air, where the areas increased pressure are interleaved with areas of underpressure of air. Therefore «electromagnetic radiation» represents propagation not cross-sectional, and longitudinal waves. They are introduced us cross-sectional that at interception of the antenna of the receiver in it there are periodic oscillations with an opposite direction of a field for one oscillation period. The supporters of shear waves argue for the stand by the fact of polarization of these waves. However, it is possible to result two counter-evidences. The direction of an electrical field in neutrino radiation coincides with direction field in the antenna, it can be «vertical», «horizontal» and with any arbitrary angle to a horizontal. Besides allowing, that in neutrino areas of radiation nothing oscillates, and neutrino practically have not weight, i.e. by inertia, turn of a polarization plane (conterminous with a plane of an electrical field in a neutrino) to execute very easily by different paths. In remaining, the neutrino wave by nothing differs on properties from other waves (diffraction, interference, reflection, interception etc.). The sound wave is not polarized for the reason that the air pressure is a scalar value, the electrical surge is polarized because the electric field strength is a vector quantity. It is shown on a figure as cross section of a radio wave.

The neutrino (one halfcycle of a wave), for example, for radio station by power 1000 watt, beaming waves of length 1 km is interesting to count up weight and energy one. For one second the wave will pass spacing interval, numerically equal speeds of light 3×108 m. On this spacing interval will lie 6×105 neutrinos. Thus, on one the neutrino is necessary energy 1.7×10-3 joules or 1.7×104 ergs. Weight a neutrino for this example 1.9×10-17 g. Here, as well as in a microcosmos, the neutrino, having minor weight is capable to transport large energy.

In conclusion of this chapter is necessary to mark an interesting feature in properties the neutrino. Having huge energy, neutrino are easily determined experimentally, on the average range of energies the neutrino practically is impossible to find out because of a unique penetrating power, at energy a neutrino applicable to radio waves they become so large and have such large amplitude, that the electrons in the antenna have time to follow change of an electrical field flying by a neutrinos. Though the form of a photon and motion it for radio waves sharply has changed, but the entity remained former.

Comments of the author to chapter 11.5.1: 1. The ultrarays contradict notions of the Maxwell about «electromagnetic radiation».

In the basis of the theory of electromagnetic radiation the notion lies that the variable electrical field causes in ambient space a variable magnetic field, and that, in turn, causes originating a variable electrical field. On these notions positive protons of ultrarays moved in space with huge speed owe in each point near to the trajectory cause fast changes of an electrical field, as they have electric charge and fast changes of a magnetic field, as these electric charges move. However, electromagnetic radiation thus does not find out. Nay, the electrons in ultrarays have the same electric charge, as well as the positive protons and at an identical running speed create precisely same magnetic field, therefore «electromagnetic radiation» from positive protons and electrons should be identical, but it in general is not present. The analysis of experimental data uniquely indicates that substantially there can be only braking «electromagnetic radiation» at braking electric charges by that or different way. And besides, the intensity of this radiation is proportional to a square of negative acceleration of a charge (B.M. Javorsky, A.A. Detlaf. The reference book on physics, М., 1964, page 529), therefore under equal conditions negative acceleration of a positive proton, approximately, in 2000 times is less than an electron, and the emission intensity it will be, approximately, in 4 million time it is less. Therefore beam, basically, electrons. These facts completely disclaim the theory of the Maxwell. Magnetons and magnetonic radiation


As the author completely disclaims the theory of the Maxwell of «electromagnetic radiation», it is necessary to bring some totals of chapter 11.5.1 and all chapters, where the problems of originating of photons and their properties were by and large encompassed. The photon radiation presenting flows of separate particles, consisting from a neutrino and antineutrino arises as a Bremsstrahlung, bound with deboosting of an electron motion. As well as all free bodies, photons moves on a right-handed or left-handed trajectory at the expense of gravidynamic self-effect. That the «photon» radiation to make continuous, is necessary on electrons of a conductor to impose a sinusoidally varying electrical field. Thus in space will be beamed alternately neutrino and antineutrino as waves, only not transversal, and longitudinal, similarly to sound, and this problem has found the answer in chapter 11.5.1. Thus, neutrino and antineutrino in a bound condition can exist as separate portions - photons or as continuous radiation (of neutrino - antineutrino radiation, NA-radiation).



Whether only these forms deplete connection a neutrino and antineutrino? I figure, that is not present. At sharp braking of electrons NA-radiation is diffused in a perpendicular direction as a photon or as an sign-variable electrical field, if the electrons are braked in the antenna. But each electron also has also magnetic moment, since represents a frame with an electric current. Earlier was shown, that for a mobile electron it is necessary to distinguish two angular momentum and, accordingly, two magnetic moments. One magnetic moment is connected to screw motion of an electron and is peer to a magneton of the Bohr, and second is connected to an own magnetic moment of an electron and in 137 times less. Is logical to presume, that at sharp braking of an electron the «longitudinal» photons will be beamed, the difference which one from «transversal» is shown on a figure

On a figure A the «transversal» (customary) photon is shown. Opposite charged neutrino and antineutrino in it moves in one side, therefore their magnetic moments are completely balanced. On a figure B the «longitudinal» photon is shown, which one as against «transversal» is more friend to name as a magneton, since it has a uncompensated magnetic moment, directional on or against its motion. At motion of a magneton mean spacing interval between a neutrino and the antineutrino in it is significant less than in a photon, therefore polarization track in environment brakes motion of a magneton (see chapter 23.2) less. As a consequent, running speed of a magneton and its penetrating power considerably increase. To provoke radiation of magnetons as a solid flow in which one rotated in the counter sides a neutrino and antineutrino moves as a double spiral, apparently, it is necessary to make so that the radiation started with an axis of a coiled-rod unit.

The new kind of radiation is described by V.I. Korobeynikov in the articles:

New kind of electromagnetic radiation?

( ),

Magnet antennas for ultralong radio communication

( ),

And N.A. Kisel: The ЕН antennas

( ).

Though the authors assert, that investigate new a kind of radiation with properties contradicting of the theory of the Maxwell, the orthodoxes (having a natural allergy to all new) state, that the authors nothing understand in this theory and disclaim their statements by the method tested by orthodoxes, - on the basis of the same theory of the Maxwell, as anything another do not know. I have not got used from a threshold to disclaim new knowledge. Only time who will show, rights. Probably it is the next soap bubble, and probably and is not present. I do not want then to tear the stayed hair on a head, if I pass by possible great discovery.


11.5.2 Great electromagnetic muddle


Gravitational and electrostatic field, despite of apparent analogy between them remain «a white spot» on a map of modern science. It was possible to the Einstein more or is less successful to enter a gravitation in the registry of achievements of a modern physics. However long-term efforts to make same concerning an electrical field were not crowned with success. Therefore orthodox physics has gone by the tested way of substitution of concepts. As soon as there is a necessity of a mention of an electrostatic field at once attention of the reader is transferred to an electromagnetic field. Essentially, the modern physics refuses electrostatic (and magnetic) a field in independent existence, but only jointly in «electromagnetic field». The interplay of electric charges, on notions of official physics, implements an electromagnetic field. It means, that the electrostatic field, smeared-out in space, is substituted by a flow of photons having simultaneously and wave properties. The truth, these «photons» not present, and virtual, i.e. not observed. The light beam on these notions should interact with electrostatic and magnetic deflection yokes and instead of an electronic beam in kinescopes more effective there would be photon beams. However effect of a light deflection is not watched. Is received, that with electrostatic and magnetic field the carriers of electricity can interact only. Finally to complicate the reader, in connection with an electrical field the theory of the Maxwell is indispensable  mentioned on the ground that fixed charges does not exist, and driving will forms an electromagnetic field. In the theory of the Maxwell the photons are not mentioned at all, therefore it is time to official physics, at last to clarify itself, lies either Maxwell or quantum theory of a field. As assert orthodoxes, the Compton wavelength demonstrates on what spacing interval the virtual particle from a place of the birth can be eliminated. Thus mass of a photon count to equal zero point, therefore electrostatic field acts on indefinitely large spacing interval. Three errors here are visible at once: at first, mass of a photon is not peer to zero point, and is peer


The rest-mass of a photon is peer to zero point only and not because, that the fixed photon has not mass, and because, that when we attempt it to make fixed, it will vanish. In second, in formula of a Compton wavelength of a particle


also enters in term of fraction a particle mass , therefore reasoning of orthodoxes are erratic. In third, on orthodox definition of virtual particles they are born and here perish to not demonstrate a violation of law of preservation of energy. Therefore to transport interplay on large spacing interval in any way can not. If the virtual particles also could transport interplay on some spacing interval, it is easy to fix outcome of this interplay and this outcome, by remaining in a system, instead of by vanishing together with virtual particles, again will demonstrate a violation of law of preservation of energy.

Identification of particle fluxes (let and virtual) with the field presenting a substance, spread in space, not correct. Therefore orthodoxes should separately demonstrate, that, for example, gravitational and the electrostatic field is diffused with speed of light. In chapter 11.2.1 is shown, that if the gravitational field is diffused with speed of light, within day the acceleration of gravity should change on 0.398 cm/sec2 when on sunset we catch up with it, and on dawn we escape from it with speed of 30 kms/sec. The modern equipment allows to meter acceleration of gravity with relative error 10-7-10-9 (Physical encyclopedia under edition A.M. Prohorov, M., 1988, v.1, page 520). Therefore lower boundary of propagation rate of a gravitational field in 108 times exceeds speed of light. It is doubtless, that the great electromagnetic muddle has taken place from repeated attempts «to eliminate difficulties» the theories. As a result of similar efforts it is necessary early or late to throw out on a waste tip of a history all agglomerates of orthodoxes concerning theories of fields and interplays.


11.5.3. Electrodynamic paradox




If two like electrical charges rests rather each other, they interact on a Coulomb's law and are repulsed. If these charges will begin to move in one direction, it is an electric current of two conductors and they should be attracted to each other because of magnetic interplay. The paradox even more is sunk and is doubled by  that these two charges already move in space together with the Earth, Sun etc. At the same time the experiment demonstrates absence of a magnetic field of superincumbent charges. Within the framework of a modern physics the indicated paradox has not reasonable explanation, that indicates unsufficiency of a modern electrodynamics.

New physics easily decides the indicated problem, attracting notion about motion of any free bodies on a screw line. Thus the driving charge is possible to present as the solenoid a magnetic field which one is directed along trajectory of motion, as shown in a figure for positive charges.




The direction of an arising magnetic field depends on right-handed or left-handed motion. Thus the «right» and «left» charges will be attracted, and both «right» or both «left» - to be repulsed.

In bundle of charged particles, for example, in the electron-beam tube quantity of the «right» and «left» electrons is approximately identical, therefore their magnetic fields will forms a picture shown arrows on a figure From this figure it is visible, that the bundle is not dispersed in space because of mutual attraction of components compensatory their repulsing.

At transportation motion together with the Earth fixed rather each other charges have not independent motion on a screw line, therefore magnetic fields will not forms. Thus, the double electrodynamic paradox is successfully resolved.


11.5.4. How to capture an electron into atomic orbit


The subject of this chapter has appeared as a result of speculations about experimental endorsements of new physics, the professor Sergey V. Kosianenko from the Petersburg nuclear physics institute for what I to him has sincerely grateful.

On notions of official physics the electron-capture into atomic orbit of any ion is impossible on those to the  reasons, which one are indicated for capture of space bodies (see chapter 21). Therefore official physics does not understand reasons of formation not only neutral atoms, but also any ions. Following the logic of orthodoxes the atom for miscellaneous reasons is capable to lose any electron, but to gain it back any more can not, therefore space should represent a mixture of naked nuclei and mobile electrons, that actually does not take place.

This chapter describes the mechanism of energy loss by an electron in a field of a positive charge up to zero value, then the electron-capture on a parabolic trajectory of atom realizes without problems with the subsequent quantum transition in a ground state (see chapter 13).

The potential energy of an electron in electrostatic field Ze in a system CGSE is peer:




it is also universal potential energy of repulsing. Apparently, that before capture this energy should accept zero value. For «dip» of an electron on a positive proton with an end position on orbit of the Bohr ( gives 27.2 eV. Therefore, before capture the electron should lose on radiation energy 13.6 eV, then its energy before capture will become zero, and after capture and transition in a ground state the electron will lose 13.6 eV. On this example it is possible to formulate a general principle of formation of atoms: the electron from «perpetuity», gaining energy at the expense of attraction to an ion (or positive proton, or to a «naked»  nucleus of atom) loses equally as much on radiation in an ionization continuum and before capture has a zero-point energy. Further it will lose still energy applicable to the given potential of ionization to form a steady ion or neutral atom.

What mechanism of this energy loss can be found out on a model system figured on a figure and to confirm experimentally on the similar plant.

Let's presume, that we have constructed electrostatic model of atom of Hydrogenium shown on a figure

On a figure 1 - electron beam, 2 - central positive electrode, 3 - outside negatively charged cylindrical ring, 4 - fixed orbit, if was not of energy losses on radiation.

The actual trajectory of electrons will correspond to a solid helical line because of energy losses on radiation. These losses are not connected in any way to notions of orthodox physics about radiation of a particle driving under operating of «centripetal acceleration». They are connected that on the shown trajectory the electrons moves on a screw line and consequently beam at the expense of a Bremsstrahlung, is similar to synchrotron emission (chapter 11.5) with some features. If in model to start an electron beam dispossessed of an angular momentum  («superconducting», «cold»), our model will become in accuracy adequate to atom of Hydrogenium and the electrons will take fixed orbit indicated by a dotted line and at it anything to beam will not be.

For a «cold» electron on fixed orbit the attractive force to a central electrode is peer to centrifugal force of repulsing:


where q - charge of an electrode. From (


where: r - radius of fixed orbit.

On a figure the trajectory of an electron on orbit as from above is shown. In the upper half-turn of a screw trajectory component the attractive force to a positive electrode are given to an electron with positive acceleration - radiation is not present. In the lower half-turn same component gives to an electron negative acceleration and there is a Bremsstrahlung because of which one an electron loses energy.



Allowing equal translational and tangential velocity on a screw trajectory the braking force will be peer:


This force will provokes negative acceleration:


The intensity of a Bremsstrahlung of an electron in a Gaussian system is determined by the formula (B.M. Yavorsky, A.A. Detlaf. The reference book on physics. Moscow, «Science», 1964, page 529):


where: c - speed of light. By substituting ( in (, we shall discover:


whence it is possible to draw a conclusion, that the emission power very much sharply is augmented in process of nearing an electron to positive electrode, and for a massive particle (for example, positive proton) it would be in 3.4 million time less.

Investigating a spectrum of continuous radiation on the shown model system at miscellaneous values of an electrostatic field between electrodes and comparing it with an ionization continuum of miscellaneous areas of space, we could identify ions of any atoms and their concentration. In earth conditions is much more lighter to conduct the similar analysis on radiation of matter in an ionized condition.

The interesting feature of the shown apparatus is, that is possible to study radiation of a separate electron. This radiation consists of separate photons on each half-turn of a screw trajectory and to this tag it is possible experimentally to confirm the set up theory of «electrostatic» radiation and at the same time motion of microparticles on a screw line.

Comments of the author to chapter 11.5.4.

1. Paradox of an electron.

In the formula ( mathematical and physical sense have appeared in an irresolvable inconsistency. When the operational force is directed against motion, the acceleration negatively and arises a Bremsstrahlung. But the negative sign of acceleration is in this case incompatible to the  formula, as she contains a square of acceleration. Would be reasonable in numerator of the formula to give product of acceleration, as a scalar value, on acceleration, as a vector quantity, and in a right member of the formula to put the sign a minus. Then at negative acceleration the emission intensity would become positive, and at positive acceleration an emission intensity take on board negative value, that means absorption of energy from environment and antiradiation condition. That the orthodoxes have not raised yowl in this causing, it is better to keep everything, "as is", but to mean, that the Bremsstrahlung is possible only. If we attempt in a linac to drive away an electron, that, looking back on orthodox notions (radiation at positive acceleration of a charge), for us nothing will be received, since the received energy here is spent for radiation. A question on a filling: what sign has «centripetal» acceleration? The answer: neither positive, nor negative value it has not, it has the funeral sign of orthodox gamble around of orbital motion of electrons.


11.5.5. Paradox of the Maxwell



Under the theory of the Maxwell in a node of an electromagnetic wave of tension electrical and the magnetic fields simultaneously receive zero values. That the oscillations were prolonged, any elastic medium («ether») is necessary, which one in this moment discharges the stress. Differently we contradict an energy conservation law, in a node of an electromagnetic wave it without leaving a trace fades and newly arises from anything. On a figure this situation is shown.

Digit 1 indicates change of an electric field tensity (change of magnetic density same in a perpendicular direction), digit 2 shown a stress of «ether» (if it existed). At a zero electric field tensity the elastic stress of «ether» is maximum and on the contrary. The propagation of any wave is a series entrainment in process of material particles of space. If the particles participating in wave process do not interact with each other, they can not provoke the neighbours to share in a wave propagation, and if these particles among themselves interact, fast will lose energy on internal friction and the wave propagation on large spacing interval will become impossible. The experimental data confirm transfer of electromagnetic waves on space spacing intervals, therefore, disclaim presence of any oscillations in an electromagnetic wave.

The second party of a paradox of the Maxwell is, that we easily allocate in uncountable electromagnetic waves the radio station, necessary to us. However under the theory of the Maxwell any change of an electrical field in the given point of space causes change of a magnetic field and on the contrary. As in the given point of space huge quantity electrical and magnetic fields changes, their change under the theory of the Maxwell should cause certain general electrical or magnetic field the parents which one in an equal measure are all fields, therefore signals of radio stations should irreversibly be blended and radio communication will become impossible.

In new physics the paradox of the Maxwell does not arise. That by itself «electromagnetic wave» introduces is particularized in chapter 11.5.1.


11.6. Condition of disappearance of wave properties of microparticles


Official physics considers wave-corpuscle properties of particles as organically bound and nonseparable from each other (wave-corpuscle dualism). New physics adheres to other opinion on that score. At translational motion of microparticles their «wave» properties are connected to a screw trajectory, and the corpuscular properties are connected that is move all the same the particle, instead of wave. Thus, if a particle «to stop» (to esteem in a bound condition), the screw trajectory fades, and with it the wave properties of a microparticle fade. The trajectory becomes a circular orbit, on which one the bound particle any more not possessing wave properties is gone. Examples of disappearance of wave properties of microparticles we can watch for customary atoms and mesonic atoms.

Here orthodoxes will apply the favourite and error opposition: «It is known, that the electric charge, driving on a circumference, beams electromagnetic waves and continuously loses energy, therefore stable motion it on a circular orbit is impossible». Therefore we shall disassemble this problem more in detail.

1. On official notions of electrons in atom have orbital motion (for example, spin-orbit interaction), therefore orthodoxes contradict themselves.

2. Though special experiments did not conduct to show, that the electric charge, driving on a circumference, does not beam electromagnetic waves, the Nature itself has put such experiments. Atoms, in which one the electrons take definite orbits in a ground state, do not beam. The electrons, as well as other charged microparticles, have an own angular momentum (spin), i.e. rotary motion and too do not beam.

3. In chapter 11.5 is convincingly shown, that a reason of synchrotron emission is the motion of microparticles on a screw line under condition of operating on them of an external force having component, perpendicular current of traffic. Thus on one half-turn there is a braking and electromagnetic radiation, and on the other half-turn - acceleration and antiradiation condition. Simultaneously, the originating of synchrotron emission demonstrates not radiation of electric charge driving on a circular orbit, and motion of particles on a screw line together with motion on synchrotron orbit.

4. The charged particle beams at motion not only in a synchrotron, but also at operating force of any genesis varying its trajectory, for example, electrostatic at motion near to an ion. The main condition thus is motion of the  particle on a screw line.

Thus, in new physics it was possible to agree an antiradiation condition at motion of a charged particle on stationary orbit in atoms and originating of radiation at a baffling of an axis of a screw trajectory of a «free» particle.


11.6.1. Energy of particles


This chapter has arise of a broad controversy about a problem of energy of particles with the professor, doctor of the Petersburg institute of nuclear physics S.V. Kosianenko. The writer expresses large thanks for this fruitful arguing.

In the physical encyclopedia under redaction of the A.M. Prohorov, Мoscow, 1988, page 360 is written:

«At speeds close to speed of light kinetic energy of a mass point:


At low speeds ( gives:


The formula ( is received from ( at v<<c. ( decompose in a Taylor series «on small parameter», then chop off a head of this infinite series, limiting by a couple of the first terms and further attempt to find physical sense in it stump. «Small-parameter expansion» - one of favourite methods of official physics for achievement of an object in view, instead of for finding out of physical sense of mathematical manipulations. Apparently, that at v<<c the denominator in ( will become to equal unit, and energy of particles to equal zero point. Therefore both formulas will give identical outcome only at v=0, further they essentially miss, that it is possible to show by a numerical solution of these equations.

The physical sense ( is vague. Energy of bodies is customary piled from potential (internal in this case) and kinetic energy. The first term of this formula at v=0 is given a rest energy of a particle, i.e. internal potential energy it, and where kinetic energy and their sum with potential? Them are not present. Why instead of the sum the potential energy of a particle is multiplied on a dimensionless factor (factor of the Lorentz), dependent from forward speed of a particle, too is vague. How the speed of a particle influences its potential energy is not explained. What for in the formula at first to enter a rest energy, and then to take away this energy? The main paradox is, that on a relativity theory the speed of a body is relative, and the speed of light is absolute, therefore relativistic increase of mass (from which one depends energy of a particle) also is relative, that contradicts the fact of an absolute value of mass of bodies not dependent from a reference system. Therefore it is necessary to consider speed in ( also absolute, but it contradicts a relativity theory.

Notions of new physics about energy of particles are set up below.

Not relativistic case (v<0.707c).

In this case tangential velocity of a particle on orbits of a screw trajectory is peer to forward speed. But the circular motion to perpendicular translational motion cannot be connected to kinetic energy of a particle. It is potential energy of universal repulsing, as shown in chapter 1. It numerically is peer mv2/2, where v - the forward speed of a particle (tangential velocity now cannot be metered). Thus, total energy of a particle in a considered case:


where the first term - potential energy of a particle, bound with tangential motion, and second - its kinetic energy, bound with translational motion. The speeds of translational of microparticles are those, that the relativistic increase of their mass is noticeable pursuant to the formula:


This formula is obtained within the framework of new physics in chapter 5.2 completely irrespective of notions of official physics and relativity theory.

By substituting ( in ( we shall discover for a not relativistic case:


where v - forward speed of a particle.

Transition area (0.707c<v<0.866c).

The behavior of a particle in this area is give a detailed account in chapter 5.2. Together with increase of forward speed the potential energy of universal repulsing is augmented and this energy is augmented faster than kinetic energy of a particle. At speed v=0.866c it numerically is peer:


i.e. in a plane, perpendicular translational motion, the particle is gone with speed of light, the same as components of elementary particles (see applicable chapters). In transition area the particle mass is augmented from 1.41m0 up to 2m0.

Relativistic case (v>0.866c).

In this case potential energy of a particle will be determined by the formula (, and kinetic energy, as in the formula (, then general energy in this area:




On a figure the relation of energy of particles (in units of m0c2) from forward speed of their motion (in units of speed of light) under the official formula ( - curve 1, under the formula ( - curve 2 and under the formula ( - curve 3 is shown. Between vertical red lines the transition area is shown. In it the curves 2 and 3 are paired by a dotted line, as the precise course of a curve in this area is obscure. The green horizontal line corresponds to energy of positive protons 1 GeV, the red horizontal line corresponds to energy of electrons 1 MeV, and the cyan horizontal line corresponds to energy of electrons 0.25 MeV. Thus, separately determining speed of a particle and its energy, it is easy to define experimentally, what formulas are false: official or new physics. The charts of this figure are valid for any particles.

Comments of the author to chapter 11.6.1.

1. What hide orthodoxes for «by disintegrating on small parameter»?

Looking on a figure credulous reader can think, that official physics in something of the right and the curves 1 and 2 really coincide at low speeds. But it is an optical fraud. They coincide only in a zero point. That in it to be convinced, augment an indefinitely scale of axes and never achieved of concurrence in any point, except for zero. Through the same point pass countless functions, what only are possible to itself for presenting, for example, (v/c)^n, sin(v/c) etc. but the orthodoxes about it dissembles. What for they makes it? I many times caught of orthodoxes on transformations, physical sense which one they do not understand, but it is impossible to believe, that they do not understand also mathematical sense of the transformations. Therefore fraud is made designedly and its purpose is obvious: it is necessary at any friend case to show, that classic physics by and large bad and gives exact outcome only in some limiting cases. Now we were convinced, that a bad quantum physics. It can not receive even the elementary formula of kinetic energy uniformly and rectilinearly driving body.


11.7. Brief review of alternatives


It is possible to judge crisis of modern fundamental physics under the numerous alternate theories appeared in last decades, as in official fundamental physics already anything new does not occur except for mathematical manipulations behind which one the physical sense is not viewed. Therefore here I shall not give the links to the particular writers of alternatives, since it is too much them.

1. Many writers true criticize official notions about Big Bang arisen on not clear reasons from «singularity», i.e. from a point (from anything) in which one was not neither time, nor space. It is necessary to rush in other extreme and to receive the Universe infinite in time and space. But how then to be with presence in it of radioelements? Where to put the law of world-wide attraction? What to do with a photometric and gravitational paradox? Thus, the waiving of Big Bang originates much more problems, than was in the beginning. New physics easily resolves this problem. The Universe eternally pulses: a collapse – Big Bang always remaining finite in space, but infinite in time. Any singularity is not present. At final stage of a collapse (under operation of law of world-wide attraction) the Universe collects in a sphere a diameter to approximately equal diameter of Mars orbit with nuclear density. Large density it is impossible to achieve, since in neutron matter with inevitability the supernucleus will be formed, and the forces of a coulomb repulsion on many orders exceed gravitational, therefore new Big Bang is inevitable.

2. Official physics tenders the exchange mechanism of interplays: gravitational - exchange of gravitons, electromagnetic - exchange of photons (virtual) etc. To each elementary particle there corresponds the interplay. The mechanism of an exchange interaction official physics does not uncover, therefore, nothing explains. Naturally, that such situation does not suit the independent explorers and they attempt to understand reasons even though gravitational interaction. In this connection the idea of the «pushing gravity» was born. Consider, that the Universe is filled by huge number of extremely small fragments chaotically driving with huge speeds and almost freely piercing through any bodies. «Almost» - because, that a small part of the energy they transmit to a body, through which one penetrates. Therefore between two bodies there is «shadow» in which one fragments is more weaker act on bodies. In outcome both bodies are pushing to each other. In this old again reanimated idea there are, at any rate, three defects. A). The force of a universal gravitation does not depend on the area of a mirror of oriented towards bodies, but only from their mass. B). From Pluto the Sun seems by a bright starlet, and from the Sun Pluto is seen only in a powerful telescope. Somebody can draw «shadow» between them? C). If in «shadow» between two bodies to place the third body is closer to one of them, under the law of world-wide attraction it will begin to move to the proximate body. On notions of the supporters «pushing gravity» at the left and on the right on the third body the completely identical flows of microparticles act, therefore it is not attracted anywhere. The notions of new physics about interplay of a field carriers are presented in chapter 11.2.2.

3. Who does not like the theory of Big Bang in presentation of official physics, those are under the necessity to explain red displacement of the distant space objects not by Doppler effect, and other reasons. So the idea of the «tired» photons was born. The photons, at long-lived travel in vastness of the Universe interact with different fragments, which one spacefill in it and step-by-step spend the energy, augmenting a wavelength. On this idea official physics has severe opposition. The experiments demonstrate, that the red displacement does not depend on a wavelength of radiation. Such property has only Doppler effect. At any interplays the photons with the greater energy lose it more fast, than photons with low energy, therefore in miscellaneous portions of the spectrum «red displacement» should be miscellaneous, that contradicts observations. The solution of this problem is given in chapter 29.4.2.